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The Rand Paul Stomp ~ music video

Both the right and the left are puttin' on their dancin' shoes. 

With all the hoopla about this Rand Paul stomping I decided to do this.  Watching people defend this shit is pissing me the fuck off.

I was going to try putting something together that showed this alongside Black Blockers breaking windows and torching symbols of state and economic repression to comment on the difference between Violence and Property Damage.  But I didn't have time for something that fancy.

On the right, much has been made about this woman being a paid protester and somehow she got what she deserved, some think it was a set up, all the way down to the guy that stomped her, to make their candidate look bad...

I think you're all delusional.

Dear person who thinks this may be a copy write violation... sorry, this is what I believe to be called FAIR USE commentary on a public event for non commercial educational purposes.  If I'm wrong, prove it and I will gladly remove the video.

 Stomper Wants an Apology

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