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Top 10 Reasons to go to Ferguson to Riot

The video below is from a 40k strong protest against some NYC cops who unloaded 50 bullets into a guy during his bachlor party.  At the end of the peaceful "Shopping For Justice" March lead by Al Sharpton a group of New Black Panthers raised their Fists in front of Macy's and burned a flag for justice.
It changed nothing, didn't it. 

Mike Brown and Vonderritt Myers are just more in a long string of mostly black folks and other pigmented individuals that have been murdered by cops in the United States under very suspicious circumstances.  More in a long string of cops who get the benefit of the doubt from a system that judges everyone else on a "if you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to worry about" mentality.  The system requires that you trust it or they will insinuate you must be a criminal.  The system takes for itself the right to be innocent until proven guilty In A Court Of Law; while it doles out judgement at the end of the barrel of a gun by using "officer discretion".  Take a look at the number of cops killed in the line of duty compared to the number of unarmed people they've kiled and tell me how "fearful" for their lives the cops have a right to be.  Since the Cops, the FBI and every co-opting lefty org in the country are .99" target="_blank" title=""you will see carnage" if the do not indict Darren Wilson">gearing up for riots in Ferguson when they eventually let Darren Wilson return from his "get away with murder" paid vacation... there's a few things I think you should remember.

The Top 10 Reasons for Going to Ferguson to Riot

1 ) It'd Be So Cool.
Just think of all the fuel you can waste your money on driving there and back. That makes for one hell of a Carbon Footprint; an you know what they say about Big Feet... How cool is that?

2 ) Show Solidarity.
By getting arrested away from home you get to go on several vacations to Ferguson while making your way through the inJustice System yourself.  Now that's solidarity.

3 ) Meet New Friends.
It's always effective to show up in an unfamiliar town where you don't know the people or lay of the land, you won't become a burden to those you came to help or anything and it makes for exhilarating encounters with both police and locals.

4 ) There's Nothing Else To Do.
There are no targets of the same oppression where you live.

5 ) Road Trips Are Fun
It's way more fun to trash (corporate) store front windows in someone else's neighborhood.

6 ) The Plans Are Already Made
The cops and National Guard will be waiting to greet you as you cross the state line.  You can't just leav'um hangin', that's so rude.

7 ) Go For The Party
Many of the cops and National Guard from your area may get sent to Ferguson, they definitely would be sad if you didn't go to their party.  And you might not get to play with them much if you stay in your city.

8 ) Otherwise Nothing Will Happen
The locals who have been directly oppressed by this system for years are too incompetent to riot for themselves.  They really need you to show them how it's done.

9 ) Don't Fuck With the Economy
Rioting in your own city could strain the injustice system of the whole country and might be too disruptive too the economy.  It's definitely best to centralize that sort of outrage so as to not inconvenience too many people.

10 ) Anything Else is Just Masturbation
Rioting in your own city is like dancing in your living room... just not the same as going out to the club.  None of the (Ballers, Players, Cool Kids etc) will see you.  And that's what's really important, right?

There may be no need to riot for justice at all, hell, they shot Vonderrick 34 times less than Shawn Bell; that clearly shows a lot of progress in community / police relations in the last 8 years. Think about it.