The Occupation of DC - initial days

Ralph Nader, Kevin Zeese and other address the crowds.

2 groups have occupied separate areas of Washington DC.  One planned for months permitted until this evening. the other sprang up Oct 1st in solidarity with Occupy Wall St.

The dichotomy is a metaphor for what is organically becoming the protest movement of occupying public space.  To the degree that the old guard and the new guard can join together and learn from each other ... that will define our future.  Will we embrace the unity and feel out power or we will get caught up the diversions, the fine print.. do we practice the solidarity that we preach or is it just another dog an pony show.   Everybody wants a pony... but someone's got to clean up the shit.

This video shows glimpses from both camps and the results of the 1st unified march down to the air and space museum where they proudly display remote control airplanes design to kill people from the sky.