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Police State

Top 10 Reasons to go to Ferguson to Riot

The video below is from a 40k strong protest against some NYC cops who unloaded 50 bullets into a guy during his bachlor party.  At the end of the peaceful "Shopping For Justice" March lead by Al Sharpton a group of New Black Panthers raised their Fists in front of Macy's and burned a flag for justice.
It changed nothing, didn't it. 

Mike Brown and Vonderritt Myers are just more in a long string of mostly black folks and other pigmented individuals that have been murdered by cops in the United States under very suspicious circumstances.  More in a long string of cops who get the benefit of the doubt from a system that judges everyone else on a "if you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to worry about" mentality.  The system requires that you trust it or they will insinuate you must be a criminal.  The system takes for itself the right to be innocent until proven guilty In A Court Of Law; while it doles out judgement at the end of the barrel of a gun by using "officer discretion".  Take a look at the number of cops killed in the line of duty compared to the number of unarmed people they've kiled and tell me how "fearful" for their lives the cops have a right to be.  Since the Cops, the FBI and every co-opting lefty org in the country are .99" target="_blank" title=""you will see carnage" if the do not indict Darren Wilson">gearing up for riots in Ferguson when they eventually let Darren Wilson return from his "get away with murder" paid vacation... there's a few things I think you should remember.

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#OWS S15 Pedestrian Bloc

500 or more Occupy revelers march from Washington Square Park to their former home in Zucotti to kick off the Occupied Anniversary Party. 26 were arrested mostly through snatch and grab terrorist tactics.  Those arrested had done nothing wrong, were walking peacefully on the sidewalk with their friends. Squads of terrorists pushed through the peaceful crowd to man handle and steal people.

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Joe Redner, RNC Occupies Their Feedble Minds

Adult Night Club mega mogul Joe Redner speaks on the state of the Occupy movement in the face on the Republican National Convention Police State repression.  Joe donated a park that he owns to the Occupy Tampa crew who have offered to leave the park by Sept. 15th; voluntarily ending the physical occupation of Tampa in favor of other means of organizing.

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Rainbow Gathering - Domestic Dispute Results in Marijuana Charges
Arguing loudly, fireworks or any other thing that invites police interaction can be used as a pretext for further inspection of you and yours.

Live updates from the rainbow gathering

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Pittsburgh Supports G20 Protestors: The Peoples Uprising

During my afternoon of running from ear drum piercing sonic weapons and tear gas canisters while being chased in circles by dog and baton wielding cops in working class neighborhoods miles from the convention center I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of locals.  Here's what they said ... with a small dose of riot porn on the side.

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G20 Summit Preemptive Harassment Part2

The Seeds of Peace & Everybody's Kitchen buses were, for the 3rd time forcibly relocated.  After Monday nights parking citation for parking on the sidewalk, hours of inspecting the safety inspections The mobile free kitchens got a late night wake up call when told that they had to leave by NOON Tuesday.  Here's that story.


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G20 Summit Preemptive Harassment Part1

The Seeds of Peace Bus & Everybody's Kitchen have been tirelessly trying to feed the people coming to Pittsburgh to express their 1st amendment rights during the G20 Summit  despite a nearly constant police presence and unwarranted harassment.  Even while dealing with a constant threat of drummed up arrests and confiscated buses they were still able to feed 200 people today.  So There.

I just heard that they were once again being surrounded by the Cops.. 3am 
The busses have now been forced to move again.  The 4th location for them at this G20.

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Police State ~ music video from VOICE

Police State NWO Martial Law US Imperialism of the Ruling Class...

this is the true face of modern "civilization".  
Our ancestors laid the ground work for this with their apathetic selfishness.
Whether something can be done to keep our next generations out of work camps and able to continue pretending they are free as we are able to do.. Or Not depends on how we respond to the loses currently being extracted from us.

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Evil is Real: Rights are No Consideration

The saga of the NOmadjik Media Bus at the Republican National Convention played out among context that will sadden anyone who believes in freedom and democracy.  The RNC in St. Paul was an exercise in intimidation, harassment and preemptive arrest of JOURNALISTS.

more at


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IVAW backed up by 5,000 liberals, peaceniks and anarchists illegally march from the DNC Rage Against the Machine concert to the Pepsi center to demad that they are allowed to read their letter to the delagates.  Unfortuantely these brave men & women still believed they would be dealt with honestly by the DNC and accepted a deal that won them nothing fore our efforts.

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