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A Communiqué from the Liberated Dining Halls of so-called Santa Cruz

It's Goin Down - 11 hours 1 min ago

During the ongoing United Auto Workers (UAW) strike by workers on UC campuses, dining halls have been liberated and opened up to strikers and the wider community. The following communiqué, from so-called Santa Cruz, addresses a recent coordinated wave of dining hall liberations.

photo: @UCDavis_COC

The colonial capitalist university will never win. Union sell-outs and scabs will never win.

Here at so-called Santa Cruz, we declare and express our solidarity to all communities in struggle. Today, along with comrades across so-called California, we are engaging in a transterritorial attack on UC incorporated and what they call food insecurity, a condition created by their capitalist greed. These spaces, like the dining commons, are spaces we understand as battlegrounds of the ongoing war against subsistence, where proles take up the war against capital by expropriating dining halls and feeding one another.

News from the Wild(cat) fire spreading across the UCs today!

Dining Halls across UC Los Angeles (De Neve) Santa Cruz (9/10) Davis (Latitude) and Santa Barbara (Carrillo) have been liberated!

Students should not be debt burdened, rent burdened or food insecure.


— Cops Off Campus UC (@ucftp) December 7, 2022

The logic of capital underpinning the UC allows UC admin and their cronies to create and enforce the divisive narrative that we are stealing from one another when we liberate dining halls. This is the logic of capital that depends on the creation of an individualistic world. The world of individualism teaches us and obligates us to be on top of everyone else, to have more than everyone else, to hurt and use each other in the search for the false capitalist promises of “progress and development.” This creates inequalities, injustices, and violences that we experience in our everyday lives, that become incorporated into our day to day as the “new normal.”

UCD Latitude Dining Commons is free for everyone! An autonomous group has liberated Latitude, so come get some lunch – no swipes needed!

— UC Davis #CopsOffCampus (@UCDavis_COC) December 7, 2022

The civilizational crisis that we live in, however, opens the door to the construction of a challenge to this false normality, through the practice of refusal, of abnormality, which must be based on values of direct-democracy, mutual aid, self-management, gender equity, respect for Mother Earth, and autonomy. Practices of horizontalism, decentralization, mutual support, and self-management survive here and now, there and tomorrow, not only as a legacy of a remote past, but as a project for a liberating future. We claim these as our weapons in the capitalist war against subsistence. Utopia is here, right under our noses, but we simply have not been able to see that which we were never taught to see. Let us expand our minds and open our hearts to the power of community, autonomy, and mutual care. The time is now or never to turn the tides in the war against subsistence that capitalist modernity brings to our front door.

A statement on the De Neve dining hall liberation this afternoon. @slapucla @uclarnf


— UCLA4COLA ON STRIKE🥤54k. COLA. cops off campus. (@ucla4cola) December 8, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic, the latest of the crises engendered by capitalism, interrupted the last dining hall liberation here at UCSC. But this crisis only served to highlight and worsen the conditions upon which communities seek to ensure their existence, bringing to the forefront all the ways in which capitalist institutions only further profit from the continued struggle for survival that we must all undertake. The last of the dining hall liberations, then, was not an end to this struggle, but rather a moment of rupture that today demonstrates that we are now, more than ever, embroiled in the fight for justice against the UC and hungry for the end of capital. The machine that is the UC, one of the significant nodes in the integrated world of capital, must be abolished, as it will never, ever provide care or sustenance for our communities.

Today we say then, it is time to take matters into our own hands and bite the hand that beats you, because when we feed each other, everybody eats!

Fuck the UC! KKKops Off Mother Earth!

Connect: 1312_Slugz | abolishtheUC

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Lawmakers reject bid to audit US aid for Ukraine

Citizens for Legitimate Government - 14 hours 4 min ago

Lawmakers reject bid to audit US aid for Ukraine --House Republicans vowed to try again later after their resolution was narrowly defeated | 7 Dec 2022 | A resolution calling for an audit of US military and economic aid to Ukraine has been narrowly defeated in the House of Representatives. The measure, spearheaded by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and backed by multiple fellow legislators, was rejected by 26 votes to 22 before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday. The proposed audit had been strongly opposed by House Democrats... Greene vowed to continue her efforts to push through the audit motion, promising to try again when the Republicans gain a slim majority in the House. "It's official the Democrats have voted NO to transparency for the American people for an Audit for Ukraine. But we take over in January! This audit will happen!" Greene wrote on Twitter. [Right, the Nazis in Ukraine can waste billions while U.S. citizens are audited for not declaring a $600. couch sale made through Zelle. That's what the 87,000 new IRS agents are for.]

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New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern's popularity as preferred Prime Minister drops as Nationals surge ahead in polls

Citizens for Legitimate Government - 15 hours 57 min ago

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern's popularity as preferred Prime Minister drops as Nationals surge ahead in polls | 6 Dec 2022 | New Zealand's Prime Minister [WEF dirt-bag] Jacinda Ardern and her Labour government are ending the year on a bad note as their popularity drops to record lows, according to a recent poll. Support for Ms Ardern is down to 29 per cent, marking her worst approval rating since coming into office in 2017, and slowly bridging the gap for Nationals leader Christopher Luxon as preferred prime minister. The latest 1News/Kantar poll also revealed the Labour Party has dropped one per cent to a 33 per cent primary vote, behind the National Party -- Labour's main opposition -- which now leads on 38 per cent... The results put Ms Ardern's government at risk of losing majority at next year’s election with the Nationals and ACT now projected to secure 64 MPs, more than the 61 required.

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Vanguard, second-largest fund firm, quits net zero climate alliance

Citizens for Legitimate Government - 16 hours 23 min ago

Vanguard, second-largest fund firm, quits net zero climate alliance | 7 Dec 2022 | Vanguard, the world's second-largest mutual and exchange-traded fund manager, is pulling out of a major financial-sector alliance intended to help tackle climate change, the firm announced Wednesday. Vanguard, in a statement, said it will track its progress independent of the alliance, as an effort to provide "clarity" to its investors. Some environmental groups... argued that such a move is kowtowing to "anti-woke" sentiment that claims investments focused on the impending clean-energy transition and other pro-climate actions only come at the expense of investment returns. The alliance, called the Net Zero Asset Managers (NZAM), was launched in late 2020 to encourage asset managers to hit a net-zero emission target by 2050 and help keep a rise in global temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

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Sâo Paulo Anarchist & Punk Film Festival, Dec 10

Anarchist News - 18 hours 11 min ago

10th Edition of the Festival!
We are coming!
December 10th, 2022
Fofão Rock'n Bar (Estrada de Taipas 3827, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil)

Last year we didn't have the event in respect of the pandemic context, but 2022 we came to celebrate one decade of hard work and fruits that we had during these years.

We will be on the road for another year to spread counter cultural libertarian productions along with debates, exchanges and much more.

And this year we will have @cine.molotov together on the schedule. The 1st Edition of the Anarchist and Punk Film Festival in Fortaleza will take place on the same day.
Much mutual support, DIY and anarchism for all.


2:30 pm | LIVE BREATH [Experimental Documentary | 25min | 2021 | Association of Cariri Indians of Poço Dantas-Umari | Crato/CE ) > An indigenous community of the Kariri people, located in Chapada do Araripe (rural area of ​​Crato/CE), reflects on water: the indigenous myth of recreating the world together with the waters against the capitalist developmentalist myth of control of the waters and human and non-human bodies that inhabit the São Francisco River (Opará).


– ANDALE [Experimental short film | 4min | 2017 | Cannibal Movies | Palmitos/SC] > A film about today's world, about the need for a revolution, an uprising of the masses against the exploiters, so that the financial system can be completely rethought. An anarchist view of the chaos we need for this change to occur.

– DARKNESS [Animation | 5min | 2019 | Subversive Art Hakai Teki Ato | Mexico | subtitles in Portuguese] > Animation narrated and illustrated by ARTE SUBVERSIVO HAKAI TEKI ATO, with a poem by the anarchist Praxedis Guerrero. Performed in territory dominated by the Mexican state, this animation features illustrations that were also published in fanzine format.

– 290 POISONS [ Fiction | 10min | 2020 | Petter Baiestorf/CineCaos | SC) > In 2019, the Brazilian government released 290 new pesticides in its domestic market. 18 of them are extremely toxic. 290 Venenos makes an imaginative exercise about the excessive use of poisonous substances in our food, since the release of pesticides in Brazil tends to increase.

– 2021 [Video art | 1min | 2021 | AriFrost | Carapicuiba/SP] > This is an anti-racist video constructed from a speech recorded during a demonstration in the capital of São Paulo in memory of Moïse Mugenyi Kabagambe, a Congolese immigrant who was murdered on January 24, 2022. This work is a cry for revolt and a manifesto against the violence suffered by the black population in these lands known as Brazil.

– 2022 [Video art | 30sec | 2022 | Arisfrost | Carapicuiba/SP] > This is a video work that addresses the issue of gentrification in the city of Carapicuíba. The current repossessions, displacement of occupations and favelas are points in this discussion that, through the report of Lukinhas, a resident of Favela do Escadão in Cohab 5, displaced in 2019, form a poetic set between dialogue and images.

– BRECHT BANK [Fiction | 9min | 2017 | Tiago Aguiar and Marcio Souza | Recife/PE] > Group of people seeks ways to finance actions against the political system, planning a bank robbery. Banco Brecht is a short film that questions society, what violence is and what kind of violence is allowed or not by the State.

3:40 pm | Memory & Anarkia Session!

– OUR STEPS WILL FOLLOW YOURS [Experimental documentary 13min | 2022 | Corpo Fechado Producer | RJ] > Erased from the official history of the labor movement, Domingos Passos, a fierce anarchist militant, had to face State terrorism and police violence that devastated the worlds of work in the First Republic (1889-1930) in order to organize Brazilian workers and follow his new direction, towards eternity...

– SON OF ALMEREYDA [Documentary | 9min | 2022 | Alex Fedox/Cine Molotov | Fortaleza/CE] > A fable about the life and work of filmmaker Jean Vigo, son of anarchist activist Miguel Almereyda, had in his father a strong inspiration for the construction of his poetic realism.

– REQUIEM MENEGHETTI [Documentary | 8min | 2016 | Utopia Productions | Rio de Janeiro/RJ] The story of the anarchist thief Gino Meneghetti, a legendary character in São Paulo in the 20th century, is told through the highlights he had in the press at the time. Any resemblance to fiction is not coincidental.

– BOX POSTAL 195 (Experimental documentary | 5 min. | 2012 | Giuliana Miguel and Rodrigo Rosa da Silva | São Paulo/SP) > Police surveillance in São Paulo and the role of DEOPS investigators against anarchists. A simple mailbox in the center of the city becomes the pivot of a chase through the streets and neighborhoods frequented by libertarians.

– PUNKY MAURI: BEAUTIFULLY VIOLENT [ Documentary | 13” | 2017 | Chile] > A small record in memory of Mauricio Morales, anarchist who died in 2009 as a result of the explosion of a bomb he was transporting, and whose death was used as an excuse for a whole police operation of criminalization and assembly against squatters, anarchists and punks in the Chile. This operation, which became known as Caso Bombas, was later dismantled, given the numerous false evidence presented by the prosecution.

16:40 | PROJECTING FREEDOM [Documentary | 21min | 2020 | Anarchofilms | Mexico | subtitles in Portuguese] > Reflections on the anarchist audiovisual, the use of this tool in our struggles, and a little of what was the organization of the 1st Festival Internacional de Cine Anarchista in Mexico City in December 2019.

FOLLOWED BY A CONVERSATION : 1 DECADE OF ANARCHIST AND PUNK FILM FESTIVAL – SEEDING AND HARVESTING IN LIBERTARY AUDIOVISUAL , with the participation of former members of the collective that organizes the event


– PUNK ERA [Documentary | 25min | 2022 | Line of Action | SP] > Music, revolt and direct punk action against the fascist and necrophilic politics of today's Brazil. Êra Punk is a cry stuck in the air, an urban chronicle of resistance in the streets of yet another country exposed to the rise of the extreme right in the world. – REPORTS FROM AN ANARCOPUNK SCENE [Documentary | 23min | 2012 | César Medeiros and Danilo Tázio | Natal/RN] >

Made in a do-it-yourself way, with zero resources and a lot of willpower and rush, the film tries to tell how the punk culture arrived in the city of Natal/RN, how it was organized and consolidated based on anarchism. Bands, collectives, zines, events, all reported by some of the active characters in the Potiguar punk scene between 1980 and 2003. The video was produced in 2008 and presented as a final paper for the Journalism course at UFRN by César Medeiros and Danilo Tázio. It was re-edited in July 2012 with new cuts, scenes and archival footage that had been left out, and shortened by 20 minutes for exhibition.

– MACEHUALOPUNKS [Documentary | 30min | 2019 | HeyWild | Veracruz/Mexico | subtitles in Portuguese] > The defense of the Nahuatl language in the community of San Juan (Rafael Delgado) at the entrance to the Sierra de Zongolica in the state of Veracruz. It is present through young punks who, with anarchist ethics, are recovering their lives, facing the civilizing process that is ending nature and, therefore, Macehual culture. Through self-management, meetings and music, they lead us to reflect on other forms of struggle that take place outside the big cities.

– Beyond the Screams: A US Latino Hardcore Punk Documentary [Documentary | 29min | 1999 | Martin Sorrondeguy | USA – subtitles in Portuguese] > Documentary about the Latin punk scene within the North American context, with various interviews, period images and presentations by bands such as Huasinpungo, Los Crudos, Subsistencia, Sbitch, among others.


– OCUPA RIA : Art and Politics in the Federal District [Documentary | 10min | Yuri Barbosa / RIA | Taguatinga/DF] > The International Resistance Collective of Artists (RIA) occupies and revitalizes the abandoned building located in the Hotel Sector South of Taguatinga projection “C”, former Military Police Battalion, giving new meaning to a space that has been idle for so long. Transforming it into a Cultural and Pedagogical Center, where artistic and educational activities will be carried out aimed at the community and general public.

– GYNEPUNK [Documentary | 15min | 2019 | Julia Ostertag | Germany/Mexico] > Gynepunk is an autonomous research project on the history of gynecology, which opens up direct practical access to a self-managed bricolage knowledge about our bodies, as well as an active and radical proposal to give patriarchal history a spin. Gynepunk's goal is to create efficient and affordable medical tools that allow us to take care of our own bodies. I had the opportunity to meet one of the initiators, Klau Kinki (transhack activist and performance artist) in Mexico and I attended her workshop… Decolonize the female body!

– LA FORMA: VIDEOFANZINE DE CONTRACULTURA [Documentary | 18” | 2016 |Arlen Herrera | Ecuador] > Self-managed and counter-information project of joint collaboration and mutual support, of different individuals and spaces in Quito, Ecuador, which in different environments has resisted and acted there. This video has several themes within the counterculture, such as way of life, action, creation and criticism. Starting from a common criticism of the capitalist system and the imposed heteronorm, initiatives and ideas are born to seek different ways to combat it.

– PUNk[A]h4ck1ng [Documentary, 33min | Cin'Surgente – [A]filmes | 2016 | Brasília/DF] > Documentary about memories and imagined futures of the relationship between punk, anarchy and hacktivism. the memory is inscribed in the context of two agitated situations in brasília, the circulation, via floppy disks and cds, of anarchist, punk and free software material by 3137r0_p4nx (eletropunx) – digital publishing house – in 1998 and an experimental event on cyberculture in the year 2000 .the imagined futures are born from the memories of the London punk context by an English hacker and his reflections for the future, and from the memories of a Brazilian hacker, who transited through punk at the beginning of this century, and who today works in the creation and propagation of hackerspaces and the actions of merry riot from “b[A]leia pret[A] hacker sub_clube”.

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Elon Musk Fires Twitter's General Counsel and Ex-FBI Official James Baker

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Wed, 12/07/2022 - 22:27

Elon Musk Fires Twitter's General Counsel and Ex-FBI Official James Baker | 7 Dec 2022 | Twitter owner Elon Musk confirmed that one of its top officials, James Baker--a former FBI general counsel--was “exited” from the company on Tuesday amid concerns that were raised about his "possible role in suppression of information." "In light of concerns about Baker's possible role in suppression of information important to the public dialogue, he was exited from Twitter today," wrote Musk on Twitter. Musk did not offer any more details on Baker's exit or what role he played at the firm... It came days after Musk provided internal Twitter information to journalist Matt Taibbi, who had published details about the social media platform's decision to essentially censor the New York Post's report about Hunter Biden's laptop in October 2020.

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December 7, 1953: Three protesting students shot to death

Anarchist News - Wed, 12/07/2022 - 17:31
 student day

From The Federation of Anarchism Era

By Hasse-Nima Golkar

December 7, 1953: Three protesting students, were shot to death by the Pahlavi dictatorial monarchy regime!

The 7th of December (16th of Azar in the Iranian calendar) is called “Student Day”:

During the 1940s after England’s forced abdication of Reza shah Pahlavi (Father of Mohammad Reza Shah) from his dictatorial position of power until the early 1950s, a free forum was opened in the political situation in Iran at the time. Therefore, the left-wing movement was given the opportunity to operate openly politically. Then there were two strong and large student organizations belonged to the “Tudeh Party”, the extended arm of the Soviet Union, and the “Iranian National Front”, the followers of Mohammad Mossadeq, whose government was overthrown by the joint American-British bloody coup on August 19, 1953.

On December 7, 1953, US Vice President Richard Nixon was due to make an official visit to the country to receive an honorary doctorate in law from the University of Tehran. For this reason, the university students at the Faculty of Technology protested the day before against this visit.

The army and police forces from the Shah’s monarchist dictatorship – to intimidate and even suppress the student movement – surrounded Tehran’s university and fired sharply at the students. Hundreds were arrested and injured, and three students were murdered.

After this bloody event and because of it, the worldwide and strong student movement abroad (Iranian Students’ World Confederation 1962-1979) consisting of many different political orientations called this day “Student Day”. And since then, the Iranian student movement in Iran and abroad has honored this day.

The fascist Shia Islamic caliphate state shortly after taking power in 1979 attempted to confiscate, infiltrate and Islamize the student movement. Therefore, under the name “Cultural Revolution” all the universities and colleges were closed for several years. Later in 1999, the student residences of Tehran University were attacked by civilian security police in a brutal manner, just like the Shah’s regime. Then hundreds of people were injured, arrested and at least seven people were murdered.

Iran’s leftist student movement has always been the fellow runner and supporting arm of the working people. Both global and historical ways, given the intellectual nature and class affiliation of the student movement, its political behavior has always been and is unstable, floating up and down between sky and earth, oscillating back and forth between the working class and the bourgeoisie. But the divided left-wing students have made a constant popular resistance against all dictatorships and for freedom and justice. Therefore, the Iranian student movement, including the growing anarchist students in recent years, has been able to survive and still stand on its own weak legs during all these dark periods.


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Report from 5th Anarchist General Forum, Cariacica, Espírito Santo, Brazil, Sept 8-11, 2022

Anarchist News - Wed, 12/07/2022 - 17:15

November 27, 2022
From IFA

Background to the FACA Forum supported by IFA:

Between 8 and 11 September 2022, the 5th General Anarchist Forum (5FGA) took place in Cariacica – Espírito Santo – Brazil. After three years without performing it, we returned with joy and success to meet and work. The FGA is itinerant. This year we had four days with conferences, thematic tables, discussion groups, thematic groups, short courses, artistic activities and final plenary. Itinerancy confirms to be needed and important within a continental country such as Brazil.

The theme of the 5th FGA was: “Anarchist Roots: experiences and popular struggles”. It is the result of our reflections, practices, memories and histories of anarchism, of the various social movements, of the political conjuncture in Brazil and in the contemporary world.

Within this 5th FGA, also occurred the 2nd CRIFA (Commission of Relations of the International of Anarchist Federations) held in Brazil, bringing together ten member anarchist federations in both face-to-face and virtual format: FLA (Argentina), IFA-Brazil, FA (UK), FAS (Sicily), FA Francophone, APO (Greece), FAI (Italy), FAI (Iberian), KAF (Kurdish-speaking), FAM (Mexico).

Fifty people participated in this edition over the four days, twenty-one groups, organizations and movements: Liga Anarquista no Rio de Janeiro, Coletivo Anarcopunk Aurora Negra, Coletivo José Oiticica, Aldeia Teko Haw-DF, Aldeia Guarani Yrexakã-SP, Movimento Quilombo Sapê do Norte, CECUN – Centro de Estudos de Cultura Negra, Núcleo Estadual de Mulheres Negras e Ciclo Palmarino, Resistência Fest, Radio Invasão, Movimento AnarcoPunk no Espírito Santo, Coordenação Nacional de Articulação das Comunidades Negras Rurais Quilombolas – CONAQ, Comissão Quilombola, Cineclube Ambiental, Cariacica Undergound, Grupo Motim de Teatro, Blog Paletada do Rock, Nação Hip hop Cariacica and Federação Anarquista Capixaba.

After days of conversations and exchanges between participants, groups and organizations, we concluded our work with a plenary session where we deliberated the following indications:

1. Solidarity and support to Yrexakã-São Paulo village in the construction of a school. Approved by consensus. Pending project and budget. After completion we will propose also the project for international support.

2. Solidarity with the struggle of Quilombo Sapé do Norte, propaganda, support in anarchic agroecology, international demonstration against agribusiness, funding for ‘agroecology guerrilla strategy’, space of experience (agroecology, sport, permaculture, agroecological construction, social and political formation). Support and solidarity in the construction of a space of experience, experimentation and social-political formation in Sapé do Norte. Approved by consensus. Pending project and budget forwarding. After completion we will propose also the project for international support.

3. An annual direct action of IFA against companies and governments that destroy the environment and directly affect the exploited and oppressed populations from Latin America. Approved by consensus. Pending the creation of a commission.

4. Anti-war Latin-American Manifesto. Themes: anticolonial, anti-slavery, exploitation and oppression: favela, periphery, indigenous, quilombolas, agribusiness, agro-industry, conquest, colonization. Approved by consensus. Highlighting topics such as Mapuche, Sapé, Periferia, Guarani Kaiowá.

5. Declaration of support and solidarity to FAIt anti-war manifesto: approved by consensus.

6. Manifesto of the Anarchist Federation Capixaba (FACA) and their adhesion to IFA-Brazil. Approved by consensus. Pending statutes of the organization.

7. Indication to celebrate the 6th Anarchist General Forum in the Federal District – Brasília in Teko Haw Village. Approved by consensus. Pending articulation.

Evaluation: the Forum was positively evaluated by all participants. Several participants saluted the resumption of the FGA and acknowledged the local organization for the reception. The programme was fulfilled almost in its entirety, with 5 tables taking place, 8 thematic groups and 4 courses, 2 rounds of conversation, the launch of FAI-Italy anti-war manifesto, the Plenary. After days / nights of intense work we fraternized and experienced Ciniclube Ambiental, DOC. Yrexakã Village, theatre play Elections, with Grupo de Teatro Motin. We acknowledge the support of Sindtrages for lending us their locals.

Finance: the FGA was guaranteed by the work of more than a dozen comrades. We produced t-shirts worth 50 R$ with the logo of the 5th FGA. We counted on the contribution of all participants for the amount of 20 R$ and received donations from organizations, movements and collectives.

We add the following documents:

1 Statement in support of FAIt anti-war manifesto

2 Manifesto of foundation and adhesion of the Capixaba Anarchist Federation – FACA.

1. Declaration on FAI Italy’s anti-war manifesto

The plenary session of the 5th Anarchist General Forum, after knowledge and debate of the Anti-War Manifesto issued by the Italian Anarchist Federation referred to the War between Russia and Ukraine, states:

In our 5th plenary we debated and approved the motion in support of the FAI Italy Anti-War Manifesto, understanding the need to discuss war and wars within the International and to make our views overflow to the whole of society in the countries where we are represented.
Cariacica – Espírito Santo – Brazil 5th Plenary session of the 5th FGA, September 11, 2022.

2. Manifesto of the Capixaba Anarchist Federation [Anarchist Federation of the State of Espírito Santo]

Capixaba Lands 11/09/2022

We, Anarchists Capixabas, inhabit this medieval state that was marked by the white homes of colonizers who named our territory Holy Spirit – these same cannibals of profit, and capitalism.

Today, 11/09/2022, our Capixaba Anarchist Federation – F.A.C.A. is born.

This organization is born for struggle and resistance, in the sea, in the air, in factories, in the fields, in the outskirts of cities, in the forests, in the rivers, always against the mining and polluting industries, oil companies, agricultural business, armamentists, and everything and everyone who hurts the principle of well living. We will fight capitalism, the state and its tentacles, to end with man’s exploitation of man.

We will fight together side by side with the indigenous and maroons and with the exploited and oppressed for the recovery of their territories and their right to land!

Our Federation draws from the anti-authoritarian and libertarian source, taking inspiration in indignation and revolt, as well as in the popular struggle for better living conditions.

Our organization rises from the Anarchist ideal with pillars based on solidarity, mutual support, self-management and anticapitalism, and also on the struggle for a territory free from the evils of the infamous global capitalist model.

And in this context, we recall that the anarchist movement here, in the lands of Espírito Santo, began in the early 20th century, thanks to workers employed in the railway of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, promoting strikes and anarcho-syndicalist organization. The long Brazilian dictatorships almost extinguished the movement. However, in the late 1970s, anarchism restarted to permeate this land with a cry against all exploitation and oppression and also against the bourgeois monotony in the territory of Espírito Santo.

Since then, the capixabas took the streets, and among students and punks the movement took new strength, while the need for organization was understood. We draw upon 40 years of actions of the most diverse kind, and today we continue to walk the anarchist path in search of a free territory where life is valued. Throughout our career we have carried out strikes, radio programs, fanzine productions, newspapers, booklets, poetry, fine arts, musical bands, meetings, study groups, exchanges, anarchist forums, parties, demonstrations, acts of protest in May 1st and September 7th, campaigns for no vote, theatre groups, film clubs, workshops, Esperanto courses, participation in indigenous brigades and fights for the quilombola territory, urban occupations, anti-racist campaigns, confrontation and fight against fascism, among many other struggles that we have fought throughout our history.

This all makes us reflect and act; and today 11/09/2022, within the Anarchist General Forum, we started our newest tool of organization and struggle, the Capixaba Anarchist Federation (F.A.C.A). We are willing and ready to resist, joining those who fight for social transformation, breaking paradigms and bourgeois, statist, capitalist and authoritarian dogmas.

Thus, we understand the need to organize ourselves in Brazil and globally, so we request to join the Federalist Anarchist Initiative – IFA Brazil, associated with the International of Anarchist Federations.

With all the exploited people, women, children, the elderly and minorities, we will walk side by side with the black flag wielded to fight.

Capixaba Anarchist Federation – FACA .

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Existence 2/2022: Anarchist strategy

Anarchist News - Wed, 12/07/2022 - 17:08

November 15, 2022

For the autumn issue of the anarchist revue Existence, we have chosen "anarchist strategy" as the main theme. Even in the past, we had considered it important for us to focus on the question of the formation of anarchist politics, attitudes towards specific issues, and corresponding ways of work. However, with the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, this topic, in its particular way, has become even more urgent, for we are discovering how misleading and unhealthy the uncritical application of 100-year-old ideological precepts can be. Instead, we see it as strategic to focus on asking pertinent questions that are relevant to the given time and place. The very formulation of these questions, and the subsequent effort to answer them honestly, helps us to shape our own path which we believe is the right one to follow. Nevertheless, we know that some questions need to be reformulated as the journey progresses, and some answers re-evaluated. Anarchism is our compass. Anarchism, therefore, is understood as a dynamic school of thought, not as a rigid and once-and-for-all fixed ideology.

In the main theme of this issue, we revisit, among other things, the turn-of-the-millennium debate sparked by the article "Ditch activism", and thus the questions regarding how we perceive ourselves, what activism means to us, what its potential pitfalls are, and what a revolutionary organization can do in non-revolutionary times. We put great emphasis on the analysis of individual issues, the social situation, and the condition of the anarchist movement, to choose our next steps based on this analysis. To be more specific, we present an update of an earlier text by the AF (anarchist federation), which deals with the segmentation of anarchist goals to embark on the search for anarchist politics of our own. That this politics should not be an act of self-sacrifice or a boring routine is the subject of the text "Your politics are boring as fuck" translated from the CrimethInc website. As an example of thinking about the ways of anarchist political work elsewhere, specifically in the Russian environment, we publish the article "Strategy of Activism And Street Action" by Annti Rauntianien, a Finnish anarchist who worked in Russia for many years. Strategic thinking is also introduced by an excerpt from Peter Gelderloos' new book The Solutions are already Here: Tactics for Ecological Revolution from Below. It shows how the global resistance movement has developed effective methods for responding to overlapping ecological and political crises over the past decade and has claimed many victories.

In several texts, we return to the main theme of the previous issue of Existence which was entitled "In Defiance of Invasion" and was devoted to anarchist responses to Z-fascism's murderous occupation efforts in Ukraine. At the time we pointed out the historical dispute within the anarchist movement over the approach to the First World War. Wayne Price, in his text „Malatesta on War and National Self-Determination“, a translation of which appears in this issue, shows another way of reading the anarchist thinker Malatesta in relation to the war in Ukraine. The reasons why some anarchists refuse to support resistance to the Russian invasion are discussed by Antti Rautiainen in his text "Misconceptions about Imperialism", in which he also discusses anarchist historical traumas that then lead to false conclusions. The ABC-Belarus group argues why resistance to Putin is a revolutionary necessity, and the transcript of an AF talk debunks the myths about the war in Ukraine that are being peddled on the left and within the anarchist movement itself. An AF member then disputes the Italian Anarchist Federation's text „For a New Anarchist Manifesto Against the War“, picking up on the AF's criticism of a statement issued in March by the International of Anarchist Federations, of which the AF is a member.

Also in the issue, you will find a look back at the struggle waged nine years ago over Istanbul's Gezi Park. We could not leave out this year's uprising in Sri Lanka, which is viewed from an anti-authoritarian perspective in an interview with a local anarchist. Anarchist Laura Akai's memories will take us to the United States of the 1970s and 1980s. The life story of French anarchist thinker E. Armand (1872 - 1962), and the obituary of Ricardo Flores Magón (1874 - 1922), who died 100 years ago, by William C. Owen will take us even further back in time.

And as always, we bring you our regular columns. The overview of some of the activities of the Czech anti-authoritarian movement, with which our magazine traditionally begins, is dominated by longer reports from the anarchist May Day on Střelecký ostrov and the ninth annual Prague Anarchist Bookfair. The Anarchist Federation section informs about a new comic book from our publishing house, about cheerful Prague barbecues and the passing of Václav Tomek. A review of texts from recent issues of the AF wall bulletins tackles the themes of clero-fascism, racism, inflation, the hypocrisy of NATO, and the need to expropriate the oligarchs. Last but not least, as always, a few reviews. The author of the book on Louise Land-Stich (1885-1969) probably won't be very happy about the longest one of them. We also look at the titles Are Prisons Outdated?, We Fall on Your Head Too, The Women Who Wouldn't Keep Silent, We Told You So, Anarchy Here and Now, Mutual Aid, Chronicle of a Hunger Strike, Hell Under the Spanish Sky, Believing in Beasts and Piccolo. As a bonus, we bring you a review of a video series on anti-fascist art.

We wish you a stimulating reading!


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Transphobes Kara Dansky and Lierre Kieth Get Their Hateful Banners Snatched Away in Oakland

It's Goin Down - Wed, 12/07/2022 - 09:26

Report on rally by far-Right aligned TERFs in Oakland, California that was met with resistance. Originally published to Indybay.

by Dave Id

What’s the biggest issue facing cis-gendered women today? Equal pay? Domestic abuse? Theocratic control over women’s bodies? Patriarchy? Fascism? If you guessed any of those, you guessed wrong, according to Kara Dansky and Lierre Kieth, who are literally obsessed with punching down to some of the most marginalized folks on the planet. The outstanding threat to cis women, they’d have you believe, is trans women. While they wave their hands around and point to outliers like Dana Rivers, it’s the mere existence of any and all trans women that actually bothers them.

Transgender woman Dana Rivers was recently convicted of murdering three people in Oakland in 2016 and her sanity hearings were set to begin on December 5. Transphobes Kara Dansky and Lierre Kieth thought that’d be an opportune time to promote their anti-trans agenda. What’s their supposed demand? They want Dana Rivers in a “men’s” prison (or a “men’s” state mental health facility, presumably).

These TERFs must think they have an easy sell in demanding bigotry behind bars, a way to broaden their limited appeal. It’s become a central focus of theirs. But, this is California, not Arkansas, and trans rights have been increasing here, not degraded further by theocrats. California already allows some trans folks to serve time in prison in accordance with their gender identity. So, the TERFs have incredibly long odds in trying to roll that backwards. It’s essentially impossible at this point, unless they manage to find a right-wing judge willing to overturning state law.

And so, their event at the René C. Davidson courthouse in Oakland was more of a publicity stunt for an online audience of fellow bigots than a genuine lobbying attempt. They didn’t even go inside the courthouse for the hearing itself. They don’t actually care about what happens in the case. They are simply staging demagogic theater, to lift themselves up and financially profit on the backs of marginalized folks.

It’s possible they may have even wanted to spark a street confrontation in order to drum up sympathetic publicity for themselves, because they posted an announcement for this TERF event on Indybay, which has always been supportive of trans-gender rights.

Their “demonstration,” which they livestreamed for god knows who, if anyone, was a bizarre show. There were only ten TERFs present. No one else showed up in support of their cause. They stood in a line on the Alameda County courthouse steps holding two banners, while four of them took turns reading their little scripts in dreadfully monotone voices. It came off like some kind of self-gratifying religious ceremony of hate. Not going to transcribe their trans-obsessed fearmongering here.

After less than 15 minutes on the courthouse steps, the TERFs walked over to Lake Merritt Blvd to display their signs for passersby. Then, they headed over to the amphitheater at the south end of Lake Merritt, for what looked like a scenic photo op. Presumably, they felt they were in the clear as their had been no obvious counter-demonstrator presence.

Strategically, it was a bad move by the TERFs to linger at the lake, away from any possible police state protection near the courthouse. They didn’t realize there were 20+ trans-rights activists in the vicinity.

“Get out of Oakland!” was yelled as counter-demonstrators quickly moved in and snatched both of the TERF banners. At least one cream pie was delivered, perhaps two or three. Kara Dansky says she was hit by an egg. It all happened in a matter of seconds. A little tug of war over the second banner and that was it.

Someone noted afterwards that a few of the TERFs were crying about their banners being snatched, poetically remarking, “TERF tears water the garden of resistance.

These TERFs, in particular, are working to create a leftist to fascist pipeline, co-opting the radical rhetoric of “liberation” to guile the unsuspecting. Lierre Kieth’s group is called the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF). Kara Dansky founded an organization called Women’s Declaration International (WDI), which has something of a faux-socialist ring to it.

But, these are not radicals. These are not leftists. Dansky, for years, has been a regular guest on Tucker Carlson’s reactionary white nationalist TV show, which should tell you all you need to know about their true political alignment.

[Word to the wise: although there are several links in the following paragraph, avoid venturing too deeply into that social media world. It’s only for the strong of heart. It’s a dark and dank place filled with a never-ending stream of hateful anti-trans bile spewed by the foulest of right-wing fascists. Kara Dansky and Lierre Kieth can’t claim ignorance of the shit that swirls around them. It’s a sewer they’ve chosen. It’s their milieu. Those are Kara Dansky’s and Lierre Kieth’s brothers in arms.]

The biggest story online right now expressing sympathy for these TERFs is on Andy Ngo’s Post Millennial website, tweeted out by far-right cretins with hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers. Ngo himself, on a roll begging Elon Musk to ban leftist accounts, tried to use the Oakland banner-snatching to get more accounts banned.

Laughably, the Post-Millennial story features “exclusive” video of the TERFs at the scene discussing events as if they were being interviewed by a reporter or some other outsider, when it’s obviously the TERFs’ own video. No right-wing press was present. No one was present, except for the TERFs themselves and about twice as many trans-rights activists. (And two Indybay reporters.)

So, why are fascists so excited about supporting and defending these “feminists”? Don’t fascists typically hate feminists? In every other instance, unequivocally, yes. But, if said feminists are punching down toward a group of people that fascists hate even more than feminists, then those “feminists” become allies.

Hate makes strange bedfellows. On our latest podcast, we map out how an organization that set out to lead a guerrilla war on industrial civilization ended up making common cause with Tucker Carlson, the Heritage Foundation, and white nationalists.

— It's Going Down (@IGD_News) December 1, 2022

It’s sort of the reverse of the fascist love of police. Fascists cry out “blue lives matter” until the very second that police are perceived as a hindrance to their fascistic ambitions, as made plain during the January 6 insurrection. Then, police instantly become an enemy worthy of a medieval pummeling, or even death. Police are only worthy of praise when they are seen as brutal enforcers of white supremacy.

There’s a huge irony and hypocrisy — and danger — in what TERFs like Kara Dansky and Lierre Kieth are doing as they push courts and legislatures to enshrine anti-trans bigotry, to foster a hostile environment where trans folks are shunned and further marginalized. These TERFs pose as defenders of cis-gendered women’s and lesbian rights, but they are stoking a fire that will most likely burn them, too.

Throughout this country’s history, women were second class citizens with few, if any, rights in the law. Women didn’t have the universal right to vote until the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution went into effect in 1920, and even then it was only for women of European descent. Full voting rights didn’t come for another half of a century. Indeed, progress has been made, yet the Equal Rights Amendment was never ratified.

It wasn’t until the 21st century that homosexuality was effectively decriminalized, when sodomy laws fell across the board, when marriage equality became the law of the land. And this legal progress is tenuous at best, with the current reactionary Supreme Court eager to roll back equal rights precedents.

Socially, gay folks continue to face a torrent of hostility across this country, false accusations that they are mentally disturbed, that their orientation is sinful or a reckless lifestyle choice, that they are somehow more criminal, more harmful to those around them than others. Everywhere you look these days, apart from community-led safe spaces, bigots are screaming “pedo” at anyone who seems different. It’s an old trope, newly reinvigorated.

And transphobic groups like WoLF and WDI are running the same hateful game, pushing false narratives about “lifestyle choices” and mental instability, working to turn their bigotry into law. Essentially, they want to pull up the ladder behind themselves, to declare that the expansion of human rights is done, that it ends with them, that they are the last to get on board as equally empowered members of society. But, human rights are never set in stone. They must be constantly defended and reinforced.

my latest piece is on how a group known for its rampant and aggressive transphobia infiltrated one of the most important environmental movements of the moment — and how @jholz__ uncovered it

— molly taft (@mollytaft) February 9, 2022

And, that’s how TERFs are fooling themselves, to think they can freeze in time whatever progress has been made regarding gender and sexual orientation, that if they align with fascists on anti-trans bigotry, that they themselves will be safe. It’s not possible to straddle the fence with fascism, to pick and choose favored elements of fascism, to hope that fascists being supportive of you today means they’ll be supportive of you tomorrow, especially if you’re not a cis-gendered heterosexual white Christian male.

It’s obvious to anyone who doesn’t have their head stuck up their own hateful ass which way the winds are blowing with fascists in this country, and it’s not toward a greater tolerance. They’re fucking fascists, after all. And their goal isn’t to merely take the country back to the first half of the 20th century, before the Civil Rights movement. They want to reinstate the 19th century, the status quo prior to the US Civil War, when genocide was effectively legal. And they feel more emboldened than they have in a generation.

Whether Kara Dansky and Lierre Kieth, in their own heart of hearts, are fascists is besides the point. They use the same cruel gaslighting tactics as fascists. They rub shoulders with fascists. They work with fascist media outlets — and provide them with “exclusive” video — in their common cause of fostering anti-trans hate through disinformation. In short, they willingly and knowingly do the dirty work of fascists, with an extremely thin veneer of leftist rhetoric over top.

And Oakland wasn’t having it.

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Top FBI Official Steps Down as Republicans Prepare to Probe Into Bureau

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Wed, 12/07/2022 - 07:00

Top FBI Official Steps Down as Republicans Prepare to Probe Into Bureau | 6 Dec 2022 | A top FBI official has stepped down just as House Republicans have announced plans to investigate recent operations and actions at the bureau. In a Dec. 2 post to his LinkedIn profile, Steven D'Antuono, assistant director in charge of the FBI Washington Field Office, announced his retirement. "After a 26-year, 10-month career with the FBI, I chose to retire," D'Antuono wrote. "Yesterday was my last day." He attributed the decision to wanting to spend more time with his family... News of D'Antuono's retirement comes just weeks after Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee named him as one of nine FBI employees they would "require prompt testimony" from as they seek to investigate potential political bias at the bureau.

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Ukrainian court rules SS division's symbols are not Nazi

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Wed, 12/07/2022 - 06:11

Ukrainian court rules SS division's symbols are not Nazi --The symbols of the SS Galicia Division, a notorious Ukrainian Nazi collaborator unit, are legal to use in the country | 6 Dec 2022 | Ukraine's supreme court has ruled that the symbols of the infamous 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, also known as the 1st Galician Division, are not Nazi and therefore not banned in the country. The top court upheld an earlier ruling on the matter, ending a years-long legal battle over the controversial legacy of the notorious formation, comprised primarily of ethnic Ukrainians. The ruling has been praised by the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, which operates under Ukraine's cabinet of ministers, and has long claimed the unit's fighters were not actual Nazi collaborators, but merely "freedom fighters."

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Ukrainian attack leaves six dead in Donetsk - Mayor

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Wed, 12/07/2022 - 06:05

Ukrainian attack leaves six dead in Donetsk - Mayor --The latest round of rocket and artillery strikes reportedly targeted civilian infrastructure including a market | 6 Dec 2022 | At least six people were killed after the city of Donetsk came under fire from Ukrainian forces on Tuesday, its mayor has claimed. The total number of those injured is still being determined. Missiles struck several civilian buildings, causing fires and thick smoke to stretch out across the city. According to Donetsk Mayor Aleksey Kulemzin, Kiev's forces hit a business center, a market, the Donbass Arena, a sports palace, several shopping centers, a bus station, residential buildings, a cathedral, and the local prosecutor's office.

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Protests Along Arizona Border Halts Construction of Governor’s Wall of Shipping Containers

It's Goin Down - Wed, 12/07/2022 - 05:19

photo/screenshot: @PeccaryNotPig

Former CEO of Cold Stone Creamery and current Republican Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, is attempting to flood several miles along the Arizona-Mexico border with shipping containers, citing an “invasion” from asylum seekers. As the AZ Mirror reported:

The strip of land on the border, which has been the subject of recent disputes between Ducey and federal agencies, is known as the Roosevelt Reservation, established in a proclamation issued in 1907 by President Theodore Roosevelt as “necessary for the public welfare.”

A handful of people who live near the @CoronadoNF kept more of this junkyard from being built yesterday but contractors are building at a rapid rate

— Melissa del Bosque (@MelissaLaLinea) November 30, 2022

The haphazard wall of trash has generated both protest and condemnation from local residents, tribal governments, environmentalists, and anti-border activists. As reported:

…the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the Cocopah tribal nation said that Ducey is violating federal law by placing the containers on federal and tribal land. In a letter, the Bureau demanded that the state remove the containers, which it has not.

On October 21, Ducey filed a lawsuit against the federal government claiming that the federal land actually belongs to Arizona and that it has the constitutional right to protect itself against an “invasion” at the border.

Was proud to be part of yesterday’s effort to shut down Ducey’s border wall construction south of Sonoita. In six hours not a single shipping container was placed at the border

— Bill Scheel (@billyscheel) November 30, 2022

The Earth First! Journal also noted the impact of the construction on local eco-systems, writing:

In addition to disrupting the lives of wild animals, construction has already destroyed many oak trees, built through desert streams, and cleared a giant area for staging their machinery. After finishing up in Arizona the company expects to move on to other areas of the border in order to fill in the gaps left when Joe Biden put a halt to construction of Trump’s wall.

The situation, according to southwest conservation advocate with the Center for Biological Diversity Russ McSpadden, “would be laughable if it weren’t so damned detrimental to wildlife.” Not only can most human beings with desire easily climb over the shipping containers, most animals (who enviously have no concept of borders) are now cut off from food supplies.

Beyond legal challenges, protests have also been ongoing and so far “have successfully stalled construction” over the past week, reports the Herald Review. They write:

Because the construction site is located within the Coronado National Forest on public lands, anyone is legally allowed to recreate in the area. Zack Palma, one of the protest’s organizers, described the protests as “strategic legal recreating.”

“If we don’t leave, eventually they leave,” said Palma. “There’s not really a confrontation. It’s just legal recreating in a strategic spot and that stops their construction. We’re not going to change minds, we’re definitely not going to change Ducey’s mind. And so I like to think of it as we’re actually out there trying to make something physically happen. If we can stop one container a day, if we can stop all construction, that’s a huge win.”

The protestors hope to occupy the construction site every day until Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s governor elect, takes office…The protestors hope that their actions will draw national attention. They have been frustrated by how slow the court system has been to take action to stop the illegal construction.

Yesterday defenders of the wild borderlands showed up to Ducey’s illegal shipping container wall construction in Coronado National Forest now spanning 2.5 miles, & stared down the tucks & bulldozers for the entire day. Not one shipping container was placed.

— Russ McSpadden (@PeccaryNotPig) November 30, 2022

As reported:

With the federal government moving slow, residents who live near the national forest and others are traveling daily to protest at the construction site in an attempt to slow the progress. Besides damaging public lands, local residents also told me that the trucks carrying the containers travel at high speeds and are destroying roads leading to the construction site. On my way to the site last Tuesday I observed handmade “slow down” signs that residents had made to try and convince the truckers to drive slower through their communities.

When protestors are present the contractors typically stop work, which has slowed the barrier’s progress, said Kate Scott who lives nearby and has been participating in the protests. “We know that the legal filings are in process,” said Scott. “But this still continues. So we’re going to be here,” she said. “We’ve all made a pact.”

The Earth First! Journal also noted:

Work was stopped for the fourth consecutive day Friday, on Arizona governor Ducey’s illegal border wall in the Coronado National Forest. Protesters put their bodies in between the machines and the destruction they were bent on causing, forcing work on the illegal wall to come to a stop.

Defenders of the wildland also stood between machinery and the wall on November 29th, not allowing a single container to be placed. There were also two other days in between the 29th and Friday where activists managed to stop some of all of the company’s work for the day.

Quiet in the borderlands yesterday at Gov Ducey’s illegal border wall. Protesters have stopped construction for seven days now. Contractors were building a 10th of a mile a day. They haven’t built a 10th of a mile in a week. They can’t remove people from public land.

— Russ McSpadden (@PeccaryNotPig) December 6, 2022

Protests have continued into this week. On Tuesday, December 6th, journalist Russ McSpadden posted to Twitter, stating:

Quiet in the borderlands yesterday at Gov Ducey’s illegal border wall. Protesters have stopped construction for seven days now. Contractors were building a 10th of a mile a day. They haven’t built a 10th of a mile in a week. They can’t remove people from public land.

As the Earth First! Journal noted, one of the companies at the center of the construction project is located in Florida:

Construction of the makeshift wall began in October of this year and is expected to cost around $95 million by the time all is said and done. AshBritt is the name of the company profiting immensely off of the illegal, unethical construction. AshBritt (a company so un-savy that they don’t even have a secure website) is located at 565 East Hilsboro Blvd in Deerfield Beach, Florida. They can be reached via phone at (954) 725-6992 and email at

For ongoing updates, follow Russ McSpadden on Twitter.

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Group of 10 GOP Patriots Push Back on McConnell, Democrat Push to Include JCPA in NDAA

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Wed, 12/07/2022 - 02:10

Group of 10 GOP Patriots Push Back on McConnell, Democrat Push to Include JCPA in NDAA | 6 Dec 2022 | Amid a last-ditch effort by media lobbyists to insert the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA), a bailout for the mainstream media derided across the partisan spectrum, into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), ten Republican senators are heroically stalling the push. GOP senate leader [traitor] Mitch McConnell is the primary antagonist, using two routes to help the Democrats ram through the bailout for their cronies in the media, something even their own supporters on the left oppose... McConnell and the Democrats are also attempting a process known as a "hotwire," which would pass the JCPA without any debate if no Senator objects to it. But they have a problem -- the number of Senators opposing it has only grown since the push began, with sources on the hill telling Breitbart News that the number of opposing Senators is now up to ten.

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Kolektiva: Social Media By and For Anarchists

Anarchist News - Wed, 12/07/2022 - 00:37
 Social Media By and For Anarchists

From subMedia

This is our chance to re-imagine social media, and our relationship to it. To rediscover the lost promise of the Internet. To construct new digital worlds in the burning shell of the old. And to do it together.

The old paradigms are dying. It’s long past time that those who want to overthrow this miserable system break our addiction to data-mining surveillance platforms, built and maintained by our enemies. is a Mastodon instance built by and for anarchists. It is just one small node in a larger decentralized network called the Fediverse. Unlike other Twitter alternatives like Koo or Hive, the software and apps that power this network are all open source, with each server setting its own rules, free from the influence of ad-driven algorithms and billionaire tech-bro CEOs.

There is great potential here, but whether we realize that potential depends on all of us. That’s why we’re calling on you to get involved.

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Patricia Crone on 9th Century Muslim Anarchists

Anarchist News - Wed, 12/07/2022 - 00:19
Patricia Crone on 9th Century Muslim Anarchists

From Robert Graham

Patricia Crone (1945-2015) was an academic historian with a focus on the history of early Islam. In her article, “Ninth-Century Muslim Anarchists,” Past and Present, No. 167 (May, 2000), pp. 3-28, Patricia Crone describes two 9th century Muslim groups as anarchist libertarians.

The first group that she describes as being religious and political “libertarians” were the Najdiyya. They believed that everyone “was responsible for his own road to salvation,” and therefore should “have no master apart from God.” [“Ninth-Century Muslim Anarchists,” Past and Present, No. 167 (May, 2000), pp. 3-28, p. 26] In their support for freedom of thought, the Najdiyya included the freedom to make honest mistakes, “for God would not punish [someone] for a mistaken conclusion reached in ignorance.” [“A Statement by the Najdiyya Kharijites on the Dispensability of the Imamate,” Studia Islamica, No. 88 (1998), pp. 55-76, p. 70] The only legitimate polity would be one with a chief “elected by the community, supervised by it and deposed by it if he was found to stray: he would merely be the community’s agent.” [“Ninth-Century,” p. 25]

Crone sees the Najdiyya ideal “as an Islamic restatement of the small face-to-face society of the tribal past in which no free man had been subjected to another in either political or religious terms.” [“Statement,” p. 76]The Najdiyya reclamation of a more egalitarian tribal past is similar to early Daoists harkening back to the perceived virtues of prehierarchical societies in China.

The “religious” anarchism of the Najdiyya is comparable to the 1st century Jewish Fourth Philosophy’s and Zealots’ rejection of any master other than God. However, the scope of Najdiyya “libertarianism” was very limited. The only people free to follow their own road were the Najdiyya themselves, the only true Muslims: “All others were infidels who could in principle be enslaved, dispossessed and exterminated by the Najdiyya, should the latter choose” to do so. [“Ninth Century,” p. 26] Najdiyya “anarchism,” like that of the early Stoics, was limited to the initiates.

Crone describes another 9th century CE Muslim group, the Mu‘tazilites, as “anarchist,” but the resemblance to modern anarchism is even more tenuous than that of the Najdiyya. To begin with, the Mu‘tazilites did not seek to transform their existing “inegalitarian society;” rather, they sought to free that society from the tutelage of the state. They thought that “wrongful government made property immoral, not that property engendered wrongful government.” Do “away with the head of state and, implicitly, his army and bureaucracy,” and “society would be fine,” despite continuing disparities in wealth and power.

Like modern-day laissez-faire capitalists who like to call themselves “libertarians,” the Mu‘tazilites did not object to “the existence of coercive power but rather its distribution,” preferring to see it more dispersed and decentralized. [“Ninth Century,” p. 22] They believed “in the dispensability of government,” not in the abolition of hierarchy, domination and exploitation. [“Ninth-Century,” p. 5] At best they were what would be described today as “philosophical anarchists” who disputed the legitimacy of even their own Muslim rulers, but who did not believe that government could or should be abolished “altogether.” [Ninth Century,” p. 21]

The comparison between the Mu‘tazilites and modern day capitalist “libertarians” is apt considering the former’s acceptance and endorsement of corporal and capital punishment for violations of Islamic law, much like capitalist “libertarians” endorse carceral punishment for property crimes through private police forces and courts. The Islamic punishments of “amputation of thieving hands” and “the execution of murderers” would still be meted out, but by individuals on an ad hoc basis, rather than by a state apparatus. [“Ninth Century,” p. 17] Some “Mu‘tazilites proposed that trustworthy and learned leaders of households, districts, tribes and towns should apply the law within their jurisdiction,” with power thereby reverting “to patriarchs and local leaders – domestic tyrants and local thugs in modern parlance.” [“Ninth Century,” p. 17]

For Crone then to describe the Mu‘tazilites as anarchists simply illustrates her own misunderstanding of anarchism, which is based on her very narrow definition of anarchism as any “belief in the dispensability of government.” [“Ninth Century,” p. 5] For Crone to claim further that the modern anarchist “alternative to the state is more often than not authoritarianism of another, and frequently more thoroughgoing, kind,” is completely insupportable [“Ninth Century,” p. 21] You will search long and hard before finding any modern anarchists who endorse carceral, corporal, or capital punishment, or authoritarianism of any kind. A thoroughgoing anti-authoritarianism has been a central theme of modern anarchism from its very beginnings. I hope that Mohamed Abdou’s recently published book, Islam and Anarchism, presents a more sophisticated analysis.

Robert Graham

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Announcement of political-military anarchist organization

Anarchist News - Tue, 12/06/2022 - 23:15
An official announcement from The political-military Anarchist Organization of Eastern Kurdistan (Rojhelat)

From The Federation of Anarchism Era

Original title: An official announcement from The political-military Anarchist Organization of Eastern Kurdistan (Rojhelat)

“The political-military Anarchist Organization of Eastern Kurdistan (Rojhelat) officially announces its existence from today November 18, 2022. We are an anarchist organization active in eastern Kurdistan and our goal is to create a social revolution through street struggles and to break hegemony and monopoly on the use of violence by the the theocratic-fascist government of Iran. This is a revolution belonging to the working class, women, suppressed people and minorities in the geography of Iran’s term…The answer is a bullet. For us this sentence is not only a practical definition but also understood in our identity, philosophy and politics. We are from the same movement that raised the flag of the Black Army of Ukraine, fought the Spanish Civil War, made Latin America hell for imperialists, the same movement that in the 70s, 80s and 90s turned the streets of Europe into a guerrilla battlefield against capitalists…Today we are the ones who stand by the oppressed and will turn Kurdistan into the cemetery of fascists. In our first action…we closed Sanandaj-Mariwan and Sanandaj- Saqez and attacked the government mercenaries and trucks that transport the occupied goods. This is the beginning of the way, better days ahead. This statement belongs to the political-social branch of the organization, and the military branch of the Anarchist Organization of East Kurdistan (Rojhelat) will announce its existence soon and a different statement will be published for the general public of the fighting people.”

The political-military anarchist organisation in eastern Kurdistan (Rojhilat)

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۱۸- تلگرام آنارشیستهای شیراز

۱۹ – تلگرام ” جوانان آنارشیست ”

۲۰ - تلگرام آنارشیستهای تهران

۲۱ – اینستاگرام جوانان آنارشیست

۲۲ – گروه تلگرام اتحادیه آنارشیستهای افغانستان و ایران

۲۳ –  توییتر اتحادیه آنارشیستهای افغانستان و ایران - The Anarchists Union of Afghanistan and Iran

۲۴ – فیسبوک اتحادیه آنارشیستهای افغانستان و ایران

۲۵ – اینستاگرام اتحادیه آنارشیستهای افغانستان و ایران

۲۶ – کانال تلگرام خودسازماندهی مطالب گروه اتحاديه آنارشیست‌های افغانستان و ايران

۲۷ – گروه تلگرام خودساماندهی مطالب گروه اتحادیه آنارشیستهای افغانستان و ایران

۲۸– اینستاگرام آنارشیستهای بوکان - ئانارکیستە کانی بۆکان

۲۹- کانال تلگرام کتابخانه شورشی

۳۰- کانال تلگرام ریتم آنارشی

۳۱- تلگرام آنارشیستهای اراک

۳۲- تلگرام قیام مردمی

۳۳- ماستودون عصرآنارشیسم

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Montreal: Tenants Escalate Against Cromwell Renoviction

It's Goin Down - Tue, 12/06/2022 - 22:49

Report from recent housing action from the Montreal Autonomous Tenants’ Union (SLAM). Originally posted to Montreal Counter-Info.

The views expressed within this text are not those of the Montreal Autonomous Tenants’ Union (SLAM). The following is an account and analysis by one union member. SLAM is built on anarcho-syndicalist principles but is not an explicitly anarchist organization and contains many (if not mostly) non-anarchist militants. Working together has not been a question of compromising our principles, but of growing our strength based on tactical agreement. This article provides an update to a previous article published by another member of SLAM. Read for more context here

On Saturday, November 26th, dozens of banners were dropped from the balconies of 3605 St-Urbain, painted with slogans such as “SOLIDARITÉ ENTRE LOCATAIRES” and “WE NEED HEAT!” SLAM members danced to union tunes and handed out flyers at the street corner.

Fourteen tenants remain in the 130-unit building, holding out against a large-scale renoviction by notorious landlord George Gantcheff, owner of Cromwell Management Inc. Quebec. These last few tenants live scattered throughout a dangerous and distressing construction site. Recently they have joined forces with the Montreal Autonomous Tenants Union (SLAM), fighting for compensation, rent reductions, heating, transparent and consensual construction work, and that the renovated units remain affordable. The banner drop is the most recent escalation in their campaign, following several ignored attempts at “playing nice.” When tenants sat down for a good faith negotiation with the management company a few days before the banner drop, Cromwell’s representatives walked out after less than ten minutes of discussion.

On Saturday, union members joined tenants across the street from the newly decorated building. They played music, talked, and handed out over 200 flyers to curious passersby. Neighbours and community members expressed outrage, distress, sympathy and solidarity.

Cromwell aims to profit as much of they can off their property, regardless of the human consequences. So long as housing is bought, sold, and rented on the basis of profit and not need, Cromwell is a prime study of companies acting intelligently in a competitive market. As profit-oriented corporations seize larger portions of the market, Cromwell is an example – not an outlier. With a tenant class increasingly unable to afford housing, more and more people are organizing with their neighbours to take matters into their own hands. Oft-used pressure tactics serve short term goals, demonstrate power, and win concessions.

These actions lay the basis for a tenant movement capable of revolutionary change. Through the practice of pushing systemic boundaries and wielding our collective power, we make immediate improvements to our lives while preparing for a larger fight.

To support the tenants of 3605 St-Urbain or join in on our other projects, email us at or stay up to date on our instagram @slam.matu

​​​​​​​Check out the union’s Kolektiva account for an upcoming mini-doc on the banner drop.

More information is coming out soon on other anti-eviction actions from the month of November, including a tenant union demo against the eviction of the Ville Marie expressway encampment and rallied in and outside the Quebec Housing Tribunal to stop an eviction by landlord Satish mantha. Stay tuned to learn more!

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Statement from Tortu, about the death of Tony

Anarchist News - Tue, 12/06/2022 - 22:18
Write an anarchist prisoner today!

From Anarquía

Two weeks after the kidnapping of my compañerxs and I, the reason that makes me write this statement today is to hold the investigation police responsible for the death of my cat companion Tony, who on the day of the raid on my home was cowardly beaten with a kick in his stomach, which left him with internal sequelae. When visiting the vet they decided to inject him with medication to prevent nausea and constant vomiting, as well as vitamin supplements, because he did not want to eat, even so it was impossible to save him, as he was in no mood and in a lot of pain, as a result of the blow he received.

Tony, as some people knew him, was a cat that since his birth was paraplegic, he dragged his hind legs; he had to be stimulated to defecate, wash him and moult him, becoming like a baby. He was with us for 7 years, until last weekend (November 12), when his light went out, but he left us a lot to learn and will remain in the memory and hearts of all those who knew him.

We hold the murderous institution PDI responsible for taking a life and a comrade who had nothing to do with our conflict with the State, its system and with those who become millionaires because of the pain, torture and death of animals, the meat, dairy, fur, vivisection industry and a long etc. of those who continue with animal exploitation.

We are sad because we have lost a great warrior, but we are firm, because this does not end here.

With Tony in our hearts and in our memory, for the animal liberation!!!

Tortu, anarcho nihilist prisoner vegan straight edge
Santiago 1 Prison
Module 1 of high security
November 2022

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