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Omicron Subvariant XBB.1.5 Could Be More Likely to Infect Vaccinated - NYC Health Officials

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Tue, 01/17/2023 - 04:04

Omicron Subvariant XBB.1.5 Could Be More Likely to Infect Vaccinated - NYC Health Officials | 16 Jan 2023 | The Omicron XBB.1.5 variant of COVID-19 is more likely to infect individuals who have been vaccinated, according to New York City health officials. "Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5 now accounts for 73 percent of all sequenced COVID-19 cases in NYC. XBB.1.5 is the most transmissible form of COVID-19 that we know of to date and may be more likely to infect people who have been vaccinated or already had COVID-19," the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene wrote on Twitter on Jan. 13. Despite this, the department [insanely] urged New Yorkers to get vaccinated and receive the updated COVID-19 booster shot, stating that doing so "is still the best way to protect yourself from hospitalization and death from COVID-19, including from these new variants." ...In an interview with Science News on Jan. 13, infectious diseases specialist Peter Chin-Hong of the University of California, San Francisco, stated that vaccinations are likely to provide just three months of protection against the XBB.1.5 variant of COVID-19.

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Antifascists Push Back Against Proud Boys in Redlands, CA

It's Goin Down - Mon, 01/16/2023 - 22:53

Report on antifascist community defense of a drag story-time event in so-called Redlands, CA.

On Saturday, January 14th, the day of the drag queen story-time event in Riverside, California, antifascists were informed that Proud Boys had dropped banners drops in Riverside and nearby Redlands. The banner drops were accompanied by fascist stickers and posters, mostly disparaging local parents, drag queens, Black Lives Matter, and antifascists – referencing Pinochet and “helicopter rides.” Antifascists mobilized quickly in the pouring rain to remove the banners and other fascist propaganda.

I’m spite of all the chud activity here in Redlands. SRS went to drag story hour in Riverside and it was so cute and fun.

— Saferedlandsschools (@SafeRedlandsk12) January 15, 2023

The bookstore hosting the story time then posted on social media that their building had been defaced with the same stickers and posters but they would not back down from hosting the planned event. Children and parents arrived and while the story-time was going on, parents and friends walked around the bookstore and surrounding plaza and diligently removed the rest of the fascist posters and stickers. The stickers were mostly the cheap paper kind and were soaking wet in the rain and easy to scrape off.

Yesterday while @SafeRedlandsk12 was at drag story hour at Canyon Crest Plaza in Riverside a man was putting up Proud Boy stickers around the plaza and harassed at least one supporter she took this video. The man has been identified as Philip.”Flip” Aplinshook.

— Saferedlandsschools (@SafeRedlandsk12) January 15, 2023

A single fascist in a lifted white truck with license plate 14060D2 sat some distance away in the parking lot through the duration of the event yelling, “You’re a groomer!,” occasionally at passersby. After attendees left he also left, but did not appear to be following anyone. Employees of another shop in the plaza reported that they saw a man in a mask putting up the stickers and posters at 5am that morning. After story time ended a group of parents and grandparents assembled with rainbow umbrellas outside of the bookstore offering free mom hugs and free dad hugs.

Phillip Aplinshook & Chris Reyes were spotted early outside Riverside Pride in September 2022. But by the time Reyes & Isaiah Moore were in fight in the street, Aplinshook wasn't seen. Also visibly absent was Sylvie Araujo, who was "undercover" indoors.

— 👋 Not That Guy (@noesecarino) January 16, 2023

A community member later identified the man in the truck as Philip Aplinshook, who has also been spotted with Proud Boys at Redlands City Council meetings. A truck fitting the same description as Philip’s was also seen driving near a queer softball league practice some weeks ago shouting obscenities out the window.

photo: Safe Redlands Schools

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Congressional Democrat Moves to End Free Speech for White People

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Mon, 01/16/2023 - 22:25

Congressional Democrat Moves to End Free Speech for White People --Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has introduced legislation that will charge white people with federal "hate crimes" for questioning immigration, or criticizing non-whites. | 15 Jan 2023 | Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee has introduced legislation to Congress that would end free speech for white people in the United States, creating a new type of speech-based federal "hate crime" with which only white people can be charged. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's "Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023," which, as the name suggests, would only be enforced against white people, makes it illegal for white people to question open-borders immigration, advocate for preserving America's culture and traditional demographic make-up, or even criticize minorities... Under Jackson Lee's legislation, merely posting online about the decline of American culture, at the hands of open borders immigration, could land a white person in federal prison. "A person engages in a white supremacy [sic] inspired hate crime when white supremacy ideology has motivated the planning, development, preparation, or perpetration of actions that constituted a crime or were undertaken in furtherance of activity that, if effectuated, would have constituted a crime," Jackson Lee's bill reads, laying the groundwork for her all-out attack on white American's constitutionally protected freedom of speech.

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House Democrat Introduces Legislation to End Free Speech for White People

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Mon, 01/16/2023 - 22:03

House Democrat Introduces Legislation to End Free Speech for White People --Under legislation proposed by Jackson Lee, a white person could face federal imprisonment for posting online about the impact of open borders immigration on American culture. | 16 Jan 2023 | House Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas is introducing legislation that would end free speech for white people in the United States. The representative wants to define "hate speech" that only white people can be charged with. In her "Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023," which clearly suggests that this bill only applies to white people, white people would not be allowed to ask questions about open borders, criticize minorities or advocate for preserving American culture... Under Jackson Lee's legislation, if federal investigators determine that the web postings of a third party had "inspire[d]" someone else, even someone they don't know, to commit a federal hate crime, that person would be arrested, and federally charged with a hate crime of their own. Specifically, Jackson Lee targets Americans who are in favor of border security, calling out "replacement theory" by name, an ideology that holds that open borders and mass migration into the Western World are part of a deliberate effort to "replace" white people in their native lands.

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Anarchist Days Leipzig, Apr 23 - May 1

Anarchist News - Mon, 01/16/2023 - 21:39

Call for the Anarchist Days Leipzig 2023

This is an invitation to the Anarchist Days around the first of May. Come by, participate, network and educate, join in, get involved. We look forward to seeing you!

But is there any potential at all for a livable togetherness despite all the crises in which this form of society finds itself, despite the worldwide trend towards authoritarianism? Anarchists say: yes. Because it is the existing hierarchical order in which people are exploited, subjugated and alienated. We need fundamentally different ways of living, producing, consuming, organizing, orienting, exchanging, relating and engaging with each other. Climate change, patriarchal violence, border regimes, pandemics, wars, inflation, gentrification… We don’t even know where to look first to understand the dead end this system has navigated us towards. That’s why the demand to build a radically different form of society seems to be a realistic option that interests far more people than we sometimes think.

We think anarchists do many exciting things to become capable of acting despite the imposed contradictions and to search for alternatives. By this we refer to long and global history where people have stood up to fight for their dignity. No matter how fucked up the world is right now. There are thousands of valuable experiences and reflections in anarchism that inspire and motivate us to strive for something new. We should bring them to the outside world. But to do that, we need to know our own foundations and expand and deepen our networks. This also applies to Leipzig. It is true that there are comparatively many anarchists here, whose various activities we value. But we also see potentials to bring them together for common actions and to encourage each other in this fight.

With the second Anarchist Days we want to gain awareness about ourselves again. We learn about what anarchism was and is concretely today by meeting and getting to know each other. Anarchists fight for everyone to be self-determined and self-fulfilling. With advancing digitalization, lack of time and isolation, this is becoming increasingly difficult, but all the more we will fight for the self-determination of all. Because this requires building a solidary, free, equal society, we organize ourselves. Our groups serve to empower people, educate them, support social struggles, and bring forth direct action. By doing that we also vividly demonstrate how we are already realizing our own aspirations.

The key to this is the pursuit of autonomy. Instead of social movements being appropriated and integrated into the existing framework, we are looking for forms beyond nations, parties, majority unions and so-called wellfare society. At the Anarchist Days we will connect different struggles, discuss our anarchist perspectives and develop skills, learn from each other and maybe start one or two actions. And we will do this in a self-confident, self-determined and self-organized way.

Amore Anarchia, Autonomia!

Feel free to forward this text to people and groups you think would be interested.

Mark your calendars for Anarchist Days between April 22 and the first of May 2023 – and get in touch if you want to submit contributions. We see our group as coordinating only to create a common program and framework. The Anarchist Days live from the fact that many groups and people participate. This group can only contact a few groups specifically. People and groups who want to contribute should take care of the communication, spaces and resources of their proposed contributions themselves as much as possible. We will then tie this together into a more or less cohesive program.

Write to us if you:

- want to organize your own contributions to the Anarchist Days (lecture, workshop, discussion, film…)
- want to organize or offer workshops on practical topics (screen printing, lock picking, etc.)
- you want to make a cultural and/or social contribution (bar evening, reading, concert, party, film)
- want to be part of the support group (meets in advance to take care of different tasks, e.g. shopping, bar shifts etc.)
- any other ways you can support us during the days (sleeping places, child care, awareness, Küfa, bar shifts…)
- …

Contact us: (key for encryption on demand)

We want to connect different realities of life and points of view instead of getting lost in a scene bubble. We are aware that we ourselves are part of a hierarchical, patriarchal class society formed by supression. For us, emancipation means seeing ourselves in a process in which we reflect on relations of hierarchies and change our ways of thinking and behaving. For this, people have different starting conditions and possibilities, from which, however, they should develop further. In this context, we consider a respectful, appreciative and solidary interaction with each other to be necessary.

It is important for the contributions that a reference to anarchist perspectives and approaches is visible. When selecting the contributions, we pay attention to intersectionality (= intersections of different forms of supression) and want to represent a plurality in anarchism. Furthermore, we do not only want to convey certain contents, but above all have space to discuss what we can do with them.

Further information will follow (A)

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Earth First! Winter Moot, Feb 10-12

Anarchist News - Mon, 01/16/2023 - 20:35

Respect existence or expect resistance!

You are warmly invited to join us at the 2023 Earth First! winter moot!

What on (middle) earth is a moot?!? The moot is a chance to get together during the cold winter months to warm our hearts and put fire in our bellies. It’s a time to reflect on what’s going on in the radical ecological movement and make plans for the year ahead. There will be workshops, tasty vegan food, some music and dancing, and very likely shit homebrew cider.

For new comers and old timers alike, it’s a space for anyone committed to taking aciton to defend nature. Join us!

The moot will take place in Manchester from 10-12 February. Everyone welcome from 4pm (get in touch if you want to come earlier to help set up), workshops start at 5pm. The last workshop will end at 5pm on Sunday. The workshop venue will be inside, heated. Workshops will cover everything from abolitionism, green anarchy, coal and much more!

The exact location (in Manchester) will be announced that morning. It will be fuuuuuuun!

We will have a kids space and a vegan kitchen. Questions? Email us at earthfirstuk[at]

Bring your friends (can you fill up a mini bus?), and come up for a weekend of joy and green anarchy!

To protect each other, and especially those more vulnerable, please do a Covid test before coming up to Manchester. We will have some at the welcome desk too.

Love and rage!

What is Earth First!?

The general principles behind Earth First! are non-hierarchical organisation and the use of direct action to confront, stop and eventually reverse the forces that are responsible for the destruction of the Earth and its inhabitants. EF! is not a cohesive group or campaign, but a convenient banner for people who share similar philosophies to work under.

If you agree with the above and you are not racist, transphobic, or otherwise discriminatory, if you believe action speaks louder than words, then Earth First! is for you.

Love and rage!

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Pepe Cuevas (1951–2022)

Anarchist News - Mon, 01/16/2023 - 19:50

News of the death of a CNT member who was convicted in the past in the police-instigated "Scala case".

At the age of 71, José Cuevas Casado, who made an indelible mark in the history of the Spanish anarcho-syndicalist union CNT in connection with the trial known as the Scala case, at the end of which he was sentenced to a long stay in prison, along with others, died.

Pepe was born on January 20, 1951 in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, the son of a prominent libertine fighter. In 1970, while living in Barcelona, ​​he became a member of the Barcelona Metalworkers Union and the Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI).

On Sunday, January 15, 1978, during a large CNT demonstration against the Pact of Moncloy, he participated with other comrades in the action, unaware that it was organized by the police. After her, young members of the CNT were accused of committing a terrorist act at the Scala theater, where a fire broke out, killing four people and collapsing the building. [The Pact of Moncloy were economic and political agreements to address inflation and unemployment during Spain's transition to democracy in the late 1970s. They were attended by major trade unions such as the UGT, CC.OO and CNT. The first two eventually ratified the pacts. The CNT was the only one that completely rejected them, seeing them as disadvantageous to the working class.]

About 15,000 people took part in the demonstration. Around a quarter to two, after the protest had ended and the demonstrators had dispersed, a group of young people, instigated by Joaquín Gambino, threw Molotov cocktails at the stone facade of the Scala. According to the police, this was the cause of the fire that destroyed the building, killing four workers—Ramón Egea, Juan López, Diego Montoro, and Bernabé Bravo—three of whom, paradoxically, were linked to the CNT. It is believed that flammable or incendiary substances were placed inside the club prior to the demonstration, as it is highly unlikely that simple Molotov cocktails thrown at the stone facade could have caused the entire building to burn down. In addition, it emerged from the fire department's information that the fire started in another part of the club and probably originated from flammable material of military origin.

The Scala trial was held in December 1980. A key witness died a few days before the trial began. Defense lawyers demanded that First Vice Prime Minister Rodolfo Martín Villa appear to testify, but he did not appear. The defense's position was that the police had staged the incident, using agents provocateurs, to reduce the CNT's popularity among workers and stop its expansion in Catalonia. José Cuevas, Xavier Cañadas and Arturo Palma were sentenced to 17 years in prison as perpetrators of manslaughter and for the manufacture of explosives. Luis Muñoz was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison for complicity in the crime and Rosa López to 5 months in prison for concealment.

A few years later, a confidential police document was discovered that assigned Joaquín Gambín, a criminal in the police's pay, the task of infiltrating the protesters. It was he who infiltrated the CNT to cause the incident. Press pressure on the police, combined with Gambín's absence from court, raised suspicions about the police's role in the incident and the actual perpetrators of the crime. Finally, Gambín was arrested in Valencia in late 1981 after a shootout with the police. Scala case reopened. The second Scala trial in December 1983 had only one defendant, Joaquín Gambín. He was sentenced to seven years in prison for aiding a demonstration with weapons and for making explosives. Since then, the CNT has always presented the case as an insidious maneuver by the government to stop the growth of anarchist unions due to negative publicity, which the unions received in the years preceding the achievement of justice. To this day, the CNT believes that the indictment of its members was a trap set by the authorities to criminalize the anarcho-syndicalist movement and the CNT at a time when it was recovering from the Franco regime and coming into the limelight.

Although everything was planned and ordered from above, Pepe had to spend several years behind bars. After he was released from prison, he went to the countryside and became a shepherd. A few years later he worked in the construction industry in Catalonia. After gaining a lot of experience in the field, around 2005 he was offered the restoration of the Arab baths on Paseo de los Tristes in Granada, known as El Bañuelo. It was then that he decided to move to this Andalusian city, put down roots in El Fargue and became involved in the social mobilization that was taking place in the area. In 2011 he rejoined the CNT-AIT in Granada and a few years later he also participated in the activities of the Libre Albedrío social library. An interview with him was filmed in one of its rooms for a documentary film on the Scala case, which complements what has already been published by Xavier Cañadas in the only book on the subject.

The accident in Sacromonte forced him to go to a retirement home where several of his friends visited him, so he did not lose contact with the organization or the movement.

He died on November 20, 2022, and the following day his remains were cremated in Arcos de la Frontera. On Sunday, November 27, the CNT-AIT Granada held a memorial event in his honor, attended by his anarchist colleagues as well as his relatives and other friends. The aforementioned documentary film and a video with photographs from his life were shown. A commemorative plaque in his honor was then unveiled at the CNT-AIT Granada headquarters. There was also food and drink and many memories of Pepe.


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Serial Catfisher Posed as Anarchist Sex Worker to Tweet About 15-Year-Olds

Anarchist News - Mon, 01/16/2023 - 19:49

From The Daily Beast by Kelly Weill

Anarqxista Goldman was controversial in “life,” tweeting about the supposed lustiness of underage girls. Her supposed death revealed her to be a hoax by a 54-year-old man.

An obituary for the twentysomething anarchist sex-worker and writer Anarqxista Goldman described a hero’s death.

“Last night our beautiful, fiery associate, Anarqxista, got involved in an argument between a young woman and her violently abusive boyfriend,” read the January obit, apparently written by residents of Goldman’s anarchist commune, The Nude House. “Anarqxista confronted him in defense of the girl and was stabbed three times in the process. She died shortly afterwards from her injuries.”

Some members of the anarchist community offered condolences. Others raised concerns: Anarqxista Goldman? The same online personality who’d been scorned in anarchist circles last year for appearing to excuse child sex abuse?

Then they made a more alarming discovery. Anarqxista Goldman never existed. The attractive young woman was actually the avatar for a fiftysomething British man who’d previously written about posing as young women online, particularly for “sexual gratification,” and who’d been run off Twitter for a similar stunt three years earlier.

“Anarqxista Goldman” and an evolving set of usernames including “Anarchagrrl” and “Dionysia Exarchopoulos” are pseudonyms for Andrew Peter Lloyd, 54. The accounts used pictures of women in lingerie to promote Lloyd’s obscure music projects and writings, even rebranding Lloyd’s autobiography as a female-written “novel.”

Rather than live in “the Nude House” in southern Europe, Lloyd lives in Nottingham, England. And Goldman’s profile picture appears to have been lifted from an adult site, according to screenshots shared with The Daily Beast. The image on the adult site is larger than Goldman’s Twitter avatar, suggesting it is the original image.

Reached via email, Lloyd confirmed that he had operated the Goldman, Exarchopoulos, and Anarchagrrl accounts, but said he’d created them in order to write books.

“I did not create these names ‘to initiate sexual interactions’ nor were the names created for sexual purposes,” he wrote in a statement. “[I cannot deny such activity took place on my accounts, however. It was far from just me who initiated it though.] ‘Anarqxista Goldman’, for example, had a Twitter account I was very ineptly attempting to delete and end this past week so that ‘she’ could be forgotten. The account began as simply a name to use [with no thought out ideas about where to take it] in September 2020 but it developed beyond anything I could ever have imagined at that time. In short, it got out of hand. I concede that if I had known then where it would end up now I would not have continued with it.”

“Anarqxista Goldman,” the most recent of Lloyd’s personas, had amassed thousands of Twitter followers and published thousands of pages on the open-source Anarchist Library by the end of 2022. Posting racy images and claiming to live in “The Nude House,” Goldman posited herself as a voice on sexuality and anarchy. But Anarqxista Goldman became persona non grata in some anarchist Twitter circles last May when, during an argument about consent, she tweeted that the anarchist activists Becky Edelsohn and Alexander Berkman had had sex around 1907, when Edelsohn was 15 and Berkman was 37.

When Goldman’s anarchist interlocutor objected “omfg no a 15 year old can’t consent to sex with a 37 year old,” Goldman retorted “have you ever been a 15 year old girl? Because I have. And it would piss me off a lot to know that tits on the Internet have decided that an entire class of people have been denied agency.”

The exchange sparked so much backlash that Goldman temporarily abandoned Twitter for a “radical leftist anti-authoritarian server” on the social media site Mastodon. The server’s moderators banned her that same day. She came back to Twitter.

Anarqxista Goldman’s return was not the first time Lloyd had slunk back online amid accusations that he’d behaved improperly while posting as a young, female anarchist. Until September 2020, he had operated a similar account called “Anarchagrrl,” which went offline after online sleuths accused the account of posing as a woman while “soliciting women for sex via DMs.” The anonymous sleuths’ report contained screenshots of those alleged direct messages, in which Anarchagrrl appears to have offered to connect a woman with sex work clients, if the woman would pay her and give her oral sex. (The woman declined.)

Reached for comment about the screenshots, Lloyd told The Daily Beast that “I confirm that I may have authored these messages. But they are not what they seem. As you will no doubt have gathered, I have an overactive imagination. In my online chats I frankly just make up stories and this relates to one of them. In that same conversation I said I lived in London. I never have. This conversation in fact led to the deletion of that account as the person receiving them was understandably concerned but, I say again, it was all just made up. I don’t even have a bank account and zero credit to my name.”

Even in 2020, Anarchagrrl’s final tweets appeared to confess to the allegations. “Earlier today after thorough investigation this account was seized by a small group of left wing accounts,” the Anarchagrrl account posted. “It transpired that the owner of this account was in fact a 51 year old male pretending to be a young female and in some cases asking for money to solicit sexual interactions. After revealing sensitive information to this male he agreed to hand over login details to us.”

Screenshots of Anarchagrrl’s old tweets, reviewed by The Daily Beast, reveal that they previously redirected to multiple accounts for Lloyd’s various music projects. Some of Lloyd’s old tweets promoting those music projects also remained on his Anarchagrrl account, including tweets in which he referred to himself by name.

“Only the idea of you is appealing to them, more so when you’re dead,” one of Lloyd’s Twitter followers observed to him in 2014, when Lloyd was working under the names “13LFO” and “Geeky Disco.”

“That’s an interesting point,” Lloyd responded. “They want the idea of Geeky Disco not the reality of Andrew Lloyd.”

In fact, most people did not appear interested in the idea of his music project. “Last year I had 907 downloads of my albums and 2405 listens to my tracks (of which only 344 were listens to a whole track),” he wrote on his personal blog in 2016. To remedy the situation, he wrote, he “borrowed” photographs he found of a “25 year old female electronic musician from Berlin” and made a Facebook account promoting his music under pictures of the “good looking young woman with a bubbly personality.”

He appears to have continued periodically working under female alter-egos, which evolved and overlapped, eventually reaching his Anarqxista Goldman persona. One prolific pseudonym linking Lloyd’s accounts is “Dionysia Exarchopoulos” (sometimes “Dionysia” or “Dionysia Ex” on the Anarchagrrl account or on his blog).

As Exarchopoulos, Lloyd self-published several novels, which were swiftly deleted from their online homes after anarchists on Mastodon linked Lloyd with Anarqxista Goldman. (The Daily Beast has reviewed archived versions.) Before their deletion, Lloyd tried selling the books’ film rights via a London literary agency, which lists one book in its Autumn 2019 rights catalog.

A blurb describes the book as “part moral philosophy primer, part incel manifesto,” featuring a main character who “spends most of his time online, either pretending to be a woman for sexual gratification, or grooming young women on Tumblr in an effort to wheedle his way into their real-life space.”

Angel Belsey, Exarchopoulos’s former literary agent, told The Daily Beast that she’d long suspected Exarchopoulos was a pen name for a man. Belsey, who now runs an independent publishing house, hasn’t represented Exarchopoulos since 2020, and said she found the new allegations against Lloyd disturbing.

“I always knew Dionysia was almost certainly a man who was cosplaying as a woman, but that didn't bother me; she wrote a really compelling—occasionally shocking and disturbing—narrative in her Diogenes work, and to me the blurry lines between what was real and what was fantasy were what made me want to represent it,” Belsey told The Daily Beast via email. “I did say to [the literary agency’s founder] at the time that if I were to meet up with Dionysia, I would only do so in a public place!”

The meeting never happened, and Belsey said she lost her contacts with Exarchopoulos after leaving the literary agency. She still has direct messages from one of Exarchopoulos’s old Twitter accounts. The messages, she noted, suggest an author much older than their early twenties.

In one message Exarchopoulos noted a preference for Linux computers and noted that “Microsoft is not my thing since about 2005.” Anarqxista Goldman would have been 10 years old in 2005.

Exarchopoulos also wrote that “I had imagined most of those reviewing manuscripts were young, educated women but it won;t affect what or how I write. If I can;t get past the gatekeepers I will keep doing what I do regardless.”

Other, more obvious evidence links Exarchopoulos to Lloyd—namely that some of Exarchopoulos’s self-published works (updated with suggestive covers) were previously published online under Lloyd’s own name. One work, uploaded later under the Exarchopoulos pen name, is literally Lloyd’s autobiography.

And in one of Exarchopoulos’s publications, the supposedly female author acknowledges that “I am a white, middle-aged male from the UK.”

One of Belsey’s friends said she thought Exarchopoulos’s account previously represented its author to be a man.

“I think he was previously some odd but pleasant man who now seems to be pretending to be a woman,” the friend wrote to Belsey in June 2019, according to direct messages Belsey shared. “I am not sure what is going on to be honest.” (By the time of the message, Exarchopoulos’s account posed as a woman sharing racy images, but its biography linked to one of Lloyd’s music project.)

Anarqxista Goldman repeatedly tweeted that she was Dionysia Exarchopoulos, linking to Exarchopoulos’s ebook as “my book” on multiple occasions, and referencing Lloyd’s autobiography as one of her own “novels.” But by 2022, she was insistent that she was a young woman. She wrote in one of her books that she had been led to anarchy after a man tricked her into posing for pornographic photos. She tweeted that people (including “dirty old men”) message her for sex advice, which she would give. She even used her gender as a cudgel against anarchists who objected to her age-of-consent views. Those conflicts appear to have followed the fictional writer to the grave.

On Jan 11., her supposed comrades in “the Nude House” announced Goldman’s death from her own Twitter account. The Nude House followed with a longer obituary that contained Goldman’s “last writings” and described her death at the hands of a knife-wielding domestic abuser.

The obituary was unconventional. “Anarqxista Goldman is dead and no one will ever see her happy, smiling, painted face again or embrace her warm, welcoming body that was so willing to embrace. We are, of course, heartbroken about this here at The Nude House, the southern European anarchist house where she made her home with us in March 2022,” it began.

The memorial went on to relitigate Goldman’s recent online arguments. After claiming that Goldman had saved a stranger from suicide on a beach, the obituary continued that “It was unfortunate, then, that there were some people online who simply misunderstood her and misdescribed her. This was particularly the case with regard to her views about youth sexuality, views she simply thought consistent both with an anarchy that believes in neither law nor government — so how can there be ages of consent?” (This is not consistent with most anarchist thinking, which condemns sexual exploitation regardless of its legality.)

The Daily Beast was unable to find any references to a collective called “The Nude House,” besides those that directly referenced Goldman and her social media. The Anarchist Library, which did not return a request for comment, removed The Nude House’s obituary for Goldman and, soon thereafter, all of Goldman’s work from the site.

“Anarqxista will be laid to rest on Friday which is also her birthday,” her supposed Nude House comrades announced via her Twitter account. The date is also Lloyd’s birthday.

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Anarchism and Deaf People

Anarchist News - Mon, 01/16/2023 - 19:15
Anarchist Studies poster with person shouting into megaphone

From Anarchist Studies

Youtube link:
Podcast link:

Dai O’Brien and Steve Emery are two deaf men with a longstanding interest in anarchist politics. They are both involved in deaf community activism and have taught history, politics, and theories about deaf communities and deaf people in society. Dai and Steve reflect on their political journeys to reach this point of engagement with anarchist thought, and on the barriers and challenges that engaging with anarchist thought and action have posed. They discuss the wider issues that deaf people and deaf communities face in capitalist society and the way in which deaf people have traditionally framed their engagement and resistance to these issues. Finally, Dai and Steve suggest ways in which they think that anarchism can contribute to deaf lives, and ways in which anarchist spaces can be more accessible to deaf people.

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Issue #2 of bilingual Liberté Ouvrière out now

Anarchist News - Mon, 01/16/2023 - 18:44

A brief to highlight the publication of the 2nd edition of the anarchosyndicalist newspaper Liberté Ouvrière. Made in Montreal, in magazine format, the publication offers fairly comprehensive articles linking the climate crisis and the class struggle from anarchist points of view. We contributed to this issue with an article on the fight against the GNL Quebec project "The material gains of an ecological struggle". ---- If you wish to obtain the journal or participate in a future issue, contact the journal directly at . You can also view it online here. Such a publication, which is reminiscent of the journals of the Convergence of Anti-Capitalist Struggles (CLAC) in Montreal or Ruptures of UCL in Quebec and of NEFAC, has significant value in the development and dissemination of ideas.

Good reading!

Emma Goldman Collective

Table of Contents

À propos de ce journal............. 1
Le développement durable ...........2
Une approche qu’il faut impérativement mettre aux vidanges
Alexandre B. Couture. Québec, 2022
GNL Québec.............. 3
Les gains matériels d’une lutte écologiste
Collectif Emma Goldman. Québec, 2022
Anarchosyndicalismeet changementclimatique...........6
Une contribution au débat
Une compagne de la CNT-AIT (France). France, 2022
La question des luttes qui concernent le territoire ............. 9
Jean-Philippe Crabé. France 2022
Fraguas .............. 13
Un projet de squat rural dans une Espagne vidée
Collectif Fraguas. Espagne, 2022
On the Global Climate Strike ............ 14
Priama Akcia. Slovakia,2021
Anarcho-syndicalism as a foundation for revolutionary environmentalism .......... 16
Un CéNéTista. Spain, 2022
Green Syndicalism ............. 19
A Very Brief Introduction
Jeff Shantz. Canada, 2022
Capitalists, Global Warming & the Climate Justice Movement.......... 21
James Herod. USA, 2009
Bookchin et le spectre de l’anarcho-syndicalisme .............. 27
Pierre Bance. France, 2015
Anarchism & Social Ecology............ 31
A Critique of Murray Bookchin
Graham Purchase. USA 1993
Murray Bookchin ................ 36
Throwing the baby out with the bathwater: Review essay
Iain McKay. USA, 2009
Anarcho-Syndicalism......... 43
Technology and Ecology
Graham Purchase. Australia, published in Canada, 1995
L'histoire de deux mobilisations........ 47
Les camionneurs sud-asiatiques construisent la solidarité de classe, le "Convoi de la liberté" construit le fascisme
Jeff Shantz. Canada, 2022
Tendances anarchistes dans la révolution soudanaise ....... 51
Mutasem Aqra. Soudan, 2022

Full pdf of journal here:

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Wounds We Won't See

Anarchist News - Mon, 01/16/2023 - 18:13
Antonin Procházka, Kocka

From Surviving Leviathan with Peter Gelderloos

Is it a bad sign when CNN publishes a better take on mental health than one commonly finds in the movement? Yeah, I'd say that's pretty bad.

But recently, the standard bearer of mediocre centrist journalism featured an opinion piece on the recent suicide of tWitch. For those of you who also have huge gaps of knowledge regarding mainstream culture, tWitch attained his popularity as a producer and DJ on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show."

The article displays some grave problems, most notably treating depression as nothing other than a brain disease, which is neither an empowering take nor one capable of addressing the complexity or the historical and cultural specificity of depression. (Is anyone hearing a shared motif with that strategy of the early Gay Rights movement that claimed homosexuality was biologically coded?) Nonetheless, the author'some podcaster, bestselling author, and CNN "commentator" who I assume is basically a hack'spends the bulk of the article highlighting and taking down the common responses that circulate when someone commits suicide: he seemed so happy; how could he do that to his family; how could he be so selfish.

Certainly, there are corners of the movement that have gone well beyond these basic rebuttals into a truly wholesome and helpful understanding of suicide, depression, trauma, and mental health. Recommendable writers include adrienne marie brown, Cindy Milstein, Kai Cheng Thom, Raechel Anne Jolie, and one of my favorites because it showed up at a life-saving time for me, the Icarus Project with their zine, "Navigating the Space between Brilliance and Madness." However, all of the brilliant, heartfelt work some anticapitalists have put into challenging dominant society's oppressive paradigm around mental health has not translated into a real shift of practices in the rest of our movement.

When someone really dear to me recently checked himself into an institution because his desire to harm himself was getting to be too much to handle, I sent him an audio telling him how proud I was. His reaction? No one else had given a supportive response. Everyone else in his life, many of them avowed anarchists committed on paper to toppling our society's mental health paradigm, met his giant step forward with sadness, fear, or'most commonly'silence.

"I hate it when they react like it's something to be afraid of," a new friend said. We were talking about suicide. More specifically, how others react when we share that we're feeling suicidal. "I hate how they don't get the distinction," they continued, "between, I am in danger and I am having these feelings, so it's like we can never talk about it."

"Yeah," I picked up. "Like, if I'm in actual danger then that means I'm already planning it, which means you're not going to know anything about it until I decide you do, and then it will be too late..."

'T gave a knowing laugh.

" if I'm telling you about it, don't be afraid, be happy that I can trust you enough, that you can hold space for me to talk about this really difficult thing."

My friend who checked himself into the hospital was not in a happy place. It makes sense to be sad for him, even if we can also be proud or grateful that he was able to act for his self-preservation. Psychiatric hospitals are not nice places. We deserve much better resources for healing and care. We shouldn't ever have to end up in institutions designed to isolate and control us.

There have been a number of experiments in radical psychology, frequently connected to anticapitalist social movements, in which people with mental health problems design their own care, or even examples of mental patients taking over the hospital. These experiments are inspiring but rarely long-lasting. They certainly haven't supplanted the dominant paradigm on mental health and its unhealthy institutions. I don't think this reflects poorly on the attempts to do things differently. The fact is, healing takes resources and space. And resources for any purpose outside of or against capitalism are in short supply. Resource-intensive liberatory projects are unlikely to last.

Liberated space is even more fleeting than free resources. The State is loath to ever cede an inch of territory. We're never meant to get any breathing room, any uncontaminated airs to breathe, any respite from the war that is constantly being waged against us.

So if we can only get fleeting glimpses of a better world as a material reality, and the rest, until the revolution comes, can only exist as a dream or a myth we carry with us, can we actually change our practices and our thinking in our day-to-day life and struggle? Sure, capitalism will let us write books about a different mental health paradigm, and there will be no limit to the individualized therapies we can buy, but can we actually practice meaningful and subversive forms of care while living under capitalism?

The next time a friend tells us they've had to check themselves into a hospital or says, "I want to kill myself," could all of us'or at least most of us'respond, thank you for telling me. I love you and I'm here for you, and one day we'll have a much better place for you to get care, we'll have more resources for healing and we'll get to define what healing means, but until then, I'm here.

It seems like it should be possible, even under capitalism, since making changing our response in that situation doesn't require access to liberated territory or resources; it's just a small shift at the level of individual behavior. The fact that even that kind of change is so hard to attain suggests there's something deeper at work.


You know what question I fucking hate? "How are you?" or its many variations like "how are things?" "how's it going?" I hate it because you're not supposed to answer honestly. If you're British, it seems like you're not supposed to answer at all, the interrogative functioning linguistically as a synonym of "hi". The vast majority of the time, the person asking "how are you?", if they are neurotypical, does not want to know how you actually are, or at best, they might want to know on some ideal plane but they are not equipped to hear an honest answer. Probably, they may sincerely desire for you to be good, or at least, on balance, okay. But if neither of those are the case, the conversation they are prefiguring will not have the capacity to handle it.

This is an especially dangerous feature of our everyday culture because the truth is, we are not okay. There are folks who are able to feel that we are deeply unokay, but they are not allowed to express it, and then there are the normies who on the whole think they're fine, which is in itself deeply problematic. I think this is an unfair but necessary generalization: the neurotypical, the well adjusted, the people who are more or less alright, are not just symptomatic of but integral to the collective disease that is endangering life on this planet.

Far from being healthy, by being able to adjust to a pathological society they are showing that they do not have the emotional strength to reject the normalization of harm and instead can only take the easy path of invisibilizing and reproducing that harm.

Just as many totalitarian systems have classified rebellious people as mentally and emotionally deranged, while classifying those too afraid to stand up to totalitarianism as normal, people today who do not have serious mental health "problems" may just lack the courage to feel anything too deeply.

Let me go back and contradict myself: what I have just laid out is an unfair generalization. Just because someone has the disadvantage of being normal doesn't necessarily mean that their emotional processes are superficial or obliviously entitled. My best friend is highly stable and well adjusted, yet he has a developed emotional intelligence and he's such a great support for his loved ones who are going through a rough time. He's just empathetic and has done the work. (But yeah, I can only really think of a couple other people who are neurotypical and able to hold space for the really hard feelings. And most of them have gotten seriously depressed in the last few years, even if they don't identify as having depression or being fundamentally bipolar or depressive people.)

On the flipside, as with any other oppressed category, belonging to team crazy does not automatically make people aware of the lines of power and oppression that move through us, and it does not prevent us from living out our craziness in a way that reproduces psychoemotional regimes of oppression or harming those around us. That's why I like the framework of the dangerous gift so much: if we don't do the work (and to do the work, we can't fucking be alone, we need support from folks who have already gone through it and are still alive, or who at the very least love us unconditionally and actively even if they don't understand what we're going through) we will almost certainly hurt ourselves and people around us.

So the generalizations I made above are unfair, but they are also true, because any constitutive act of collective self-awareness in reaction to a shared experience of marginalization and oppression must begin with a loud, abrasive fuck you to the normals constituted by that line of exclusion. And that fuck you is useful because you can learn a lot about people and how feasible it would be to work with them, based on how they respond when they hear anger directed at white people, cis men, or other normalized categories. Do they make it about themselves and their big hurt feelings, or do they try to empathize?

I'm not trying to write a manifesto though, calling on people who are crazy to permanently think of ourselves on the basis of a shared trait. Because it's a weak link, because craziness is so far from a homogeneous experience, and because we make ourselves stupider* and more unfeeling when we dichotomize the world. Besides, I don't really trust a crazy person who believes in stable categories. Believing in a category is such a normal person mind-trap.

Facetiousness aside, what I really want to talk about is how we're all in a really bad place, no matter how we personally experience that fact. Though I feel anger, I don't actually want to degrade people who respond to a toxic situation by going emotionally numb or looking for distractions. That happens to me too sometimes. And if we get better at care, at embracing the pain some of our loved ones are experiencing more acutely, all of us will benefit, all of us will become more able to understand and deal with the things happening to our world. And more of us will be able to share our gifts.

*I understand that many people have a bad reaction to the word "stupid" because they hear it within an ableist paradigm. I can empathize with this. We live in a society of IQ tests and eugenics. But I also feel the need to emphasize that this is not the only paradigm within which a concept of stupidity can exist. In fact, I don't know of any society that doesn't have some concept of intelligence, and the folks who respond to oppressive systems by policing language will use exact synonyms of "stupid" and "smart", showing that they haven't actually engaged in any paradigm shift.

When I talk about stupidity, I'm talking about a refusal to do the work, to engage with the world around us and try to understand it. This kind of intelligence or dullness cannot be measured quantitatively, it can't be ranked, and it is not a result of genetics or bad breeding amongst the lower classes or any similar bullshit. In fact, the kind of stupidity I'm talking about is a characteristic of privilege, because it's people who already benefit from patently false stories about how the world came to be this way who have a vested interest in not asking the tough questions.


Later, I'm walking with my partner, telling her about this newsletter, and I say I think maybe I should delete all of the foregoing section. We're talking about a person we know who isn't doing a great job of handling their craziness. They have a gift, for sure, but most of the time they're terrible at empathy, they don't really see the people around them, and they show up demanding support and almost never giving care. We both agree that this is someone who could easily'who sometimes does'grab onto mad as an oppressed and stable identity in order to justify how they show up in the world, to talk about their madness as an essential difference that separates them from others. And this separation probably makes it harder for them to see what they share with others, what they can offer others, and how they need to keep moving, healing, and growing.

What I want to focus on is deep empathy, the capacity to hold contradictions, to see multiple realities, to not be afraid of suffering. But I want to do this in a way that breaks through categorical separations without moving towards homogeneity or any other stable end goal. What I want is for people to realize that no one is healthy in this society and being able to see that and imagine other realities is a gift; what I want is for us to show up for each other, to be able to recognize each other's wounds and also recognize each other's strengths and special abilities; what I want is to be able to move through the world the way I need to without being ostracized, demonized, fired from a job, or sent to the hospital. (Also, a word of love and tenderness for crazy folks who are racialized, who instead of the hospital are more likely to be met with the cop's taser or bullet.)

We need to name the difference, to be able to talk about our experiences, and in this need and this marginalization many of us will find common ground, but it does us no good to construct a stable identity. R identifies her craziness as a result of trauma that happened at a certain point in life. I identify one of my things as the result of something similar, and the other one of my things as deeply, deeply me. It would be entirely neurotypical, medical even, to believe that she and I had to agree on shared definitions and frameworks for our experiences of reality.

As we continue walking, we discuss older movements against white supremacy, patriarchy, homophobia. Was it a necessary tangent for each of them to not just explore but reify the identity of the oppressed, in order to build collective power and move forward, or was it a strategic dead end they could have avoided turning into in the first place? Queer theory, intersectionality, and the reactionary embarrassments of TERFs and minority nationalists all show us that treating an oppressed group like a home country and fighting to defend its borders always reproduces the original logic of oppression. What's not so clear is where to go from here. How to heal these wounds we won't even see.

This friend I mentioned at the beginning of the essay. There were plenty of days when I knew he wasn't doing well and I didn't reach out. It's hard to acknowledge crisis, even when you're used to dangerously hard feelings being a part of your every day. We live in a society in which everyone is expected to be okay, a society so atomized that we have to fight for the space to share that we're hurting. Empathy can also come out as guilt for not being there, for not being more supportive before someone turns to self-harm or institutionalization. But when you're the one at the end of your rope, knowing the people you care about will turn immediately to sadness or guilt when they find out how you're actually doing doesn't make it any easier to share.

I don't know how to talk about the friend who recently committed suicide in this newsletter. I feel conflicting impulses'healthy and fearful'to end this newsletter on an optimistic note. If I decided on such an ending, I would talk about the outpouring of support I recently witnessed in response to another health crisis. But that was a different kind of crisis, a real one as opposed to an emotional or psychological one, as people tend to understand these things. Does that devalue the support? After all, the health crisis in question is also one wrapped in plenty of stigma, as all matters of unhealth are in an ableist society. Nonetheless, it is always inspiring to see groups of friends step forward where our society's official structures fail us. It makes it easier to imagine a world that is better in other ways too.

But still, things keep falling through the cracks, the same kinds of things, again and again.

That is, often, why I write. Because I'm at a loss for what else to do.

purple flowers

Postscript: Citations and Tangents

CNN Opinion, "The problem with how many are talking about tWitch's death"

adrienne marie brown, Emergent Strategy

Cindy Milstein, Rebellious Mourning

Kai Cheng Thom, I Hope We Choose Love

Raechel Anne Jolie, Rust Belt Femme

Icarus Project, "Navigating the Space between Brilliance and Madness"

Jane Addams Collective, Mutual Aid Self/Social Therapy

Texts of the Week

There are a lot of these this week, since I didn't include postscripts in the last two newsletters

Alex Gorrion, Anarchy in World Systems

This could be good reading to shore up that earlier newsletter about Musk and Xi

Sean Cooper, "What Happens When a Buffett buys Your Town"

Saidiya Hartman, The Anarchy of Colored Girls Assembled in a Riotous Manner

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Rhiannon Firth on Disaster, Mutual Aid and Anarchism

Anarchist News - Mon, 01/16/2023 - 14:00
Rhiannon Firth on Disaster, Mutual Aid and Anarchism

From The Final Straw Radio

Download This Episode

We’re happy to share Scott’s interview with Rhiannon Firth about her recent book, Disaster Anarchy: Mutual Aid and Radical Action. You can get the book at a discount using the code “firth30”, on the Pluto Books website or you can get a digital read for free, linked in the shownotes.


Next Week…

Next week, we’ll likely share our recent chat with Tom Wetzel on his anarcho-syndicalist / libertarian socialist tome Overcoming Capitailsm (AK Press, 2022). Patreon followers will get early access to this chat as they very occasionally do to author interviews, alongside other gifts and the satisfaction of supporting our transcription efforts. Want in but don’t want to have a Patreon? Check out for merch and other methods to donate and help keep our transcription and operating costs afloat. Thanks!

Announcements Sanctuary Park Defendants Statement

A Statement from the Aston Park Defendants in Response to APD’s January 11th Press Release -January 14th, 2023:

“On Wednesday, January 11th, 2023, Asheville Police Department (APD) issued a widely circulated press release stating that 120,000 lbs of “trash” were removed from two “vacant” homeless encampments in West Asheville.

We believe that this press release is part of an ongoing misinformation campaign by the City of Asheville to justify evicting encampments, fracturing communities of care, and broadly criminalizing unsheltered homelessness without creating real solutions.

APD claims that the two camps were vacant, but admits that over the course of two weeks, they forced the people living there to leave. “Services” were offered to the people displaced, but were limited to rides, sharing information about local shelters, and helping people register for a housing list with a months-to-years long wait for placement. We question the utility of these services to people who are chronically homeless and unsheltered.

According to the city of Asheville’s 2022 Point in Time count, 232 (36%) of people without housing were unsheltered, defined as “sleeping outside or in other locations not suitable for human habitation.” These people are criminalized with trespassing laws and ordinances restricting camping. Yet, limited capacity and other barriers to shelter access often leave people with no other choices.

When people camp together in larger groups, they are able to share resources and build community. Providing these camps with basic waste disposal and sanitation services would eliminate the health risks used to justify their removal. Instead, people camping are blamed for these conditions, then forced to relocate with only what they can carry. Tents, shelters, and other necessities must be left behind, and are relabeled “trash.”

APD, city government and anti–homeless businesses use this, coupled with overblown and misleading claims about violent crime in camps, as justification for displacing unsheltered people again and again.

Since the 11th, APD evicted two more camps in East Asheville, just ahead of a cold front bringing ice and snow. Camp evictions in February and December of 2021 under similar conditions sparked widespread public outrage. Despite this, conditions for people living unsheltered have mostly remained unchanged. Misinformation about “litter” and crime, alongside unfulfilled promises of long-term solutions, have redirected public attention from ongoing violence.

Not only are camp sweeps violent, they are an ineffective and expensive strategy for managing unsheltered homelessness. There are more humane, longer-term and lower-cost alternatives. More on this, along with other updates, coming soon. In the meantime, check out our website,, for more information including links to sources cited for this statement. Please share and spread the word!

Solidarity & Love,

The Aston Park Defendants”

Asheville Mutual Aid Market

If you’re in the Asheville area, on Saturday, January 28th there’ll be a Mutual Aid Market at the Odd bar on Haywood Ave in west Asheville from 12-4pm including free brake light clinic by the Asheville Socialist Rifle Association chapter. Bring gently used clothing, kitchenware, fitness gear, tools, books and other stuff to share and take what you’d like. Oye Collective is hosting BIPOC artists and musicians who’ll have stuff on offer for donation, and donations will be collected for Asheville For Justice. Check the AFJ instagram for more info, the announcement in English and Spanish and info on accessibility.

Phone Zap, Tuesday for SeaTac detainees

There’s going to be a prisoner organized phone zap around conditions at SeaTac federal detention center on Tuesday. Inmates at SeaTac Detention Center are facing cruel and illegal conditions, without adequate access to medical care, food, and communication. You’re invited to join a phone zap on Tuesday Jan 17, from 8am-2pm, calling once or as many times as you can, asking that the Associate Warden’s Office take immediate steps to correct the situation. Script and details in our show notes

Here is a script you can use:

“I’m calling on behalf of inmates at SeaTac Federal Detention Center, asking for the leadership to address the cruel and *illegal* conditions at the facility.

Without a long-term warden and the presence of leadership at the lunch line, it’s been difficult for inmates to directly address concerns themselves. Because you’ve silenced them, I’m calling on their behalf to let you know that many people across the nation are watching SeaTac right now. Please take immediate steps to improve conditions for every inmate at SeaTec by providing:

  • A minimum of 2,000 calories/day

  • A doctor on-site at the facility

  • Immediate access to prescription medications

  • Immediate access to dental care

  • Increased email access

  • A warden assigned to the facility”

. … . ..

Featured Tracks:
  • Cavern by Liquid Liquid from Liquid Liquid Discography (1981-1984)
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ANews Podcast 297 – 1.13.23

Anarchist News - Mon, 01/16/2023 - 13:13
ANews Podcast 297 – 1.13.23

From ANews Podcast

Welcome to this week’s podcast. This podcast is on anarchist activity, ideas, and comments from the previous week on


What’s New

Written by chisel, read by chisel & chumple-umfoulous

A reading from theanarchistlibrary:

Rebellious, I – “Anti-Gender Monstrocity”

Read & sound edited by Max Res

TOTW: anarchafeminism and gender abolition

w/ special guest Ariel!, & Max Res 

sound editing by octox

Samples & Music:

Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want To Have Fun [†RVSTY TEVSPOON† /\|《GirLs Jvst ₩anna |-|ave Fvn /\| Death Or Life? (Rusted & Dragged) |Witch House Music Edit]

City Morgue – 66SLAVS

♥ Ms Nina ♥ – Tu Sicaria

♥ Sailor pünk – Sailor perrⒶs ★

Sailor Pünk – anarkomacho

Sailor Pünk – YUTA MORADA

Sailor Pünk – Tumba la Tienda Mami

Sailor Pünk – Vamos a kemar un policia

Madonna – Material Girl [MATERIEL GRRL /// MATERIEL WRLD /// WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY/// Drag Edit]

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Savannah, GA Residents Rally at Brasfield & Gorrie site to Stop Cop City!

It's Goin Down - Mon, 01/16/2023 - 12:40

Report back on solidarity rally with the movement to Defend the Atlanta Forest in Savannah, Georgia.

Following the raids of the Weelaunee Forest and arrest of six forest defenders in mid-December, supporters of the movement to Defend the Atlanta Forest called for a Weekend of Solidarity with the movement from January 13th-16th.

In response, we held a rally outside a Brasfield & Gorrie construction site in Savannah, GA to demand that B&G drop the Cop City contract in Atlanta. More than 30 people came to the rally. While some people had previously heard about the movement to Defend the Atlanta Forest, others learned about it for the first time on social media, at a local punk show, or when they were handed flyers at the farmer’s market earlier the same day.

Protestors chanted “Hey hey, ho ho, Brasfield & Gorrie has gotta go!” and “What do we do when the forest is under attack? What do we do? Stand up, fight back!” Our chants and large banners interrupted a historical tour of Wright Square and drew the attention of passerby, both tourists and Savannah residents.

Passerby joined the rally to hear speakers situate the proposed Cop City facility as a reaction to the George Floyd uprising and rebellion in Atlanta after an APD officer murdered Rayshard Brooks in 2020. Speakers described how Cop City would be an extension of forms of environmental racism that have plagued the region since the genocidal colonization of Muscogee ancestral lands and the establishment of the Georgia Colony in Savannah.

Though the police, prosecutors, and some journalists have tried to claim that solidarity and direct action from residents outside of Atlanta is “domestic terrorism,” one speaker stated that “the funders, contractors, and violent police tactics backing Cop City have ties across the nation and the world. Our solidarity must, too.”

"The fight to #StopCopCity poses a question to us: defend the forest so both human and non-human life can thrive, or sacrifice it once again to institutions that have perpetuated racialized violence here in Georgia for hundreds of years?

We stand with the forest defenders!"

— Savannah Against Cop City! (@SavTheForest) January 16, 2023

In addition to sending a clear message to Brasfield & Gorrie, our rally for the Weekend of Solidarity created a space in which we could spread the word about the movement, meet other people who share our desire to fight for the kind of world we want to live in, and begin to scheme ways to build and expand collective power right here in Savannah.

To get involved with events in solidarity with the Defend the Atlanta Forest movement in Savannah, email You can also follow @SavTheForest on Twitter.

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Biden's ATF Bans Millions of Guns With New Rule; Gun Owners Could Face Ten Years in Prison for Refusing to Comply

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Sun, 01/15/2023 - 22:26

Biden's ATF Bans Millions of Guns With New Rule; Gun Owners Could Face Ten Years in Prison for Refusing to Comply | 15 Jan 2023 | Not satisfied with last year's gun control victory, thanks to Republican sell-outs, the Biden regime's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) unveiled a rule which will criminalize millions of law-abiding gun owners. The Reload's Stephen Gutowski reported that the agency plans to reclassify pistol braces, a highly popular gun accessory, in a way which would ban them unless registered with the ATF. Anyone who refuses to comply could face up to ten years in prison. A person who wants to keep a gun with a pistol brace will have to participate in a federal gun registry or go to jail. The ATF previously ruled such braces were completely legal.

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FAA outage fallout: Hundreds of flights delayed, canceled day after meltdown

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Sun, 01/15/2023 - 22:18

FAA outage fallout: Hundreds of flights delayed, canceled day after meltdown | 12 Jan 2023 | Hundreds of flights remain canceled or delayed across the United States on Thursday, one day after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) suffered a catastrophic system failure. The FAA imposed a ground stop order throughout Wednesday morning, and airports began to slowly reopen for departures throughout the day. Nearly half of U.S. flights were delayed or canceled Wednesday. The issues arose after the FAA's NOTAM system failed. The NOTAM system serves to deliver safety alerts to pilots and crew. A total of 10,563 flights were delayed Wednesday, and more than 1,300 were canceled. On Thursday, 500 flights were delayed and 63 were canceled, according to FlightAware.

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NY Supreme Court Strikes Down COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Sun, 01/15/2023 - 21:33

NY Supreme Court Strikes Down COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers | 15 Jan 2023 | A state Supreme Court judge in Syracuse struck down a statewide mandate for medical staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19, ruling that New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and the state's health department overstepped their authority. In a landmark ruling issued on Jan. 13, New York State Supreme Court Judge Gerard Neri declared the statewide COVID-19 vaccine mandate for medical staff "null, void, and of no effect." Hochul and the New York State Department of Health exceeded their authority by sidestepping the state legislature in imposing a permanent COVID-19 vaccine mandate for medical professionals, the judge wrote in the order. Judge Neri also found that the mandate was "arbitrary and capricious," citing evidence that COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent the spread of the virus, undercutting the basis for the mandate. "In true Orwellian fashion, the Respondents acknowledge then-current COVID-19 shots do not prevent transmission," Neri wrote, citing a Summary of Assessment of Public Comment that was entered as evidence in the case.

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Biden Admin Demands Gun Owners register or surrender lawfully owned rifles or face 10-years in jail

Off Grid Survival - Sun, 01/15/2023 - 21:32

Biden Admin Demands Gun Owners register or surrender lawfully owned rifles or face 10-years in jail

Over the weekend, the Biden administration used the the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to go after law-abiding gun owners, passing new unconstitutional regulations that will require around 10 million owners of an estimated 40 million firearms to register or surrender their guns. [...]

This Article Biden Admin Demands Gun Owners register or surrender lawfully owned rifles or face 10-years in jail is an original article from OFFGRID Survival If it is appearing on any other site but OFFGRID Survival, that site does not have our permission to use our copyrighted content!

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CDC identifies potential side effects in Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine; stroke concern identified in people ages 65 and older

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Sun, 01/15/2023 - 21:20

CDC identifies potential side effects in Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine --Stroke concern identified in people ages 65 and older who received the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, Bivalent | 13 Jan 2023 | The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday announced that the data it had collected merited an investigation into potential stroke risks for recipients for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. "Following the availability and use of the updated (bivalent) COVID-19 vaccines, CDC's Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD), a near real-time surveillance system, met the statistical criteria to prompt additional investigation into whether there was a safety concern for ischemic stroke in people ages 65 and older who received the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, Bivalent," the agency wrote in a press release. It further noted that the "preliminary signal" that prompted the investigation of the Pfizer vaccine has not been identified in the Moderna vaccine.

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Biden's 50K Afghans Cost Taxpayers $189M in Damages to U.S. Military Bases

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Sun, 01/15/2023 - 21:07

Biden's 50K Afghans Cost Taxpayers $189M in Damages to U.S. Military Bases | 14 Jan 2023 | The nearly 50,000 Afghans whom Joe Biden's administration housed on five United States military bases for months through 2021 and early 2022 cost taxpayers almost $189 million in damages to the facilities, a federal report reveals. Following the U.S. Armed Forces withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, Biden opened a refugee pipeline that has resettled more than 86,000 Afghans in American communities -- many without having been screened or interviewed in person beforehand. Tens of thousands of those Afghans were housed initially at eight U.S. military bases, including 50,000 who were specifically placed at Fort Bliss in Texas, Fort Lee in Virginia, Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, Fort Pickett in Virginia, and Camp Atterbury in Indiana. Officials at those five U.S. bases, according to a Department of Defense Inspector General (DOD IG) report, noted nearly $189 million in damages which taxpayers will have to foot the bill to repair.

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