RAMPS: Mountain Mobilization Action & Rally

RAMPS pulled off the largest MTR direct action to date against the largest mountain top removal site in WV on Saturday.  The Hobet Surface Mine was shut down for about 3 hours through a series of coordinated diversions, lock downs, tree-sits and banner drops.   It has bee reported that this was the only mine in WV without beefed up security in anticipation of the publicly announced action.  It seems that they felt too big & scary to imagine that Tree Huggers would have the balls to walk onto their site.  The Police arrested about 25 people including atleast 3 cr

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RAMPS Mountain Mobilization Prequel

Today, hundreds of us will march onto a strip mine in West Virginia and shut it down.  Concerned community members and activists are preparing to take nonviolent direct action to do what the politicians, the regulators and the courts have been unwilling to do: to defend the land and the people; to stop strip mining.


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