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Fight The Man with yer Check Books

Today I recieved 2 pleas for funds.  1 for a urban farming project that I've had a small hand in for several years and 1 for some anarchists busted in Mexico for alledgedly molotoving some shit.

Fix shit or fuck shit that is the question... on some levels it's obvious we need to both of these things, but fucking shit up is so "glamerous" that those actions usually steal all the thunder and resources from those doing the unglamerous work of building capitalist replacement infrastructure.   So if you've got 2 duccats to rub together you might want to assess the fix shit/fuck shit ratio in your life and throw your privilege at one of these needs that has arisen in our community. 


Fix Shit Up
The city of New Orleans has decided to throw a major roadblock in the path of Our School at Blair Grocery. they gonna Zone the fuck outa dem. New zoning regulation require 100,000 in renovations to the building that has housed farmers, teachers and community organizers since 2008 and the city of New Orleans has evicted the residents and banned use of the building until the renovations are complete. This is a classic example of how The Man is Not interested in the well being of The People. In a low income community that the city would like to turn into condos and industry OSBG shines out as the one of the only avenues for the residents to keep control of their neighborhood. This community has ZERO grocery stores and the city has done everything in their power to keep people from moving back there from instituting curfews to stealing people's property because the grass got too high in there absence (the city did not cut the grass on their stolen land after seizing it... so it had nothing to do with grass).
You can watch the progress of OSBG from the very beginning through the videos that I have made documenting their progress.   But 1st take a look at where they are now and what the funds will accomplish.




Fuck Shit Up
On the night of January 5th, Carlos – a comrade from Mexico, and Amelie and Fallon – two comrades from Canada, were arrested in relation to a Molotov attack on the Ministry of Communication and Transportation and a Nissan dealership in Mexico City. The three have since been held in detention and have limited contact with anyone, including their lawyer, and Amelie and Fallon have also been visited by the Canadian consulate. Though they were initially accused of property destruction, the three may now face additional charges of sabotage, organized crime, and terrorism. If these charges are brought forward, bail will not be possible and deportation for the two from Canada is highly unlikely. All three would then be held until trial without the possibility of release. The Mexican media now reports that our comrades will be held for an additional 40 days while the government continues its investigation. These charges come at a time of intense crackdown by the Mexican state on anarchists; from attacks on demonstrations to torture of arrested comrades. At this moment we need to rapidly raise funds to support our comrades. Not only for the legal costs and the potentially large bail amounts, but also to help cover their living expenses while in prison. In Mexico, prisoners have to pay for their own room and board and medical expenses while detained.


to donte via paypal or check  Go Here.