Occupy Wall St S24 March to Union Square

MUSIC BY: http://www.youtube.com/user/PrettyLightsMusic
1,000 + people marched through nyc and many were arrested.  the crowd at the park grows each day. if you have not heard from your friends lately ... maybe they're there.


The music credited by YouTube on the right is total BS that music IS NOT in this video, I gave proper credit in the 1st line of this description.  ALSO, the age restriction on this video is nothing more than Censorship.  This video got nearly a 100k views in the first few days online and has been regulated back and restricted solely based on the content of the video and is a CLEAR VIOLATION OF FREE SPEECH.    if there was any 2 way communication with the machines running youtube I would take it up with them but their is No way of communicating with a real person in this fkd up system.