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BioTech 2005 ~ Farmers Speak Out and the Really Free Market

This was filmed at the Really Really Free Market... it's really free because people really give stuff away. Food Not Bombs, fed people, but that's nothing new for them... it's what they do.. feed hungry people for free off the waste of corporate glutiny. I gave out about 20 Fluxview News DVDs.Through out the day Farmers took the mic to explain why Genetically Modified Food is bad for us and all living things.

We're rapidly approaching the point of no return with Genetically Modified Food and most people don't have a clue... I didn't.  I listened to Marly Hornik, a GMO activist singer songwriter, perform twice at the BioTech events and cried both times. The song at the end of this video seems to speak to my own self doubts and constant self evaluation. It's about living your lifes path, about the path with an uncertain future, about courage and the lack there of and persevering to do what must be done. ... at least that's what it means to me.Saturday, June 18th 2005 ~ Philadephia, PA