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Welcome 2 The New Fluxview, USⒶ

A little while back this site 's databse became currupt, so I ended it's rule over my internet presence.  This is the new incarnation.  So, if you are subscribed to my rss feed prepare to go on an 12 year journey recapping every video I've created as I repopulate this site with my content.  Unfortunatly, some material and all the reposts on the site are not going to make the leap. 

Hopefully I'll have all my posts back online by the End of The World; during which I will be projecting visual art into the End's 1/3 Eye in an attempt to blind The End and save the earth.   This heroic act will be live streamed so if you're in NOLA come and cheat obliteration with me on Dec 21st.  And if you've got nothing better to do with your last reamaining moments of existence you can watch the live stream on Mobile Broadcast News.