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The March of Death

coverage of the 2005 BioTech Convention in Philadelphia.

This is The MARCH of DEATH.
1 dead camera
1 dead cop
1 dead constitution

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The "suits" are a special division of Philly Police Officers called Civil Affairs Officers.  I asked one of them Qoute:  "What's the deal with the arms bands?" "I'm the Police" "Yeah, I figured that out; but what's the difference between you guys and the guys in blue uniforms?" "We're here to specifically assure that you guys get your 1st ammendment rights."  "Oh... cool.."

It seems odd that they were the most out of control, quick to violence cops I've seen yet.  ... it's unfortunate, because one of them had a heart attack and died in that melee... it's sad.. and it was completely unnecessary and completely their own damn fault for charging into a passive unsuspecting crowd kicking and punching.  the video is so completly jumbled at that point becuase we were being tossed around...

The second angle of the melee is from the camera that was grabbed and tossed to the ground by a cop.  I was not using it at the time; but it was my 1st camera and it had given many years service to the cause of the people.

D8-1's Final image was in fact the flashing (don't know how) half skull you see at the end of the video... then it went blue.