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Domestic Economic Terrorism in Baton Rouge

Bush's trip raised only $500,000. It probably cost the taxpayers at least that much, if not more, in security for him, between the number of local police and overtime; federal security; helicopters, air force one, pilots, delays at the airport, the horrible mess caused by shutting down the interstate between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Add up the lost time for all of the taxpayers sitting in traffic and not being able to be productive anywhere else (the doctors were waiting for the patients at the doctor's office when I got there, and the waiting room was empty---cool, right?), and who knows how much his little fundraising party actually cost. It would have been cheaper to just write John Kennedy a check from the federal coffers for $500,000, and save us all the time and aggravation of being stuck in traffic for an extra hour just so the almighty could come to a fundraiser.