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New Orleans Returns to Eviction as Usual

Eviction is the word of the day in New Orleans. Many landlords have taken to throwing tenants personal belonings on the sidewalk after an eviction notice has been tacked on their door for 5 days. Under normal conditions 5 days seems a little harsh if there is a lease involved; but in post Katrina New Orleans 5 days don't mean shit.

The most optimistic number I've heard for the current population of the city is 20%. that means 80% of the city will be unaware of the eviction notice going up on their door. Why aren't they home yet, you may wonder... Well, there are still vast sections of the city that do not have electric even though the structures received minimal damage. Many people were too poor to leave on their own; how do expect them to get back when they're not provided transportation. Much of the rebuilding effort seems to be coming from outside contractors employing transient non native labor and immigrent workers, so the job and housing issues are relevant to those living pay check to pay check.

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