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DotCompost Heap

A short film by FluxRostrum that was featured at the Malibu Film Festival in 2002;
it has not been available online for 7 years.

This short chronicles the 1st attempted travel video show on the internet. In 2000 there was no You Tube, Vimeo or any other free video hosting solutions on the internet and bandwidth for video hosting was paid for at extreme rates. The Locals Only Show featured local bands and advice from the people who live in popular travel destinations. 3 Shows were produced in the run up to launch that was to catapult the show to popularity by offering those traveling to Sydney for the 2000 Olympics an inside view of the city, the people and cool stuff they could do there. The show failed largely due to the free video hosting agreement being reneged on 2 weeks prior to the Olympics. This resulted in the site being down at the moment of truth for the Show. The video pioneer behind the show who had sunk everything he had into it was not able to recover financially from the project in a way that could keep the show alive.  It was a time of boom and bust for a huge number of internet startups and The Locals Only Show was just another piece of trash on the DotCompost Heap.