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Who Owns Social Media; Follow the Shares

Tsu pays out 90% of d revenue to its users.  Facebook 0%

People are now beginning the next great social media migration.  Tsū is a brand new social network with $7 million in backing that pays users to be social -  it's recieved a shit ton of media coverage lately from Re/code, Billboard, VentureBeat, Examiner, the New York Business Journal, ZDnet, Social Times and has plans to not only dislodge Facebook but it also offers a PayPal alternative built into the platform.  Tsū launched Oct. 14th so ithis is a great chance to "be first" on a social network.

How Do I Make Money?
Tsū aggregates advertising, sponsorship and partnership dollars and pays you for clicks and views of ads around your content and the content of those in your network. Tsū keeps 10% of the revenue, the original content creator keeps 45% and their network shares the remaining 45%. The more interaction you can get around your content and increasing the size of your network will effect your ability to make money. 
Read more about Tsū’s algorithm here:

In just a couple of weeks of launch
Tsū is already the 2nd most engaging social media site according to Alexa

How Do I Join?
Tsū is invite only.
You can join today with my "short code" ( and then create your own.
Your Profile URL is your invite code.

What Do I Do Next?
After you join, upload a profile photo and a cover photo @ settings > profile.
Fill out your bio and add your website. You can also include your YouTube, Tumbler and Pinterest URLs.
Connect your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social accounts @ settings > social accounts.
Set your privacy settings @ settings > privacy.
Finally, check your notification settings to set up how you want to be notified @ settings > notifications.

Now that you have your account set up:
Use the search to find friends or hashtags that you're interested in.
Create a few posts, like, comment and share other people's posts.
Spend some time learning the platform.
Download the mobile app (click here for Tsū Android app) (click here for Tsū iOS app)
Be social.

Once your comfortable with the platform:
Invite your friends to join your "family tree" (your network). 
Help your Tsu Family get started to grow a strong, active, engaged network that will be both fun and profitable.

Tsū is especially great for anyone who creates & shares original social content. 
Artists, Journalists, Musicians, Photographers, sandwich eaters and puppy sitters.. anyone who posts things on facebook, anyone who thinks Facebook should not be earning all the revenue that your content generates.

Click Here To Join Tsū

If you'd like to know a more subversive reason to join Tsū,
contact me and I'll let you in on a secret.