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Seeds of Peace

Keith McHenry on Feeding People in Disaster Situations

Keith McHenry on Feeding People in Disaster SituationsPanel Presentation from the
North American Anarchist Studies Network Conference

In 1980, Keith and seven friends started the first Food Not Bombs chapter in Cambridge, Massachusets. At first more of a street performance than a protest, the group provided entertainment and vegetarian meals in Harvard Square and the Boston Commons after making deliveries of uncooked food to most of the housing projects and shelters in the area. After eight years of serving free food in New England, Keith moved to San Francisco where he started a second Food Not Bombs group. He was one of nine volunteers arrested for sharing food and literature at Golden Gate Park on August 15, 1988. In the following years, Keith was arrested over 100 times for serving free food in city parks and spent over 500 nights in jail. He faced 25 years to life in prison under the California Three Strikes Law but in 1995, Amnesty International and the United Nations Human Rights Commission brought about his release.

  • McHenry, Keith. “The Anarchist Response to Sandy, Katrina, and the Global Economic Crisis”
  • Moderator: Sean Walsh

Larry Gibson Speaks - Day 2 Sr. Citizen March Against MTR

After marching for 5 miles today the seniors settled into the Universal Unitarian Church in Charleston for a fine Bus Cooked meal from Everybody's Kitchen & Seeds of Peace.  After the meal Larry Gibson kept the fire of determination lit for over an hour.  I've tried to boil it down to the core of the essential.

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G20 Summit Preemptive Harassment Part2

The Seeds of Peace & Everybody's Kitchen buses were, for the 3rd time forcibly relocated.  After Monday nights parking citation for parking on the sidewalk, hours of inspecting the safety inspections The mobile free kitchens got a late night wake up call when told that they had to leave by NOON Tuesday.  Here's that story.


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G20 Summit Preemptive Harassment Part1

The Seeds of Peace Bus & Everybody's Kitchen have been tirelessly trying to feed the people coming to Pittsburgh to express their 1st amendment rights during the G20 Summit  despite a nearly constant police presence and unwarranted harassment.  Even while dealing with a constant threat of drummed up arrests and confiscated buses they were still able to feed 200 people today.  So There.

I just heard that they were once again being surrounded by the Cops.. 3am 
The busses have now been forced to move again.  The 4th location for them at this G20.

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