Sr.'s MTR March ~ Day 3 ~ Let the Games Begin

Two young people unfurled a banner which read, Yes, Coal is Killing West Virginia's Communities off of the Walker CAT building in Belle, W.Va. Saturday afternoon. The youth are affiliated with Climate Ground Zero and say they acted in autonomous solidarity with the Senior Citizens March to End Mountaintop Removal, are affiliated with Climate Ground Zero. The marchers passed the Walker CAT building on todays route.

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Larry Gibson Speaks - Day 2 Sr. Citizen March Against MTR

After marching for 5 miles today the seniors settled into the Universal Unitarian Church in Charleston for a fine Bus Cooked meal from Everybody's Kitchen & Seeds of Peace.  After the meal Larry Gibson kept the fire of determination lit for over an hour.  I've tried to boil it down to the core of the essential.

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MTR Arrest Report Back

opednews.com  Massey Morgan Rd Julian, WV 6AM ish 9-9-09
I was filming a Chain & Tube Lock Down Blockade of the road which leads to Massey Energy Regional Headquarters as the first workers of the day arrived. I was wearing my Press Pass prominently around my neck. The road was an intersection off of a 4 lane road with a 65 mph speed limit and the blockade was about 40-50 yards from the intersection. The road appeared to continue for approximately 1/4 mile. There is nothing at this intersection that marks it any differently than any other road intersecting this 4 lane roadway. This part of West Virginia often has severe fog problems, but not this morning. I interviewed the participants and waited for the cops to show up. The cops arrived quickly. I positioned myself about 30-40 feet from the lock-down and waited for the police interaction with the protesters. Deputy Eric Eversole appeared to be first on the scene. He briefly surveyed the situation at the lock-down and then abruptly turned walking quickly toward me and said:

"Turn your camera off. You're under arrest for trespassing."

Friends of America Rally - Hank Williams Jr.

Touted as the largest Labor Day Rally in the history of the United States, the Friends of America pro pollution anti ingenuity music/corporate propaganda fest took place in Holden, WV.  They claim there are 100,000 people in attendance. but I've seen protests this size and the cops claimed 10,000.  There will be another video, or 2 from this event.  This one is just for fun.  w/ Family Tradition

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MTR Civil Court day 2 VERDICT

TRO limited to Raleigh County West Virginia and "agents" of the enjoined. NOT to all Massey operations everywhere and everyone who ever heard of Mountain Top Removal.  Guilty of trespassing, 1k fine + court costs.  Forced Siezure of Journalists property was also removed from the language.

The judge claimed there was no legal explanation for the acts of trespass because he repeatedly refused to hear of the NECESSITY of the actions in relation to saving the resources of the community.

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17 Arrests In Mountain Top Removal actions today

You can make donations to the bail fund @ http://MountainJustice.org
17 people arrested in the Coal River Valley today.  They were there to protest the inevitable massacre of nearly 1,000 people living in harms way of billions of gallons of toxic coal slurry sludge.

They were charged with trespassing and 2 were charged with littering (they left a 60ft banner floating in the middle of the sludge.

The 7 people you will witness being arrested in this video are being held at least until TUESDAY.

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