Gulf Coast Restoration Task Force Concentrate - NOLA

On February 28th the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force held public meeting for about 12 hours.  The initial hours were all about government presentations about various aspects of the ecosystem and constant reminders that this process was and will be a bottom up process with the people who are affected and the people who are doing the work steering the cart of recovery.

Most of the people speaking here are representing one of the multitude of non profit organizations that are and have been working on gulf coast restoration for years.

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Get That Camera!

I was attacked by the New York Police Department, who broke my camera AND stole it... as well as my footage.  Fortunately it was a a protest for justice for a murdered video journalist friend and every videographer worth a shit in NYC was out that day. 

This video has been featured on the Documentary Channel and several Film Fests.

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