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Greg Palast Speaks on Improving Alternative Media

This video features Greg Palast speaking on a panel of alternative media dignataries about what we can do to reach a wider audience and be more effective as journalists working outside of the mainstream distribution outlets.   The short answer: "don't be so fucking dull".  This was filmed at The Boston Social Forum, a counter convention of sorts that took place in the days leading up to the Democratic National Convention in 2004.

The video was meant as a prequel to my convention coverage and was filmed and upload the day before the convention started.   I met a great journalist this day and together we scouted the 1st ever instance of a designated caged area called a Protest Pen, a Freedom Cage, etc etc.  No, it wasn't Greg Palast. 


IVAW backed up by 5,000 liberals, peaceniks and anarchists illegally march from the DNC Rage Against the Machine concert to the Pepsi center to demad that they are allowed to read their letter to the delagates.  Unfortuantely these brave men & women still believed they would be dealt with honestly by the DNC and accepted a deal that won them nothing fore our efforts.

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National Day of Action Against Electoral Politics w/ a DNC Freedom Cage Preview

August 10th protests against electoral politics at the Pepsi Center in Denver; including a preview of the protest pit fondly refered to as the Freedom Cage.

Word has it that due to lack of camping spots in Denver, the only time protesters will be entering the cage is to sleep.

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