the Occupy DC High Noon Showdown with Rev Graylan Hagler

The Occupy DC camps were both given notice to comply with anti Camping laws by noon Monday 1-30-12 or face enforcement of those laws.  The Occupy Freedom Plaza camp openly agreed to comply while the McPherson Square camp consolidated their tents under an enormous tarp stretched over the Square's statue of McPherson and awaited the Park Police's response.  The Police did a couple of walk through during the day but made no attempt at enforcing any laws because several hundred additional supporters and media peoople descended on the camp.  This morning the police came through and offered to negotiate if the "new" tarp was taken down voluntarily.  The McPherson camp will hold an emergency G.A. today to decide their next move.

The Tent Monster and Reverend Graylan Hagler of the Occupy Faith Ministries came out to support the camp also.

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