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Charter Busing Workers to Fuel Political Discourse

Soon thousands of folks will be hoping on buses heading to New York for the "Biggest Most Important Climate Change Protest in History".   Every year or 2 someone makes this claim in the lead up to a protest and it rarely lives up to the hype.  I wish they were always accurate and every protest could make this claim with an avalanche of ever increasing dissent that actually changes things, but alas, it just ain't so.  Unfortunatly even if it is "the largest" what will be accomplished?  Will the hard workin' nose to the grind stone regular folks who can't afford to pay attention to such things ever know what happened?  How can you sway popular opinion when the masses don't know anything occured?  It's partially the fault of mainstream media, partially the falt of alternative media and partialy the fault of a system that indoctrinates wage slaves from very early in life to believe the best they can do to make change in the world is to pick a team, red or blue; stick by their team their whole lives regardless of the teams post game antics.  Regardless of whether the team gives a shit about the fans it blinds with false patriotism.

From where I live now it cost 60 bucks a person to get on the charter bus for this march.  We would be expected to spend over 20 hours riding a bus round trip.  We would pour onto the streets of NYC and march in line with others, also road weary, terrified of stepping out of line for fear of being detained and missing the bus home.  The self proclaimed "authorities" can confidently manage the influx of protest tourists and gladly accept the temporary boost in the economy of having several thousand more cash cows roaming the streets for the day. They have No Fear that these consumers will rattle their grasp on power, their ability to continue to profit at the tourist's expense.  This protest standard is one of the main reasons that Ocuppy Wall St was different, had an effect, garnered support from the masses.  Courage breeds courage.  Courage scares "authorities".  Even those who could only find it in themselves to demean Occupy from deep seeded guilt of having done nothing themselves..  even those people could not look at the protest and say.  Grow Some Balls.  The "authorities" knew OWS was serious, they were enduring hardship to stand up to an injustice system that employs those "authorities".  I suppose many of those spending a full day riding buses to NY this weekend will have back problems, their necks will hurt and by the time they get home they may smell like they occupied wall st.  But they are of no concern to the staus qou.  They are protest consumers driving a protest economy, creating protest jobs and paying protest taxes.  It's all good.  I signed a petition and I think that will count as much as having my feet in the streets this weekend.

I took a charter bus from NYC to DC 1 time. It was sponsored by the Not In Our Name organization. it stopped a rest area StarBucks (at a time when drinking StarBucks was rather frowned upon on the left). We spent an hour there and then parked at the further most northerly Metro Stop instead of dropping us off on the mall as planned.  I was fortunate enough to have enough to cover the the metro ride, but lunch was sparse that day.   Everyone on the bus missed at least half the march.

The video Below is from the Million Worker March in 2004
Touted at all the best protests of the 2004 as what will undoubtedly be the largest labor rally in history....
DC prevented buses of participants from unloading in the district and many of them just turned around and went home. Those who were able to get off the buses did so out by RFK stadium and were very late getting to the rally. There were not anywhere near a million workers marching.