NYPD Patrols rainbow gathering in Tennessee

To the officer who sat in circle on the land today. Here is your proof.  This was filmed June 15th or 16th from what is currently bus village.  They flew multiple passes on multiple days but I have not seen it for a few days now.

REVISION:  They are again flying over Frequently after not being seen for a few days. 

this EPA facilty is currently outfitting copters with a law enforcement completion package... so, I've track down the "law enforcement completion package"  they are reportedly outfitting PALM BEACH COUNTY FLORIDA copters not NYPD.

WHY IS a helicopter production facility an EPA site?

NYPD gets $10M radiation-spotting chopper 28 Jun 2012 The newest tool designed to protect New York is a specially outfitted helicopter -- the Bell 412 chopper. The new $10 million dollar craft was being delivered from the factory in Tennessee. It's loaded with $4 million worth of hi-tech equipment, and part of its job is to keep a nuclear bomb out of the city. [Yeah, right!] The new New York Police Department chopper is equipped with new radiation detection equipment so sensitive that it can fly over a container, cargo or tanker ship and accurately detect a radiation signature from an altitude of 200 feet.