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Go Skateboarding Day ~ Free LOVE Park '05

As part of National Go Skateboarding Day hundreds of skateboarders (with a permit for their event) shredded the streets of Philly on the same day that hundreds of BioTech Activists were also taking their message to the streets. A little behind the scenes coordination lead to the skateboaders joining in with an unpermitted march on the the convention center and a stand off with the cops at Love Park. Love Park is a rountinely skated public park in the center of Philly and was an "official" stop on the skateboarders planned route for the day. After several speakers fired up the crowd by showing that when dealing with a Police State environment All People Will Be Repressd Equally... that skateboarding is not a crime... that we were all being denied acess to Our Public Space... the skaterboarders & activists together busted through the police line took some manhandling and a club to the head or 2 ... but they took the park.

Later, police used undercover snatch squads to arrest some people; but the park remained open and the police retreated to just blocking the fountain.. because some folks were hot & sweaty enough to get in it.