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Chief Al's Stuff

Chief Al Morris of Northside Skull and Bones Gang (Krewe not NWO) was illegally evicted from his New Orleans home by Igor Margan. Igor and his employee's are in possession of Chief Al's personal property and tools, severely limiting his ability to earn a living.

Boycott Igor Margan's businesses.
Check Point Charlie's and adjoining Tatoo Shop,
Igor's, Garlic Clove, Buddha Belly, Lucky's

Al has since had a stroke and is now a shell of the man in this video... fuck you Igor. I laast spoke with Al in late march 06, about 3 month's after the stroke .. even though we'd hung out a few times drinking and such.. it took him about 10 minutes to realize who I was. I gave him a dvd with this video on it. .. :(

Cheif Al Died August 13, 2010