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NAASN Panel on Common Ground & NOPD

  •  Scott Crow “Solidarity Not Charity: A Story of the Common Ground Collective in New Orleans”
  •  Jamie “Bork” Loughner On learning opportunities of the Common Ground Story
  •  Jordan Flaherty “Community Organizing Against the Prison Industrial Complex: Lessons from New Orleans to the NYPD to the Jena Six”
  • Moderator: Yasin Frank Southall

Followed by a "lively" Q&A

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Malik Rahim Reflects on Katrina, Common Ground & Brandon Darby

Black Flags and Windmills by Scott Crow     Murder, Corruption and Katrina—Cops on Trial in the Big Easy by Jordan Flaherty

FluxRostrum produced Videos of Common Ground Collective
other videos of Common Ground Collective endeavors