On Those Arrested During the October Revolt

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 “On Those Arrested During the October Revolt” – Update from Publicacion Refractario

From Anarchists Worldwide, Chile

Update from Publicacion Refractario

28.10.19: Since the revolt that began on October 18, 2019, countless people have been murdered, tortured, arrested and harassed by all repressive forces, from the military to the police detectives.

Dozens of insurgents have been murdered and dozens have lost their eyes as a result of the systematic shootings by the repressive forces during street demonstrations.

The bodies of those who have died as a result of uniformed brutality are left in supermarkets and burned to eliminate any evidence.

The infrastructure of repression have enabled temporary and sporadic detention and torture precincts, until now the main one has been the Baquedano Metro station, while in other regions there are already rumors of new locations.

Information is still coming in but so far the main charges against the thousands of detainees are disobeying the curfews, rioting, arson, looting and carrying incendiary devices.

Here at Publicacion Refractario we will seek to provide accounts by the detainees, the accused and the kidnapped within the context of the October Revolt, their testimonies, trials and the different initiatives that may arise.

To send information, do not hesitate to write to us at publicacionrefractario(at)riseup(dot)net

Because they have transformed the world into a prison…our struggle continues until there are no prisons left in this world!

Solidarity with those arrested and prosecuted for the revolt!

Let’s get our comrades out of the prisons!


(via Publicacion Refractario)

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The Fires of Fulvia Ferrari

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The Fires of Fulvia Ferrari

From The Transmetropolitan Review

San Francisco comrades could work strenuously; they took their tasks
very seriously; but they could also love, drink, and play.

Emma Goldman, 1931

Fulvia and the Savios

My connection to Fulvia Ferrari is pretty simple, so I hope you’re not expecting much. My family was very close with the Savio family, as in Mario Savio, leader of Berkeley’s Free Speech Movement in the mid-1960s. One day, a woman appeared at the Savio house wearing sunglasses and a black shawl. On her way to the front door, this woman appeared elderly and unable to walk without Mario’s assistance, although this was meant to fool anyone surveilling the house. Once she was inside, the woman suddenly transformed into a lively firecracker with a thick, deep laugh.

She spoke fluent Italian, just like the Savios, only her accent seemed a bit French. She came back a few more times, once when my family was there, and my favorite description of Fulvia is her dancing with Joe Savio between his rows of tomato plants. No one ever really knew who she was or what she did. When I heard these stories, she was either described as that French lady from ‘Frisco or that old school Italian lady from North Beach or some combination like that. Everyone in my family who met her said Fulvia was the epitome of cool. When my family imagined San Francisco, a place they’d never been back then, they always thought of Fulvia. She was definitely cool.

Telegraph Hill, 1930s

Fulvia was friends with Mario Savio despite being decades older and visited his family in Southern California as a way assuring them he was in good hands. She only visited a few times, the last being sometime in 1967. By that point, the FBI harassment of the Savios had revved into high gear and despite the fact that Mario lived in Berkeley, there was hardly a day without an unmarked car parked outside their house in suburban LA County.

While this repression took its toll on Mario’s mental health, it had grave repercussions for his mother Dora. Dora is the reason Mario was a rebel. Dora is the reason my grandmother, also an immigrant, started to defend herself when the Anglos tried to gouge her at the grocery store. In short, Dora was filled with fire, although she was also just a human. Starting in the late 1960s, Dora began to scream and cry on a daily basis, unable to control the raw panic caused by the FBI stalking her son. The sounds of her screams filled the Savio house on a nightly basis, a fact the FBI hoped would pressure Mario into ending his rebellious practices.

Dora Berretti Savio, 1922-1979

At the height of Dora’s mental illness, my young aunt, no older than three or four, walked right into her bedroom during one of my family’s visits, grabbed Dora’s hands, and literally sucked the darkness out of her soul. That might not make any sense to you, and I really don’t care what you believe, but for the rest of her life, Dora never fell into another spell of screaming and crying. She only lived another decade after this, her life shortened by the FBI harassment, and when she passed away everyone knew it was the federal government that killed her. Even her son’s life ended early because of this repression, and Mario passed away in 1996 at the age of 54. I learned all of this growing up and had no illusions about the federal government or what it was capable of. Thanks to my family, I also knew how to deal with the darkness that followed this type of repression, although it was never easy, or simple.

Time on the Waterfront

When I was a young teen in the San Francisco Bay Area, my friends and I used to spend all our free time skateboarding, and there was no better place for this than the SF waterfront. It was here that all of us could skate with the pros and be treated as equals, so long as we didn’t fuck up their tricks or photo shoots. It was nice to see these “pros” were just grown up versions of ourselves who liked to chill, paint, smoke weed, and hated the police. Back in those days, we were constantly on guard against the cops who came to evict us from our legendary skate spots: Pier 7, EMB, and the Hubba Hideout. When the city would stencil the phrase NO SKATEBOARDING on the waterfront, we’d paint over it and then keep skating. When ten police cruisers would descend on Pier 7, all of us would scatter, often pursued by some pathetic cops with nothing better to do. For whatever reason, I always ended up skating away from the police in the direction of Telegraph Hill, a natural sanctuary.

Standing directly over the waterfront and criss-crossed by staircases, this hill was where I made a dozen escapes and hid-out with my friends until the heat passed. While none of us realized this at the time, we were reenacting a historical pattern. In the 1850s, when racist vigilante mobs attacked anyone who wasn’t white, all those who fled ended up on Telegraph Hill, and by the 1870s, the neighborhood was a bastion of outcasts, refugees, and rebels. Long story short, it’s always been a place to hide, whether from racists or the psycho SFPD who used to snort lines of coke before chasing after us little skaters. In the 1890s, the rebels on the SF waterfront were a bunch of sailors who fought the cops on the picket lines. In the 1990s, the rebels were us skaters, terrorizing the yuppies and keeping the docks wild and crazy.

I stopped skating on the waterfront around 1999, the year the cops and gentrifiers got the upper hand. They covered our ledges in metal kinks, passed ordinances outlawing skateboarding, and turned the waterfront into the yuppie tourist nightmare you see today. Plus, being of high-school age, I was always at risk of some bullshit arrest for truancy, a misfortune that befell more kids than I can remember. If someone were to write the definitive account of the SF waterfront during the 1990s, they should try and reconstruct just how many of us were arrested and thrown in juvi. Little did we know that all of us were the front-line against gentrification, tiny soldiers keeping the waterfront from being colonized by terrible yuppies, and after years of fighting, we lost.

Between 1999 and 2002, I kept going to the waterfront, but not to skate. After cutting school, my first stop was always Telegraph Hill, a chill place to smoke a blunt over the water, watch the sailboats go by, and listen to the wild parrots shriek through the air. If I wasn’t with my buddies, I was alone, and when I was alone on Telegraph Hill, I began to learn some of its history. An old lady who lived in the ivy told me three witches used to have a house on Greenwich Street. An old man outside Cafe Trieste told me the hill used to be filled with rebels. A twenty-something woman let me know Telegraph Hill was a literal magic crystal where time could be bent and reshaped. At the time, I wrote her off as some candy-kid raver who took bad ecstasy, just as I wrote off everything else as schizo ramblings of street people. In my teenage ignorance, I had no idea what to do with all this information. All I knew was that I loved the geography of Telegraph Hill, its aura, its ambiance, and its safety.

In 2005, I happened to remember that old school Italian lady from North Beach my family met at the Savios, and when I asked about her, I was told that, yes, she lived on Telegraph Hill with all the artists and weirdos and freaks. This revelation suddenly made everything click, although at first I wrongly assumed Fulvia was one of the three witches who lived on Greenwich Street. I learned there had in fact been a house on Greenwich that was torn down to build a retaining wall in the 1920s. This was the house where the three witches were said to live, only now it was just a garden filled with statues and shrines and the sound of shrieking parrots. By 2007, I’d pieced together enough history to know Fulvia never lived there, it was ger grandmother, her mother, and her great-aunt who lived there from the 1870s to the 1910s. By the time Fulvia got to San Francisco, all that was left of her maternal family’s home was a barren hillside and a mafia-run speakeasy standing above it. As it turned out, Fulvia was an anarchist. So was her mother. And her grandmother.

Telegraph Hill, Greenwich Street, 1926 (Isabelle’s house was on vacant slope, bottom right)

I was also an anarchist, thanks to my family and the local punks, and in 2007, I began the process of writing the history of these strange women. Once I dived into this project, I realized it was a rabbit hole with no clear end. I’m still in that rabbit hole, but recently I’ve begun throwing my discoveries back up into the light. It might have been dangerous to tell these stories at one point, but that time is long past. Now more than ever, we need to remember these women who devoted their entire lives to crushing the tyrants that still rule the land.

is the Flame

This is the last video The Cinema Committee will release on Fulvia Ferrari and her family. As an editor of this project, I wanted to end this saga on a personal note. The name Fulvia gave to my family and the Savios wasn’t real. I checked. As far as I know, there’s no record of her owning property on Telegraph Hill. No one ever heard from her after 1978. The last person I know she spoke to was Mario Savio and all she said was goodbye. According to Mario, his friend Fulvia had survived four years inside a concentration camp. When he asked why she was in Nazi occupied Poland to begin with, Fulvia said she’d been looking for her mother. She laughed and tried to make it seem like she was lying, but Mario never forgot.

you believe this history or not is up to you. Why you would prefer to
live in a world without the witches of Greenwich Street is something
I don’t understand, but feel free to disprove any of the facts
revealed in this project. I assure you, even the harshest skeptic
will get stuck in the same rabbit hole I fell into. In the process,
you’ll probably learn more than you could have ever imagined. Many
people involved in this story are dead, but if you want to follow a
few threads, you might be able to ask Diane de Prima. Maybe she knows
something about that weird French lady from San Francisco. Or maybe
not. You’ll have to find out for yourself.

hope those of you who’ve read and watched this series were able to
gather some of the flame that Fulvia left for us. We’re the only ones
who can keep this fire alive, so summon your breath, put your face
close to the heat, and exhale until the wood begins to crack and pop
and the flames reach their arms towards the sky. In case you haven’t
noticed, it’s already working, and 2019 is just the beginning. Get
ready for what comes next.

Dia de los Muertos!

live Fulvia Ferrari!

Long Live Anarchy!


An Editor

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A text from Amma in “Le Vallette” prison

Anarchist News - Sat, 11/02/2019 - 15:21
 A text from Amma in “Le Vallette” prison (October 9th, 2019)

From Act for Freedom Now!, Turin, Italy
(October 9th, 2019)
Translated by act for freedom now!
We are sharing this text written by Amma, imprisoned on 20th September 2019, along with Patrick and Uzzo, on charges of aggravated violence and resistance to public official, damage, spraying, for taking part in a demo on 9th February in Turin in solidarity with Asilo Occupato following its eviction and with those arrested during “Operation Scintilla”, and against the gentrification and militarization of the Aurora neighbourhood.

Amma wants to divulge and circulate among comrades face to face, via email and through publication in websites, more detailed information on what he’s going through in “Le Vallette” prison, the prison conditions and the screws’ violence during these weeks of incarceration.

Communication with Amma is difficult and the information we manage to get is incomplete. Many of his letters have been held, and so far the many telegrams we sent have never reached him. Outgoing letters have arrived in no particular order, over two weeks after being posted. Visits with his mother were granted three weeks after the arrest and we are still waiting for the response to a comrade’s request for visits. A request for house arrest has been rejected and we are waiting for the reasons to be made known.

The news we got only served to increase our rage. On 8th October there was a hearing at the court of review. While Amma was being taken to the court and during it there were heated exchanges and confrontations with the State’s servants, the investigating judge and the public prosecutor in particular. After he was taken back to “Le Vallette”, the loathsome guards laid into Amma. The result: a perforated eardrum due to the screw’s blows; beatings, provocation and threats.

We are not surprised that screws and cops also exercise their filthy power with beatings, intimidation, psychological threats. We also know that we came to know these facts this time because they happened to a comrade, but such dynamics are no exception at all. They are part of everyday life and functioning in various detention and repression structures where the State locks up those who hamper the exercise of power, those who oppose it, those who are not considered functional to the preservation of order.

These structures are being opposed by the people arrested during “Operation Scintilla”. It was for these comrades engaged in the struggle against prisons, CPRs and borders that the demo of 9th February in Turin expressed their anger and solidarity in the streets of the city.


The day of October 8th, 2019, began early: 7:20 am a guard opens the cell and informs me that I have to get ready to go to a court of review hearing concerning the custodial measure I’m serving in prison.

A few minutes later, carrying a cup of hot coffee and a newly lit cigarette, I go out of the cell where they keep me locked and along the corridor of the wing until I come to the “roundabout” where the corridors of the wing that form the third floor of block B conjoin.

At the roundabout is the table of the guards on duty, some are smoking, others just stare at me. The chief guard stands up and orders me to throw away my cigarette saying: “no smoking today!”, I take a few quick deep puffs and carry out the order with gritted teeth.

Soon after the guard in question comes close to me and orders me to throw away my coffee. I say that I haven’t even had a sip yet so he comes closer, takes the cup from my petrified hand (I can’t find the strength to oppose him) and arrogantly throws it away.

I’m ordered to go down to the ground floor and made to wait in a room (obviously locked) which slowly fills up with prisoners going to face the State machine called COURT.

They tell us not to take lighters or cigarettes; I have a lighter in my pocket and choose to take it back to the cell. When I’m at the roundabout the chief guard prevents me from taking it to the cell and forces me to throw that away too.

I go down again. At a certain point they handcuff us with handcuffs attached to a chord to pull us (a sort of leash), and tie the prisoners to one another’s handcuffs, the first held by a guard, and drag us up on to the bus where they put us in cells without removing the handcuffs.

Tied up this way, they let us out when we arrive and it’s the same on the way back.

2:50pm was the first time I was glad to be going back to the cell. I light a fag and they call me to the roundabout for my mail; they open it in front of me and when I see they are destroying the part with the sender’s address on it I ask them why. I’m told that the reason is that it’s they who command, they point to a small room and order me to go inside because they have to search me (as I’m back from the trial).

The place stinks but as things are getting ugly I go, they order me to leave only my underpants on.

After I take my clothes off they start slapping me with black gloves on, 3 of them, one after the other with a fourth watching the door, saying things like: “you’re just an inmate, you have no rights, here we are in charge, no questions asked, etc.”, at a certain point the fourth screw says to them make a move or they’ll see you and then they’ll start hollering.

They get out of the room and leave me there with my ears ringing, in my underpants with the metallic taste of blood in my mouth.

Another one arrives, looks at me, puts on the gloves and gives me a slap in the face from above (almost jumping as if he’s hitting back in volley ball) then orders me to get a move on and get dressed, but when I reach for my clothes he strikes me again saying I have to hurry up.

He is interrupted by a colleague of his telling him that time’s up because the other prisoners are coming back from the yard, I put my clothes on and go back to the roundabout to pick up my letters.
There the chief guard starts: “If thieves break into your house, who you call?”. Obviously, I don’t answer. He goes on for a while saying “come on say the little word, who you call, eh? Come on say it, say it, it costs you nothing” (all this 2 cm from my face) at a certain point he gets bored and says “because you don’t want to call us from now on you won’t call attendants or nurses either, not even to ask to have a shower” and goes on “you won’t go to the yard or the shower any more, you’ll wash in the sink etc. and now to the cell, move, big steps because you’re in jail and we give the orders here”.

Shaken I go to the cell and throw myself on the bed, exhausted.

Pus and blood come out of my ear, in the evening my cellmate calls the guards and has a painkiller brought to me, in the night I can’t sleep for the pain in the ear but at a certain point I drop off.

When I wake up there is a patch of blood on the bed sheet where my head had been, that had come out of my ear.

Again thanks to my cellmate who calls her, a nurse sees me and says that probably I’ve got injuries to my right eardrum and risk losing my hearing. Now as I write these lines it is the evening of the 9th, it’s 9pm and my ear is still bleeding.


Prison of Le Vallette
Turin, October 9th, 2019

P. S.: They justified the hitting because of graffiti “FUCK THE CARABINIERI” which I didn’t write (nor erase).
With head held high



A reminder that we have created a poste-pay account to collect all the money raised by benefits, initiatives and anyone who wants to contribute to supporting comrades in prison and to the expenses already to be met (lawyers, train journeys to Turin, court of review) and those that will be faced when the trial begins.
The details of the account are:

Alice Zaffaroni [account name]
Poste-pay evolution number 5333 1710 8726 9136
Iban: IT62I3608105138291221891240

For communications and updates come to Milan or write to tuttxliberx at
via: insuscettibilediravvedimento

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Warzone Distro New Zines List Novemeber 2019 (with more to come)

Anarchist News - Sat, 11/02/2019 - 15:13
Warzone Distro New Zines List Novemeber 2019 (with more to come)

Warzone Distro New Zines List Novemeber 2019 (with more to come)

Degenerations: Between Pride and Gender Victimhood by Anna Beniamino (currently held captive by the state)

“I am anarchist, I am not feminist because I see feminism as a sectorial and victimist withdrawal, I have never made any gender discrimination although I don’t use gender­friendly linguistic conventions, on the contrary I often use dirty politically incorrect language. I think that the annulment of gender privilege and similar oppression is already contained in the search for anarchy, that is to say in the practice of anti­-authoritarian relations, and should be cultivated there. Ah, I forgot, I loathe consciousness-­raising in public meetings and I also consider assemblies to be blunt instruments. I understand and also have the will to meet. But I see how all too often the assembly degenerates into sterile self­-representation.”

Out of Civilitopia

“Why was caveman hunting selected for the podium, and not murder or rape or infanticide or cannibalism or causing species extinctions when there was also evidence of those in pre­history humans? When evidence of some hunting was found, why did that result in the practice of eating animals being applied to all humans going back to origins? Did the machismo leaders cherry pick a more alluring ‘killer ape’ early ancestry to justify current carnistic practices? Was it strategic that this lie also boosted the noxious ego to fuel the march toward the magical kingdom of Civilitopia?”

Lions in the Brush: On the Anatomy and Guidelines of Cell Structured Resistance

“There are two types of cells, sleeper cells and phantom cells. The sleeper cell consists of one lone wolf individual; the phantom cell however is made of no more than 2-5 individuals. Anything beyond 5 members risks falling into the same pitfalls as the organization, and begins to lose its solidity and causes it to be more vulnerable to infiltration, thus compromising its effectiveness. More importantly, cell structure differs from the organization in that, if one cell is taken out and/or compromised, it remains physically impossible for that to have any effect on any other cell. If we drew one big circle or pyramid (the organization), imagine if it only took one pin to stick into the organization block to destroy it. In the case of cell structure, the only way to destroy the cells would be to pin them each one by one, which means you would need to first locate and identify each and every one, and pick them off individually. The chance of successfully identifying all of those unknown numbers of underground cells is usually quite small. This is what gives cell structured resistance its near invincibility.”

No Hope, No Future: Let the Adventures Begin!

“But this reality, however dismal, motivates my desire to make my life, through fierce revolt, as joyful and fulfilling as possible! My hopelessness does not paralyze me with fear or depression; I celebrate it with hysterical laughter and ecstasy in spite of civilization’s death march. I arm my desires with the urgency to live… against the social order of monotony and peaceful enslavement, to sleep beneath the stars, to feel sunshine and a breeze with every hair on my body, to listen to the late­-night conversations of the insects, to become wild…"

Prison Break: An Anarchist Blueprint for Hedonism

“Love and support to those who dropped out of school and faced life with nothing more than a lock­pick set and a backpack. Love and support to those who riot within the prisons of asylums and “correctional” facilities. Love and support to those who weaponized their lives, taking rebellion to their graves in choosing death over imprisonment. A howl to the lifestylist ex­-workers who found fierce joy in the materialized anarchy of their wildest dreams.”

Pure Black: An Emerging Consensus Among Some Comrades by Paul Z. Simons (Was a personal friend of Warzone Distro. RIP)

“The term “black” anarchist has been thrown around recently in a number of
international milieux and journals. Indeed during the last few years of my
travels throughout North and South America and Europe I have noted repeated
attempts to define, through action and theory, the ideas associated with black
anarchy. Following is a brief, incomplete outline of some of the more common
aspects of what black anarchists think and do. These tendencies are numbered
for convenience, and not to show priority or importance.”

Subversive Anarchy Past and Present

"The illegalist current is an offshoot of individualist anarchism. Refusing to be exploited, forced to work for some rich tyrant, instead the illegalist chooses to rob them. It’s an anti-work ethic for individual autonomy to be realised in real life right away through Individual expropriation also known as individual reclamation."

"Individual reclamation gained notoriety in France in the last decades of the 19th and early 20th century gave birth to what was to become known as illegalism."

This zine written by Renzo Conners highlights illegalist, individualist anarchy past and present.

Why Break Windows by Armeanio Lewis (Was a personal friend of Warzone Distro. RIP)

“And this is where the anarchist reaction diverges from the simple reaction. As anarchist, we take things further. We are radical, rebellious, iconoclastic, nihilistic individuals who’s only goal is the destruction of which destroys us. Capitalism, White Supremacy, Patriarchy, all of these apparatuses of domination that aim to control us, that expect us to submit. They are not met by a simple proclamation of againstness but a swift and decisive action that not only proclaims but shocks those in power. From the simple smashing of windows to the placement of a bomb or the robbing of the bank our actions are heard and felt rather than ignored and treated as everyday life.”

More zines are in the process of being put together and released.

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This Is America #94: PG&E Firestorm, Rojava Solidarity in Seattle, Impeachment Crisis

It's Goin Down - Sat, 11/02/2019 - 07:08

The post This Is America #94: PG&E Firestorm, Rojava Solidarity in Seattle, Impeachment Crisis appeared first on It's Going Down.

Welcome, to This Is America, October 31st, 2019.

On this episode, we speak with an organizer from the bay area, about the history of PG&E, a private utility company linked to decades and decades of fires, pipeline explosions, and more – all caused by the corporations drive to put profits before the public. We also speak with folks involved in Rojava solidarity organizing in Seattle.

We then launch into a conversation on the continuing impeachment crisis, US intervention in Syria, and more.

All this and more, but first, let’s get to the news!

Living and Fighting

Mass demonstrations have continued in Haiti, with recent clashes resulting in at least two deaths after an armed attack took place against an anti-government protest following a rally by police who were demanding higher wages and health benefits. One person was shot in the attack, however the shooter was grabbed by the crowd and then set on fire. Protests have been raging for months, demanding that President Moise, backed by the United States, step down. According to a report by Al Jazeera:

An auditors’ court probing two billion dollars in aid from a Venezuelan oil fund found that companies run by Moise before he became president were “at the heart of an embezzling scheme.”

Currently, supporters of Moise are calling on Trump to intervene, which some have inferred to mean military aid.

Oct. 28, 2019 protests in #Haiti's capital against US/Trump backed govt of @moisejovenel. Protesters say they hate Clintons but aren't stupid. Trump is in charge of the US embassy which most consider the real power in Haiti. They believe he is keeping the corrupt govt in power.

— Haiti Information Project 📡 (@HaitiInfoProj) October 29, 2019

New documents obtained by The Intercept show that in the Trump era the FBI has continued to focus heavily on surveilling and infiltrating black liberation movements and organizations. According to the report:

Between 2015 and 2018, the FBI dedicated considerable time and resources to opening a series of “assessments” into the activities of individuals and groups it mostly labeled “black separatist extremists.” This designation was eventually folded into the category of “black identity extremism.” Earlier this year, following an onslaught of criticism from elected officials, civil liberties advocates, and even some law enforcement groups, the FBI claimed that it had abandoned the “black identity extremism” label, substituting it for a “racially motivated violent extremism.”

As The Intercept has reported, following the killing of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, the FBI began spying on Ferguson activists and tracking their movements across states, warning local law enforcement partners that Islamic State group supporters were “urging” protesters to join their ranks. The FBI also drafted a mysterious “race paper,” the contents of which remain secret even though the bureau has disowned it. And as the Young Turks reported, the bureau has established a program dubbed “Iron Fist” targeting so-called black identity extremists with undercover agents.

“These documents suggest that since at least 2016, the FBI was engaged in a national intelligence collection effort to manufacture a so-called ‘Black Identity Extremist’ threat,” Nusrat Choudhury, deputy director of the ACLU Racial Justice Program, told The Intercept. “They are spending a lot of energy on this and they are clearly reaching out to other law enforcement.”

In other news, this week saw demonstrations organized across the US as part of a National Day of Outrage around the case of Atatiana Jefferson who was murdered in her home by a police officer conducting a wellness check. Protesters also gathered in Fresno, California to protest the killing of 16 year-old Isiah Murrietta-Golding, who was shot in the back and killed in 2017, while running from police; the video has just been released.

Black Morning! Yesterday was Powerful, as we took to our streets for a #DayOfOutOutrage We would like to thank everyone who came out to #ProtectOurSisters @AmericanU students Rise Up!#HandsOffGianna She was found Not Guilty of all charges @untilfreedom #WeKeepUsSafe #sayhername

— BlackLivesMatter DC (@DMVBlackLives) October 29, 2019

Protests against ICE remain widespread. In the last few days, anti-ICE demonstrations were organized in Minneapolis, demanding that ICE be removed from a building complex. On October 25th, cities across the country saw protests against Greyhound, decrying the companies practice of allowing ICE agents to board buses and attempt to capture undocumented people. Meanwhile, students at Penn State shut down a speaking event featuring the former director of ICE.

So a protest against ICE and Greyhound bus cooperating with them just walked by me

— Fro-vember (@WordsMeanings) October 25, 2019

After four days, members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) have ended a strike which shut down four stores of the fast food chain, Burgerville. The Burgerville Workers Union wrote on Facebook:

A four day, four store strike. We really did it. And today, we’re back to work–both at our stores, and at the bargaining table. Faced with our collective power, Burgerville is ready to actually negotiate with us over wages, and it feels like we have a real path forward towards a fair contract and a living wage.

We shut Burgerville down this week, over and over and over. We made sure they had barely any customers on Blazers opening night. Dining rooms at striking shops were closed almost the entire length of the strike. We faced down intimidation from Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer, and just kept rolling with our week of action. This is what worker power and solidarity looks like.

Right now, it’s hard to fully comprehend what we did, you did, we ALL did this week. All we can say is thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

On Vancouver Island in so-called British Columbia, people took to the streets in solidarity with the Tiny House Warriors, who were recently attacked by Canadian police for asserting Native sovereignty over their unceded lands where a pipeline is currently under construction.

In Appalachia, miners who launched a nearly two month blockade of coal trains have now won over $5 million in back pay.

Finally, a new report from Unicorn Riot has exposed:

Gavin Sample, a student at Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO), is involved in right-wing campus groups and volunteers for Republican election campaigns. He’s also a member of the neo-nazi group Identity Evropa, according to leaked chat records.

Gavin Sample is an instructive case study of how young white nationalists, radicalized online, are working quietly to inject their views into GOP politics.

According to his post’s online, Sample was also heavily involved in the pro-Trump group, Turning Point USA, which has been repeatedly linked to the Alt-Right and is heavily backed by the Trump administration and wealthy corporate donors.

Stand in Solidarity
  • Ferguson prisoner Josh Williams is in need of donations on his books. Go here to find out how to donate through JPay.
  • Anarchist and black liberation prisoner Comrade Malik Washington is in need of support. Please participate in this phone zap to help him.
  • Check out Oakland IWOC to find out how to support a phone zap campaign in solidarity with striking prisoners at Santa Rita Jail in the bay area. More info here.
  • Political prisoner Jared Chase is finally coming home and needs some help getting back on his feet. Go here to donate.
Upcoming Events
  • November 1st: FTP March Against the Police. Brooklyn, NY. More info.
  • November 2nd: Solidarity events with Rojava across the US & world. More info.
  • November 2nd: Rally against neo-Confederates and white nationalists. Pittsboro, NC. More info.
  • November 2nd: Rally against the far-Right. Madison, WI. More info.
  • November 7th: Protest far-Right Grifter Andy Ngo at Corporate Backed Heritage Foundation in DC. More info.
  • November 9th: Boston Anarchist Bookfair. More info.
  • November 9th: Rally to oppose Daughters of the Confederacy in Atlanta, GA. More info.
  • November 30th – December 1st: Seattle Anarchist Bookfair. More info.
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Bay Area: Santa Rita Strike Grows and Continues Into Third Day

It's Goin Down - Sat, 11/02/2019 - 06:41

The post Bay Area: Santa Rita Strike Grows and Continues Into Third Day appeared first on It's Going Down.

Report from the Oakland Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) on the growing work and hunger strike at the Santa Rita jail in the bay area of California.

A hunger strike and work stoppage which began on Wednesday, October 30 inside Santa Rita Jail has continued through Friday, November 1. Since Wednesday, the number of individuals refusing to report to work assignments, meals, and jail programs has grown to over 300, according to attorney Yolanda Huang. All kitchen workers are on strike, she says, prompting threats from Santa Rita staff who claim that no one will receive food if the strike continues.

Santa Rita depends on unpaid labor from inmates to produce 16,000 meals a day for its own operations, as well as for other jails across the Bay Area. Huang [an attorney working with strikers] reports that women inmates are now being forced to work in the kitchen, despite the fact that many do not have medical clearance to handle food. This will only exacerbate the public health issues which prompted the strike in the first place, she argues. Detainees report that they are served food that is spoiled and nutritionally poor. Poor sanitation and lack of access to cleaning supplies has led to “swarms of gnats” in communal areas.

The jailwide strike originated in Housing Unit 31, where a man died on Saturday, October 26. While the jail claims that the man died in booking, detainees allege that the man was in serious medical distress that remained unaddressed by guards until the man stopped breathing. Detainees who called for help were moved to the yard “so that there would be no witnesses,” says Huang. The attitude of guards inside Santa Rita is that “if you are in pain, if you are suffering, then you are a criminal and you deserve it,” she says. Nine people have died in Santa Rita custody in 2019 already.

The Audit Ahern Coalition is calling for a complete audit of the Alameda County Sheriff’s budget and administration of Santa Rita Jail. In addition, Attorney Yolanda Huang argues that supervisors should hold a public forum with Sheriff Ahern and conduct an independent investigation into conditions inside the jail. Advocates are calling on the community to contact the Sheriff’s Office and the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to ask that detainees not be punished for engaging in the strike.

Demands of the strike include:

  • Better and more nutritious food, that is not spoiled nor served in unsanitary ways

  • An end to price-gouging for commissary, phone calls, and video visitation

  • More changes of clothing and laundry access

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Access to lawyers and legal library

  • Daily exercise and recreation time

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Minneapolis, MN: Protest Against Line 3 Pipeline Outside the Home of Cargill CEO

It's Goin Down - Sat, 11/02/2019 - 06:32

The post Minneapolis, MN: Protest Against Line 3 Pipeline Outside the Home of Cargill CEO appeared first on It's Going Down.

Report from recent anti-Line 3 pipeline action in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – On Thursday – Halloween – evening, Minnesotans protested at the house of David MacLennan, the chief executive officer of Cargill, the multinational agriculture commodities trader based in Wayzata, MN. Protesters organized with Northfield Against Line 3 staged a “funeral for the earth,” stressing the role of Cargill in the ongoing destruction of the Amazon rainforest. Across huge expanses of the Brazilian Amazon and the adjacent Cerrado savannah, fires continue to rage.

“I’m here to fight for the planet and Indigenous rights,” said Michelle Wenderlich. “Cargill is a commodities trader, and they trade in embargoed Brazilian soy and beef  which comes from illegally deforestated areas that directly threaten the existence, rights, and land of Indigenous people.”

Brazil’s economy has long relied on agriculture commodity exports. It is one of the world’s biggest producers of soy and beef. Cargill is one of the major commodities traders that trades with Brazilian agroindustry actors and works with financial institutions such as JPMorgan Chase and BlackRock that provide foreign capital. In the pursuit of profits, Cargill facilitates the destruction of the Amazon for soy and beef production.

Cargill has previously “pledged to eliminate deforestation” and committed to cleaning up its supply chains. In July 2019, the advocacy group Mighty Earth reported that Cargill’s trading remains “closely associated with deforestation.” In 2018, Cargill was among a handful of multinational companies fined millions for buying soy from land that had been embargoed for illegal deforestation in Brazil.

Protesters drew attention to the role of David MacLennan in determining Cargill’s policies. In a speech outside MacLennan’s house, Revmira Beeby said that “Corporations are just intangible entities. It’s the handful of top executives and the Cargill family in charge of Cargill that are directly responsible for Cargill’s policies. CEO David MacLennan is personally responsible for the burning of the Amazon rainforest and the threatening of Indigenous peoples and their land. Cargill’s corruption and inaction is what brings us here – outside the home of MacLennan to hold him accountable.”

2019 has seen a record number of wildfires raging in protected areas of the Brazilian Amazon, with the Kayapó and Munduruku indigenous territories among the worst hit. The fires are no accident. The Bolsonaro regime is actively encouraging guerilla farmers, loggers and miners to invade and burn indigenous territories so that they can be stolen for global commodities trading purposes such as with Cargill. This is part of an explicit campaign of indigenous genocide and ecocide. Bolsonaro has explicitly admitted that “the recognition of indigenous land is an obstacle to agribusiness.” [1]

To enact this agenda, Bolsonaro has rolled back environmental protections and attacked Indigenous peoples’ and Afro-Brazilians’ constitutionally-guaranteed right to the land. Spurred on by these actions, land grabbers and plantation owners working with Cargill have intentionally set wildfires to clear the forests. Cargill is working with the Bolsonaro regime and is purchasing from these embargoed areas, and is thus directly supporting this practice.

When asked about their role in organizing the event, Jonathan Chen said, “I’m with Northfield Against Line 3 and we organize against Enbridge’s Line 3 tar sands pipeline in northern Minnesota. The issues echo each other: Enbridge is clear-cutting the proposed route ahead of necessary permits and without consent in Indigenous territories up north, and are threatening Indigenous peoples and their sovereignty. We see similar violence being waged by Cargill, which is why we organized this event in solidarity.”


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US airports have hired Ebola screeners to test blood samples from travelers coming to the US from countries plagued by the deadly virus

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Sat, 11/02/2019 - 05:21

US airports have hired Ebola screeners to test blood samples from travelers coming to the US from countries plagued by the deadly virus --Several agencies in the Washington, DC, and Las Angeles, California areas recently put out quiet job postings for Ebola screeners --A representative of the Northern Virginia Emergency Medical Services Council confirmed that more than one part-time position had been filled --No cases have been reported in the US or neighboring countries, but the Bahamas yesterday said it is now on 'high alert' for the arrival of Ebola | 01 Nov 2019 | Washington Dulles International Airport has hired part-time staff screen travelers for the Ebola virus, an administrative coordinator at the Northern Virginia Emergency Medical Services Council (NVEMSC) told NVEMSC as well as several other groups made job postings for screeners earlier this year, and the NVEMSC coordinator says that all of its positions have been filled...In August, the calls for similar jobs began appearing unceremoniously on LinkedIn and, made by several groups that appear to contract with the US government, including Caduceus Healthcare. And the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health was recently in search of a nurse to oversee 'biothreat responses,' including to Ebola, reported the Epoch Times.

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'Amtrak Joe' Spent Big on Private Planes, Helicopters

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Sat, 11/02/2019 - 05:03

'Amtrak Joe' Spent Big on Private Planes, Helicopters | 25 Oct 2019 | While longtime Democratic officeholder Joe Biden brands himself as solidly blue-collar, records reviewed by RealClearPolitics reveal a politician who has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout his career on transportation by private plane and even private helicopter. Some of the travel was paid for by his campaigns and other trips by taxpayers. On more than one occasion, Biden chartered flights aboard planes owned by longtime political donors and lobbyists...Sitting in first place, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average, he spent $924,000 in the last quarter alone traveling on private planes, Federal Election Commission records show.

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Workshops Announced at Boston Anarchist Bookfair, Nov 9th – 10th

It's Goin Down - Fri, 11/01/2019 - 23:49

The post Workshops Announced at Boston Anarchist Bookfair, Nov 9th – 10th appeared first on It's Going Down.

The Boston Anarchist Bookfair has just announced the schedule of our workshops this year!

The vendor table area will be held at the George Sherman Union, 775 Commonwealth Ave, in the Back Court room on the first floor (behind the food court seating). The workshops will be held a fifth of a mile down the street in the Center for Arts and Sciences (CAS).

Saturday, November 9, 2019

10:00am Vendor tables open!
  11:00 – 12:30

Anarchism 101

The Practice of Cop Watching 1:30 – 3:00

From “Another World Is Possible” to the Possible End of the World: Anarchistic Reflections on 1999-2019

Protester Health & Safety Training 3:15 – 4:45

The Certain Days Collective and Political Prisoner Support

Democratic Confederalism from Rojava to North American
  5:00 – 6:30

Online security and Dox Protection

Organizing Your Own Union: How to Beat The Boss
7:00 Vendor Tables Close   Sunday, November 10, 2019

Vendor tables open!

11:00 – 12:30
Be Your Own Weapon

Book/Zine Making for Kids and Adults
  1:30 – 3:00

The Return of Radical Science

Feminist Reckoning: Lessons from Black Rose at Five   3:15 – 4:45

Resisting ICE Panel Discussion Pt. 1

Self-Managed Abortion with Medication: Safe, Effective, Common
  5:00 – 6:30

Resisting ICE Panel Discussion Pt. 2

The Art of the Organizing 1:1

Vendor tables close

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Invasion: New Documentary About Unist’ot’en

It's Goin Down - Fri, 11/01/2019 - 23:15

The post Invasion: New Documentary About Unist’ot’en appeared first on It's Going Down.

New short film on the ongoing struggle of the Unisto’ot’en Camp of the Wet’suwet’en Nation to reoccupy their lands and stop pipeline construction.

In this era of “reconciliation,” Indigenous land is still being taken at gunpoint. INVASION is a new film about the Unist’ot’en Camp, Gidimt’en checkpoint and the larger Wet’suwet’en Nation standing up to the Canadian government and corporations who continue colonial violence against Indigenous people.

**Full Length Film coming in 2020**

The Unist’ot’en Camp has been a beacon of resistance for nearly 10 years. It is a healing space for Indigenous people and settlers alike, and an active example of decolonization. The violence, environmental destruction, and disregard for human rights following TC Energy (formerly TransCanada) / Coastal GasLink’s interim injunction has been devastating to bear, but this fight is far from over.

Organize a community screening of this film!

Simply download the film here (1.3GB), make a Facebook event using this graphic, and download and print the poster designed by Gord Hill and plaster around your town.

English Subtitles | Spanish Subtitles 

You can pass the hat for donations to send to the camp and hold a discussion about how people can help further Indigenous movements for self-determination. If you plan to fundraise at your screening please use the fundraising guide and let us know about your event so we can help promote it!

Unist’ot’en continues to need funds to reoccupy their lands and fight in the colonial courts.

To Donate:

We encourage discussion after the film to encourage ongoing organizing efforts to support the Wet’suwet’en. Below are some sample questions you can use to get a discussion going:

  1. What is the colonial history of this region? Who occupied these lands before the establishment of the current borders & national government?
  2. What does anti-colonial struggle look like in this area?  Are there any active anti-colonial struggles going on?
  3. What projects are people in this room currently engaged with that could benefit from applying more of an anti-colonial lens?  What would this actually look like in practice… aside from just token acknowledgement?
  4. What are some of the practical things that non-Indigenous activists should know about when working with Indigenous groups, or in Indigenous-led campaigns?
  5. What financial institutions, politicians, or corporations based in your community are supporting the destruction of Wet’suwet’en lands?
  6. What are some ways of demonstrating material support for the Unis’tot’en and Wet’suwet’en? How can you support Wet’suwet’en sovereignty from your stand?

#unistoten / #wetsuwetenstrong / #wedzinkwa / #nopipelines / #invasion / #thetimeisnow / #waterislife

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O'Rourke ends presidential bid

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Fri, 11/01/2019 - 22:45

O'Rourke ends presidential bid | 01 Nov 2019 | Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas) announced Friday that he would drop out of the presidential race, ending what was once thought to be a potential leading 2020 Democratic bid that failed to garner the same enthusiasm that surrounded his Senate campaign last year. O'Rourke said in a post on the website Medium that it had become clear he did not have the means to keep his campaign afloat, an acknowledgement of the financial struggles the former Texas congressman has faced in recent months.

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Pelosi suggests impeachment inquiry could expand beyond Ukraine

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Fri, 11/01/2019 - 20:53

Pelosi suggests impeachment inquiry could expand beyond Ukraine | 01 Nov 2019 | Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Friday it's possible that controversies beyond Ukraine could be part of the impeachment case against President Trump. House Democrats have recently sought to narrow their impeachment inquiry to the allegations stemming from an intelligence community whistleblower complaint that said Trump tried to pressure Ukraine to initiate politically charged investigations in return for the release of congressionally approved security aid...Pelosi on Friday emphasized that the decision on articles of impeachment will be up to the committees handling the inquiry. She did not rule out the possibility that the obstruction of justice allegations against Trump in Mueller's report could come up.

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Environmental Justice Activists Arrested Amid Growing Concerns Over Louisiana’s Cancer Alley Pollution

deSmog - Fri, 11/01/2019 - 20:53
Police and protesters in Baton RougeRead time: 9 mins

Mounting concerns over pollution, public health, and the expansion of the petrochemical industry came to a head when two activists were detained in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on October 30, the last day of a two-week protest against environmental racism in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley. 

Tags: cancer alleyCoalition Against Death AlleyConcerned Citizens of St. JohnRISE St. James
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We need your support to keep reporting in 2020 and beyond

Global Muckracker - Fri, 11/01/2019 - 18:15

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) is thrilled to be participating once again in NewsMatch, the national nonprofit news campaign that doubles gifts of up to $1,000 from individual donors. We have the opportunity to raise $20,000 in matching funds for independent investigative journalism now through December 31.

How can you help?

Start by learning more about ICIJ Insiders, our growing community of individual supporters from around the world. Like many nonprofits, ICIJ relies heavily on foundation support (and we’re grateful to have it!). But we know that in order to be sustainable and impactful over the long term, we need to diversify our funding base. That’s where you come in — your support is reliable and consistent and it keeps our reporting fearless, bold and independent. Our goal over the next several years is to significantly increase the revenue we receive from readers like you.

“We’ve seen initial success with our ICIJ Insiders program and now we want to take it to the next level,”  ICIJ’s Director Gerard Ryle explained. “We are truly inspired by the thousands of people who donate what they can because they understand that investigative journalism is vital. By drastically expanding our crowdfunding efforts, and having to rely less on foundation support, we can ensure ICIJ’s sustainability over the long term.”

Now is the perfect time to join us, because NewsMatch will double your one-time gift or match new monthly gifts 12x. We recently opened ICIJ Insiders up to all of our donors, which means you get the same benefits if you join at $5  as you do for joining at $500 (read more about our benefits here). We only ask you to contribute what you can to power our journalism in 2020 and beyond.

Because where would we be without investigative journalism?

Recommended reading

Powerful people and institutions would be able to act in corrupt, immoral and illegal ways without being held accountable. The most vulnerable people in our society would suffer more without journalists being able to tell their story. What would happen in your own country — your own community — without the courageous work of investigative journalists?

We don’t like to imagine that scenario, but it’s a real possibility. Every day, we hear from our members and partners about the challenges to reporting in their home countries. We have seen a rise in threats to press freedom around the world, with journalists being detained, punished, or even killed. ICIJ’s model of global, collaborative journalism is more important than ever, because we combat these threats and attacks through the collective power of our network and the truth we tell in our stories.

This is why we ask for your help.

ICIJ needs support from readers like you to exist and thrive, so we can root out and expose corruption in all corners of the world. Help us fulfill this mission by joining ICIJ Insiders and becoming part of a powerful movement to strengthen nonprofit investigative journalism this NewsMatch campaign.

The post We need your support to keep reporting in 2020 and beyond appeared first on ICIJ.

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City of Austin To Support Worker Cooperative Development

Grassroots Economic Survival - Fri, 11/01/2019 - 17:14
City of Austin To Support Worker Cooperative Development Josh Davis Fri, 11/01/2019 - 17:14

The Austin Cooperative Business Association announces a big win for cooperatives in Central Texas, as the Austin City Council passes an express directive to the Economic Development Department to pilot a worker cooperative development program in fiscal year 2020.  This program will create outreach and education materials, and provide direct technical assistance to groups seeking to form worker owned businesses as well as cooperative conversions, in which an existing business is sold to its workers.


The specifics of the recommendation include $50,000 for a pilot program to provide training, technical assistance, referrals, and outreach, $20,000 for providing technical assistance to owners and workers when converting businesses to co-ops, and $5,000 for advertising costs to promote succession to a worker cooperative to a wider audience, and assisting the city’s Small business Program with developing an online “How To” guide.

Read the rest at Austin Cooperative Business Association


Insert an image into the text Publication date Fri, 11/01/2019 - 12:00
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Vaccine Trials in India Deliberately Infect Humans with Deadly Diseases to Test Experimental Vaccines

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Fri, 11/01/2019 - 16:36

Vaccine Trials in India Deliberately Infect Humans with Deadly Diseases to Test Experimental Vaccines | 16 Oct 2019 | ...Public health authorities around the globe have become marketing auxiliaries for vaccine manufacturers. A report in the Economic Times of India, confirms that the Indian health ministry is working with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the Department of Biotechnology, and the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) as they embark on a medical atrocity -- that is, to conduct clinical trials in which human beings are deliberately infected with deadly diseases in order to test the efficacy of experimental vaccines. The India Infection Research Consortium has named these experiments: "controlled human infection model (CHIM)." This "controlled human infection model" is no different than the medical atrocities committed by the medical establishment under the Nazi regime. [That's because the goals of the Nazi regime and vaccine manufacturers were one and the same same goal: extermination-for-profit. --LRP]

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Prison Break: Message In a Bottle

It's Goin Down - Fri, 11/01/2019 - 15:17

The post Prison Break: Message In a Bottle appeared first on It's Going Down.

There’s only two months left in the year, and that means only two more images in your 2019 Certain Days calendar. November’s stunningly poignant artwork is by recently-deceased political prisoner Tom Manning. The painting is a replica of an image that appeared in the New York Times of Margareth Guerrier, one of several hundred Haitian villagers that worked with the Boston-based group Partners in Health to deliver medications to underprivileged Haitians suffering with AIDS and tuberculosis. The essay for November, entitled “To Respect Our Elders, We Must Free Them,” is written by Laura Whitehorn and Dave George, members of the New York-based Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP) campaign.

If you haven’t already ordered your 2020 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners calendar then it’s time to step up your game. With art and artwork by Xinachtli, David Gilbert, Eric King, Jaan Laaman, Marius Mason, Oso Blanco, Richard Rivera, Garen Zakarian, and so many more, you won’t want to miss out on having this on your wall. They sell out quickly so order soon, and remember that these calendars serve as fundraisers, so you can make money for your group or organization simply by selling these rad calendars! Buy 10 or more for $10 each and sell them for $15 each, keeping that extra for your organization.

Here’s a look at what’s ahead in November, as well as a recap of what went down in October.

Political Prisoner Birthdays in November

There are only three political prisoner birthdays in November, so send them a card or letter and show solidarity. Remember that prisoners at Federal prisons (USPs and FCIs) cannot receive cards, colored paper, or colored ink.

November 1st:
Ed Poindexter, #27767
Nebraska State Penitentiary
PO Box 22500
Lincoln, NB 68542

November 10th:
Joseph Dibee, #20190001363
Columbia County Jail
901 Port Avenue
St. Helens, OR 97051

November 25th:
Joshua Williams, #1292002
Missouri Eastern Correctional Center
18701 Old Highway 66
Pacific, MO 63069

Longtime political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim was recently denied parole in a unanimous decision by the Parole Board. Imprisoned since August of 1971, Jalil was given a 12-month hit, meaning he cannot go back to the parole board for another year.


Political prisoner Xinachtli, who has been receiving Hepatitis C anti-viral treatment since July, has relayed positive updates on his recovery. According to Xinachtli, he “saw the Hepatitis C specialist on 09/23/19 and she told me my last blood tests showed the Hep C virus is completely gone, and the medicines worked, and restored my liver […]” Xinachtli received his final Hepatitic C treatment on October 6. Xinachtli has been transferred post-surgery, and his current address is below.

Xinachtli*, #255735
James V. Allred Unit
2101 FM 369 North
Iowa Park, TX 76367
*Address envelope to Alvaro Luna Hernandez

Ongoing Cases

Anti-fascist activist David Campbell entered Rikers Island on October 23rd, to begin an 18 month sentence for an altercation that happened at an alt-right event in New York City on January 20, 2018. Campbell took a non-cooperating plea to avoid a longer sentence at an upstate New York prison. Write David and show your solidarity.

David Campbell, #3101900657
Eric M. Taylor Center
10-10 Hazen Street
East Elmhurst, NY 11370

On October 10th, political prisoner and hacktivist Jeremy Hammond was found in contempt for refusing to cooperate with a Federal Grand Jury in the Eastern District of Virginia. Jeremy has released a statement explaining his decision, and he is still being held indefinitely. You can write to Jeremy at the address below.

Jeremy Hammond, #A0182888
William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center
2001 Mill Road
Alexandria, VA 22314

On October 24th, seven Catholic Workers, known as the Kings Bay Plowshares 7, were found guilty on all four counts. The activists were arrested after attempting to nonviolently disarm nuclear weapons at the Naval Base Kings Bay on April 4th, 2018. Sentencing is expected in late December, and one of the defendants,  Steve Kelly, remains in prison today.


With the holiday season soon approaching, now is a great time to donate to some of the dedicated political prisoners who have recently been released, or who are hopefully soon to be released. Making that transition from prison to the outside can be a very trying and at times difficult switch. Any and all support that we can provide goes a long way towards showing solidarity with those who gave up so much fighting for our freedoms.

There are ongoing fundraisers for released MOVE 9 members, Eddie Africa, Janine and Janet Africa, as well as Debbie and Mike Africa. Recently released Cleveland 4 member Connor Stevens also has ongoing fundraising efforts. NATO 3 political prisoner Jay Chase is scheduled to be released from prison on November 6th (only days away), and there is a fundraiser to welcome him home. Additionally, Ramsey Orta, who filmed the murder of Eric Garner by the NYPD in July 2014, is expected to be released in December 2019. There is a welcome home fundraiser if you would like to provide support for after his release. There is also an ongoing  fundraiser for Nina Droz Franco, arrested in 2017 for blocking a riot police line in Puerto Rico. Franco is scheduled to be released in February 2020.


If you write to political prisoner Muhammad Burton, he has been transferred. You can now write to him at:

Muhammad Burton*, # AF3896
Smart Communications / PA DOC
SCI Phoenix
PO Box 33028
St. Petersburg, FL 33733
*Address envelope to Fred Burton

Douglas Wright, #57973-060
FCI Victorville Medium II
PO Box 3850
Adelanto, CA 92301

Also in the News

October 14th marked the 40th year of imprisonment for anarchist political prisoner Bill Dunne. Captured after trying to liberate his comrades in 1979, Dunne was sentenced to 90 years. Learn more about Bill and his case here.
Longtime Indigenous political prisoner Leonard Peltier recently announced his vice-presidential candidacy with the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Upcoming Events

Certain Days Calendar launches: With the new 2020 calendar out now, there will be calendar launches and events. Find those closest to you by visiting or on social media at the following:

Twitter: @certaindays
Instagram: @certaindayscalendar

RAPP, Save the Date: Join the RAPP campaign in Albany on January 14th, 2020, for a BRING THEM HOME! day of advocacy to end death by incarceration and promote parole justice.

Certain Days to Keep in Mind

November is a busy month in liberation history. We start the month celebrating 40 years since the prison break of BLA member Assata Shakur. November 11th is the duel anniversary of the hanging of slave rebel Nat Turner as well as the hanging of the Haymarket martyrs in Chicago, in 1831 and 1887, respectively. In November we also recognize 36 years since the founding of the Zapatista National Liberation Army, as well as 20 years since the Battle of Seattle, as the World Trade Organization protests in 1999 have come to be known.

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In Vishnyvoe anarchists attack police in memory of Zhlobitsky

Anarchist News - Fri, 11/01/2019 - 14:53


On the night of 31 October 2019, we, the anarchists of Kyiv, attacked a police station in the town of Vishnyovoe, Kyiv region (address: 22 Balukova Street). Having found a hidden approach to the parking lot, we used Molotovs to destroy police vehicles.

The police are an instrument of violence in the hands of the State. We can hear that the Ukrainian police have become “better” since the reform. When drunk policemen killed a 5-year-old child in Pereyaslav-Khemnitsky on 3 June 2019, they showed us what all these reforms cost. We do not need “improved police”, but a new system: direct people’s self-governance and real control of the people over the resources and economy of the country. The order must be ensured by the structures accountable to the self-government bodies. The police in their present form are executioners at the service of robbers and oppressors. It should be abolished as an institution.

We dedicate our operation to the memory of the Russian anarchist Mikhail Zhlobitsky. Exactly one year ago, Mikhail committed an act of retaliation against the executioners and sadists of the FSB. He detonated an improvised explosive device in the Department of FSB of Arkhangelsk and sacrificed his life. The solidarity of the revolutionaries does not know the state borders. We feel the pain of the distant like-minded person as our own. We are convinced that the feat of Mikhail Zhlobitsky will not be forgotten. We call on all honest people of the world to make October 31 a day of active action against the oppressors.

Freedom or death
Long live the revolution!

Tags: memorialzhlobitskyactionVyshneveukraine
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Forest Defenders Disrupt Active Logging site for Third Consecutive Day at Rainbow Ridge

It's Goin Down - Fri, 11/01/2019 - 07:49

The post Forest Defenders Disrupt Active Logging site for Third Consecutive Day at Rainbow Ridge appeared first on It's Going Down.

Action report from Humboldt Earth First! about continued resistance to logging on Rainbow Ridge in so-called Northern California.

Honeydew, CA – Yesterday, logging work on Rainbow Ridge was interrupted for the third consecutive day by forest defenders demanding Humboldt Redwood Company (HRC) stop cutting in their contentious Rainbow Ranch Timber Harvest Plan. Forest defenders raised concerns about fire risk, the conservation value of the forest being cut, and HRC’s lack of accountability to local residents.

In the morning, a series of slash piles slowed access to the logging site. Then, in the early afternoon, forest defenders approached the area where workers with the contractor Lewis Logging were felling trees and moving logs. Forest defenders positioned their bodies in the path of a bulldozer, refused to move, and engaged the operator in conversation. Work was disrupted for a few hours before loggers left for the day.

On Tuesday, Tim Meyers, Forester 1 for the Mattole region, visited the worksite in response to dozens of requests from local residents. “An active inspection was conducted… regarding public concerns, relating to the red flag warning and its relationship to timber harvesting on Rainbow Ridge in the Mattole watershed.“ However, after a discussion with Ed Lewis, proprietor of Lewis Logging, Meyers gave him the go-ahead to continue operations.

Actions against logging in this timber harvest plan are expected to continue. “Forest defenders intend to continue to resist logging on Rainbow Ridge,”  said Meredith Dyer, a spokesperson for Earth First! Humboldt, group in support of frontline forest defenders on Rainbow Ridge. “The forest here is a diverse ecosystem, a habitat corridor connecting the Lost Coast wilderness to the redwoods. With every tree felled, road built, HRC is directly destroying endangered species habitat and contributing to climate change, removing hope that future generations have of surviving catastrophic climate collapse.”

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