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Occupy Wall St Update Day7

2 blocks from Wall St. the next American revolution has begun.  It is an experiment in direct democracy that has begun to spring up all over the country.  Soon there will be occupations of public space featuring nonhierarchical consensus based decision making and a new way to hold corporations and politicians accountable for their actions.  join us on Wall St. or in your city, join us on the live stream.  Get off the coach and into the streets.

Occupations are forming in DC, LA, Chicago, Cleveland and San Francisco.  there are probably more that I don't yet know of.  

here is the daily schedule of events
8-9am: Morning Circle
9-10am: March to Wall Street for the ringing of the opening bell
... 10-1pm: Break/Lunch
1-3:30pm: General Assembly
3:30-4:30: Second March to Wall Street for the ringing of the closing bell
4:30-7pm: Open space for Music, Teach-ins, Games, and Committee Break-out
7-9pm: General Assembly