Happy Veterans Day to Jacob George

I'm a little slow on the intake on this one.  I just learned that brother Jacob killed himself in September.   I know he'd seen a lot of uglyness and that can play extra hard on a kind and gentle soul.  I'm sorry you had to go.  See ya when I see ya .

Here's a link to the IVAW article regarding his death.

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Veteran Brothers Ride Till The End of the Wars

You can support or follow the their tour @

3 tour Afghanistan veteran Jacob George and his brother AWOL from the National Guard Jordon George are riding bikes across the country until the war(s) end.

Along the way they play their music, do speaking engagements and raise awareness about the atrocities and illegitimacy of our current wars.

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IVAW backed up by 5,000 liberals, peaceniks and anarchists illegally march from the DNC Rage Against the Machine concert to the Pepsi center to demad that they are allowed to read their letter to the delagates.  Unfortuantely these brave men & women still believed they would be dealt with honestly by the DNC and accepted a deal that won them nothing fore our efforts.

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Oglala Veterans Day Pow Wow

This video DOES NOT represent the views of FluxRostrum or Mobile Broadcast News. This is NOT the story that we have come to the Lakota to hear but it is a story that they want told; and that is as important as our agenda.

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The Walk for Democracy part 2

Jeanette Wallis became an activist during the WTO Ministerial Protest in Seattle, WA on December 1, 1999, when she was tear-gassed and chased by riot police in her Capitol Hill neighborhood while walking home from the store.  She began organizing because she believed in the right of the people to express their opinions about decisions that affect their lives - and has consequently been tear-gassed, beaten, pepper-sprayed, shot at with rubber bullets, and arrested while defending this right.

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