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WV Chem Spill Interventions 1/30/14

Today People Demonstrated to the WV Governor and Legislature Their Desire for Real Clean Water Safeguards and Regulatory Enforcement.  The most entertainingly sick moment of the day was when Dustin White was ejected from the captial building for carrying in a jug of tap water from his fathers spigot in Boone County.  The officers claimed it was an "Unknown Substance".   And they're right, but that's what's coming out of people's taps.  Watch the video of this incident below.

The day started with multiple local citizen groups and individuals impacted bythe ongoing water contamination crisis gathering in front of the Charleston Civic Center at 9am to greet Governor Earl Ray Tomblin who was set to address the WV Coal Association Symposium. 
Live Video from the Civic Center part 1, part 2 interviews

Later they moved to the Upper Rotunda of the State Capitol in order to be outside the House and Senate Chambers when legislators went into session.
Live Video from the House Chambers

Afterward they headed downstairs to gather in the hall in front of the Governor’s Reception Room to deliver a citizens’ petition in support of the WV CARE (Citizen Action for Real Enforcement) campaign. The petition has been signed by thousands of people from West Virginia, as well as tens of thousands of people nationwide.
Live Video of delivering the Petition

Governor Tomblin is responsible for making sure that the WV Department of Environmental Protection (WV DEP) safeguards our water, as well as people’s health and well-being. The CARE Campaign says citizens have a right to and expectation of protection by their government. West Virginia is failing to protect its citizens from chronic pollution, environmental degradation, human suffering and costs resulting from inadequate regulation of health and safety laws by state government. Under federal surface mining law, The CARE Campaign filed a formal petition with the federal Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement asking that the federal agency assume authority over the failed mining division of WVDEP. The water crisis underlines what the CARE campaign has shown: the failure of our state government to enforce regulations and safeguard clean water and human health and safety.