Pro War Sentiment Outside the Oscars 2003

I hung out with the pro war camp outside the Oscars in Hollywood in 2003. It was eye opening and disgusting. Across the street, further away from the Oscar goers was the anti war crowd who had been prevented from crossing the street by those protecting and serving the military industrial complex.  I had a sign taped to my monopod that said "Think Outside the Bomb".  Most people were very confused by it.

Bradley Maninning Solidarity

A video art project intended for projection on a relevant structure in New Orleans.You can watch the unadulterated wikileaded video at http://www.collateralmurder.comFor some real info about Bradley Manning Solidarity Weekend April 9th & 10th go here

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Veteran Brothers Ride Till The End of the Wars

You can support or follow the their tour @

3 tour Afghanistan veteran Jacob George and his brother AWOL from the National Guard Jordon George are riding bikes across the country until the war(s) end.

Along the way they play their music, do speaking engagements and raise awareness about the atrocities and illegitimacy of our current wars.

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Iraq War Protest 7 Year Anniversary Washington DC

This is the Iraq War Peace Please Protest in Washington, DC March 20th 2010.
people were arrested at the impromptu die in at the White House at the end of the march... including Cindy Sheehan.

There is an incident in this video that clearly demonstrates why this type of "resistance" will never accomplish anything.  See if you can find it.

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Oglala Veterans Day Pow Wow

This video DOES NOT represent the views of FluxRostrum or Mobile Broadcast News. This is NOT the story that we have come to the Lakota to hear but it is a story that they want told; and that is as important as our agenda.

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