Hawthorne Housing Co-operative: A More Sustainable Future

Grassroots Economic Survival - Tue, 10/29/2019 - 18:33
Hawthorne Housing Co-operative: A More Sustainable Future Josh Davis Tue, 10/29/2019 - 18:33

On the whole, the 59-unit co-op seems fine. Its vacancy loss is low, Hawthorne has reported a surplus in four of the past five years and the building condition is good. With its mortgage paid off in 2018, the co‑op has been making almost three times its former contribution to the capital reserve.

Instead of coasting comfortably, Hawthorne made a successful application to CMHC’s Preservation Fund to pay for an energy audit, aging-in-place conversion assessment and building condition assessment. The co-op has now reviewed the energy-audit recommendations, which have payback periods ranging from less than a year to, in one case, about 28 years. They will enable the co-op to cut back on the energy and water used by members.

Read the rest at The Agency for Co-operative Housing


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Four States, Led by New York, Challenge Trump Admin Over Oil Train Safety Rule

deSmog - Tue, 10/29/2019 - 17:34
Oil train cars burning near Mosier, OregonRead time: 10 mins

On October 23, New York Attorney General Letitia James, joined by attorneys general from Maryland, New Jersey, and California, sent a letter of support to the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) over a Washington state law that would limit the volatility of oil transported by train through the state.

That oil originates in the Bakken Shale in North Dakota and Montana, where trains help take the place of scarce pipelines in order to move fracked crude oil to Washington's refineries and ports along the coast. North Dakota and Montana have fought back against Washington's law, which was passed in May, and filed a petition to PHMSA in protest just two months later.

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This Is America #93: Ride the Tiger

It's Goin Down - Tue, 10/29/2019 - 05:25

The post This Is America #93: Ride the Tiger appeared first on It's Going Down.

Welcome, to This Is America, October 28th, 2019.

In this episode, we feature two interviews, the first with two people involved in the ongoing defense of the ancient Mattole forest in Northern California. We speak about how people have been fighting corporate logging of the forest for over 20 years and how this multi-generational struggle has evolved over the decades.

Next, we speak with two anarchists involved in the ongoing fight against neo-Confederate and white nationalist groups which are mobilizing to support Confederate statues after others were pulled down in Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Donate to their bailfund here.

All this and more, but first, let’s get to the news!

Living and Fighting

Two members of the Tiny House Warriors, who are defending unceded Native territory in so-called British Columbia against pipeline construction, were arrested for “bugging” construction workers last week. Both were held for three days on trumped up charges and one land defender, Kanahus Manuel, suffered a broken wrist and had to be hospitalized. In recent weeks, the Tiny House Warriors have held events and expanded their resistance camp, which seeks to block pipeline construction and facilities holding large concentration of mainly male workers, known as man-camps. For more information, follow them on social media.

Protesters hit the streets in Pittsburgh, PA on Wednesday to march against Trump, who visited the city only a few days before the one year anniversary of an Alt-Right white nationalist murdering worshipers at the Tree of Life synagogue. Trump was in the city to speak at a pro-pipeline and fracking event which featured a variety of fossil fuel industry heads and politicians. Riot police made arrests as people blocked streets and water protectors joined members of the Jewish community in the streets outside the conference, uniting the struggle against white nationalism and neo-colonial resource extraction.

We salute brave Jewish community leaders, including elders and young folks, using their bodies to demand #TrumpOutOfPGH. #OurSolidarityWill be stronger than hate!

— Bend the Arc: Jewish Action (@jewishaction) October 23, 2019

Protestors marching outside of the David Lawrence Convention Center voicing their opinions about President Trump’s visit and fracking. @WTAE

— Chandi Chapman (@ChandiWTAE) October 23, 2019

The Burgerville Workers Union (BWU), made up of members of the revolutionary anti-capitalist syndicalist union the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), on Wednesday launched a strike against the fast food restaurant Burgerville USA, demanding a living wage in the rapidly gentrifying city of Portland, Oregon. For over a year, members of the union have been in contract negotiations with the fast food chain, winning tips, holiday pay, and other concessions – but Burgerville has refused to come to the table on wages. The BWU is the first officially recognized labor union within the fast food industry and the IWW currently represents employees working in several stores across the Portland area.

Marchers are chanting ,"Boycott Burgerville, workers cannot pay their bills."

— Emily Spookykoontz (@sharkasaurusX) October 19, 2019

On Saturday, the union rallied in Portland and then marched on a Burgerville store to picket, backed up by local residents, members of other unions, and various community defense, anarchist, and antifascist organizations. The union vows to continue picketing and organizing actions and is pushing for a “WobMob” this Saturday.

UNION BUSTING UPDATE: @BurgervilleUSA is at it again!

This is Anthony, a father of a 1 year old daughter, and a Burgerville worker in Vancouver. (1/4)#1u #BoycottBurgerville

— Burgerville Workers Union (@BVWkrUnion) October 20, 2019

Burgerville corporate has also recently retaliated against one worker, the union reports on social media, writing:

Anthony, a father of a 1 year old daughter, and a Burgerville worker in Vancouver, WA…participated in a delegation with fellow union workers from across Southwest Washington to stand up to the racist and abusive managers at the Burgerville store where he works. Now, Burgerville Management has suspended him without pay pending “investigation”…

Meanwhile, across the US:

The number of striking workers ballooned to nearly 500,000 in 2018, up from about 25,000 in 2017, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is the largest number of people who have walked out on work since the mid-1980s. As employment numbers have rapidly risen over the 10-year expansion, wages have struggled to keep up. And as the labor market tightens, workers are becoming more confident about striking for better salaries and benefits.

As we speak, thousands of school support staff and teachers across Chicago remain on strike as do General Motors workers. Sadly on Tuesday, Roy A. McCombs was killed in Spring Hill, Tennessee after being hit by a car while crossing the street. Also, GM workers are currently voting on a contract backed by union officials, which many strikers have decried as a sellout contract.

BPD and the Monroe County sheriff say they only do ICE holds for violent offenders. They consider resisting arrest a violent offense. They can and will charge you with resisting for asking them too many questions.

— Southern Indiana Autonomous Defense Collective (@btownafa) October 22, 2019

In El Paso, Texas:

Two Cuban asylum seekers detained at the Otero County Processing Center attempted to commit suicide by slitting their wrists, and about 19 others have threatened to follow suit, immigrant advocates said Thursday.

[Meanwhile, local activists] said ICE detainees reached out to them from the facility in Otero County, New Mexico…about their intent to participate in a hunger strike sit-in on Friday. [Now local activists state that] those individuals are now threatening mass suicide.

Buzzfeed reports:

US immigration officials deleted surveillance footage of a transgender asylum-seeker who died while in custody last year, according to internal emails reviewed by BuzzFeed News. Attorneys say the evidence was crucial in a pending wrongful death lawsuit.

Roxsana Hernández was in the custody of ICE at a private prison operated by CoreCivic when she died in 2018 at a hospital in Albuquerque. CoreCivic, previously known as Corrections Corporations of America, is one of the largest private prison companies in the US and operates under contracts with ICE.

The Honduran native died in ICE custody on May 25, a little over two weeks after she requested asylum…

Also in Tacoma, Washington, the latest hunger strike at the Northwest Detention facility has now grown into a work strike as supporters report that:

All kitchen activity is at a stand still at #NWDC detention center. Lunch hasn’t been served. Kitchen activity has been halted…

Strikers have also released a set of demands.

#Solidarity with #Rojava!

— Pittsburgh IWW (@PittsburghIWW) October 17, 2019

Today a small group of committed people showed out for Rojava and in solidarity with the Kurdish community. We did this action with less than 24 hours to organize on the heels of a successful but surreal demo at SeaTac Airport.

— Rojava and Kurdish Solidarity Seattle (@RojavaSeaSol) October 21, 2019

Shutting down the Bay Bridge in solidarity with Rojava. #riseup4rojava

— AllOutBayArea (@alloutbay) October 19, 2019

People continue to mobilize in solidarity with Rojava, the autonomous territory of northern Syria which is currently under attack by the Turkish State. Actions and demonstrations have been organized across the US and the world, last weekend a large crowd gathered in San Francisco and then marched to block the entrance to the bay bridge. In Detroit and New York, people protested Turkish Airlines, which is half owned by the Turkish State, and in Seattle, WA, people held banners and rallied in solidarity.

In South Dakota, the ACLU reports:

South Dakota’s governor and attorney general today backed down from their unconstitutional attempts to silence pipeline protestors. In response to a lawsuit we filed…the state has agreed to never enforce the unconstitutional provisions of several state laws that threatened activists who encourage or organize protests, particularly protests of the Keystone XL pipeline, with fines and criminal penalties of up to 25 years in prison.

The laws [blocked] include the “Riot Boosting” Act, which gave the state the authority to sue individuals and organizations for “riot boosting,” a novel and confusing term.

Pro immigration crowd chanting “an-anti, anti fasciste!” as they parade through Lacolle. A marching band keeps the beat.

— Christopher Curtis (@titocurtis) October 19, 2019

Antifascists block a confederate tractor. There was a short standoff with police and traffic blocked temporarily. No arrests.

— Lindsay Ayling (@AylingLindsay) October 19, 2019


In antifascist news, demonstrations took place on the so-called Canadian side of the border with the United States, as anti-racist groups mobilized against anti-migrant far-Right organizations. In Pittsboro, North Carolina, people showed up in force against neo-Confederate, militia, and white nationalist groups who were attempting to rally in support of a Confederate statue that is scheduled to be taken down, however opposition groups blocked them from marching to the monument. Protests also took place at Colorado State University against Turning Point USA and Donald Trump, Jr.

CSU Action Reportback (thread)

— Rocky Mountain Youth Liberation Front (@RM_YLF) October 23, 2019

In other news, in Minneapolis, MN, autonomists demonstrated in solidarity with rebels in Hong Kong, while also passing out anti-capitalist texts.

Minneapolis stands with Hong Kong rebels—we share a common struggle for dignity and freedom!

Today, protesters marched around the University of Minnesota campus, followed by bootlickers of the Chinese state.

— The Minnesota Wild (@lets_go_wild) October 18, 2019

In the Pacific Northwest, climate activists shut down train tracks in opposition to the Trans-Mountain pipeline.

"We refuse to stand idly by and watch this machinery of destruction roll through our community unchallenged." – Madeline Cowen #StopTMX #keepitintheground #climatecrisis

— Portland Rising Tide (@pdxrisingtide) October 17, 2019

In Oakland, California, violence broke out when police attacked teachers, community members, and parents who were protesting school closures and the de-funding of public education at an Oakland Unified School Board meeting. Police made several arrests and at least one person was injured.

Oakland Unified School District board meeting tonight. OUSD police pulling, shoving, hitting, and arresting parents and teachers protesting school closures. Disproportionate and immediate OPD response. K-5 kids crying inconsolably. cc @mayaashleyyy @KPIXtv

— Cheshire Isaacs (@cheshiredave) October 24, 2019

Lastly in Portland, OR, anarchist and antifascists marched on a police station to read the names of people killed by the police in the last year.

While the police, at least 35 officers and a contingent of motorcycle cops, waited at Westlake in Seattle for what they thought was coming.

— Demand Utopia (@DemandUtopia) October 23, 2019

Stand in Solidarity
  • Antifascist David Campbell has been sentenced to 18 months in the New York area after being arrested at a far-Right protest in early 2018. Please go to his support website to see how to offer solidarity.
  • Another antifascist in Georgia is also being targeted under an anti-mask law for protesting a neo-Nazi group in 2018. Help them out here.
Upcoming Events
  • October 23rd – 26th: Week of action in Solidarity with Burgerville Workers Union. More info.
  • October 24th- 29th: Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Northeast tour. More info.
  • October 25th: Appalachian Fall Summit. Kayford, WV. More info.
  • October 25th: Rock Against Racism show. More info.
  • October 26th: Memorial for Sean in Portland. More info.
  • October 27th: All Out Against Anti-Semitism and White Nationalism in New York City. More info.
  • October 29th: Abolitionist organizing panel. Evanston, IL. More info.
  • November 2nd: Worldwide actions in solidarity with Rojava. More info.
  • November 7th: Protest far-Right Grifter Andy Ngo at Corporate Backed Heritage Foundation in DC. More info.
  • November 9th: Boston Anarchist Bookfair. More info.
  • November 30th – December 1st: Seattle Anarchist Bookfair. More info.
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“STOP MTR” Banner Deployed On Active MTR Site To Highlight Ongoing Destruction

It's Goin Down - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 22:49

The post “STOP MTR” Banner Deployed On Active MTR Site To Highlight Ongoing Destruction appeared first on It's Going Down.

Report from recent action in Appalachia against ongoing Mountain Top Removal (MTR).

Orgas, WV — Today, over a dozen activists associated with the RAMPS (Radical Action for Mountains’ and People’s Survival) Campaign and Appalachians Against Pipelines climbed to the edge of an active mountaintop removal (MTR) coal mine and held banners spelling “STOP MTR” in massive letters. Aerial photos of the site show the expansive destruction of the Panther Creek Mining Complex on White Oak in Boone County, WV, owned by Blackhawk Mining, LLC. The RAMPS Campaign and Appalachians Against Pipelines are calling for an end to surface mining in Appalachia because of the devastating effects of mining on drinking water, residents’ health, cultural resources, air quality, and the global climate crisis.

Clyde Bowe, a lifelong resident of the Coal River Valley, remembers hunting and root digging on White Oak for decades before it was stripped: “They shouldn’t be stripping that mountain like that. That’s bullshit. I’ve lived here my whole friggin’ life. You can’t go up there and root dig anymore, or see live trees, ‘cause they’ve stripped it. They should’ve left it the hell alone, the way I see it. They’ve gotten rid of all the game and killed everything off — that used to be good hunting up there. They should leave what’s there the hell alone, and shouldn’t continue. We should make them stop, is the way I see it.”

Junior Walk, of nearby Eunice, WV, explained: “The coal industry has exploited my community for well over a century. I am beyond proud to stand in support of those who are exposing and taking a stand against the practices of extractive industries here in West Virginia. The looming specter of global climate change makes the activities of the coal industry no longer just the problem of the people who live here. The wholesale and total destruction of acres upon acres of some of the most biologically diverse forest on the planet — for the sake of mining an antiquated resource that’s one of the main contributors to global CO2 levels — is one of the most batshit ideas anyone ever had in their life. The fact that this practice not only continues today but is expanding should be a cause for concern for every single human being.”

Today’s action comes on the heels of Fall Summit, an annual weekend event co-hosted this year by the RAMPS Campaign (an organization with a multiyear history of fighting against surface mining and supporting communities in Appalachia) and Appalachians Against Pipelines (which has sustained a nonviolent direct action campaign against the Mountain Valley Pipeline for over 1.5 years). At this event, local organizers, members of the community, and students from the region came together to build community and draw connections between fights against extractive industry and a myriad of other issues facing Appalachia, including the opioid crisis, reproductive rights, and racial justice.

The struggles against pipelines and mountaintop removal coal mining are fundamentally connected, as are all struggles against extractive industry. Across Appalachia, surface mines, fracking, and massive pipelines are presently destroying habitats, decimating the biodiversity of mountains, poisoning water supplies, and causing cancer, birth defects, and other health issues in nearby communities. The proposed Appalachian Storage Hub petrochemical complex stands to make the Ohio River Valley the next major hub for the storage and transportation of fracked gas and related chemicals. Extractive industry carries on its profit-seeking “business as usual” with no regard for the health of those around it, and is enabled by regulatory and government agencies in doing so. In 2017, a health study on the impacts of MTR was halted by the U.S. Department of Interior’s Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation and Enforcement for no clear reason. In 2019, the WV Department of Environmental Protection altered its laws concerning pipeline crossings to expedite the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline after a federal court revoked the pipeline’s permit.

Not only does extractive industry cause irreparable harm to local communities, it also drives the global climate crisis. According to a 2018 report by the International Energy Agency, coal is the single largest source of global temperature increase above pre-industrial levels. Natural gas is far from the “bridge fuel” that the industry claims it to be — according to a 2017 report by Oil Change International, the combustion of one year’s worth of fuel transported by the Mountain Valley Pipeline would be equivalent to that of 26 coal fired power plants.

Trish McLawhorn, who is active in the fight against the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines and was present at today’s action, stated the following: “As someone who strives to further educate communities about, while actively opposing, environmentally destructive projects such as the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines, it was especially heartbreaking to visit and learn about the mountaintop removal coal mining currently underway in Appalachia. The disruption of the natural world in this manner, as well as all other violent methods of fracturing our foundations, only strengthen my resolve and should compel every one of us, ever more deeply, to defend all that we love in Appalachia and beyond.”

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Luxury Spa Development Sabotaged

Anarchist News - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 22:44

via north shore counter-info

Anonymously submitted to North Shore

Recently, we quietly entered the site of a luxury spa development just north of Kingston and sabotaged several heavy machines by adding bleach to the oil tanks (thanks to Mythbusters for the tactical advice). We waited a little while for the machines to run and cycle the bleach, and now they have disappeared. We hope that the engines are permanently disabled.

The project is being proposed by BPE Developments, owned by a local ex-cop who likes to gentrify the downtown and countryside alike. If built, this 30-acre complex will include a boutique inn, spa, restaurant, craft brewery, vineyard, corporate event venue and cabin retreat, typically greenwashed with self-driving golf carts and an electric tractor.

We intend this as a gesture of solidarity with the Glenburnie residents worried about the groundwater, with anyone getting active for the first time in the climate strikes/XR, with Ruby and Jess in Iowa, and with the indigenous land and water protectors relentlessly fighting capitalist extraction across Turtle Island.

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Bull Creek, CA: Logging Resumes on Rainbow Ridge, Forest Defenders Continue Resistance

It's Goin Down - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 22:41

The post Bull Creek, CA: Logging Resumes on Rainbow Ridge, Forest Defenders Continue Resistance appeared first on It's Going Down.

Report from forest defenders in Northern California about continued resistance to logging. 

Bull Creek, CA – Early this morning, logging operations in the newly approved Rainbow Ranch timber harvest plan was halted by multiple road blockades aimed at restricting access. The forest is considered to be some of the last intact biodiverse forest in Northern California and is said to play a crucial role in mitigating climate change.

Within the last few weeks, Humboldt Redwood Company (HRC), successor to Pacific Lumber Company, began logging operations in a newly approved Rainbow Ranch timber harvest plan (THP), directly adjacent to the Humboldt Redwood State Park.

The THP was approved in June despite receiving more than 20 public comments from local landowners, as well as environmental groups including the Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC), Mattole Restoration Council, and Lost Coast League who expressed concerns over the plans impact.

“This THP intends to cut into some of the last late seral forest in the Rattlesnake Creek basin watershed. That disturbance will fragment habitat for listed and rare species in an area close to the boundary of the Humboldt Redwood State Park”, states Michael Evenson in his public comment on the plan.

These logging operations come right after HRC completed operations in two THPs on Long Ridge, also in the watershed, despite bitter opposition from the community including two treesits and multiple arrests.

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Like Hand in Glove: Media, Police, and far-Right Collaboration in Recent Arrests of Antifascists in Ontario

It's Goin Down - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 22:06

The post Like Hand in Glove: Media, Police, and far-Right Collaboration in Recent Arrests of Antifascists in Ontario appeared first on It's Going Down.

A report from North Shore Counter-Info on recent repression and arrests of antifascists and the role of the media.

On Tuesday, October 22nd and Wednesday, October 23rd, four antifascists were arrested by Hamilton police, watchdogs of white supremacy, in connection with the counter-protest against Maxime Bernier’s fundraising event last month. Two people living in Toronto came to Hamilton to turn themselves in, while the two living in Hamilton were arrested at their school and home respectively. Cynically, HPS chose to wait until right after the federal election before launching this wave of arrests to avoid further having their complicity in the rise of the far-Right in Hamilton become a national political issue. By doing so, they make obvious the political nature of these charges: they have more to do with the narrative being produced than with what happened on the ground.

Two people are charged with intimidation and causing disturbance in connection to an old woman who was yelled at and delayed from entering the venue; another is charged with intervening in an attack by a fascist goon on other protestors; and then, perhaps most strangely, we have one person charged with theft under $5000 for allegedly removing a Canadian flag from an armed fascist’s baton.

This fascist is Andre Chiasson, a member of the neo-Nazi Canadian Nationalist Party who once filmed himself burning a Qu’ran at a PEGIDA rally in Toronto. He frequently comes armed, armoured, and ready to fight to protests, and the Bernier counter-demo was no exception. In court, the flag was described as attached to a hockey stick. In fact, it was a weapon — a sawed-off hockey stick with a custom wrist strap on the end, and a bit of nationalist decoration to top it off. The images included in this post show the custom grip modifying that hockey stick into a baton, as well as the reinforced motorcycle gloves and the helmet tied at his waist.

This get-up is notably similar to that of the now-infamous Chris Vanderweide, who had come prepared to use his helmet as an offensive weapon against queers at Hamilton Pride. (See here, also, photos that show Vanderweide and Chiasson side by side at that same PEGIDA rally, one month before the events of Pride.)

‘“Antifa” exists now as a construct in the liberal/right political imaginary and is deployed at will to evoke a monolithic group, rather than a politic shared by many for their own reasons. There is a difference between asking if someone is “antifa” or if they are antifascist; one is in bad faith, to pigeonhole, while the other is a moral imperative.”

On social media, Chiasson is open about his vile beliefs and intentions. He openly praises Alexandre Bissonnette, the perpetrator of the Quebec mosque shooting, and claims that the Christchurch massacre “had nothing to do with white supremacy.” He has even posted videos of himself suiting up for protests with armour under his clothes, bragging about his intentions to fight — yet the police and media are content to portray him as the innocent victim of an unprovoked “theft.”

That a despicable white nationalist like Chiasson would at once like to brag about fighting and also be a snitch is unsurprising. What is surprising is the extent to which the media have followed the far-Right narrative, paving the way for the police to come and lay such strange charges. Nowhere is this clearer than in our local media’s adoption of the US right’s current favorite bogeyman, “antifa.”

Some  groups organizing around antifascism have used “antifa” as a name (Portland, for instance), but this isn’t the case in Hamilton. Rather, it’s an example of the closeness between liberalism and fascism that liberal media is so quick to pull out the tropes of the far-Right. “Antifa” exists now as a construct in the liberal/right political imaginary and is deployed at will to evoke a monolithic group, rather than a politic shared by many for their own reasons. There is a difference between asking if someone is “antifa” or if they are antifascist; one is in bad faith, to pigeonhole, while the other is a moral imperative.

This disparity stops the public from addressing the larger question — why are we failing to address the pervasive problem of fascists peddling white supremacist dominant ideology? White media is afraid to grapple with its whiteness, its complicity in platforming far-Right propaganda, and prefers to distort antifascist work into a caricatured “antifa” boogeyman under the guise of “non-partisanship.”

“White media is afraid to grapple with its whiteness, its complicity in platforming far-Right propaganda, and prefers to distort antifascist work into a caricatured “antifa” boogeyman under the guise of “non-partisanship.”’

Such “investigative” journalism is not only shoddy work, but reproduces violence. When the far-Right calls for police repression (or extra-legal violence) against “antifa,” the media echoes that call by affirming that “antifa” exists and  participating in the hunt for its “members.” Every single incident for which antifascists have now been charged was first singled out by the media and the far-Right, who used outrage to drive clicks on their websites. Acting at the beck and call of fascists to provoke a media frenzy, reporters have entirely failed to critically examine the individuals they paint as “victims.” One person in particular seems to have been charged only because of his doxxing by fascists and has been relentlessly targeted since, singled out for a still-ongoing onslaught of racist harassment. Media circulation of sensationalist imagery without context has no doubt hastened these bullshit arrests.

It is important to defend all the alleged acts that people are now facing charges for. Regardless of whether we think any particular action to have been strategic, or even whether we think it actually happened at all, we can say clearly and without hesitation that we need to be able and willing to sabotage fascist organizing, whatever that might look like. That can and does include intervening to stop an attack, yelling, blocking walkways, disarming fascists, and/or disrupting their propaganda. To fall into the trap of respectability politics and distance yourself from acts that receive backlash, or that may be poor PR, is to play right into the hands of the state. Stinging from a long summer, in which they were exposed for very publicly, again and again, for taking the wrong side on the issue of anti-queer and white supremacist violence in the city, the Hamilton police wants to assert control over what tactics are acceptable. We certainly can’t let them.

In particular, three of the defendants’ charges include “masked with intent.” Hamilton police continue to lead the way when it comes to criminalizing concealing your identity at demonstrations. (This follows HPS being the first force to use the Harper government’s “unlawful assembly while masked” law in 2018.) That those now being charged were hand-picked by the far-Right and  media frenzy should make the significance of this clear. Avoiding identification is vitally important, as demonstrated by the fascist targeting of a comrade in Toronto and his family, which has included physical attacks in the street. HPS’s fixation on masking is a logical extension of their belief that the radical left is the problem. For them, taking away tools people rely on to continue their work is a step towards making that problem go away.

“Such “investigative” journalism is not only shoddy work, but reproduces violence. When the far-Right calls for police repression (or extra-legal violence) against “antifa,” the media echoes that call by affirming that “antifa” exists and  participating in the hunt for its “members.” Every single incident for which antifascists have now been charged was first singled out by the media and the far-Right…”

For those to whom this kind of police behaviour comes as a shock, it may be tempting to believe that the problem will be fixed if only investigators and officials can be brought to see the light. We can understand why you might feel this way, or even, as such, why you might end up considering giving a statement or sharing video of your own. But as antifascists who know how the Canadian state operates, we emphasize that doing so will harm people on our side. As the axiom goes, anything you say may be used against you (or your friends and comrades) in a court of law. At the time, there is no guarantee that handing over evidence will do any damage to the other side. In Toronto, while their police force claims to be investigating white supremacist threats to a family’s business, an officer openly disseminates those same threats over Twitter [Link is to Twitter]. In any city where cops can be found, the content of internal communications like Facebook groups or police “union” magazines is nearly indistinguishable from that of any right-wing discussion board. The institution of policing exists to uphold white supremacy and it can be relied on to do this, and only this, job well.

While Toronto Police investigate threats to a Syrian restaurant, I find it questionable how serious they will take their investigation when they have officers like Antoine Askhar (Badge ID #8819) who curdle blood about the antifascist son and retweet people justifying the threats

— Drew (@nolifeneet) October 18, 2019

So what, then, can be done? When we heard about the charges, we did our best to support those targeted: finding lawyers, showing up at the police station and at court, talking through options, celebrating when they got out. Repression functions by separating people, trying to create divisions between “good” protestors and “bad” protestors — solidarity fights this separation by refusing to step away from those being targeted, and by defending the acts the police and courts seek to condemn.

While charges might be able force some people to step back for a time, it only stops our struggle if we let it. We call on all antifascists to show their solidarity with those charged in whatever way they choose, most importantly by continuing to organize to both counter the far-Right and to build a vision of a better world.

Solidarity forever.

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Kingston, ON: Luxury Spa Development Sabotaged in Solidarity with Indigenous and Eco Struggles

It's Goin Down - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 21:37

The post Kingston, ON: Luxury Spa Development Sabotaged in Solidarity with Indigenous and Eco Struggles appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following communique was anonymously posted originally to North Shore Counter-Info.

It reads:

Recently, we quietly entered the site of a luxury spa development just north of Kingston and sabotaged several heavy machines by adding bleach to the oil tanks (thanks to Mythbusters for the tactical advice). We waited a little while for the machines to run and cycle the bleach, and now they have disappeared. We hope that the engines are permanently disabled.

The project is being proposed by BPE Developments, owned by a local ex-cop who likes to gentrify the downtown and countryside alike. If built, this 30-acre complex will include a boutique inn, spa, restaurant, craft brewery, vineyard, corporate event venue and cabin retreat, typically greenwashed with self-driving golf carts and an electric tractor.

We intend this as a gesture of solidarity with the Glenburnie residents worried about the groundwater, with anyone getting active for the first time in the climate strikes/XR, with Ruby and Jess in Iowa, and with the indigenous land and water protectors relentlessly fighting capitalist extraction across Turtle Island.

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Rebel Steps: Free David Campbell

It's Goin Down - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 21:23

The post Rebel Steps: Free David Campbell appeared first on It's Going Down.

Rebel Steps discusses the campaign to support antifascist prisoner David Campbell.

One of our interviewees from Season 1, David Campbell, who you heard in our jail support episode, is being unjustly imprisoned. For more on David’s case and how to support him, go to

Check our Write A Letter episode for more on letter writing and prisoner solidarity. Also, check out our Jail Support episode, the episode in which David’s interview was originally released.

This podcast is part of the Channel Zero Network, an anarchist podcast network run by radical media makers.

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Kite Line: California Families Speak Out Against Gladiator Fights

It's Goin Down - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 21:15

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Long running anti-prison podcast Kite Line returns with an interview on the use of so-called gladiator fights by prison officials and guards in California, and the ongoing campaign against them.

Listen and Download HERE

Prisoners in California have been subjected to a new and disturbing round of gladiator fights – conflicts between prisoners instigated by guards for their own amusement or to break down solidarity between different groups on the inside.

This week, we will begin sharing a powerful conversation with three women whose husbands have suffered from this shocking practice. In addition to supporting their loved ones, these women are also bravely organizing to stop the practice and reverse the punishments hypocritically meted out in the aftermath of these state-imposed battles.

They are also joined in the conversation by a solidarity organizer from Oakland’s Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee. Together, they describe a complex and dangerous situation, in which prisoners from different racial and territorial groups try to avoid accepting the provocations of the prison system, with the possible exception of the Bulldogs, a particularly violent prisoner set that acts with the protection of the system.

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This Week in Fascism #33: The Fash Shall Fall Again

It's Goin Down - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 21:07

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Welcome, fellow antifascists!

This week, we’ve got doxxes of Identity Evropa, Identity Dixie, and a Proud Boy whose pseudonym was, like a bargain-priced Riddler, his last name backwards. Plus, a Patriot Prayer associate gets flyered in Portland, and how you can support an antifascist prisoner of the state.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

News Jennifer “Respect Our Laws” Harrison of Arizona Patriots Arrested on Suspicion of Identity Theft

Leader of the AZ Patriots, a group linked to white nationalists like Antonio Foreman and acts of racist vandalism and harassment, has been arrested on suspicion of identity theft.

As AZ Central wrote:

Jennifer M. Harrison, 42, was booked into jail by Surprise police on Oct. 24 on one count of taking the identity of another, a Class 4 felony, said Sgt. Bryant Vanegas, a spokesman for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

The charge is commonly used to prosecute undocumented immigrants who use a fictitious name or someone’s identity to obtain a job in Arizona. But in this case, Harrison is accused of taking “the identity of another by accessing an elderly victim’s hotel points,” according to a probable cause statement. Police allege she did this on Sept. 30 to make a hotel reservation in Northern California to attend a rock music festival, the statement says.

Doxxes Nathan Petri, of Shawano, Wisconsin, Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement

Let's meet Nathan Petri, discord user "NIMP" of Shawano, Wisconsin who attends @Hillsdale College and was a member of Identity Evropa, as well discussed attending the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville.

— Panic! in the Di-scared (@discord__panic) October 25, 2019

Panic! in the Discord exposed Nathan Petri, of Shawnroo, Wisconsin, as a member of white nationalist group the American Identity Movement (AmIM) this week.

In the leaked Discord chats, Petri used the pseudonym NIMP, where he only made four posts, one of them being a link to his PayPal account under his real name, begging the other members to give him money.

In addition to Identity Evropa, Petri also appears to have been active in the Shawano County GOP, for which he contributed a 2016 article detailing the perspective of a first-time voter.

Owen Clay Caldwell, of Cincinnati, Ohio, White Nationalist

1) Meet Cincinnati metro area anti-Semite, racist, white nationalist, and likely Identity Dixie member Owen Clay Caldwell.

— Making Pals Online (@MakePalsOnline) October 26, 2019

Making Pals Online exposed Owen Clay Caldwell, of Cincinnati, Ohio, as a white nationalist and likely member of Identity Dixie.

Using the Twitter handle @activism_now, Caldwell posted racist and antisemitic propaganda.

Jeremy Bertino, Proud Boy in Charlotte, North Carolina

Meet Jeremy Bertino. He is a NC Proud Boy who was in Pittsboro yesterday along with other white supremacists. His wife was watching on a livestream. They are small business owners.

— Father to all the Kyles (@negationofneg) October 27, 2019

Jeremy Bertino, of Locust, North Carolina, was exposed as a Proud Boy this week after rallying in Pittsboro, North Carolina. At the rally, he crossed the street to make homophobic comments to protesters, while wearing a t-shirt that read “Pinochet Did Nothing Wrong.” The slogan is a reference to Augusto Pinochet, the Chilean dictator arrested in 1998 for the infamous Caravan of Death murders, the extralegal killing of nearly 100 of Pinochet’s political enemies.

The Proud Boys were designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center in early 2018. Researcher Samantha Kutner’s Proud Boys Incident map shows over 130 violent incidents involving the Proud Boys since the 2016 founding of the group, including the October 2018 attack on protesters outside the Metropolitan GOP Club for which Proud Boys John Kinsman and Maxwell Hare were recently sentenced to four years in prison.

In September, North Stanly High School was forced to cancel a football game due to security concerns after Bertino and fellow Proud Boy Jay Thaxton (also present at the Pittsboro rally) protested the administration’s warning the cheerleader squad not to pose with a Trump sign in their official cheer squad uniforms.

Bertino used the pseudonym “Jeremy Onitreb” (his last name backwards) when speaking to media outlets on the issue.

James Patrick Shillinglaw, Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement, Jamestown, North Carolina

Happy early Halloween! We’re hitting you all with an exposé a day earlier than we thought.

Meet AmIM member, LOS member, child abuser, and sorry excuse for a human being, James Patrick Shillinglaw.#IdentifyEvropa

— Asheville AntiRacism (@avlantiracism) October 27, 2019

Asheville Anti-Racism exposed James Patrick Shillinglaw, of Jamestown, North Carolina, as a member of white nationalist group Identity Evropa, recently renamed the American Identity Movement.

In November 2013, Shillinglaw was arrested on a charge of Aggrevated Child Abuse for allegedly beating and choking a minor.

In 2017, Shillinglaw attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, as a member of the neo-Confederate League of the South.

He has also attended Pittsboro, North Carolina rallies in support of a Confederate monument alongside members of the Proud Boys and assorted neo-Confederate groups like the Hiwaymen and the Virginia Flaggers.

Actions Marking One Year Anniversary of the Tree of Life Massacre

Posters from the Torch antifascist network have been going up across the country to memorialize the one year anniversary of the massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue.

These flyers went up around downtown #Asheville today in solidarity, love, and remembrance of the 11 lives lost in the white supremacist attack on the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA.

— Asheville AntiRacism (@avlantiracism) October 27, 2019

10/27 marks 1 yr since the Pittsburgh massacre. Never forgive. Never Forget.

In Sacramento this @TorchAntifa poster will continue to go up over the next 2 weeks in solidarity with all communities threatened by white terror – and with a commitment to the fight! #WeAreAntifascist

— Antifa Sacramento (@AntifaSac_) October 26, 2019

Protests Continue Against Neo-Confederates in North Carolina

The protests in Pittsboro seem to be uniting the far-right. This weekend included people from League of the South, Proud Boys, The Hiwaymen, ACTBAC, and Heirs to the Confederacy. The first three of these marched in Charlottesville at the original Unite the Right event in 2017.

— Tony Crider (@acrider) October 27, 2019

Anti-racists continue to mobilize in North Carolina against neo-Confederate and white nationalist groups, with this weekend seeing two more arrests on the anti-racist side. Proud Boys, members of League of the South, and others rallied with Confederate flags across the street from a middle school, with anti-racists gathering to oppose them. Both of those arrested have been bailed out. Support them by donating here.

All the violence in this altercation came from the racist. But the two anti-racists were the ones who got arrested.

— Lindsay Ayling (@AylingLindsay) October 27, 2019

Neighborhood of Patriot Prayer Associate Flyered

Word on the street is Gregory Isaacson got his neighborhood flyered again (different neighborhood though)

— Area 161 (@anarchist_memes) October 26, 2019

Activists flyered the neighborhood of Gregory Isaacson, an associate of Patriot Prayer this week, to warn his neighbors about his violent far-right ties.

As documented by Rose City Antifa, Isaacson is a Holocaust denier who frequently attends violent events hosted by Patriot Prayer.

Isaacson is currently employed as a manager at the Portland Parks & Recreation department. You can tweet to them @PDXParksandRec.

Call to Action Support Incarcerated Antifascist David Campbell

Please give some support to local NYC antifascist, David Campbell, who will serve an 18-mo bid after he was arrested at a fight outside an alt-right event (& after a cop broke his leg & lied).

Solidarity to David! Solidarity to all antifascist prisoners!

— New York City Antifa (@NYCAntifa) October 25, 2019

Antifascist David Campbell was recently sentenced to 18 months in prison after a brawl left an intoxicated member of the alt-right unconscious.

His supporters have launched a website with instructions on how to support David during his incarceration. Featured are instructions on writing to him, sending packages, a book list of desired texts, and a donation page.

If you don’t feel comfortable using your legal name to communicate with books or packages, please consider making a donation or sharing his donation page via your social media. All donations will be given to David’s commissary or used to cover the cost of mailing him packages.

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Own the Internet: Clatskanie Co-op

Grassroots Economic Survival - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 19:56
Own the Internet: Clatskanie Co-op Josh Davis Mon, 10/28/2019 - 19:56

A small group, formed an ISP Co-op called Clatskanie Co-op. This group of people (up to 60 members now, I beleive), connect to each other and the main antennae through a node system. They literally connect a web nodal structure to create their internet service provider. They use Althea Mesh technology. I will let Althea’s page speak for itself, however it is a very interesting process.

The big value here is that this creates an affordable pathway for rural communities to access and control the internet. This means access to work and education opportunities, it means access to news and entertainment.

Read the rest at The Workers' Paradise


Insert an image into the text graphic of people placing a rooftop attenna. Publication date Mon, 10/28/2019 - 12:00
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TOTW: Make it happen here!

Anarchist News - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 17:32

Among trends of political polarization, "The Second American Civil War" is making rounds in mainstream media, alternative media, and public discourse as a fear-mongering rhetorical device. Is it merely a reflection of the anxieties that run deep through the roots of America's culture, that at times like these become palpable as high tension? Or does this meme also reflect alienated and desperate aspirations towards the abolition of the extant?

Circulated among the far-right more often as an explicitly stated aspiration or a desired horizon, and by the liberal left as a hopefully avoidable tragedy. Tragedy because of the great loss of life, but also because it would disrupt the business-as-usual of the technocratic management of conflict that allows for the comforts of a pacified population subject to wage-slavery. At the factory, I hear folks regularly express a desire to burn it all down, blow it up, etc. There are generalized deeply repressed desires that are touched on by the "civil war" meme. We've seen in other contexts, such as Chile recently, how bold incendiary attacks are instigators that resonate widely, instead of having a chilling effect on those with the desire to revolt. Those popular eruptions were quickly followed by the expected repression and cost of life inflicted by the state in response.

In the realm of anarchist memes, anarchists are often guilty of implying extreme acts of violence against the existing order and then backing off from the real implications. The awkward response to actions such those of Willem Von Spronsen are noteworthy in this regard. Meanwhile the far right has shown time and again to follow-up on their threats, beyond the realm of memes. Anarchists who have insurrection in their horizon know that it's indistinguishable from civil war. That the maintenance of class society requires the constant operation of counter-insurgency. That class conflict is arguably the constant state of low intensity domestic conflict a la civil war. That not every civil war is a revolution, but every revolution is a civil war. Tiqqun and The Invisible Committee have employed the language of civil war in there texts for close to two decades. These texts and projects are the subject of heated debate within the anarchist milieu. The main disagreements are curiously not along the lines of attack, but rather the communist, individualists, or nihilist affinities of the would be attackers.

Taking a break from dreading a Second American Civil War with doom and gloom, begrudgingly saying It could happen here : Let's imagine a scenario where the anarchists, far from playing the role of the firefighters quelling the flames of far right insurgency, are instead those most committed to exacerbating the underlying tensions in America to an explosive breaking point.

Let's discuss how we can make it happen here!

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If IS chief al-Baghdadi is dead, Trump has made a big contribution to fighting terrorism - Kremlin

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 15:41

If IS chief al-Baghdadi is dead, Trump has made a big contribution to fighting terrorism - Kremlin | 28 Oct 2019 | While Russia still has no independent confirmation that US forces have killed Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Donald Trump is due credit if they did, Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman has said. "The news itself can't be taken negatively by the Russian authorities," Dmitry Peskov said. "Indeed, our troops saw American planes and American drones in the area, which may have been on a mission there." Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry cast doubt on Washington's claim of al-Baghdadi's death, saying there’s no credible data to prove his demise. If confirmed, however, Trump's efforts should be recognized, Peskov believes.

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Being a ‘troublemaker’ in Ghana: verify, verify, verify

Global Muckracker - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 15:28

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists collaborates with hundreds of members across the world. Each journalist is are among the best in his or her country and have won national and global awards. Our monthly series, Meet the Investigators, highlights the work of these tireless journalists.

Emmanuel K. Dogbevi is the founder of Ghana Business News based in Accra. Most recently, Dogbevi worked with ICIJ on the award-winning 2018 investigation West Africa Leaks.

Tell us about an investigation of which you are particularly proud

One set of work I did that has continued to resonate, not only in Ghana but around the world, is when I exposed the illegal dumping of e-waste in Ghana from the West.

Authorities in Ghana were unaware that e-waste [old and broken computers, televisions, and other electronic equipment] was being dumped in Ghana. It was in June 2007 when I first broke the story for the national newspaper and subsequently wrote a number of articles and did more investigations.

Eventually, the international community listened. Some people were arrested in Europe. People in Europe say they’re bringing used computers to poor people who can’t afford them. But its e-waste. Subsequently, the international community also showed an interest. The German government has provided at least 30 million euros for an electronic recycling plant to be set up in Ghana. In November, [Ghana] put a levy on imported computers, and that amount is going to be used to be invested in managing the influx of e-waste in the country.

Recommended reading That’s a powerful example of impact. How do you explain that?

The response didn’t come immediately. Typically in Ghana, authorities won’t respond – they just ignore your story or they act quietly behind the scenes without making you feel like ‘Oh, the journalist did the work and that’s what we are responding to.’

For a long time, even the mainstream media couldn’t get it. They didn’t understand what it was. They never did a story on e-waste until the BBC, NPR, other western media came to Ghana following up on my story. Then the Ghanian media mainstream started reporting about e-waste.

The revelations that I exposed in the e-waste story were such that if you care about your people, you wouldn’t look the other way. Even more so when the Western world was feeling guilty because all this e-waste was coming from the West disguised as used computers and donated to charities in countries like Ghana.

E-waste contains a lot of poisonous chemicals like polybrominated flame retardants, lead and so on that predispose people to leukemia, harm fetuses, and so on.  It kind of forced people to start doing something about it.

It’s all about a learning attitude… You don’t have to put up an attitude of ‘I know it all.’
– Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

You specialize in finding and using documents like court records and company accounts. What is your advice to journalists who want to use information that’s already out there?

I think it’s all about a learning attitude: learning, learning and learning.

You don’t have to put up an attitude of ‘I know it all.’ You will always have something new to discover that could tilt your investigation or your writing to make it more impactful or influential.

A very good journalist should also pay attention to good quality writing. You may have a great investigation, but if you write very poorly, you lose your audience, you lose impact. So a good investigator should also be a good storyteller. You should learn writing skills and there are a lot of opportunities everywhere to learn to write very well and be able to communicate your investigation in such a way that people who are interested in reading your story, or following your video, or whatever, will be able to derive meaning, and they can then be pushed to act.

What is one common mistake that you think journalists can be guilty of?

Overconfidence. I think they trust themselves too much. The other mistake is that they trust their sources too much. You don’t fully trust your sources until you can verify. And three things you must do: verify, verify, verify. These are the basic mistakes most investigative journalists do. What are some unique or lesser-known realities about investigative journalism in Ghana?

People expect that you must use hidden cameras and that it must be sensational, explosive. For a long time, until I worked on ICIJ’s projects, nobody really considered me an investigative journalist even though I’ve been doing investigations for years. And I really never called myself an investigative journalist because I didn’t do dramatic stories. I took my time and investigated and contextualized my work.

In Ghana what makes investigative journalism different is the fact that people really don’t pay attention unless it’s dramatic. I don’t write dramatic stories, I don’t sensationalize my stories. I just put out the facts as I find them and let the public decide.

You’re a strong proponent of solidarity among journalists. Why is that an important notion for journalists to embrace?

What most people don’t know, particularly people in the West don’t know, is that being a journalist, and a particularly hard-hitting journalist, in West Africa is a lonely world where everybody avoids you, even your own friends. Everybody sees you as a troublemaker.

Most journalists are more or less what I call doing marketing for corporations and politicians because they just repeat what politicians say. They don’t question them, they don’t try to figure out what the facts are.

The only way I can support other journalists is to encourage them to keep going and to make them feel like someone is watching their back. Yes, we are competitors. But we are not competing when it comes to the facts that in terms of the public interest we are serving our people. If you do a story that serves a public interest, I benefit. If I do a story that serves a public interest, you benefit. We are in it together. It is not a matter of you and me, or you versus me.

We’ve just wrapped up the 2019 Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Hamburg, Germany. What are you going to take away from this event?

GIJN for me is a reflection of what people have resolved to do in spite of the attacks on investigative journalists.

So many of our colleagues and friends are in jail, some have been killed. In Ghana, it’s become even more dangerous to do journalism. While everyone on paper thinks Ghana is a democracy, which it ought to be, Ghana’s democracy begins and ends with an election. Once power is handed over, it looks like the new government that takes over runs rogue. It’s becoming for me very dangerous now in Ghana and quite unsafe for journalism because they are out to attack you. They do it so openly and brazenly, particularly following the murder of Ahmed Hussein-Suale they kind of say, ‘Well we did it to him, we will do it to you too.’

Apart from that, I think that Ghanaian journalism has huge potential to grow if we get the necessary support. The necessary support in terms of training, which is also of course why I also do trainings to motivate other journalists and show them how it can be done.

The post Being a ‘troublemaker’ in Ghana: verify, verify, verify appeared first on ICIJ.

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S&P 500 opens at record high

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 15:04

S&P 500 opens at record high | 28 Oct 2019 | The S&P 500 hit a record high Monday morning, surpassing its July peak of 3,027.98. The early gains have the benchmark average on track for its 103rd record close since President Trump's election victory and 94th since he took office. "The S&P just hit an ALL TIME HIGH," President Trump tweeted Monday. "This is a big win for jobs, 401-K's, and, frankly, EVERYONE! Our Country is doing great."

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Islamic State leader blew himself up as U.S. troops closed in, Trump says

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 04:09

Islamic State leader blew himself up as U.S. troops closed in, Trump says | 27 Oct 2019 | President Donald Trump on Sunday announced that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the elusive Islamic State commander, died during a U.S. military operation in Syria, an important breakthrough more than five years after the militant chief launched a self-proclaimed caliphate that inspired violence worldwide. "Last night the United States brought the world's No. 1 terrorist leader to justice," Trump said in a televised announcement from the White House...In what the president called a "dangerous and daring" nighttime operation, helicopters inserted a team of American Special Operations troops into a volatile area of northwest Syria, where they began an assault on a militant compound culminating in a retreat by Baghdadi into an underground hideaway. There, in a "dead-end tunnel," Trump said, the militant leader detonated an explosive vest, killing himself and three of who were believed to be his children, of which he reportedly had six.

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Former Rep. John Conyers dies at 90

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 04:03

Former Rep. John Conyers dies at 90 | 27 Oct 2019 | Former Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), the longest-serving African American House member in congressional history, died Sunday at age 90. Conyers, a veteran of the Korean War and a participant in the Civil Rights movement, was a co-founder of the Congressional Black Caucus and chaired the House Oversight and Reform Committee from 1989 to 1995. He also introduced the bill establishing a national holiday commemorating Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. Conyers was also the first African American to serve as the dean of the House, or the longest continually serving current member.

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Northern California wildfires force nearly 200,000 people to evacuate

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 04:00

Northern California wildfires force nearly 200,000 people to evacuate --Hurricane-force winds, some with gusts topping 100 mph, sent multiple wildfires hurtling across California, leading to a statewide emergency. | 27 Oct 2019 | Turbocharged by winds reaching hurricane force, wildfires whipped across Northern California on Sunday, burning tens of thousands of acres, driving almost 200,000 people from their homes and seriously injuring a firefighter. The Kincade fire north of San Francisco continued to spread, injuring two firefighters, one of whom was airlifted to a hospital with serious burns, said Jonathan Cox, assistant chief of the San Mateo County division of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, or CalFire. Whipped into a frenzy by sustained winds above 70 mph -- category 1 hurricane level -- and gusts that topped 100 mph, the fire almost doubled in size from Sunday afternoon to Sunday evening, reaching more than 54,000 acres, and containment had fallen to 5 percent.

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Former Bill Clinton adviser: Hillary Clinton thinks 'God put her on the Earth' to be president

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Mon, 10/28/2019 - 03:22

Former Bill Clinton adviser: Hillary Clinton thinks 'God put her on the Earth' to be president | 27 Oct 2019 | Former adviser to President Clinton Dick Morris said Sunday that Hillary Clinton most likely wants to get into the 2020 presidential race because she thinks "God put her on the Earth" to be president. Morris told John Catsimatidis on his radio show that the major question revolving around the 2020 election is whether "the ghost of Hillary Clinton" will enter the election. "My feeling is that she wants to," Morris said. "She feels entitled to do it. She feels compelled to do it. She feels that God put her on the Earth to do it. But she's hesitant because she realizes the timing is bad." [The devil put her on Earth to be president (not)! --Michael Rectenwald]

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