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Greg Palast Speaks on Improving Alternative Media

This video features Greg Palast speaking on a panel of alternative media dignataries about what we can do to reach a wider audience and be more effective as journalists working outside of the mainstream distribution outlets.   The short answer: "don't be so fucking dull".  This was filmed at The Boston Social Forum, a counter convention of sorts that took place in the days leading up to the Democratic National Convention in 2004.

The video was meant as a prequel to my convention coverage and was filmed and upload the day before the convention started.   I met a great journalist this day and together we scouted the 1st ever instance of a designated caged area called a Protest Pen, a Freedom Cage, etc etc.  No, it wasn't Greg Palast. 

Mark Baard became a trusted ally in the years to come but at the end of the DNC when he made the generous offer of a police scanner to help me cover the anarchist march from Boston to NYC for the RNC.  I knew he was a cop.  Just like the anarchists I had grown found of, by working closely with the Democratic Party, knew i was a cop.  It was a period of much paranoia.  I was certain that the scanner was either a recording device or that the possession of it alone would be enough to get me arrested.  So I had to politely decline the scanner.  These days you can get all that online.  Hell, they even have an app for that. 

FluxRostrum covering the 2004 DNC (photo by Mark Baard)

But back then as a politically charged anarcho curious video journalist living in and editing video in a van on the side of the road full time with no training and very few friends in the protest scene, I was very cautious of taking candy from stangers.