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Kindra's Window part 1 ~ Hurricane Katrina Does Venice ~ rough

Hurricane Katrina hits Venice, LA; commonly referred to as...  the boot, the end of the road or the marsh that slowed the hurricane down for New Orleans.   5 1/2 years later only 1/4 of the residents have returned.

A rough cut of part 1 of

Kindra's Window
perspective on gulf coast disasters

Kindra's Window follows the life of Kindra Arnesen through the trials of life through disaster after disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.    The rest of this, featuring Katrina recovery and BP spill and clean up, will be on line by Wed. April 20th.

Gulf Coast Disasters, long removed from the news cycle, are eating away at the livelihoods and patriotism of those left behind to deal with the front lines of the environmental and economic terrorism that is the legacy of our government.