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Why I'm not Covering This or That Event Right Now

vintage solar powered hatBack in the 80's I gave my grandfather a solar powered hat with a fan on it that blows a wind on your head as long as the sun's out.  I thought this would make his life working the farm in the hot sun more enjoyable.  He never wore it beyond the mandatory initial try it on for everybody show.  I always assumed it didn't really work because it was just a weird gimicky "future" thing.  It worked.  I guess it was too much technology for him.  It still works, and now I'm wearing grandpa's hat.

In the future, people without health insurance will get sick and die of curable illness.  In the future, people with health insurance will be used as cash cows for pharmacuetical industry cronies.  In the future, a person's retirement plan will not cover the cost of barely living.  In the future, food will be more valuable than money to anyone who has neither.   In the future, "they" are going to do whatever the hell "they" want and your only options become to throw yourself into the cogs of the machine to stop it, to hold onto your faith that people's best interest will eventually be a concern to those who run the machine or to live completly without the machine at all.  For many the future is coming.  For me the future is now; my body has had little effect on the cogs and I have no faith sustainability will ever be the concern of a "machine".

Over 30 years ago I designed a passive solar home as a high school student.  But residential solar & wind powered, decentralized personal energy creation is not profitable for The Corporation.  The Electric cars being sold today, get LESS gas mileage than the electric cars sold 10 Years Ago.   Extreme extraction of oil and gas is ensuring that all of our water will eventually be polluted and when that happens... they'll just change the official properties of drinkable water and then set about making more money off the illness thay are creating.  "They" will not do AnyThing to promote wide scale sustainable energy practices as long as they can keep extraction profitable by pushing the health cost burden on to individuals.  We have the technology and resources to feed, clothe, shelter and Power Up everyone on the planet sustainably, but the systems in place will not allow this because it is Not Profitable to greedy, power hungry, shit heads who run the world.  So. Fuck. Them.

For the last 12 years I've tried using technology to help people learn how we're getting screwed by governments and corporations in hopes that the people will rise up and throw themselves into the cogs and stop the colonization, exploitation and destruction of our social structure and environment.  I've now come to the conclusion that:

  • Anyone who wants to know AnyThing can know it if they are on the internet (so publishing another story/video on the internet is not going to reach anyone who needs to know... only those who already agree with you or those who refuse to agree with you.  If they are on the internet and don't understand the importance of your topic it's because they don't OR Can't care.  By Can't care, I mean they are very busy having a life that does not include your information.  This could be because they are so entangled in the machine that your information would cause them real financial or emotional harm; or it could be because they are working every available hour of the day just to stay behind on the bills.
  • Expecting protest to change government policy is a giant historical failure.  As long as lobbyists picket the government with a corporate check and you picket the government with a paper sign on a cardboard tube that is no larger than 1 inch in diameter... it's not very likely that the crooks in suits who run this world are going to give a shit about you, your health, environment, kids futures... As long as "the population" allow themselves to be governed by THE WORST OF US we can expect nothing better.  As long as we allow corporate media to tell us who THE WORST OF US ARE we can expect no better.  As long as Individual Profit is more prestigious than the Common Good we can expect no better.
  • With No Retirement, No Healthcare, Uncertain Job markets the only solution I see is to cultivate the food and create the energy neccessary to live without the state.

So, in short, I'm not covering this or that event right now because I'm taking the time now to establish a retirement plan that does not include 401ks, medicare, social security etc. because bringing you the independent news full time for 12 years does not provide these benifits.  I'm creating a future for myself that will not require input from a broke and/or malicious system and will not require me to beg for donation money as a means of compensation.  A future that does not include GMO, chemical laden food or petroleum products (to the best of our ability).

With a couple of summers of hard work and planning I should be able to get back on the indie journalism circut in a sustainable fashion.  In the mean time, I may be blogging more about wildcrafting and permaculture, but only when I feel I know enough not to lead anyone astray, because right now, I Don't  Know Shit About Nothing I'm Doing.  Just figuring it out. 

Farmer Flux in a Vintage Solar Powered HatZenFidel and I will be heading off to a couple festivals this summer which will provide us some opportunity for live streaming, video mixing and good times.  This winter we will hit the road south in the veggie oil and solar powered NOmadjik Media Bus.  I'm sure we'll be covering something.. :~)

Our bodies our currently barely functional as we've spent a full month busting ass 12hrs a day and doing reasearch most evenings just to get our small "demo" garden going.  Our wrists and legs, backs and shoulders HURT.  Our hands are barely closeable from working the dirt.  This is not easy and we are not spring chickens but a well established food forest is in our future and that is a retirement plan that will take less work each year... if we do it right. ;~)

I will eventually see you again in the streets. But I would encourage you all to take some time to BUILD the future because the work of tearing down the trappings of unsustainable consumerist greed will not be done until we can all live without "them".