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The Peoples March Against the Greedy 20

This being the only permitted action in dissent of the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh; it is, of course, full of great speeches and fun signs.

I realized after the fact that the organizers of the March had agreed to lead the 10 thousand plus participants by the nose away from the convention center after the protest by claiming to have another locations for speeches however the only speaker of note at the 2nd location was Cindy Sheehan.  I'm truly sorry Cindy but I did not film your wonderful speech because my mouth had food in it for the first time that day and I had not slept the night before.  Cindy's speech was, of course, brilliant; but not worth leaving the downtown area to hear.  

This protest should have just sat down in the street where we were until ..say.. Tuesday.  Haven't we learned anything from the Ukraine?