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U.S. forces choppered into Syria 24 hours after new commander-in-chief takes power

Citizens for Legitimate Government - 2 hours 36 min ago

U.S. forces choppered into Syria 24 hours after new commander-in-chief takes power | 22 Jan 2021 | A large convoy of U.S. military personnel headed into Syria on Thursday along with hundreds of troops some 24 hours after President [sic] Joe Biden took office and took on his commander-in-chief role, foreign media reported. Citing Syrian state news agency SANA, i24 News reported that a convoy of about 40 trucks and armored vehicles "entered northeastern Syria" on Thursday supported by helicopters. The convoy entered the country from Iraq via the al-Waleed crossing "to bring arms and logistical equipment to bases in Hasakeh and Deir Ezzor provinces," i23 News stated. And while "other local media" noted that such resupply convoys are not uncommon, SANA's report added that an additional 200 U.S. troops were choppered into the Hasakeh province as well.

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Biden a 'Threat to National Security.' Files Impeachment Resolution

Citizens for Legitimate Government - 2 hours 41 min ago

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Biden a 'Threat to National Security.' Files Impeachment Resolution | 22 Jan 2021 | Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has filed impeachment papers against President-imposed Joe Biden. She made the announcement in a Twitter post on Thursday. "President Joe Biden is unfit to hold the office of the Presidency. His pattern of abuse of power as President Obama's Vice President is lengthy and disturbing. President Biden has demonstrated that he will do whatever it takes to bail out his son, Hunter, and line his family's pockets with cash from corrupt foreign energy companies," Greene said, according to a press release from her Congressional office. "President Biden is even on tape admitting to a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian government threatening to withhold $1,000,000,000 in foreign aid if they did not do his bidding. President Biden residing in the White House is a threat to national security and he must be immediately impeached," she added. Greene's full press release about her impeachment resolution can be seen here.

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Surprise! Gretchen Whitmer Reopens Michigan Restaurants Now That Biden Has Been Sworn In

Citizens for Legitimate Government - 2 hours 57 min ago

Surprise! Gretchen Whitmer Reopens Michigan Restaurants Now That Biden Has Been Sworn In | 23 Jan 2021 | Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been one of the most strict leaders in the country when it comes to coronavirus lockdowns. Now, just a few days after Joe Biden has been sworn in as president, Whitmer is talking about reopening restaurants. The same thing is happening in Washington, DC. The Detroit News reports: Indoor dining at Michigan restaurants, bars will reopen Feb. 1 at 25% capacity. Indoor dining at restaurants and bars in Michigan will resume on Feb. 1, 75 days after it was suspended amid a surge in COVID-19 infections. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced the reopening Friday morning, the latest signal that health officials believe the state is moving past a second wave of the virus that struck in the fall.

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Biden Nullifies Trump Executive Order Issued to Reduce Prices of Insulin and Epinephrine

Citizens for Legitimate Government - 3 hours 38 min ago

Biden Nullifies Trump Executive Order Issued to Reduce Prices of Insulin and Epinephrine | 22 Jan 2021 | The Biden government has nullified an executive order signed by President Trump reducing the prices of insulin and epinephrine for American consumers, in a move that will be cheered on by Biden's many Big Pharma donors. Biden's Health and Human Service (DHHS) announced they are freezing the order until at least March on Thursday. The Trump order mandated for community health centers to pass all discount savings down to the consumers, but this crucial reform is no longer in effect. The rule will be delayed until at least March 22, and there is no guarantee that it ever returns with the Biden administration re-evaluating all of Trump's healthcare policy measures. Biden is waging war against President Trump's "America First" agenda and restoring full control over Washington, D.C., back to the lobbyists.

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How to Create a False Pandemic

Farm Wars - 3 hours 41 min ago
Now we have the miraculous saviour vaccine, so the propaganda angle has got to change.
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Modesto Takes to Streets After Police Kill Unarmed Man; Use Social Media Post as Justification

It's Goin Down - 11 hours 52 min ago

The post Modesto Takes to Streets After Police Kill Unarmed Man; Use Social Media Post as Justification appeared first on It's Going Down.

Report on recent rally and march against the police murder of Trevor Seever in Modesto, California. In mid-January, over 80 people responded to a call from Turlock Black Lives Matter and rallied outside of the Modesto Police station in solidarity with the family of Trevor Seever, a 29 year-old unarmed man who was shot and... Read Full Article

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An Interview with Peter Gelderloos, Part II: From Colonial Trauma to Ecological Resurgence

Anarchist News - 12 hours 16 min ago

from Terra Nullius

by Alexander Dunlap

The second part of the interview with Peter Gelderloos continues discussing the recent climate justice movements, before discussing decolonization and the reproduction of colonial trauma. The interview concludes by talking about their forthcoming book on anarchist resistance to climate change.


This is a second part to an interview with Peter Gelderloos. Peter is a well-known ‘movement’ or ‘protest’ scholar that has dedicated his non-fiction work to supporting and strengthening social struggle in general, meanwhile placing a special emphasis on anarchist politics and movements.  Peter is the author of various books: How Non-Violence Protects the State (2005), Consensus: A New Handbook for Grassroots Social Movements (2006), Anarchy Works (2010), The Failure of Nonviolence: From the Arab Spring to Occupy (2013) and Worshiping Power: An Anarchist View of Early State formation (2017).

The text has been minimally edited and continues to discuss the recent surges in environmental protests, beginning with the rise of Extinction Rebellion. This conversation meanders through the trials and tribulations of Decolonization, notably the issue of the “State” within decolonial literature, identifying the colony model and reproducing trauma. The interview concludes by discussing Peter’s forthcoming book, which includes as short discussion about the groups who are resisting socio-ecological degradation and climate change. It can only be hoped that the following conversation is interesting, if not thought provoking.

Go to the first part of the interview.


Alexander Dunlap: – You are well known for reviewing and developing a criteria for social struggles and actually how to fight against these things — be it capitalist infrastructures, commodity relationships and things like this. What do you think is really important for these rising youth environmentalist movements like Extinction Rebellion who are promoting civil disobedience actions in various countries?

Peter Gelderloos: – Yeah… I think on one part to localize their analysis, to get to know their territory and make a stronger relationship with that area and with other struggles that exist there. Learning other histories of resistance, to connect to an anti-colonial analysis and historical awareness. If they’re afraid to criticize capitalism, then I don’t think there is much that can be expected of them other than to eventually, like you said, support a more rationalized exploitation/destruction of the planet. It would be nice to see more rebellion within Extinction Rebellion and any other groups that lives behind their “would be” leaders and their extremely limited analysis. But you know anything can happen. 

– I guess the London, or some of the English chapters were openly embracing the police.

– That definitely shows a lack of historical awareness, realism and seriousness.

And I guess related to the analyses of capitalism and racial capitalism, how have you experienced—from an anarchist perspective and with a lot of these ecological struggles you mentioned [in Part I] — the rise of decolonization in terms of a more popular discourse, but even more a popular academic discourse?

– Like most ideas that are connected to social movements, there is a lot of different interpretations given to decolonization. I do not know enough about the history of that specific term to be able to say what its initial intentions are, but just the fact that it’s connected to a much longer and broader history of multiform resistance against colonialism — I think you know the merits and criteria on which it should be judged. In that light, it’s connecting to a very important way of analyzing capitalism and the State. But just like any movement, you are also going to get people who try to capitalize off it. There are people who try to pacify it or people who are more connected to actual colonial institutions than to real struggle and making a career out of it — even if they legitimately believe in it.

– This ends up converting decolonization into a more exclusive hyper specific academic language that doesn’t really give a lot back to struggles. This would be ironic since it’s definitely anti-colonial critics that point out how academics are certainly capable and trained to exploit the natural world, exploit social movements, exploit lower classes in order to set themselves up to portray themselves as the producers of knowledge that actually doesn’t belong to them. If somebody considers themselves a decolonial or anti-colonial scholar, if the first thing that they’re not asking themselves when they wake up every morning is: “how can I contribute to the struggles against ongoing forms of colonialism?”, then we can say there is something wrong.

– Totally. I guess for me one of the struggles I’ve personally had is the kind of ambiguous discourse surrounding colonialism. And more from the academic side than the popular side that I have seen is, there’s a lot of talks about discursive oppression, and for me there’s always been the question of the material aspect of the colonies. And I guess for you, or from an anarchist perspective, what is the colony? Is the colony not the State?

– I think the State is a fundamental part of the colony. States are a global structure now directly because of colonization, there is not really any way around that. There are systems and logics of oppression that function particularly well and that even can go somewhat autonomous for a while or that can exist within stateless spaces, or within our movements. Patriarchal behaviors being a very easy example that can reproduce — at least for a time — independently of the State. But where they are free to act, there is a tendency to bring us back to the State or to allow the State to re-emerge in autonomous spaces. And I think there is certainly aspects of colonialism, ways we’ve been trained, in this very world-hating western worldview that can operate independently of the State.

– The tendency again would be to help the State re-emerge or help exploitive and oppressive dynamics re-emerge in our spaces. So I think there is certainly valid criticisms that focus on discourses and forms of colonialism, but it would be odd for me to develop a critic of colonialism that give the State a pass, that to me would smack very much of some of the things that Fanon, among others, were criticizing.

 tekst, skrift, plakat, svart og hvit.– I guess this goes with your assessment of social movements in the Failure of Nonviolence, where you outline different tactics and criteria for understanding success in political struggles. In your book Worshiping Power, I think it was in the second chapter called “Take Me to Your Leader,” where you really get down and try to understand the mechanics of colonial power and how different Indigenous groups were divided and how colonial and State structures really began to root themselves in different geographic locations. I guess some of my concerns with decolonization is just the way they are supportive of different authoritative, even State-like, structures. This is not to confuse or conflate Indigenous nations with State structures per say, which is a typical criticism of anarchists. Could you maybe talk a little bit about this way of developing centralized authority to manufacture leaders to create holds in different indigenous and rural areas, historically and maybe even in the present?

– I think it becomes necessary to make a distinction between leadership — that is a very broad idea — and specifically coercive hierarchies. I have never seen a social situation or a society in which leadership is absent, but certainly, there are many that are organized to make the centralization of power impossible, and that I think is a really important difference. There are a lot of Indigenous societies that are traditionally State-less, that in their own words would talk about traditional leadership they have, and in which they make sure that power is always multiple and that it can’t be centralized or imposed on people. Additionally, they continue to be very effective at resisting colonization.

– More hierarchical societies and movements are generally easier for the State to repress because those societies or movement are already repressing their base, they already have the mechanisms needed to impose a sort of unity, in which unity is a code word for some central groups to be able to make decisions that everybody has to obey. So those mechanisms already exist, the base is already being ruled in some way, the only thing that the state—or a more powerful state—that comes along has to do, is to take over these mechanisms. The society or the movement has already been organized in a way that it has been domesticated, it has been dominated.

– This kind of reminds me of the words of Ward Churchill some decades ago, which went something along the lines of: “At first you have got to colonize yourselves before you can become a colonizing culture.” 

– Absolutely. 

– When you say to “control or oppress a base,” is this maybe about a form of internal colonization and disciplining and regimenting people into a population?

– And you know, a lot of people have spoken and written about this; there were processes of asserting that kind of domination and making that domination a societal norm within Europe that were vital for Europe to be able to colonize the rest of the world. Parts of this already happened before Cristopher Columbus began the invasion of the Americas, but certain attempts at colonization were defeated by resistance, there was also a process [of domestication] accelerated by colonization. Yeah, so in a way Europe had to colonize itself to become “Europe” in order to colonize the rest of the world, and in plenty of places this had already happened.

– Yeah totally, just with the Witch-hunts there is a process of genocide, feminicide and also the destruction of nature. Literally the ‘resources’, whether they are so-called natural or ecological resources, human labor or intellectual power that can be harnessed to create this situation.

– The existence of a mercenary class that was based on conquering, killing, torturing, enslaving others and then hoping to gain wealth out of that process, sharing in the spoils of conquest. Really, this became the model for ‘Whiteness’. Because that was of course one of the aspects in effect in this process of colonization. The invention of race, and particularly the invention of Whiteness as a sort of mercenary category of complicity with the State, complicity with capitalism that if they would go along with it and not act in solidarity with racialized people all around the world, then they would have access to very symbolic benefits of State power and colonialism. In many cases, there are also economic benefits and at the very least, it is the benefits of basic survival: to never have been treated like an Other-than-human.

 linje, monokrom, parallell, illustrasjon, samtale.
Image: Jean-Marc Côté (1899)

– Yeah. So this is frontier culture kind of stuff. Coming from Western Turtle Island, I feel like this phenomenon is built on imbuing a high level of insecurity and abusing people to keep them submissive, to be conquering different territories, and to produce this kind of indifference and clinging to a culture of conquest. 

– Yeah I mean look at the training routine for people in the military… It is basically a process of abusing them, getting them to abuse one another, getting them to identify with—and pledge loyalty to — their abusers so that they become a perfect trauma producing machines. And then directing this trauma outwards and being relatively comfortable with using violence against others and sort of taking pride in having survived that training process.

– This sounds like the virus of colonization. 

– Yep. 

– Alright, thanks a lot. One of the things I have heard recently, in a very nice way, is that you are working on a new book. You had a nice pamphlet come out some years ago, ‘An Anarchist Solution to Global Warming’, but now you are approaching a full-length book with Pluto Press about environmental issues. Can you say a bit more about what might be coming in the next year?

– It is a book on the ecological crisis from an anarchist and anti-colonial perspective. By which I mean instead of dividing it up into single issues or having a technocratic focus on atmospheric carbon, it looks at the way that not only is ecology completely interconnected, but also how human societies are a part of nature. We can no longer perpetuate this originally aristocratic, and then Western divide between human and nature. So you can’t simply look at the climate without looking at everything else. We can either be healthy parts of our ecosystem or we can destroy the ecosystem: those are the choices.

It is not “humanity’s” fault for destroying the environment, but an ecocidal machine that is actually causing the ongoing collapse of ecosystems all across the planet. It is a machine developed and made global by colonialism. Pretty much every ecosystem that is in a state of free fall — that is collapsing — right now, include humans as an integral part of their balance, of the network of species that coexist through mutual aid. Humans are no longer even allowed to take part in the ecosystem in the way that they did traditionally, when we were able to play a very respectful and healthy role. And the reason we’re not allowed to do that is because of the State, because of capitalism….

So it connects to Indigenous struggles claiming their lands back, for preserving their traditional ways of life, this connects to struggles against major infrastructure projects in the Global North, within societies that are completely colonized and where people grow up in a very alienated way. But in the course of these struggles, like with occupations of territories like the ZAD (Zone-to Defend) people transform their relationships with their territory and start to rediscover a part of what has been stolen from them. This means establishing non-alienated relationship with all the other living things around us in a reciprocal way.

– That sounds really good! And so you’ll be interviewing and working with a lot of different groups across the world? Do you mind giving a bit of a sample of the voices you might be focusing on?

– I can give a couple of examples… I am talking with some folks who have participated in some of these big anti-infrastructural occupations in the Global North. I’m talking with folks connected with really great projects in Brazil. For example, urban transformations carried out by the very poorest of city residences change the city into a healthier ecosystem for human survival and not-for-profit. Also involving an anti-colonial perspective of urban gardens, water purification systems, so on and so forth. As well as rural projects that bridge the divide between food sovereignty, Indigenous resistance and protecting some of the ecologies that are really important on a planetary level, for the climate, for a healthy atmosphere… Everything being interconnected and the Amazon region being one of these potential tipping points that are connected to other aspects of ecological collapse. Yeah, those are some examples.

– Well, I am looking forward to it. Thanks for coming out here and talking with me.

– Yeah. 

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No Bosses, No Landlords, No Bureaucrats!

Anarchist News - 16 hours 21 min ago

From Enragés via C4SS

We're excited to share this pilot episode of our new show with Joel Williamson, The Enragés. Joining Mutual Exchange Radio on the C4SS podcast roster this year, The Enragés will take a deep dive into the recent works of C4SS writers and scholars on the site. You can find the new show in all the same places as Mutual Exchange Radio, including Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, and on our Patreon.

In this first episode of The Enragés, host Joel Williamson sits down with Kevin Carson to discuss Kevin’s recent piece on the Center for a Stateless Society website “The Myth of the Private Sector, Part I: Why Big-Small and Vertical-Horizontal Trumps ‘Public-Private’”—a conversion that spans from the role of government interference in the scale and structure of economic institutions to the definitions of “large” and “small” to possible right-libertarian objections to Kevin’s argument and beyond.

Kevin Carson is a senior fellow of the Center for a Stateless Society ( and holds the Center's Karl Hess Chair in Social Theory. He is an anarchist without adjectives, heavily influenced by autonomism and the new municipalist movements. His written work includes Studies in Mutualist Political Economy, Organization Theory: A Libertarian Perspective, The Homebrew Industrial Revolution: A Low-Overhead Manifesto, and The Desktop Regulatory State all of which are freely available online. His book Exodus: General Idea of the Revolution in the XXI Century is forthcoming. Carson has also written for such print publications as The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty and a variety of internet-based journals and blogs, including Just Things and The Art of the Possible, as well as his own blogs, Mutualist Blog and Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.

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Biden Admin Previews Fight Against 'Serious Threat' of 'Domestic Violent Extremism'

Citizens for Legitimate Government - 16 hours 52 min ago

Biden Admin Previews Fight Against 'Serious Threat' of 'Domestic Violent Extremism' | 22 Jan 2021 | President [sic] Joe Biden has asked the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to begin enhanced assessments of the threat posed by "domestic violent extremism," according to the White House. "The January 6th assault on the Capitol and the tragic deaths and destruction that occurred underscored what we have long known: The rise of domestic violent extremism is a serious and growing national security threat," White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced at a press briefing Friday afternoon. Psaki said that Biden had tasked the ODNI to request a "comprehensive threat assessment" of domestic violent extremism, including ways to strengthen government capabilities to monitor the threat... She stressed that President Biden wanted to dramatically increase the level of intelligence and law enforcement directed at domestic violent extremism.

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President Trump Gives Permission for US Troops to Stay at Trump Hotel in Washington, DC

Citizens for Legitimate Government - 17 hours 23 sec ago

President Trump Gives Permission for US Troops to Stay at Trump Hotel in Washington, DC | 22 Jan 2021 | As reported earlier, A military source in DC told TPUSA Chief Creative Officer Benny Johnson that for the last week his battalion had been sleeping on the floor in the Senate cafeteria in preparation for Biden's sham inauguration. One day after Biden's inauguration, 5,000 soldiers were moved to a cold parking garage. There is one power outlet and one bathroom for 5,000 soldiers.

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Left Calls for 'Army of Citizen Detectives' to Monitor and Report Trump Supporters

Citizens for Legitimate Government - 17 hours 4 min ago

Left Calls for 'Army of Citizen Detectives' to Monitor and Report Trump Supporters | 19 Jan 2021 | Many on the left are promoting a recent video created by novelist and left-wing activist Don Winslow, which calls upon citizens to become cyber detectives to monitor and report fellow citizen Trump supporters to authorities while comparing the work of this "army of citizens" to that which led to the capture of al-Qaeda [al-CIAduh] founder Osama bin Laden. "On January 20, Donald Trump will become the Commander-in-Chief of a different army," the slightly over two-minute clip begins. The words "This army" are then displayed as Trump supporters in Washington, DC, flash on the screen.

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Schumer: House to send Trump impeachment article Monday

Citizens for Legitimate Government - 17 hours 7 min ago

Schumer: House to send Trump impeachment article Monday | 22 Jan 2021 | House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to send the article of impeachment against Donald Trump to the Senate on Monday, launching the start of the former president's trial on a charge of incitement of insurrection over the deadly Capitol riot. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced the schedule Friday. Trump is the first president to be twice impeached and the first to face a trial after leaving office. While the transmission of the article launches the trial, the schedule ahead remains uncertain.


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3 Governors Order Their Troops Back From DC

Citizens for Legitimate Government - 17 hours 10 min ago

3 Governors Order Their Troops Back From DC | 22 Jan 2021 | Three governors have ordered their local National Guard troops to return to their respective states following accounts of thousands of them having been "banished" to the parking garage of the Capitol. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wrote this morning on Twitter he had "instructed General Norris to order the return of the Texas National Guard to our state." Governor Ron DeSantis also announced on Twitter that he ordered the Florida National Guard to return from D.C.

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Home Run King Hank Aaron Dies of 'Undisclosed Cause' 18 Days After Receiving Moderna Vaccine

Citizens for Legitimate Government - 17 hours 12 min ago

Home Run King Hank Aaron Dies of 'Undisclosed Cause' 18 Days After Receiving Moderna Vaccine | 22 Jan 2021 | Baseball legend Hank Aaron, who received the Moderna COVID vaccine on Jan. 5, has died. According to the New York Times, the Atlanta Braves confirmed the 86-year-old Hall of Famer’s death today, but did not provide further details. CNN reported that Aaron died "peacefully in his sleep," and that no cause of death was disclosed. Aaron made headlines earlier this month when he was photographed getting the Moderna vaccine. He told the Associated Press at the time that getting vaccinated "makes me feel wonderful."

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Biden White House Makes YouTube Upload of Inaugural Speech 'Unlisted' After Being Flooded With Dislikes

Citizens for Legitimate Government - 18 hours 21 min ago

Biden White House Makes YouTube Upload of Inaugural Speech 'Unlisted' After Being Flooded With Dislikes | 21 Jan 2021 | Joe Biden's White House staff privatized an upload of his inaugural address from the White House YouTube page, after the video was rationed with a wave of dislikes. As of late Wednesday night, Biden's Inaugural Address has more than 17,000 dislikes, and less than 4,000 likes. Sensing that the public wasn't responding positively, the Biden administration made the video "unlisted" some time after its initial streaming. In a legally questionable development, the Biden White House staff have also disabled comments on the Inaugural Address.

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Ohio GOP Rep. Steve Stivers Supports $1400 Stimulus Check - Provided You Get COVID Vaccine

Citizens for Legitimate Government - 22 hours 39 min ago

Hopefully, this policy would serve as the tipping point for the Second American Revolution: Ohio GOP Rep. Steve Stivers Supports $1400 Stimulus Check - Provided You Get COVID Vaccine | 22 Jan 2021 | One Republican congressman is on board with President [sic] Joe Biden's call for a $1,400 stimulus check, but only if the recipient gets a COVID-19 vaccination first. Representative Steve Stivers of Ohio told Yahoo Finance Live earlier this week, "I hope the administration will look at that option because we actually buy something with our $1,400 -- and that's herd immunity." Biden, who was sworn into office on Wednesday, is pushing for a $1.9 trillion emergency relief package to tackle the twin crises of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic downturn [fomented by blue-state tyrants who implemented unnecessary, deadly lockdowns to destroy the economy and therefore Trump].

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Scenes from a Locked-Down Washington D.C. as Biden Takes the Reins

deSmog - Fri, 01/22/2021 - 21:55
Washington, D.C.Read time: 11 mins

A few hours before President Joe Biden was inaugurated, I talked to a supporter of President Donald Trump in Washington D.C. who was on her way to celebrate Trump’s inauguration at The Ellipse, a federal park near the White House. She didn’t want to give her name but once I identified myself as a reporter she wanted to be sure that I would spread the word that Trump had actually won the election.

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Forced Vaccinations Via Your Job: United Airlines CEO wants to make COVID vaccines mandatory

Off Grid Survival - Fri, 01/22/2021 - 18:20

Forced Vaccinations Via Your Job: United Airlines CEO wants to make COVID vaccines mandatory

Today, United Airlines CEO states that he wants to make the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory for all employees and is encouraging other companies do the same. [...]

This Article Forced Vaccinations Via Your Job: United Airlines CEO wants to make COVID vaccines mandatory is an original article from OFFGRID Survival If it is appearing on any other site but OFFGRID Survival, that site does not have our permission to use our copyrighted content!

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The Center Takes the Empire: Peter Gelderloos on the Path Ahead

Anarchist News - Fri, 01/22/2021 - 14:19

from It's Going Down

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with long-time anarchist writer and organizer Peter Gelderloos, author of such books at Anarchy Works, Worshiping Power, and How Non-Violence Protects the State. On this episode, we look back on the last month of the Trump presidency and discuss what lies ahead now that the Democrats have won the White House and pushed for a return to normalcy on the streets. We discuss how Biden will respond to the far-Right, the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the continuing economic fallout.

We then turn our discussion towards autonomous social movements, and talk about key lessons and take-aways from the Trump era, and what people fighting for grassroots change need to be thinking about in the coming terrain. We discuss how currently there are a lot of people who have been energized from the uprising that began last summer following the police murder of George Floyd, which is currently hitting a wall against State repression, declining numbers in the street, and also the reality that a section of the population is now waiting to see how the Biden presidency plays out.

We talk about how people should approach this reality as we go forward, in the midst of a still ranging COVID-19 pandemic and the threat of mass evictions.

More Info: Peter Gelderloos on Twitter, Peter Gelderloos on AK Press, Peter Gelderloos online discussion, interview on It’s Going Down here, here, here, and here.

photo: Koshu Kunii via Unsplash

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