How investigative journalism exposed the Swiss tax ‘rip off’

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ICIJ has hundreds of members across the world. Typically, these journalists are the best in the country and have won many national and global awards.

Our monthly series, Meet the Investigators, highlights the work of these tireless journalists. This month, we speak with Oliver Zihlmann, an investigative reporter who has worked on several of ICIJ’s financial investigations, including Swiss Leaks and the Panama Papers.  Follow him on Twitter here.

What drives you to be an investigative journalist?

In the Swiss Leaks investigation we found that 2,846 French residents, who were subject to taxes in France, had assets in HSBC Bank in Geneva. Just six of them declared the wealth they had stored in Switzerland to the French tax authorities. That’s 0.2 percent. The rest – 99.8 percent – cheated, all thanks to Swiss tax laws.

The job we do here as investigative journalists is among the few ways to actually bring change to one of the most important tax havens in the world.

We are a very rich and well-organized country, but if we help rip off other countries on such a scale, someone has to speak out. Unfortunately, there are not many willing to do that in our country. It takes either a U.S. prosecution or a data leak to raise awareness.

So the job we do here as investigative journalists is among the few ways to actually bring change to one of the most important tax havens in the world. That’s a powerful motivation for me and for my team to work in this field.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into investigative journalism?

I am 46, and the father of four. I live in Basel – that’s in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, just on the border of France and Germany.

Earlier in life, I wrote a book on a diplomatic scandal in Berlin and did a dissertation at the University of Basel on public apologies by heads of state. But since the 1990s I have mainly worked as a journalist, first with the Swiss national broadcaster SRF, then as a correspondent for Tamedia Newspaper SonntagsZeitung in Berlin. In 2012, I became head of the new investigative unit of SonntagsZeitung and Le Matin Dimanche based in Lausanne.

What are some of the stories you are proudest of?

There are the leak investigations obviously: Swiss Leaks, Panama Papers, and Paradise Papers, which won the Zürcher Journalistenpreis, the most prestigious journalism prize in Switzerland. The investigations into the use of offshore accounts to avoid taxes are now leading to significant changes in Swiss laws.

Zihlmann reconstructed the fatal journey of Olympic athlete and refugee Samia Yusuf Omar from Somalia. Olympic athlete, Samia Yusuf Omar from Somalia

Personally and apart from the investigations, I was most invested in a story of an Olympic athlete, Samia Yusuf Omar from Somalia. She competed in 2008 in Beijing in the 200-meter sprint. After the Olympics, she could not exercise anymore in Somalia, because Islamists saw her run on TV without a veil. She tried to flee Somalia to get to the Olympics in London 2012, because the Islamists refused to allow her to participate. She joined a refugee trek through the Sahara and ultimately drowned in the Mediterranean on her way to Switzerland. I reconstructed her journey.

What are the major advantages and challenges of being an investigative journalist in Switzerland?

We are very well equipped and staffed. But stories on white-collar crime are especially hard to sell here, simply because there are so many of them, and people click away. We really have to come up with a special angle in order for them stand out and get attention.

Do you feel like your reporting will lead to real changes in Switzerland when it comes to financial secrecy?

Yes, just recently the government proposed substantially stricter anti-money-laundering laws as a consequence of the Panama Papers reporting. Paradise Papers helped build support for additional legislation that would tighten controls over commodity trading giants such as Glencore and Vitol.

Related articles Since you started your career, how has the media environment changed – for better or worse?

For worse. Budgets have been tightened across the board, and the journalism workforce has been reduced significantly. Within Tamedia, this has so far not touched the investigative unit.

Tell us a little about how you work? Do you have any good stories about successes or failures you have had as an investigative journalist?

The good news is that our publisher, Pietro Supino, is a big supporter of investigative journalism and allows our journalists to train in the United States. We also have had big successes in collaborative journalism – on an international level with ICIJ but also on a national level in our joint German-French unit, that now produces investigations in both languages for 15 newspapers within Tamedia.

What advice would you give someone who wants to be an investigative journalist?

The problem today is no longer that we do not have enough data or sources of data. The challenge is to see the good stories. So my advice is to develop attractive concepts for stories and learn how to pitch them. [Editor’s note: ICIJ is always looking for good pitches!]

No matter from where you come from, how old you are or what professional background you have: If you come up with a really strong investigative idea, chances are very good you can do it somewhere, and thus get your foot in the business.

Is there anything I haven’t asked that you would like to comment on?

There is a trend worldwide to more authoritarian leadership in politics. In extreme cases, such as Russia or Turkey, journalists are always among the first to feel the impact. This means we need to be on guard to make sure we do not lose freedoms and liberties we have fought so hard to obtain.

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Portland Police Attack Antifascists, Defend Outnumbered Hate Rally

Unicorn Riot - Tue, 08/07/2018 - 09:05

Portland, OR – On Saturday, August 4, 2018, weeks of far-right agitation culminated in a tense standoff between a few hundred supporters of the Patriot Prayer and several thousand anti-racist counter-protesters. The rally came just a month after events on June 30, when another Patriot Prayer rally attended by many members of the Proud Boys, a violent far-right street fighting club, ended in several counter-protesters being beaten and hospitalized.

The event was billed as a “Joey Gibson For Senate Freedom Rally.” Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson is running for state senate in Washington state, but his campaign events have mostly been held in Oregon. Patriot Prayer and its supporters have repeatedly targeted Portland over the last year, openly stating their desire to attack both Portland’s status as a pro-immigrant ‘sanctuary city’ as well as besiege the vibrant anarchist, left-wing, and progressive social movements active in the area.

Gibson had publicly stated his intent to bring firearms and openly sought conflict, asking his followers to come to Portland to “bleed together” at what national media outlets speculated could become “the next Charlottesville.

Saturday’s rally ended up being attended by other groups as well, such as members of the Three Percenter militia, some of whom sported a patch with a combination of the ‘III’ symbol and the Confederate flag – patches also seen during street battles in Charlottesville during Unite The Right.

Overlap in attendance between Unite the Right and Patriot Prayer rallies has become one major apparent contradiction with claims by Joey Gibson’s group, along with the Proud Boys, that they are opposed to white supremacy and fascism.

Also in attendance at Gibson’s ‘freedom rally’ was a group calling itself the Hiwaymen, whose Alabama-based leader Billy Sessions attended Unite the Right and recently posted a tweet blaming car attack victim Heather Heyer for her own death.

Another Unite the Right attendee seen at the event was Christopher Ritchie of Austin, TX, who was present in the same distinctive body armor he wore in Charlottesville.

American Guard, a paramilitary white nationalist group founded by former neo-nazi skinheads and present at Unite the Right, also sent a contingent to Portland, who wore American flag face masks. (One of our recent investigations uncovered membership overlap between American Guard and the Proud Boys.)

Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer, whose boss Alex Jones has heavily promoted Joey Gibson’s events, was seen with Antonio Foreman, a neo-nazi who attended Unite the Right. Foreman was apparently working as a bodyguard for Shroyer, a service he had previously provided to white supremacist internet personality Tim Gionet aka ‘Baked Alaska.’ To top things off, Jimmy Willingham, a member of Patriot Prayer’s Oregon chapter, was photographed at Saturday’s event sporting Nazi ‘SS’ tattoo.

Joey Gibson raised the profile of his event and drew concern from many in the community when he announced he was moving the rally to Tom McCall Waterfront Park on Southwest Naito Parkway, where Oregon laws would allow demonstrators to carry firearms. Portland police would later announce restrictions on weapons in the rally area, although they were not consistently enforced.

Patriot Prayer did not get searched when they entered their "weapons free" zone because they agreed to stay in there. But then they were allowed to leave, without search, and do just about whatever they wanted. This was one of their attendees climbing up on a bank building.

— Shane Burley (@shane_burley1) August 5, 2018

The day began with a few right-wing attendees as well as several antifascists and reporters walking into the fenced-off rally area in the park, with police mostly waving people through without searching them. After some of the earlier attendees had their wooden flag poles confiscated, the group relocated to an area near the park’s fountain, where police returned their poles to them. When Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys supporters and members arrived, word spread that their group would not be going inside the designated rally spot because they preferred to remain armed.

Joey Gibson’s right hand man, ‘Tiny’ Toese, a Patriot Prayer leader and also an initiated member of the Proud Boys, arrived with a large group bearing confederate flags. Toese wore a shirt emblazoned with the words ‘Pinochet Did Nothing Wrong,’ a reference to Chile’s US-installed fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet, who ruled for decades and murdered thousands of political dissidents and tortured tens of thousands more.

The shirt worn by Tiny and several others also had the acronym ‘RWDS’ printed on the sleeve, which stands for ‘Right Wing Death Squads.’ RWDS was a common slogan painted on shields that were used as weapons by neo-nazi groups such as Vanguard America at last year’s Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville.

Proud Boy ‘Tiny’, recently involved in several assaults, is at Portland Patriot Prayer rally wearing a “Pinochet did nothing wrong” shirt. Augusto Pinochet, the US-installed Chilean fascist dictator, ran a regime which killed at least 3,000 & tortured over 20,000 ppl#AllOutPDX

— Unicorn Riot (@UR_Ninja) August 4, 2018

Soon, hundreds of anti-racist protesters began to gather across the street, the large group quickly overflowed into Southwest Naito Parkway. A large force of hundreds of Portland police officers in riot gear then moved into the area, forcing counter-protesters onto the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street from Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys.

Police kept the two groups mostly separated for a few hours, with some Joey Gibson supporters crossing the street to start fights, some later returning back to their group with blood dripping from their heads.

Then a group of several hundred antifascists masked and dressed in all black arrived, wearing helmets and carrying large banners reading ‘GTFO Ya Jabronis,’ ‘Welcome to Hell,’ ‘Antifascist Zone 503,’ and ‘Bitches Against Nationalism.’ The black bloc contingent was then reinforced when an even larger march arrived, including a marching band and many people dressed as clowns.

After a few hours the Patriot Prayer/Proud Boys crowd began to move up and down the strip of the waterfront park they had rallied in, and the much larger anti-racist protest crowd on the opposite side of the street would move to match them. Both sides seemed intent on outmaneuvering police in order to confront one another, with one antifascist approaching the Proud Boys’ barricade and launching a barrage of confetti into their faces before taunting them and running away as police approached.

Eventually the Patriot Prayer demonstrators began moving out of the waterfront area and towards downtown, followed by anti-racists who blocked their route but were still kept apart from the far-right group by several lines of riot cops.

The Portland police issued several requests to crowds to disperse, claiming they were justified in doing so because they had observed weapons in the crowd. (Items that could be used as weapons had been present on both sides all day and the order was not clearly being given to one side or the other. Neither Patriot Prayer nor counter-protesters had a permit.)

Then, several officers suddenly fired concussion grenade rounds directly into the crowd, injuring several people, before lines of riot cops charged directly at the group, beating people with batons and ripping the ‘GTFO Ya Jabronis’ banners out of the hands of protesters standing on the front line.

Several projectiles, including bottles, rocks and paint, were thrown at police after they had fired explosives into the crowd and charged protesters with batons. While Portland Police claimed that their attack on the antifascists was justified by projectiles thrown from the crowd, no evidence has emerged that anything was thrown at police until after officers  attacked protesters. A reporter from The Oregonian was struck in the head by a projectile after police they charged the crowd, and was hospitalized but not seriously injured.

Four people were reportedly arrested as cops charged protesters for a series of blocks in a cat-and-mouse chase through downtown Portland after police declared a riot. Officers discharged dozens of flashbang grenades and fired mace and rubber bullets at protesters, who lit flares and pulled patio furniture and other objects into the streets to obstruct police movements.

Several groups of Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer supporters were walking through downtown around this same time, getting into fights with their opponents and yelling racist and homophobic slurs.

So I saw the dude who was being homophobic call a dude in a pink shirt a “faggot” and I asked him why he did that. These are the kind of “free speech” people these Patriot Prayer events bring out. #DefendPDX #AlloutPDX

— PDX Mike Bivins (@itsmikebivins) August 5, 2018

This guy yelled white power called the ppl the n word and faggots while putting on his fighting shorts

— Zac Conklin-Farrell (@zacconklin) August 4, 2018

The bearded man yelling slurs in this video is Dennis Leroy Morgan III–his personal Facebook URL is a reference to East Side White Pride, the white supremacist gang responsible for the murder of Mulugeta Seraw (

— Always Antifascist (@RoseCityAntifa) August 5, 2018

Other Joey Gibson followers had to get through angry counter-protesters in order to get to their parked vehicles. One truck full of Proud Boys was seen spraying bear mace out of several of its windows at anti-racist protesters as it exited a downtown parking garage.

Proud Boys in a truck just sprayed bear mace at antifa blocking their way, leaving a street full of coughing, tearing people behind

— Brendan O'Connor (@_grendan) August 4, 2018

Eventually, both Patriot Prayer attendees and the larger anti-racist counter-protests both re-converged where they had been situated earlier, on opposite sides of Southwest Naito Parkway by the waterfront. Joey Gibson’s supporters slowly shrunk in number as their small fleet of retired miniature school buses drove a repeating route to pick people up and drop them off in Vancouver, Washington, where they had been bused in from in the morning.

By Saturday evening reports and images emerged that an antifascist protester had been shot in the back of the head by a police munitions round. The police projectile had struck the person’s helmet, who was presumably shot from behind, in the back of their head. The munition partially punctured the helmet, drawing blood and opening the skull. A trauma nurse who treated the man reportedly said “the hit would have been lethal if he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

CW: very graphic.

My comrade was shot in the back of the head by @PortlandPolice today. He was hit with the very first flash bang the cops shot. Make no mistake this was an act of aggression and there will be hell to pay @tedwheeler #defendpdx #AllOutPDX

— Dimestore Guevara (@wherestherevolt) August 5, 2018

Michelle Fawcett, a 52-year old documentary producer, also sustained injuries and third-degree burns after a police grenade hit her in the arm.

Composite image via Michelle Fawcett/The Guardian

Several journalists and news photographers were also struck by police munitions.

According to the Western States Center, a nonprofit organization based in Portland, police actions “gave the appearance of aligning with Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys.” Observers also claimed that far-right attendees were allowed to carry wooden poles in the protest area despite police statements that such objects would not be allowed. Joey Gibson reportedly got law enforcement to agree to not search people entering the fenced off rally area despite police claims that they would be searching attendees for weapons.

A joint statement from the Oregon chapter of the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Portland Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) issued a statement denouncing the police use of force and calling for an independent investigation as well as forming a civil rights division in the state’s Department of Justice (no such division currently exists in Oregon.)

CAIR-Oregon Spokesperson Zakir Khan said:

“Today Portland Police initiated violence causing injuries against peaceful civilians and a coalition of community groups organizing the counter-demonstration, as well as journalists who were covering Saturday’s events. Throughout the rally, Portland Police primarily focused upon protecting the alt-right groups’ hate bias-motivated behavior, including escorting its members throughout the area and allowing an unpermitted parade to commence through the streets of downtown Portland after the rally. When alt-right groups repeatedly disobeyed Portland Police commands, there were zero consequences. All people deserve EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER LAW. This discriminatory behavior causes us a great deal of concern and the Oregon Department of Justice must investigate the tactics that took place at these events.”

Portland police say the Office of Independent Police Review will conduct an investigation into “allegations of injury” resulting from police actions. Portland police chief Danielle Outlaw, who announced the investigation, was in command of police actions on Saturday. This week Portland Police officials have doubled down on defending police use of force during the protest but also announced they would be suspending the use of flash-bang grenades. Police Chief Danielle Outlaw claims that officers first fired into the crowd only in response to projectiles thrown at them – a claim that does not seem to be supported by any evidence and has been contested by many journalists who were present.

According to the Oregon chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), “no other police force in America uses crowd control weapons with the regularity of the Portland Police Bureau.” Portland Police are currently facing a lawsuit stemming from similar actions in which they unloaded munitions into, and carried out illegal mass detentions of, hundreds of anti-racist protesters who were opposing a Patriot Prayer rally on June 4, 2017.

Portland Police reports obtained by the Willamette Weekly in 2017, showed that officers were inclined to view Patriot Prayer more favorably than their opponents, with one lieutenant describing Joey Gibson’s group as “more mainstream” than anti-racist counter protesters who they described as “volatile.

Some anti-racist protesters we spoke with also pointed to examples of far-right and fascist sympathies in local law enforcement that they believe leads to biased policing of protests. Mark Kruger, a Portland Police Captain who has been repeatedly sued for using excessive force on protesters, was disciplined in 2010 after word got out that he had been erecting memorials to German Nazi soldiers. More recently, in July 2018, Erin Willey, a sheriff’s deputy in nearby Clark County, Washington was fired after being exposed as an active supporter of the Proud Boys.

Joey Gibson has announced his next rally will be taking place in Seattle on August 18.

All of our livestream coverage from Saturday in Portland can be viewed below:

To help our volunteer operated, horizontally organized, non-profit media collective please consider a tax-deductible donation:


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"Doing the Lord's Work" Heartland Institute Gathers Climate Deniers For America First Energy Conference

deSmog - Tue, 08/07/2018 - 02:29
Read time: 4 mins

One of the world’s most notorious climate science denial groups — the Heartland Institute — will gather its supporters and fellow ideologues this week for a one-day energy conference in Louisiana.

Aside from the conference’s fanatical devotion to fossil fuels, the line-up includes the usual pushers of junk science who are sure that every major science academy in the world is wrong about the dangers of adding CO2 to the atmosphere.

Gathering at the conference will be “hundreds of state and national elected officials, think tank leaders, and policy analysts.”

Front and center in New Orleans will be Fred Palmer, a veteran coal industry lobbyist who was behind what was probably the very first fossil-fuel funded attacks on the science linking coal burning to dangerous climate change. 

After more than 30 years with the Western Fuels Association and then coal giant Peabody, Palmer now spends his time as a senior fellow at the Heartland Institute. 

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Philadelphia, PA: #OccupyICE Gives Trust-Fund Troll Charlie Kirk First Bath Without Maid Present

It's Goin Down - Tue, 08/07/2018 - 01:17

The post Philadelphia, PA: #OccupyICE Gives Trust-Fund Troll Charlie Kirk First Bath Without Maid Present appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following report from Philadelphia was anonymously sent to It’s Going Down, which we reprint below. For background information on Turning Point USA, go here.

This morning, August 6th 2018 at 7:20 am, members of met at the corner of 8th and Cherry in front of the regional ICE office and Governor Wolf’s Philadelphia office in order to shut shit down and distribute information about the Berk’s Detention Center to people on their way to work. Berk’s County Residential Center is one of 3 family detention centers in America. They are a prison that has a history of assault from their “caretakers” towards the imprisoned children, medical neglect of infants and verbal abuse, not to mention they are operating without a license! Governor Wolf has the ability to order an emergency closure, and has proven to us and many other organizers, his bark is worse than his bite, considering he hasn’t done a damn thing. You’d think in an election year he’d at least try, right?

Once we shut down the road in front of the offices and distributed literature to everyone there, we moved further up the road to a busy intersection at 8th and Vine and blocked traffic for roughly 45 minutes. We reminded people in their cars that if they felt inconvenienced being stopping in traffic, imagine what life is like as a detained child in the Berks detention center for years? One guy left his car and joined in the protest, chiding people cursing us out that Black Lives Matter and we need to ! We are planning on seeing him again at an action tomorrow.

We received word from a comrade in center city that Charlie Kirk was having a pleasant meal with Candace Owens at a local brunch spot in the gayborhood and decided we were going to give them our best Philly welcome we could muster so early! We took the streets and marched there chanting “ABOLISH ICE” “SHUT DOWN BERKS” “WHOSE STREETS, OUR STREETS” and more. Once we got to where Charlie and Candace of Turning Point USA fame, also known as Coded Rascists USA, were eating we gave em a lil wave and immediately started chanting “1,2,3, Fuck the Bourgeois 4,5,6 Fuck the Bourgeois” until they came outside. We let them know just how much we appreciated their visit to Philly with a nice cold drink of water down Charlie’s head and an over easy egg to boot. Hope y’all had a great brunch! Police escorted Charlie and Candace away while we chanted, “NO GOOD COPS IN A RACIST SYSTEM” until they were gone.

We then took to the streets again and marched up Broad Street back to our #OccupyICE camp, reminding everyone we passed Berks must be shut down and we must put an end to stop and frisk!

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Getting to Know Patriot Front in Texas and Its Leadership Structure

It's Goin Down - Tue, 08/07/2018 - 00:42

The post Getting to Know Patriot Front in Texas and Its Leadership Structure appeared first on It's Going Down.

Antifascists in Texas map out the organization structural of Patriot Front, one of the few active neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups to continue into the present day after the failure of Unite the Right. Analysis of neo-Nazis organization Patriot Front and its leadership and organizational structure.

The white supremacist and neo-fascist organization Patriot Front garnered a lot of attention recently with their brief early-morning disruption of the OccupyICE encampment in San Antonio, Texas. This follows a year of similar low-level attacks as well as flash demos, flyering, and banner drops across Texas by Patriot Front. Members of Patriot Front have also shown interest in attending the August 18 “March Against Far-Left Violence” in Austin.

Patriot Front formed as a splinter group from Vanguard America after the deadly “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville last year. They try to maintain a nationwide profile through low-effort flyering runs across the country. However, most of their membership and leadership is actually based out of Texas.

Group Structure

Their command structure is simple. At the very top of the organization is “Commander” Thomas Rousseau, a diminutive 19-year-old from Coppell, TX. Underneath him is the “State Directing Officer“ (SDO), and reporting to the SDO are various “Network Directing Officers” who direct six or more individuals in a given metropolitan area.

State Directing Officer (Texas) The SDO for Texas is Phillip Wayne Lovett (SDO Phil-TX) age 39, out of Dickinson, TX. Like most current leadership he was active within Vanguard America and participated in Unite The Right. Here he is posing next to Rousseau and the murderer, James Alex Fields. (Left to Right) Thomas Rousseau, Phillip Lovett, James Fields(Left to Right) Thomas Rousseau, Phillip Lovett, James Fields in Charlottesville, VA

Like most Nazis, Phil believes that Fields “did nothing wrong” in running down a crowd of antifascists with his car.

A comment by Phillip Lovett from the Patriot Front Discord Logs Phillip Lovett sieg heiling next to other white supremacists.Phillip Lovett sieg heiling next to other white supremacists. Network Directing Officers (Texas)

Reporting to Phil are three Network Directing Officers. Joseph Nicolas Brown (NDO Nick-TX, aka “Braxton Bragg” and “movnforwrd”) out of Spring, TX directs the Houston network. Erik Sailors (NDO Eric – TX) of San Marcos directs the Austin and San Antonio network. Alexander Wheeler (“Sonder Schutz”) was at least until recently in charge of the Dallas-Fort Worth area network.

Oh. Surprise!

Erik Mitchell Sailors, the brutal white supremacist, posted this image of himself at Trump Tower wearing MAGA hats and throwing up the white power symbol. He blurred the faces.

— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) May 11, 2018

Through this structure they can vet new recruits and mobilize for various “actions” that they can only carry out in secret, knowing that they would otherwise be unable to overcome the massive community resistance. Keep an eye out for these creeps in your neighborhoods and tell your friends to be on the watch as well. 

Contact Us Drop us a message if you have more info!
Central Texas Anti-Racist Screwston Anti-Fascist

CenTex ARA | Screwston AFC

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Cops And Klan Go Hand In Hand: A Report from Berkeley

It's Goin Down - Tue, 08/07/2018 - 00:13

The post Cops And Klan Go Hand In Hand: A Report from Berkeley appeared first on It's Going Down.

Report from the streets of Berkeley on the recent antifascist mobilization on August 5th.

On August 5, 2018, upwards of 1000 people assembled in Berkeley to march on a planned white supremacist fascist rally. During its attempt to reach the “Alt-Right” rally in Martin Luther King Civic Center Park, the march repeatedly encountered heavily defended police barricades that prevented them from entering the public park. After several attempts to reach this location, dozens of people brought barricade material to the front and gathered over twenty feet away from the police line. Without any provocation, the Berkeley Police Department began firing on the crowd with a variety of projectiles. In response, the front of the march began to hurl their own variety of projectiles. This is not the version of reality currently being presented by the BPD.

Berkeley has issued an advisory with rules it will impose Sunday at two city parks + thru much of central Berkeley to ensure "the peaceful expression of free speech." Don't miss the full list of banned items, and the background: #AllOutBayArea #StopTheHate

— Berkeleyside (@berkeleyside) August 4, 2018

“Without any provocation, the Berkeley Police Department began firing on the crowd with a variety of projectiles. In response, the front of the march began to hurl their own variety of projectiles. This is not the version of reality currently being presented by the BPD.”

In the police narrative, the march hurled “fireworks” at them, prompting their indiscriminate and erratic firing of projectiles into a crowd. This police fabrication is being released to the public just as the names, ages, unproven charges, and photographs of 17 people arrested today are being freely divulged on the internet, a move that can only help the fascists.

Within the span of 48 hours, the police departments of both Portland and Berkeley have peddled the same lie to the public while devoting massive resources to securing their fascist allies ability to assemble unchallenged. At least two fascists were allowed by the BPD to enter the Civic Center Park today with body armor and weapons, a privilege they didn’t extend to their anti-fascist antagonists who were arrested for the crime of “possession of a banned weapon.”

After being fired upon, the antifascists continued to march through downtown Berkeley. Several City of Berkeley City cars, a Marines recruiting center, and a bank had their windows smashed to highlight their complicity in supporting fascism, whether at home or abroad. At one point, a fascist began to approach the march but promptly ran away.

Proud Boy who in Portland called for immigrants to be murdered by bashing their brains against the concrete apparently was terrified to walk around the streets of #Berkeley without police there to protect him.

— It's Going Down (@IGD_News) August 7, 2018

“Within the span of 48 hours, Both police departments have peddled the same lie to the public while devoting massive resources to securing their fascist allies the ability to assemble unchallenged.”

The overt State strategy of favoring fascists over the much larger antifascist contingents is a rising trend in numerous police forces.

The cities that allow these police to implement their racist agenda of attacking antifascism and protecting the rather pathetic, tiny gatherings of the Alt-Right are guilty of direct collaboration with the fascist resurgence.

This goes for “liberal” Berkeley just as it does for “green” Portland. This state strategy must be exposed and thwarted immediately, given the gravity of the situation.

All out to defend the 17 arrested in Berkeley. No one gets left behind.

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Led by Sempra Energy, 'Global Natural Gas Coalition' Launched with Trump Admin and Labor Union in Fold

deSmog - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 23:32
Read time: 8 minsArctic Lady LNG tanker

San Diego-based Sempra Energy has spearheaded the launch of a group called the Global Natural Gas Coalition to promote exports of gas obtained via fracking (hydraulic fracturing) to the global market. Sempra is a natural gas utility giant and liquefied natural gas (LNG) export and import company.

Announced at a June 25 gathering at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., the Global Natural Gas Coalition features other participants such as the American Petroleum Institute (API), LNG Allies, the American Gas Association, American Chemistry Council, and others, according to its event page on the website Eventbrite. The RSVP information for the Press Club event features the contact information for Paty Mitchell, a spokeswoman for Sempra, and the company's representatives consisted of eight out of the 78 attendees of that event, according to the Eventbrite page.  

Also attending the event were officials from several agencies in the Trump administration. They included Mark Menezes, Elise Atkins, Christine Harbin, Jessica Szymanski, and Sara Kinney of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE); Deaver Alexander, William Thompson, and Stephen Morel of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (a federal agency focused on helping “American businesses invest in emerging markets”); Scott Condren of the U.S. Export-Import Bank; and John McCarrick of the U.S. Department of State.

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“No Less Than Attempted Murder”: August 4th and Beyond

It's Goin Down - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 22:36

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A critical report back from people on the ground fighting brutal police and the fascists that they protected on Saturday in Portland.

Over a month of preparation went into the antifascist response to the Proud Boys and other alt-right fascists descending on Portland on August 4th, in order to not have a repeat of the June 30 demo during which at least half a dozen antifascists were hospitalized.

Reinforced banners and shields were made, strategies were discussed and argued over and plans materialized. Antifascists groups from all over the Northwest converged. In a stunning show of solidarity, the coalition group “Pop Mob,” organized a rally that drew in hundreds, including liberals, whose implicit purpose was to support the black bloc.

Everyone prepared for the possibility of a direct confrontation with fascists such as occurred on June 30th. However, unlike the 30th, when police gave the fascists full reign to attack counter-demonstrators, this time they kept the fascists and counter-demonstrators on opposite sides of Naito Parkway (a major 5-lane street). On the waterfront side, hundreds of Patriot Prayer members, Proud Boys, Trump supporters and other fascists strolled along a wide stretch of grass shaded by trees.

“The goal of the 300-500 person black bloc was clear: to protect our community from fascist violence. But as the police began beating us and firing grenades, the fascists were left to do as they pleased.”

Across the street, on the antifascist side, about 1,200 people crammed onto narrow sidewalks and spilled into narrow side streets in the boiling sun. Although the police strategy on June 30th worked very well for them (let the antifascists and fascists fight each other, while police redirect traffic and sustain no injuries), the demonstration on August 4th was extremely well and broadly publicized (even NPR did a story) and so the same hands-off strategy would not have looked good for the police this time around.

Within 30 minutes, the police announced they had “observed weapons” amongst the antifascists and that everyone on the antifascists side of the street had to leave the area immediately or face arrest and/or impact weapons. From that moment on, it became clear that the fight would be between the riot police and the bloc, while the fascists strolled comfortably along the waterfront carrying sticks, shields, batons and even a handgun in one back pocket.

One known nazi in attendance at yesterday's #PatriotPrayer #ProudBoys rally in #Portland was Christopher Ritchie from Austin, TX. Ritchie is seen here in the same body armor he wore when participating in street fights at #UniteTheRight in Charlottesville

— Unicorn Riot (@UR_Ninja) August 6, 2018

Unfortunately, nearly all the planning that went into August 4th was about how to take what began as a defensive position against the fascists (as they were the ones to call the demonstration) and turn it into an offensive position. We did not spend much time preparing for a fight against the police – a no less important, but strategically different fight. We were immediately back in a defensive position and the defense, it seems, is doomed to fail.

The goal of the 300-500 person black bloc was clear: to protect our community from fascist violence. But as the police began beating us and firing grenades, the fascists were left to do as they pleased. A comrade who was on the front line holding a reinforced banner when the police began their assault, described the line of riot police in front of them smashing the wooden banner with 3-ft long batons with such force the banner collapsed on top of that comrade, trapping them on the ground between the banner and some sort of metal pole that was behind them.

Had the banner not been in front of them when the police began attacking, and had not protected them from the police boots and batons as it lay on top of them while they were trapped on the ground, there is no doubt the police could easily have cracked their skull. The police began firing flash grenades with deafening explosions. It sounded like a war zone.

“The helmet saved their life. The mainstream media has either ignored that injury completely or described it as, “the police accidentally shooting someone in the head.” Make no mistake, the police are highly trained in the use and deployment of impact weapons. This was no less than attempted murder.”

People were being hit in the legs and head with rubber bullets – any part of the body not protected by reinforced banners and shields. In response, antifascists threw rocks, bricks, glass bottles, smoke bombs and fireworks at the police. Multiple people were grievously injured, including one person whose helmet was completely penetrated by a flash grenade that traveled into their skull. The helmet saved their life. The mainstream media has either ignored that injury completely or described it as, “the police accidentally shooting someone in the head.” Make no mistake, the police are highly trained in the use and deployment of impact weapons. This was no less than attempted murder. Despite the onslaught of “less-lethal” weapons, the antifascists held our ground and protected each other as much as possible, as more and more riot police rolled up and the impact weapons only increased in frequency. Eventually, pushed from the waterfront, injured and low on options, much of the bloc dispersed or were separated from each other.

Soon after the bloc dispersed, a friend who was in the area described seeing a large group of Proud Boys, including Tusitala “Tiny” Toese (who was wearing a T-shirt that read “Pinochet did nothing wrong”) attacking a group of POC young adults. My friend said they saw the Proud Boys holding a young black man in a chokehold; when he fought his way free, they began attacking him with metal trash can lids and macing him. They also maced two young brown women and a group of white bystanders who tried to intervene. It is unknown if the other Proud Boys involved in the attacks were local or out-of-towners. Because of the force with which the police attacked us, our goal of preventing fascist violence in Portland yesterday did not succeed.

“My friend said they saw the Proud Boys holding a young black man in a chokehold; when he fought his way free, they began attacking him with metal trash can lids and macing him. They also maced two young brown women and a group of white bystanders who tried to intervene.”

I don’t mean to say that what we did was wrong. I believe we did everything we could given the constantly changing circumstances while facing enemies on all sides. We showed up en mass, communicated quickly amongst hundreds of people, held our ground, defended against police attacks, took care of our comrades and strangers who were injured as best we could, and strengthened affinity with others all over the west coast. And yet fascist violence continues unabated. The fascists show no signs of slowing down. There are already two more fascists rallies called for in the PNW this month (8/18 in Seattle and 8/25 in Portland), as well as the August 5th rally in Berkeley, the August 11-12 rallies in Charlottesville and DC, as well as others.

These rallies are a far bigger drain on us than they are on our enemies. The police are being paid to be there, and both the cops and the non-state fascists have far bigger resources and weapons than we do. For Proud Boys and other fascists who have no politics beyond beating up POC and antifascists, coming out in body armor and brass knuckles to a rally they know will be protected by police is no more effort, and far more exciting, than their daily gym routine.

After @PortlandPolice opened fire on the antifascist protest opposing #PatriotPrayer & #ProudBoys, some ppl responded by throwing things & dragging barriers into the street. We didn’t see any objects thrown before police unloaded on the crowd, only after.

— Unicorn Riot (@UR_Ninja) August 6, 2018

For those of us with kids, two jobs, limited resources, different mobility levels and an ever growing list of injuries and traumas perpetuated by racist and misogynistic pieces of shit, continuing to show up for these demonstrations becomes more and more difficult and traumatizing.

Again it is time to stress that while it is crucial to never let them have the streets unopposed, we must find ways to act offensively on our own terms. Our ethics are strong, our love for each other only stronger, and our spirits wild and creative. We will never succeed if we continue letting them call the shots. The time for action on every level and from every angle is now. We are the Vilde Khaya – the unruly children, the untamable beasts. Our spirits hold more fire both metaphorically and literally than the fascists could ever aspire to. Lets bring these fuckers down.

In love and solidarity,
an anarchist

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#OccupyICE Movement Grows Momentum in Colorado

Unicorn Riot - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 20:42

Centennial, CO – On the morning of Thursday, August 2, 2018, after sustaining an #OccupyICE encampment vigil for almost four days, eight advocates blockaded the two main driveway entrances to the ICE Denver Field Office. Using PVC pipes to connect their arms, the eight participants, who were in two groups of four, successfully held the blockade for seven hours.

There was a rally of more than 100 people coinciding with the blockade, and providing water, food, songs and chants, and support to the blockade participants. The large crowd was met with militarized Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officers and a team fitted for riot control.

Around 6:00pm, a DHS officer began sawing off one PVC pipe at a time with a hand saw (none of the eight participants were injured during the sawing).

After each individual was removed from the PVC pipes, they were cuffed with zip ties and placed into a transport vehicle. Supporters of the blockade participants expected the transport vehicle was heading to the Arapahoe County Detention Center. Instead, the transport vehicle drove a mile down the road and told the eight individuals they could leave after officers wrote up their citations and court summons. However, one of the eight refused to give the police any personal information. The police responded by slamming their head into the vehicle as they forced them back into it to be taken to jail.

The police ended up not booking the person who refused to give any personal information because the police were denied the jurisdiction to book the individual on federal charges. Therefore the police put the individual back into the transport vehicle and dropped them off in a field just before midnight on August 2.

Each participant received a summons to federal court, along with a citation charging them with “unreasonably obstructing the usual use of a parking lot.”

Jeanette Vizguerra, sanctuary movement leader and one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2017, remained at the encampment vigil for its full duration. She spoke with us on the evening of Sunday, July 29, 2018 as the camp was being set up and listed the camp’s three demands:

The first demand is that there are over 50 families here in a GEO ICE Detention Center in Colorado, we want those kids to be reunited with their parents because it is unjust that the government is owning the futures of those families.

And we are also asking them to cease the deportations here in Colorado with families that have already lived here for decades and that are being persecuted like criminals when they are not… The other demand is for better treatment in detention centers for the detained people who are treated in a cruel and horrible manner.”

Unicorn Riot will be live during a vigil outside the GEO ICE Detention Center in Aurora, Colorado on Monday night, August 6, 2018. You can watch the live coverage below:

Cover Photo Credit: Emily Zeek

To help our volunteer-operated, horizontally-organized, non-profit media collective please consider a tax-deductible donation:


Previous Unicorn Riot Coverage of #OccupyICE:

Previous Unicorn Riot Coverage of Immigration and the Border Crisis:

#Icebreaker Series - Unicorn Riot series on ICE policy manuals

The post #OccupyICE Movement Grows Momentum in Colorado appeared first on UNICORN RIOT.

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New Brunswick, NJ: Identity Evropa Posters Spotted, Trashed on Rutgers Campus

It's Goin Down - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 20:37

The post New Brunswick, NJ: Identity Evropa Posters Spotted, Trashed on Rutgers Campus appeared first on It's Going Down.

Antifascist report from Rutgers Campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Easton Ave. is a popular locale for Rutgers students, with a plethora of bars, apartments, hang-out spots, and late-night eats. This Sunday morning, it was also the home of neo-Nazi propaganda, with Identity Evropa stickers and posters spotted on a number of the telephone poles lining the busy street. After spotting one sticker, an anti-fascist comrade scouted the neighboring blocks, finding six stickers and two posters in all. All were placed in the trash where they belong.

For those unaware, Identity Evropa is a white nationalist group who are upfront about their Nazi sympathies – former leader Eli Mosley stated that the group hoped to usher in a “new era in the Nazification of America.” Their members were a part of the infamous Unite the Right Rally in 2017 in Charlottesville, which resulted in the murder of Heather Heyer. They have strategically attempted to recruit white male college students, which makes it crucial for students, campus workers, and community members in the vicinity of college campuses to remain vigilant in order to stamp out their organizing.

Actions like this may be small, especially given the violence our brave comrades in Portland, Berkeley, and elsewhere have endured this weekend. But fascist rallies and marches don’t come out of nowhere–they’re the result of countless hours spent recruiting and organizing, and propaganda like the stickers we destroyed today may be someone’s first contact with a fascist organization that they eventually end up joining. The quicker we can snuff out their attempts at organizing, the less we’ll have to fight them in the streets.

¡No pasarán!

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Primary one children in Scotland will be told 'your gender is what you decide'

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 19:37

Primary one children in Scotland will be told 'your gender is what you decide' --Guidelines set to come into effect in 2019 | 06 Aug 2018 | Children from the age of five could be taught in school that they should "decide" their gender. Teachers across Scotland will tell children it's up to them to decide if they are a boy a girl or if they "don't like to decide that" from as early as primary one. Under the draft guidelines created by Education Scotland, NHS boards and the Scottish Government, children will be told in classrooms that "Your gender is what you decide." But politicians and experts have warned that the plans risk confusing young children before they are ready to understand gender and identity.

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Rick Gates set to take the stand in Manafort trial

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 19:20

Rick Gates set to take the stand in Manafort trial | 06 Aug 2018 | Rick Gates, the longtime deputy of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, is set to take the stand Monday afternoon in Manafort's trial on charges of bank and tax fraud related to overseas earnings, a lawyer for Gates told POLITICO. Gates [who allegedly stole millions of dollars from Paul Manafort] is considered the star witness for the prosecution against Manafort -- and his testimony in an Alexandria, Virginia, courtroom is the first time he's known to have faced Manafort since he agreed to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller's team in February.

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Call for Solidarity with the Political Prisoners of Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón, Oaxaca

It's Goin Down - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 19:00

The post Call for Solidarity with the Political Prisoners of Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón, Oaxaca appeared first on It's Going Down.

The call-out for letters to the court demanding the freedom of political prisoner Miguel Peralta Betanzos is ongoing. The letters will be submitted the day of Miguel Peralta Betanzo’s final court date on September 28th. For the original call-out for letters and more information go here. Or email questions, comments or concerns to this email address:

Collectives, individuals in solidarity, families and free media projects that responded to our call-out for letters directed to the judge Juan León Montiel: Doubt not that our demand for freedom will resonate in that court that boasts of being a representative of the blindfolded woman of justice. A harmful symbol of submission, where the scale weighs much more on the side of blindness.

Thanks to the presence of you all, adding to the work done by Los Otros Abogadoz, after various excuses, the final hearing was officially scheduled.

However, the court clerk Alejandro Escobar, with the judge being absent on vacation, decided again to break his own court’s laws. In spite of the code of criminal procedures stating in article 458, that the day in which the defense presents their conclusions of innocence (July 9th in this case), the final hearing must be scheduled within the following five days, it was decided this July 27th, to schedule the hearing for September 28th. That is to say in more than two months. Five days converted into sixty-four days.

Sixty-four more days so that the judge can begin the supposed study of the six volumes that make up the file and dictate the sentence.

Sixty-four days that prolong again, without reason, the incarceration of Miguel.

But also, it is sixty-four days that we will not back down, as they wish. We will not tire showing our courage and dissent against their ways of balancing the scales of justice.

We turn to you all to recharge our strength and to act. Let’s not stop demanding the immediate freedom of our compañeros from those dungeons where they remain imprisoned. Just like those at the court, we can break their codes, their laws.

To disobey is something we know well.

Let’s shout in every which way possible and come up with other ways until we see them free.

So that our anti-carceral heart does not stop beating.

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Mexico City, Mexico: Letter from Anarchist Political Prisoner Luis Fernando Sotelo

It's Goin Down - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 18:58

The post Mexico City, Mexico: Letter from Anarchist Political Prisoner Luis Fernando Sotelo appeared first on It's Going Down.

This letter comes from anarchist political prisoner Luis Fernando Sotelo who is currently locked up in the Reclusorio Sur of Mexico City. The letter speaks out against the buying and selling of favors in the prison, and the intimidation/repression Sotelo has faced for both being a political prisoner and for speaking out against the corruption in the prison. The original in Spanish was published by Ké Huelga Radio and can be found here.

Monday, July 30, 2018

To the Compañeros y Compañeras
To the Collectives and Cooperatives in Solidarity
To the Different Autonomous and Rebellious Media
To Those Who Fight and Resist the Capitalist Monster

Greetings. Your gestures of support, solidarity and fraternity with my family and I are much appreciated. I hope to continue demonstrating steps forward of resistance and the construction of life.

For a long time, more than 3 years, I have lived in a restricted area of the prison, living in a cell by myself, surrounded by empty cells. But Wednesday night, they relocated people into this area with the following characteristics: 1. People who take controlled medication (anxiolytics, antidepressants, etc.) 2. People who have disabilities (no longer have an eye, leg, or who have a high-risk disease such as diabetes, etc.). I still live by myself in one cell, but now I have close neighbors…

On Wednesday afternoon they asked me to call the technical council and I was told that the relocation of vulnerable people would be given to shorten time in the holding cell. But within the context of the corruption and bribery of “prison authorities”, it is common for the cells to be sold. It is also well known that there are privileged inmates, who buy favors such as the use of extended visiting hours.

Recently the head guard has been changed, and since I am a political prisoner, I have been harassed for numerous reasons beneath orders of this person with the last name Labastida. On several occasions I opposed the sale of the cells, being the person that I am, and because of that, people who visit me have been subjected to retaliations and harassment. That is how they justify putting me into a holding cell with the most rigid control. And since my visitors and I haven’t given anything to the prison authorities, now they want to restrict my visiting hours until 3:00 pm, as before there was permission for them to visit me until 5:00 pm.

It is clear that the harassment comes from the presence of Commander Labastida. And I hold the deputy secretary of the penitentiary system responsible, Azael Ruiz, for the injuries and violence we, our relatives and compañer@s suffer. Since Tuesday, July 24th, those who have visited me have been intimidated and harassed as they are escorted to the exit. The director of the South Prison (reclusorio sur) has already promised to cease these practices being carried out by the guards, but he himself must be aware that the inequality originates from the sale of entitlements. Thus, he is also responsible for all these grievances. On Thursday, the 26th, I personally came to an agreement with the vulnerable people so that they would stop having to pay for the passing of the list and for the right to receive visitors (the first is 30 pesos and the second is 50 pesos). I also ripped up the guards’ list where they keep track of who and how much to charge for things. The custodian who was working that day, nicknamed “pencil” or “cil”, locked up all the non-privileged people, although they were going to pay for the list and visit. He invited them to attack me, saying that it was my fault for being unruly/rebellious. He also threatened me saying he would punish me for disturbing the order. Indeed, disturbing the order is to shake up the powerful directors of the corrupt system, just as this guard protects or tries to protect the director and commander.

As of now I’m good, there hasn’t been any clashes/conflicts with other inmates. I try to respect them. But with that guard and key holder who exercises subjection, I try to rage against capitalist brutality.

I’m feeling desperate because I’m still in jail, and I’m not with the people I want I want to be with at the time I want to be with them and that is hard. I do not disregard every collective effort to get me released or every word of encouragement or embrace from the companer@s. And I must recognize this desperation as a motivation or incentive to remain in the fight.

I hope to write as soon as the spirit and ideas move me.
A hug and all my combative fire!

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Still Rising #6 Mixtape

It's Goin Down - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 18:51

The post Still Rising #6 Mixtape appeared first on It's Going Down.

The Still Rising Mixtape is an ongoing anarchist mixtape project.
I have decided to publish Still Rising #6 around the one year anniversary of the publication of Still Rising #1. The first mixtape in this series was published in the aftermath of the Unite the Right counter protest in 2017 and #6 is being published in the lead up to counter protest of the Unite the Right 2 Rally which is taking place this August 2018.

Plenty has changed in our lives since last summer and plenty has not. As we struggle forward in our college classes, work places, unemployment, relationships, and/or our personal dilemmas we must remember to take care of ourselves, our loved ones, and to nurture a positive attitude and environment towards our collective liberation and wellbeing. For me music and art are helpful therapy and a healing force to combat the degradation that is inherent in the capitalist economy that is imposed upon us.

Whether we spend the day connected to the internet or print media, or disconnected out and about in the woods on the trails, let’s not forget that the struggle for self determination and equality is prevalent among the strangers in our neighborhoods, across towns in our region, and in the cities across the continents. From San Salvador to London to Sylhet to Washington DC to Yogyakarta to Gaza let’s rise up to create a bright egalitarian future! In the spirit of Emma Goldman, let’s have a global revolution we dance to!

-DJ Anon65

-SR Intro-
1. Blood, Sweat, and Tears – Lowkey (Feat Klashnekoff)
2.The Poverty Of Philosophy – Immortal Technique
3.The Truth About Terrorism – Lowkey
4. Rich Man’s World – Immortal Technique
5. Threat of the Poet – Akala (DJ Anon 65 Remix)
6. My Generation – Logic & Lowkey
7. Seasons Change – Natty ft Akala, Mic Righteous, & Raspect Fyabinghi
8. Money – Lowkey & Logic
9. The Journey – Akala Ft Mic Righteous
10. Sunday Morning – Lowkey ft. Mai Khalil
11. Lords of War – Lowkey
12. McDonald Trump – Lowkey
13. Escape From Yarl’s Wood – Lowkey, Mohammed Yahya & Ebsiljaz

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Newlyweds Hit the Road to become Full-time RVers

Off Grid Survival - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 18:16

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live out on the road? Check out our latest RV living story about how two newlyweds that decided to travel the country and live and work full-time in an RV. [...]

The post Newlyweds Hit the Road to become Full-time RVers appeared first on Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills.

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Caregiving cooperative taking shape

Grassroots Economic Survival - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 18:03
Link: Caregiving cooperative taking shape

A group of local residents is forming a caregiving cooperative, an employee-owned business providing in-home care services.

Led by Kippi Waters of Port Townsend, the group is working closely with the Northwest Cooperative Development Center and has assembled a list of 35 potential members, the majority of whom are skilled caregivers, Waters said.

Caregiving – taking care of the elderly or people with disabilities – includes assistance in the tasks of daily living, ranging from cooking and cleaning to bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, medication reminders, errands, transportation, companionship and cultural outings.

Read the rest at The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader


Go to the GEO front page

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Communique from anarchist Juan Aliste Vega

Anarchist News - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 18:02

via act for freedom now!

We receive and spread:

Latest medical reports and revolutionary solidarity

Juan Aliste Vega’s message from the Prison Hospital

Our negotiations and tenacity inside and outside prison over the past four months have achieved a first result: on Thursday 19th July I was transferred from the High Security Prison to the Prison Hospital to have an ECG and other tests I needed. The following morning, Friday 20th July, I was transferred again – amidst a huge deployment of police and prison guards – to the INCA (Institute of Neurosurgery) to finally have an angiography, a test in order to get a more detailed image of the area where the cerebral damage I sustained from blows inflicted in the past is to be found.

It is worth mentioning that this test is crucial and necessary for the operation that I will need to have very soon. In the end the test was carried out without any problem and the medical team involved treated me in a dignified and correct way.

After the test I was transferred to the Prison Hospital by ambulance; from there I will be discharged soon to be taken back to the High Security Prison.

Medical language and its technical details can only partially describe my current situation. There are still many obstacles to be overcome, just as difficult or even more difficult than this test, before I can undergo the brain operation, which had already been defined ‘urgent’ last March: obstacles and barriers erected because for the State I am an outcast, closely watched by the local police who act according to the hard logic of revenge and fury, and moreover I’m submerged in a disgusting bureaucratic quagmire.

These words are far from victimization and lament, but are full of revolutionary, untameable and subversive vitality. In the constant practice of reciprocal revolutionary solidarity, which we subversive political prisoners have been carrying out for years, it becomes necessary to relate any step taken in this battle. It wasn’t the first nor will it be the last battle we have to face as outcasts of the State.

I’d like to take the chance to rejoice in the various initiatives carried out in Santiago, Concepciòn, Valdivia, Temuco and other places, as well as the internationalist initiatives that were able to cross the borders of Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Spain … Initiatives and gestures with which we put solidarity into practice, solidarity that builds and strengthens the network of subversion; initiatives and gestures that are vital to us like oxygen and support us in the path towards the ultimate liberation from prison.

We remain here, not one step back, without bowing our head, proud of the wonderful rebel complicity that goes everywhere, spreads, multiplies and allows us to face everything that will come.

While poverty exists … there will be rebellion!

Juan Aliste Vega, Subversive Prisoner

Prison Hospital, Santiago of Chile

July 2018

Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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Brazil – ‘Sentenced: the Incorrigibles!’

Anarchist News - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 17:55

via act for freedom now!

On the sentences against 23 comrades for alleged participation in the disorders in Rio de Janeiro in 2013-2014

As we oppose anything that violates freedom, today we are opposing the sentences against the 23 arrested following the protests in Río de Janeiro in 2013-2014.

‘The freedom of others extends mine infinitely.’ – M. Bakunin

23 people were sentenced in Río de Janeiro in ‘Operation Firewall’ for violence, criminal organization, damage, resistance, bodily harm and possession of explosive devices; sentences range from 5 to 13 years in prison and were issued by judge Flavio Itabaiana of the 27th Penal Tribunal in Rio de Janeiro.

They were all investigated by the Unit for the repression of cyber-crimes, which was the political police engaged in the World Cup and Olympic Games, the same that monitored protests in Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo.

It’s not by chance that the police operation was given this name: Firewall is the name of a device inside a computer network that aims to apply a security protocol at a certain point of the network; so Firewall is meant to block harmful elements in a computer network. The media and communication technology are being used as instruments of control and repression (we’ve known this for a long time), but this is an obvious example of the potential these instruments have for repressive purposes.

According to the judge (in an act of benevolence), remand in custody was not ordered so that those convicted could appeal the sentences under restrictive measures. However these sentences, even considering the possibility to appeal for ‘freedom’, represent to us a precedent to understand where they want us to be (in prison). And today these sentences pose the necessity to change the precedent for mobilization against prison society, mobilization for solidarity.

As those accused had been recently repressed by Operation Erebeo, the least we can do in the face of these sentences is to express firm solidarity through a call for combative mobilization in solidarity and against them.

But not under the banner of being against the criminalization of protests. Protests cannot be included in the rules of legal or illegal, guilty or innocent, permitted or prohibited. Protests go beyond these categories precisely because they follow a direction contrary to the latter. We are against repression because the whole system of domination is continuous repression and anyone who perceives it acts against it, takes to the streets, destroys material things and with each act destroys domination. Anyone who rebels against the established order will always be considered ‘criminal’ because the ‘crime’ of protests is a symptom of not total submission to domination. If we struggle under the banner ‘protest is not a crime’ we accept and legitimize the existence of prisons; but as we are anarchists, and we are just that, we love freedom and are irreducible enemies of cages.

How could we not take to the streets against the spectacles that justify social cleansing? How could we remain indifferent to redevelopment, militarization and decoration of the streets for tourists and strolling of the bourgeois who were at the World Cup and Olympic Games? It’s deeply sad to know that at the cry of ‘Goal!’ or in their enthusiasm for a gold medal some people forget the abuse, deaths and genocidal politics produced by this spectacle. And it gives us infinite joy to know that the incorrigibles go out and destroy everything, in spite of the alleged control of the ‘authorities’ that spent millions in security.

Violent protest is the least gesture of sensibility we have in the face of dominating oppression that tries to extend as ‘normal life’. It’s a signal that we still feel the cruelty of devastation, of undeclared war; and like animals in front of a tamer… we react against the whip.

Biblioteca Anarquista Kaos

Against the sentences, permanent mobilization

Solidarity with those who struggle!

The 23 sentenced following the protests in Rio de Janeiro in 2013:

– Elisa Quadros Pinto Sanzi, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Luiz Carlos Rendeiro Júnior, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Gabriel da Silva Marinho, sentenced to 5 years and 10 months in prison

– Karlayne Moraes da Silva Pinheiro, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Eloisa Samy Santiago, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Igor Mendes da Silva, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Camila Aparecida Rodrigues Jordan, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Igor Pereira D’Icarahy, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Drean Moraes de Moura, sentenced to 5 years and 10 months in prison

– Shirlene Feitoza da Fonseca, sentenced to 5 years and 10 months in prison

– Leonardo Fortini Baroni, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Emerson Raphael Oliveira da Fonseca, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Rafael Rêgo Barros Caruso, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Filipe Proença de Carvalho Moraes, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Pedro Guilherme Mascarenhas Freire, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Felipe Frieb de Carvalho, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Pedro Brandão Maia, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Bruno de Sousa Vieira Machado, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– André de Castro Sanchez Basseres, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Joseane Maria Araújo de Freitas, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Rebeca Martins de Souza, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Fábio Raposo Barbosa, sentenced to 7 years in prison

– Caio Silva de Souza, sentenced to 7 years in prison

Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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Media Mobilizing Project and Bonfire Media Collective are bringing the heat

Grassroots Economic Survival - Mon, 08/06/2018 - 17:53
Link: Media Mobilizing Project is bringing the heat with new sister org Bonfire Media Collective

West Philadelphia-based media production, training and advocacy org Media Mobilizing Project recently spawned a sister organization two years in the making:  Bonfire Media Collective.

As a media-making business, Bonfire aims to tell stories of humanity, community and social change.

As a worker-owned cooperative, it is committed to fair pay for its employees, democratic leadership and “respectful working conditions in an industry that is plagued by low wages, inconsistent income and long hours,” per its website...Bryan Mercer shared some info about the co-op via email.

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