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TOTW: Fake news

Anarchist News - Sun, 01/15/2023 - 19:35

This website has no hard standard for establishing what’s real and what’s not. If someone says something happened, it usually gets posted as-is. And indeed, in anarchist space, anonymity and vague details are usually the rule, especially when it comes to talking about illegal stuff. But this also presents a dilemma - how do we know whether something is true or not?

"News" isn't something often held in high regard among anarchists - we're skeptical of mainstream news sources, and self-described "objective" reporting is widely known to be anything but, if it's even possible to begin with. But when something happens and someone tells us about it - a broken window, a protest, graffiti, etc. - we only know what happened and how it happened because someone else told us, be it often hostile media sources or people who claim the action. So who to believe, the cop-friendly MSM reporter at best attempting to be objective or the bombastic reportback from someone high off the fumes of teargas and attempting to make the best of an otherwise modest action? Do you have different standards for truth in anarchist spaces? Is objectivity possible, or do how do you avoid fake news?

Add onto this the fact that "we" may not be who we say we are. The recent Anarqxista Goldman kerfuffle is another in a long line of a-world celebrities who have presented themselves as something other than they really are (though usually this honor goes to cops and informers). Though let us also consider - if you were to dig below the surface, how many anarchist personas, particularly online, would hold up? Anarchists don't tell the truth about themselves for lots of reasons, for fear of surveillance, desire to avoid attaching socially unpopular opinions to our names, or even just to avoid attacks from hostile actors, be they fascists, anarchists or otherwise. They may also just want to be someone else. But a culture of anonymity also opens the door to bad actors, who, like AG, gain cred through gathering a social circle that will then vouch for them, creating retroactive proof of their existence. When does an identity go from secure to sus?

How do we tell truth from falsehood, and how do we do so without compromising ourselves and others?

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Radon Journal: Announcing issue #3

Anarchist News - Sun, 01/15/2023 - 18:09
 Announcing issue #3

From Radon Journal - Anarchist, Dystopian, Transhuman, Science Fiction, Prose & Poetry Journal

Issue #3 here:


​At Radon, we know what we love and hope you will share in our revelry. We strive to be a professional community for a unique blend of passions. Our goal is to amplify the voices of writers who see the world differently, who use story and verse to expose injustice and investigate our impending futures.

It is our vow to remain non-profit and transparent. We are here to embody the wholesome values of anarchy (democracy, equality, freedom, order, mutual-aid) and provide an avenue for writers  to join the conversation.
If you envision writing on Mars before you die, gleefully run toward the technological singularity, or want to fight back against the world, then you've found home. Welcome. 


Aimer – Anarcho-transhumanist and anti-fascist. Holds an MFA in Poetry, a BA in Prose, and was a touring spoken word poet for fourteen years. Works for a non-profit publishing high-impact science research articles.

Alecto – Writes speculative fiction novels and plays both the flugelhorn and MMOs in her spare time. Holds a business degree from Tulane University. Formerly a freelance editor, she works retail as her day job. She lives with her fiancé and dachshund.

Eden – Queer writer and editor from the Midwest. Studied Creative Writing and Spanish language. Outside of reading short story collections, they love board games, nature walks, and learning new styles of arts and crafts.

Kelsey – Anarchist, writing tutor, and English/Political Science grad from the Midwest. Enjoys sci-fi, satire, and modernist poetry. Likes hiking in woods and shooting on film.

Renee – Socialist Latina from the Southwest. Holds an MA in Literature and BA in English. Currently works for a university press and a social science organization on the East Coast. All she loves more than dystopian books are dogs—especially her own.

Saga – Writer and editor currently working on a publishing master's on the East Coast. Enjoys science fiction, video games, excellent worldbuilding, and iced tea. They are an Annual National Novel Writing Month survivor.

Teague, PhD – Engineer and researcher by day. Anti-fascist science fiction author and editor by night. 

About us: Radon is a triannual online journal publishing prose and poetry relating to science fiction, anarchism, transhumanism, and dystopia. We are a paying market.

We publish quality literature every January, May, and September.

Radon nominates its writers for numerous awards. They include the Pushcart Prize, Rhysling Awards, O. Henry Prize, Best Microfiction, Best Small Fictions, and Best of the Net.

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Radical croissants

Anarchist News - Sun, 01/15/2023 - 18:00
 The anarcho-communist bakers serving the Paris suburbs

From EFE, 13 January 2023, by Nerea González

The anarcho-communist bakers serving the Paris suburbs

Montreuil, France, Jan 13 (EFE).- A bakery on the outskirts of Paris is combining classic French pastry with anti-capitalist political theory. 

La Conquête du Pain (The Conquest of Bread) takes its name from a text written by one of the most renowned anarcho-communist political analysts, Russian Peter Kropotkin.

“We are the owners of our work, there are no intermediaries or employers that take advantage of it,” Mexican Ricardo Alvarado, one of the six workers currently operating the bakery, tells Efe in an interview. 

Located on a street corner in the town of Montreuil, just over half an hour by public transport from the center of Paris, the bakery was inaugurated in 2010 inspired by the philosophy of Kropotkin.

Thomas Anestoy and Pierre Pawin, founders of the project, wanted to demonstrate how workers can self-manage and master that most basic of human necessities — bread.

“The important thing is to show that the model works, that you can work without a boss and that you can sell bread at prices accessible to everyone (…),” says Bertrand Boulmé, another of the workers.

Anestoy and Pawin no longer work at La Conquête du Pain, but other teams have been taking care of the project. 

“For us, the important thing is not to make money, it’s not to get rich. The goal is to pay the rent, pay the suppliers and pay ourselves. There is no capitalist objective, only cost effectiveness,” says Boulmé.

Montreuil is a traditionally working-class and immigrant area, although workers say it has been gentrified in recent years. 

The bakery offers a “normal” and a “crisis” price list for the same products, making it suitable for those on a limited budget

The French bakery’s star product, the artisanal baguette — recently listed by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage — has a reduced price of 0.75 euros and one euro for all other customers.

Other businesses sell baguettes for more than 1.20 euros, or even for 1.60 euros, in the most expensive places in Paris, but in the face of inflation, La Conquête du Pain has decided to keep the baguette at one euro.

“For electricity, we were paying a bill of 700-800 euros and the November bill was 1,600 euros,” says Alvarado. 

This Christmas, bakers in France led protests against the government of president Emmanuel Macron for excessive energy prices. 

In response, on January 6, the French president announced relief measures for small businesses, to avoid, among other things, a further rise in the price of bread.

Keeping this “anarchist business” afloat in 2023 is “hard”, the bakers themselves admit, but it is for them a preferable option to being accountable to a boss.EFE

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Subverting the ‘dog eat dog’ dogma

Anarchist News - Sun, 01/15/2023 - 17:28
people participating in a drum circle

From Freedom News

According to neoliberal ideology it is a “dog-eat-dog” world. But where and when do you see dog eating dog? Unless they are starving (due to unnatural conditions), badly socialised (a problem of conditioning) or on a leash (the perfect metaphor for the dysfunctional nature of authoritarianism), you are much more likely to see dog-sniff-dog, dog-play-with-dog scenarios.

Neoliberalism’s focus on competition reveals that, at its heart, it relies on divide and rule. Economist Friedrich Hayek, grandpappy of the selfish, anally-retentive death cult which literally threatens life as we know it, openly admitted that, left to our own devices, human beings naturally organise into autonomous, self-governing, self-supporting, happy and content communities. But where’s the profit in that?

Neoliberalism has created a breakdown in relationships (with each other, other communities, other species, and ultimately with our planet) which has led directly to a pandemic of isolation, anxiety, stress, addiction and depression. Not only do these anti-social diseases make us less capable of organising against exploitation, they have also made us perfect consumers, hungry for little dopamine hits to distract us from the fundamental unsatisfactoriness of life. Shopping isn’t therapy, it’s a symptom. Happy people don’t keep buying crap.

The neoliberal global economy is so antisocial that building/rebuilding relationships has become a radical act. And anarchism is all about relationships. The grandpappy of mutualism Pierre-Joseph Proudhon said (in the patriarchal parlance of his day): ”The freest man is the one who has the most relations with his fellow men.”

In her invaluable book Anarchism, Carissa Honeywell examines Proudon’s statement and its modern relevance:

“For anarchists, freedom depends on relationships of care and interdependence. On one level, this is because these relationships support material survival; our strong dependence on each other means that it is impossible to be free alone (even when this dependence is hidden from us by conventions of exchange, such as money, which mask interdependence).

“For the poor or the marginalised, freedom requires us to create relationships of greater material equality because freedom without access to the resources necessary for survival and other needs is meaningless. In fact, everyone needs help from others. It is hard to think of any challenge we face that does not require human and non-human assistance. ‘It is unselfconscious privilege,’ writes anthropology professor Anna Tsing, ‘that allows us to fantasise — counter-factually — that we survive alone.’”

So a collectivist approach to economics is not only preferable in an ethical sense, it is in fact the daily reality hidden behind the mythology of neoliberalism. But in the 20th century State Communism proved an authoritarian approach to collectivism was as exploitative and dehumanising as the private ownership model. Only anarchism offers collectivism and a healthy respect for individual liberty. Honeywell goes on:

“… those very experiences or senses of ourselves that we understand as freedom — individuality, uniqueness, creativity, expression or selfhood — are the result of deeply relational needs (psychological, physiological, social and spiritual) being met in connection with and in reaction to other beings.

“Human individuality depends on the collaboration of other beings through relationships with them. Intense experiences of ‘selfness’ are the product of the communities and networks of relationship that support and nurture, antagonise and challenge, develop and create us. In this tradition, freedom and individuality are the result of mutually sustaining connections with others, we are ‘we’ before we are ‘I’.

Anarchism is nothing if it is not practically applied. The job in hand is to (re)connect with our communities and with each other (leave puritanism and infighting to authoritarians). One of the most important things we can do as anarchists is to create spaces where interpersonal, community and international relationships can thrive.

At our little South Yorkshire experiment in practical anarchy, Doncaster’s Bentley Urban Farm we are building a “Commensality Kitchen” to provide pay-as-you-feel meals in warm spaces so that people know they can get both without the addition of stigma, judgment or victimhood. Not as charity, but as comrades together in good company.

Commensality (a word which I learned from Anarchism) is the act of eating together, a simple practice which creates bonds and deepens relationships.

Forget dog-eat-dog, better to just eat together if you want to change the world.

~ Warren Draper

Pic: Bentley Urban Farm, pic by Unbound Light/CC

This article first appeared in the Winter 2022/23 edition of Freedom journal, available at our online shop for the cost of postage.

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Pentagon Announces Ukrainian Troops Will Train in Oklahoma

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Sun, 01/15/2023 - 06:03

Pentagon Announces Ukrainian Troops Will Train in Oklahoma | 13 Jan 2023 | Shortly after the U.S. announced it will send a Patriot air defense system and more weapons to Ukraine, a Pentagon spokesperson has now announced a group of Ukrainian soldiers will come to the United States to train on a Patriot system so they'll be ready when their own system arrives. Pentagon Press Secretary Gen. Pat Ryder in a press conference on Tuesday stated, "Training for Ukrainian forces on the Patriot air defense system will begin as soon as next week at Fort Sill, Oklahoma." Gen. Ryder would note that 90 to 100 Ukranian troops will train to operate and sustain a Patriot air defensive system.

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Doctor Calls for Withdrawal of Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines Following New Research

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Sun, 01/15/2023 - 05:33

Doctor Calls for Withdrawal of Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines Following New Research | 13 Jan 2023 | An American doctor is joining the calls for the withdrawal of the messenger RNA COVID-19 vaccines, pointing to new research that highlights a connection between the shots and adverse events. Dr. Joseph Fraiman, a doctor based in Louisiana who also conducts research on COVID-19 and other health issues, says it's time to halt the administration of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines until new clinical trials prove the benefits from the vaccines outweigh the harms. The new research, including a reanalysis of the trials for the vaccines, raise concerns about whether the benefits from the vaccines outweigh the harms, according to the doctor. "I don't see how anyone couldn't be certain that the benefits are outweighing the harms on a population level, or even in the high-risk groups. I don't see the evidence to support that claim," Fraiman told The Epoch Times. Fraiman led a study that reanalyzed the original Pfizer and Moderna trials. He and his colleagues concluded in a study published following peer review that the vaccinated were at higher risk of serious adverse events.

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More Classified Documents Found at Biden's Delaware Home - White House

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Sun, 01/15/2023 - 04:56

More Classified Documents Found at Biden's Delaware Home - White House | 14 Jan 2023 | Additional classified documents have been found at Joe Biden's home in Delaware, the White House said Saturday. Biden's personal attorney found one document on Wednesday and Richard Sauber, special counsel to the president, discovered the rest of the documents along with Justice Department (DOJ) officials on Thursday. Six pages, all with classification markings and stored in a room adjacent to the garage at Biden’s home, were found during the search, Sauber said in a Jan. 14 statement... The latest disclosure is in addition to the discovery of documents found in December in Biden’s garage and in November at his former offices at the Penn Biden Center in Washington D.C., from his time as vice president. The apparent mishandling of classified documents and official records from the Obama administration are [allegedly] under investigation by a former U.S. attorney, Robert Hur, who was appointed as a special counsel on Thursday by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

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Anarchist News - Sat, 01/14/2023 - 17:37
blockade fire

From Unoffensive animal

German (and worldwide) activists have fought this before, and are doing it again. RWE, one of the dirtiest energy companies in Europe, is unsurprisingly attempting to expand their lignite mining operations and having to face the fierce opposition of anarchist resistance against the destruction of the earth.

Lützerath is a village in the edge of Garzwailer mine, which digs for lignite coal for energy production. RWE has forcefully kicked out the residents from the village with the intention to demolish the houses and expand the mine, and for over a year activists have squatted the village and built treehouses, blockading the destruction.

The police has announced their eviction plan, which started on the 9th of January, where they want to build a fence around the village, then fence off the different barrios and one by one evict the barrios on behalf of RWE to destroy the village.

The resistance is not afraid of RWE and their police goons and folks have joined forces to resist the eviction and fight back, exactly the same way as it was done in Habacher Forst, where the trees still remain! In the exact same fashion as Hambi, Lützerath is as much an ecological struggle as it is an anarchist alternative to capitalist and democratic society.

They are asking for as much support as possible, so if you can, join the camps and block the cop’s access, fight the eviction and support people on the ground!

If you are unable to join that way, remember that RWE is a multinational company that owns many businesses around the world, and most likely has investments wherever you are from. Those assets are as fair game as RWE itself. They are one of the biggest polluters in Europe, they are very good at marketing themselves as a green eco-conscious company and they are not afraid to fight back, but they have been fended off in the past and they can be destroyed once again. Cut their fingers wherever they are so they cannot grab more money and they will run back afraid of their loses.

You can find more info (and all the socials of the resistance) here:

Solidarity with all fighting in Lützerath.


For an anarchist future. Fight back!

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Fire for Alfredo Cospito and Lützerath in Hamburg, Germany

Anarchist News - Sat, 01/14/2023 - 17:19

From Abolition Media

With thoughts of the hunger-striking anarchist Alfredo Cospito, we set fire to Strabag trucks in the Schanze (a central quarter of Hamburg) on the night of January .

Strabag does not only build prisons. At least since the struggle for the Dannenröder forest, they have often been the target of attacks because they actively destroy nature. Our fire should also give strength to those fighting in and around Lützerath. Day X has already been proclaimed.

“We stand in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito, who has been on hunger strike since 20 October 2022 against his imprisonment in the 41-bis isolation regime and against life imprisonment without the option of release. Alfredo’s detention conditions are slightly better at the moment than previous weeks. He has lost a lot of weight and his health is relatively stable, but could become critical at any time. Two other prisoners in Italy, Anna and Juan have been on prolonged solidarity hunger strikes and Ivan Alocco, a prisoner in France is also supporting Alfredo through hunger strike. Toby Shone, who is in prison in England, is also supporting Alfredo by refusing food several days a week.

We are also in solidarity with Thanos Chatziangelou from the organisation Anarchist Action, who was illegally transferred from Korydallos to Nigrita prison in Serres on 19/12. Thanos started a hunger and thirst strike that day. The companion is involved in the recent mobilizations in prisons in Greece against the new harsh laws, which are currently taking place in many places and in which many prisoners have been participating in recent months.

On 25.12, he was transferred to the hospital in Nigrita, where he is guarded around the clock by police. On the evening of 31 December, external doctors attempted for the first time to subject him to the torture of force-feeding on the basis of a prosecutor’s order. Thanos resisted and pulled the injections. Force-feeding is torture! Our companion’s demands must be met! The reasons for his transfer must be given and he must be brought back to Korydallos.

Five other prisoners in Greece have gone on hunger strike for his demands.

We stand in solidarity with the 11 comrades from Turkey who are imprisoned in Greece: Ali Ercan Gökoğlu, Burak Agarmış, Hasan Kaya, Sinan Çam, Şadi Naci Özpolat, Halil Demir, Anıl Sayar, Harika Kızılkaya, Hazal Seçer, Sinan Oktay Özen, İsmail Zat. They have been on hunger strike since October 7, demanding a fair trial and an immediate reversal of the 133 years in prison they received collectively from a Greek court. They are also demanding their rights in relation to their arrest and a legal status in Greece. Many prisoners in Greece are in solidarity with the 11.”

The words we share are from the call for the demo “NO PRISON, NO NATION, STOP ISOLATION” on 8.1. in Berlin.

Freedom for all prisoners! Down with the walls and the energy companies!


translated by Nae Midion

Note: photo not associated with the action.

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Statement by the Anarchist Aldo Hernández

Anarchist News - Sat, 01/14/2023 - 08:37

Via Anarquía, English translation by Anarchist News

I write a few lines in which I want to deeply thank the anonymous anarchist support that they have given me, going through these solid walls that today enclose me.

More than a decade ago I decided to take the ideas, and try to show with actions what I carried in this black heart. I knew that it was a duel to the death, to fight this prison society and everyone who supports this model of misery.

History has been stained with our irreducible and fighting blood. The restlessness of beautiful minds helps us to keep our fallen present and at the same time lets us see clearly who deserves our insurrectionary convictions. It sustains all our eternal contempt for authority and for everyone who takes away the beauty of freedom. Freedom that is treasured in our black hearts.

Thank you for the concern of the different political prisoners who have been attentive since I arrived at this extermination center.

To Juan Aliste and Marcelo Villarroel who communicated from the first moment, to find out about my situation.

To the close hug with Commander Ramiro, encouragement and strength to Francisco Solar and Juan Flores who sent me parcels.

That gesture did not go unnoticed by the other common prisoners. They felt admiration and respect for that expression of solidarity between rebels, subversives, autonomous, anarchists and combatants.

Expressions that reflect that solidarity is not just a written word.

«At this point there are no hesitations, the decision has already been made and
there is no way back. I leave the comfort of the established and
ventured into the uncertainty of the confrontation»
Kalinov Most

«It is necessary to offer life the exquisite elevation of the arm and the
mind. To face society with its own weapons, without bowing.
That's why they consider me a dangerous man"
Severino Di Giovanni

A fraternal greeting to my friends and like-minded colleagues. To my brother and beloved partner who are under investigation in the Santiago 1 jail for this same case.

To the comrades on the street who, since they raided the 6 homes looking for me, have spent days and nights giving us love and support.

Tight hugs to the families, herds, companions, lawyers, friends, affinities and conspirators from around the world.

The war continues... nothing is over
To hit accurately the head of the enemy
Long live anarchy

Aldo Hernández Valdés- Anarchist prisoner
Module 12 / La Gonzalina extermination prison


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Statement by the Anarchist Lucas Hernández

Anarchist News - Sat, 01/14/2023 - 07:29

Via Anarquía English Translation by Anarchist News

In the early morning of December 22, 2022, after a series of raids by the South Metropolitan High Complexity Prosecutor's Office, within the framework of an investigation of an explosive attack at the Chilean Gendarmerie National Directorate...

Two of our colleagues, my brother/comrade and I, were arrested. On the 22nd, the official press published our faces as a trophy, putting on a show. And as it is customary, condemning
in advance to all who decide to rebel against this world of control and punishment.

Those who dictate and oversee our confinement do not take into account anarchist solidarity, bulletproof solidarity that can withstand walls, confinement, and shackles. Palpable solidarity that we could feel from the first moment we arrived at this module. The comrades that were accused in the Susaron case welcomed us with open and fraternal hands. In these lines I want to thank all those who have cared about us: Our family, my colleagues, friends, and anonymous people with affinity for the ideas that overflow from my heart and individual thinking. A hug for all of them.

To my comrades from the San Miguel prison, to the comrades from the La Gonzalina prison: Juan Aliste, Francisco Solar, Marcelo Villaroel, Juan Flores, and Joaquin Garcia who have been
looking out for and attentive to my brother. Extending a supportive hand, mocking the isolation and the distance between those cold walls. A hug for all the Rebels, Anarchists, Nihilists, Subversives and conspirators. Individuals or groups that exacerbate the conflict inside and outside the prisons of the world.

From the dungeons it is only possible to say: I will continue standing, firm and strong. Neither confinement nor any punishment will break me. My ideas remain clear as an anarchist individual, I am still in conflict with the society that perpetuates and sustains misery. No one wants to end up in prison, but this will be part of my process of personal and political growth. We have the example of struggle, resistance, and coherence of all our comrades, who throughout history have had to accept long sentences, a coherence that for me is more exemplary than any punishment they try to impose on me.

From this concrete tomb I send a hug full of love and pride to all those who face prison on a daily basis: To the companions of Stgo 1, San Miguel prison, La Gonzalina, and all those who are spread around the world.

Especially to my brother who is a prisoner in Rancagua, I send you strength and love, I will continue here with my head held high.

Never unwary with the enemy
Nothing is over, everything continues.
My captivity will not be in vain.

jail/company stgo1
Module 1
Lucas Hernández
Anarchist Prisoner


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Update about the health condition of Alfredo Cospito

Anarchist News - Sat, 01/14/2023 - 04:51

From La Nemesi

On January 12th, the 85th day of the hunger strike to the bitter end against 41 bis prison regime and life imprisonment without possibility of parole, the antagonist radio station Radio Onda d’Urto broadcast a third speech by the doctor who is regularly visiting anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito, imprisoned in the Bancali prison, in Sassari. As for the updates on the 71st (December 29th) and 78th day (January 5th) of hunger strike, we report a transcript of the speech and the recording of the broadcast (in italian language):

“He has lost even more weight, and significantly more than last week: he lost another 4.50 kg, so he weighed 80 kg today. So for his height of about 1.93 cm, he is about 10 kg below his target weight. The musculature is getting progressively smaller […]. He was a bit angry because today four members of parliament from Partito Democratico [Democratic Party, PD] went to visit him [in Italy parliamentarians can, by their own decision, visit prisons at any time] and he reiterated that his struggle is not just for him, but is for all those who are imprisoned in 41 bis. So he does not represent the ‘good one’ to be saved, but it is a struggle extended to all the people who are in 41 bis […]. [His health conditions] are still quite good, the fact that he has further lost weight… and this time he is losing weight in an important way, week by week, clearly having already consumed what were his fat deposits, now he is slowly moving towards a muscular catabolism, so, this obviously entails – and will entail (because he is still standing well) – an important reduction in physical strength […]. In my opinion, yes [we must expect a worsening of his health], even if he always mentions these Kurdish comrades who have also gone a year without eating – so he tells me – but on multivitamins, on supplements, which he does not want to take at the moment, because he tells me that they make him feel hungry, so he feels very sick with this feeling hungry, while without taking them he does not feel hungry. But without these supplements, of course, the situation gets much worse […]”.

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The trial of Revolutionary Self-Defence has ended

Anarchist News - Sat, 01/14/2023 - 04:41

From Athens Indymedia, Via Act for Freedom Now!

Athens,Greece: 1/12/23

Information concerning comrades V.Stathopoulos and D. Chatzivasiliadis  from the Court of Appeal in Athens.

The trial of Revolutionary Self-Defence has ended

Comrade Vanggelis Stathopoulos was acquitted of the charges of membership of a terrorist organization, possession of weapons as a terrorist act, theft (O.Π.Α.Π.) and aggravated weapons possession.

Found guilty of simple possession of weapons involving a taser, an iron fist and a pocket knife, of the 19 years of imprisonment he was sentenced to in the first instance, he was sentenced to 10 months. A mitigating factor of subsequent good behaviour was recognised and the sentence was suspended.

Comrade Dimitris Chatzivasiliadis was found guilty on charges of forming and joining a terrorist organisation, possession of weapons as a terrorist act, theft (Ο.Π.Α.Π.) and simple possession of weapons. He was sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment instead of the 16 years of the first instance.

The struggle continues! Until the last prison is torn down!

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Updates concerning anarchist prisoner Toby Shone

Anarchist News - Sat, 01/14/2023 - 04:27

From Il Rovescio, Via Act for Freedom Now!

December 20 2022

We receive and spread:

On the day of December 28th the “antiterrorism” unit of the British police will pick him up from Parc prison where he is presently locked up to take him to the ‘semi-open’ detention structure to do the last two years of his sentence. The restrictions that will be imposed on him are particularly severe and consist of semi-open detention: no possibility of contact with the other prisoners, a night curfew from 9pm to 7am, during which he cannot leave the structure, free exit during the rest of the day, but with an obligation to return to report at12 midday and 5pm.

During his free time he is forbidden to attend political demonstrations and meetings, or to associate with those generically defined/defined ‘left-wing extremists’. He will not be able to write on websites and will only be able to connect to the Internet at approved times and in a predetermined place. He will be able to have at most one mobile phone with a SIM card, which will be monitored. He will not be able to delete the history of his phone or computer.

He will be forced to undergo psychological or psychiatric sessions, and he is absolutely forbidden to speak about his situation or to denounce those involved in it by name. Toby’s lawyers are preparing an appeal against these restrictions, which of course are not the norm in such cases, but they will be in force until the final outcome of the application.

In addition to these updates Toby informs us that:


Toby is continuing his refusal of obligatory work and food (two days a week) in solidarity with Alfredo and Anna, and is keen to let it be known that he is in good spirits.


Updates 28/12/22

On December 28th,  Toby Shone was released.

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Brazil: Italian Consulate Attacked with Oil in Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito

Anarchist News - Fri, 01/13/2023 - 21:29

From Anarquía, English translation by Anarchist News

Sometimes anarchist presence is so scarce that, more than once, they've augured our disappearance. Sometimes our fury is so intense that it provokes fear, and long periods of internal explanatory purge. Sometimes many, sometimes few, but constantly and with much determination,
we're always there for each other.

And it's because of that, that more than once, the fire, the stones, the demonstrations  from Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Bolivia, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile…. illuminate different territories with a single intention: We're here for you Alfredo, we hate everything and everyone that isolates you, and we support your struggle from the outside.

On the night of December 29, we did our part, we sabotaged the main entrance of the Italian Consulate with 25 liters of burnt oil, and we left some flyers that said:

«Em solidariedade com Alfredo Cóspito em greve de fome na Itália, há mais de 60 dias, contra o regime de morte chamado 41bis. Contra todas as
prisões. Viva a Anarquia».

«In solidarity with Alfredo Cóspito on hunger strike in Italy for more than 60 days, against the regime of death called 41 bis. Against all prisons. Long live Anarchy«.

May our hostile actions against domination, and their consequences, always find the complicity, the solidarity, and the anarchic affection of our comrades. 

Long live Anarchy.

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Covid Vaccines Are 'Obviously Dangerous' and Should Be Halted Immediately, Say Senior Swedish Doctors

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Fri, 01/13/2023 - 19:12

Covid Vaccines Are 'Obviously Dangerous' and Should Be Halted Immediately, Say Senior Swedish Doctors | 13 Jan 2023 | There follows a public statement by a group of five senior Swedish doctors who, in collaboration with Dr. Johan Eddebo, a researcher in digitalisation and human rights, are raising the alert about the Covid vaccines, which they describe as "obviously dangerous." They say there should be an "immediate halt" to the mass vaccination pending "thorough investigations" of the true incidence and severity of adverse effects. The true character and scope of the harm caused by the unprecedented mass vaccinations for COVID-19 is just now beginning to become clear. Leading scientific journals have finally begun publishing data corroborating what the underground research community has observed over the last two years, especially in relation to complex problems of immune suppression. Truly concerning numbers pertaining to both births and mortality are also emerging.

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S1E56 - This Year in the Apocalypse 2022

Anarchist News - Fri, 01/13/2023 - 17:39
gas mask and flowers

From Live Like the World is Dying

Episode Summary

Brooke and Margaret recap the passed year of horrifying events, from climate collapse, to inflation economics, to developments with Covid, mass shooting, why the police continue to suck, culture wars, bodily autonomy, why capitalism ruins everything, as well as a glimpse of what could be coming this next year both hopeful and dreadful in This Year in the Apocalypse.

Host Info

Margaret can be found on twitter @magpiekilljoy or instagram at @margaretkilljoy. Brooke is just great and can be found at Strangers helping up keep our finances intact and on Twitter or Mastodon @ogemakweBrooke

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This show is published by Strangers in A Tangled Wilderness. We can be found at, or on Twitter @TangledWild and Instagram @Tangled_Wilderness. You can support the show on Patreon at

Next Episode

Hopefully will come out Friday, Jan. 31st.


This Year in the Apocalypse 2022

Brooke 00:15
Hello and welcome to Live Like the World is Dying, your podcast for what feels like the end times. I'm Brooke Jackson, your co-host for this episode, along with the indomitable Margaret killjoy.

Margaret 00:27

Brooke 00:28
We have something extra special for you. Hi, Margaret. You might be familiar with the monthly segment we started in 2022: This Month in the Apocalypse, and today we will take that into a sub segment: This Year in the Apocalypse. But, first we have to shout out to another member of the Channel Zero network of anarchists podcasts, but playing a little jingle from one of our comrades, Boo doo doo doo, doo doo.

Brooke 01:18
And we're back. So, before I tell people about this extra special episode, I want to officially say "Hello," to my co host, Margaret. Hi, Margaret.

Margaret 01:36
Hello, how are you?

Brooke 01:38
I'm doing okay. How are you doing?

Margaret 01:42
I'm doing terrible, and I'm not going to talk about it.

Brooke 01:45
Okay, that's fair. That sounds like me most of the time. Okay, well, speaking of terrible, how did the last year treat you now that we've flipped the calendar? Is there anything you would like to say to the year 2022?

Margaret 01:59
You know, it's fine. It's just the year 2020 part three. As far as the other parts of the year 2020, it's was chiller, then parts one and two. Not from a climate point of view, but from a fascism point of view.

Brooke 02:21
Oh, okay. That's a good point. Well, I feel like 2022 as with most years....Sorry. What, Margaret?

Margaret 02:30
Everything's fine. Nothing bad happened. That's the end of the episode.

Brooke 02:33

Margaret 02:34
Everything's good.

Brooke 02:35
Okay, cool. Well, this has been a fun recording. Yeah. Well, as with most years, in the last decade, I say, "Fuck you to 2022," and would like to burn it all down. So, we have that going for us.

Margaret 02:51
Alright, fuck you, 2022. I do that when I leave a state.

Brooke 02:58
You say, "Fuck you," to the State behind you?

Margaret 02:59
Yeah, yeah.

Brooke 03:01
Even even Oregon, even when you came to visit us out here?

Margaret 03:05
Why would I? Why would Oregon be any different?

Brooke 03:08
Because some of the people you love are in Oregon.

Margaret 03:16
Whatever, fuck you too....I mean, many of the people I love were also in the year 2022.

Brooke 03:21
Okay, all right. You got me.

Margaret 03:24

Brooke 03:24
One point: Margaret , zero points: Brooke.

Margaret 03:26
Yep, that's what I was saying.

Brooke 03:27
Yeah. So. So, I was thinking about how we do this extra fun, special episode of This Year in the Apocalypse. And being typical Brooke, I was like, let's come up with a very orderly fashion in which to do this. I shall take all of the months and pick one thing per month, and we shall be organized. And spoiler alert for the audience. Margaret and I came up with separate lists. We haven't seen each other's lists. We don't know what each other shittiest things are.

Margaret 03:53
Wait, I didn't pick the shittiest things. I just picked stuff.

Brooke 03:56
Oh, damn, I pick the shitty stuff.

Margaret 04:00
Okay, well, I tried to go with a little bit of, there's not a lot of hope in here. There's a little bit of hope in here.

Brooke 04:08
It's funny, because when I was thinking about this, I was like, oh, Margaret should do the happy stuff, because Margaret does Cool People. And I can be the the Roberts Evans, everything's bastards side of the simulation.

Margaret 04:20
Okay, well, it's a good thing we're figuring this out right now, on air.

Brooke 04:23

Margaret 04:24
Okay. So, we'll start with your month by month and then I'll interject?

Margaret 04:28
That's fine.

Brooke 04:28
Super fun. Yeah. And like a disclaimer on the month by month is that not all months were created equal. So, it's like, whatever the shittiest thing in one month, maybe, you know, way shittier than next month. That's annoying to like, try and compare them in that way. It was a silly way for me to do it, but.. here we are.

Brooke 04:30
All right. flashing back 12 months to January, 2022: America hit a million COVID cases with Omicron surging, so Good job America. COVID ongoing and bad.

Margaret 05:04
We're number one.

Brooke 05:06
Yeah. The other the other real shitty, horrible thing in January was inflation, which technically was pretty crappy in 2021, as well. But we started feeling it more in January like that's when it started hitting and then was kind of ongoing throughout this year as businesses responded to the inflation, had to start raising prices and stuff. Well, had to...some had to, some chose to because they could get away with it.

Margaret 05:34
Should I? I wrote down all the inflation numbers for the end of the year.

Brooke 05:39
Yeah, baby.

Margaret 05:41
The OECD, which stands for something something something, it's a group of 38 countries that sit around and talk about how great they are, or whatever economic something, something. You think I would have written it down. They do. They calculate inflation for their member countries, based on the Consumer Price index. It averaged. This is as of October, the report in December, talks about it as of October, it averaged about 10.7% overall inflation across these 38 countries in the last year. Food averaged at...I wrote down 6.1%. But, I actually think it was slightly higher than that. I think I typo-ed that.

Brooke 06:22
In the US was closer to 8%.

Margaret 06:26
Yeah, and then, okay. More developed nations saw this all a little bit lower the G7, which is the Group of Seven, it's the seven countries who have the elite cool kids club, and try and tell everyone what to do. Their overall inflation was 7.8%, as compared to the 10.7%. Inflation in the US actually tapered off most than most other countries, probably because we fuck everyone else over, but I couldn't specifically tell you. Inflation is a bit of a black box that even the people who know what inflation is don't really understand. And, energy inflation in general was the most brutal. Italy saw 70% energy inflation in the last year. It was 58%. In the UK, it was 17% in the US. So energy, inflation is actually outpacing even food inflation. And most of the food inflation, as we've talked about, at different times on this is caused by rising costs of fertilizer and like diesel and things like that. Yeah, that's what I got about inflation. There was a lot of it. It's technically tapering off a little bit in the United States. Just this moment.

Brooke 07:41
Yeah, I was actually listening to a economics report about that yesterday about how it's tapering off a little bit. The extra shitty thing that happened in February, which added to the drastically increasing fuel prices and food prices, was that fucking Russia invaded Ukraine,and started bombing shit there.

Margaret 08:04

Brooke 08:06
And that that might win as...if we're taking a poll here of all of the worst things that happened in the last year, I kind of feel like that, you know, that's got to be one of the top three.

Margaret 08:16
It's, it's up there. Yeah. Even in terms of its effects on the rest of the world, even like, if you're like, on a, well, what do I care about what two European countries are doing? Because, but it affects the shit out of the global south. Ukraine in particular, and also Russia providing a very large percentage of the grain and wheat that goes to, especially Africa. So, yeah, a lot of the energy inflation in the rest of Europe is also a direct result of Russian imperialism.

Brooke 08:47
Yeah, it's's fucked up a lot of stuff. There was another shitty thing that happened before that happened in February, which is what the Olympics began. And you know, Boo the Olympics. Yeah. So then we then we moved into March and there was this thing called COVID. And then there was this bad inflation happening and then this war over in Ukraine, but then we also, in Florida decided to pass a bill, the nicknamed 'Don't Say Gay' bill.

Margaret 09:18
Yeah. I can't believe that was less than a year ago. That was like eight culture wars ago.

Brooke 09:26
I know, because I got some of the other ones coming up here. And it was like, oh, fuck, that's still a thing. And then moving into April, so, there was like this war going on, and inflation was bad, and people were dying of this pandemic that we were living in, and then also, the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial began. And that might not seem like one of the shittiest things, but for like anyone who's been a survivor of domestic violence, and the way that trial it seemed like you know, every social media platform like you were getting like ads for it. Right? I know, other people talked about this, like everyone was seeing all these ads for news reports on it. It was like way at the top of the list. And, you know, again, domestic abuse survivor, like, I don't, I don't need to be reminded about, you know, this awful ongoing domestic abuse trial.

Margaret 10:19
Yeah, yeah, that was, um, I like try to avoid everything that has to do with celebrities, but realizing how much that that like, ties into, I don't know, how we all talk about all of this shit. I have nothing really clever to say besides like, oh, my God, it's so fucked up. And I don't trust mainstream discourse around any of it. Yeah,

Brooke 10:39
For sure. We also saw because of climate issues, Lake Mead was dropping to dangerously low levels, starting all the way in April. And I feel like we could have done this whole episode on climate catastrophes that happened in the last year, like This Year in the Apocalypse could have just been climate change. It was a lot.

Margaret 11:00
Yes, well, fortunately that will start overriding everything else over the next couple of years. So, you know....One or the other just to Lake thing on my note, Lake Powell, which provides power to 4.5 million people could reach minimum power pool status by July [2023]. So that's a that's an upcoming thing to look forward to.

Brooke 11:29
Yay, for the year ahead. Yeah, I don't even know what the status of Lake Mead is right now. I'm sure it's not doing great. And we'll probably start hearing about it again in the spring as it's at dangerously low levels, find more bodies and boats and whatever else.

Margaret 11:46
And they're both. Both are on the Colorado River. Yeah, they're both on the Colorado River.

Brooke 11:51
Yeah. And if you're not familiar with why Lake Mead matters, John Oliver actually did a really good piece on it on his show that talks about the water rights and stuff. I think it was John Oliver. Maybe it was John Stewart.

Margaret 12:07
And if you want to read a terrible...a very good, although misogynist dystopia about what's coming in terms of water rights, there's a book called "The Water Knife" by Paulo [Bacigalupi], whose name last name I don't know how to pronounce. It's an Italian name. I think yeah,

Brooke 12:21
I actually have that on my to-read-shelf.

Margaret 12:23
Yeah, it's, um, that man should not be allowed to write sex worker characters ever again.

Brooke 12:29
Thank you for the notice there on what to expect on that aspect.

Margaret 12:34
But other than that, other than that, it's very interesting book.

Brooke 12:40
Okay. May brought us a couple of big bad shootings, which is, you know, not again, not to diminish any other school shootings or shootings that happened or the fact that they're going on, you know, all the time in schools, but they were the ones that like, hit the news, really big. There was the Buffalo, New York supermarket shooting that happened. And then the towards the end of the month was that just God awful Robb Elementary School shooting in Texas, that I don't know how everyone else experienced it. But I, as a parent, you know, whose child who's only slightly older than that. It was absolutely horrifying for me and enraging, and I had a lot of feelings about it. And you know, school shootings are always hard to see, but that one in particular...

Margaret 13:29
This is the coward cops one, where they kept parents out who were the parents who were trying to like save kids?

Brooke 13:33
Yeah, for like 72 minutes or something like that, more than that they were outside the door where the guy was actively shooting on children.

Margaret 13:41
This is...the character of American law enforcement was laid bare on that day, is how I feel. I mean, I have many feelings on all of it, but...

Brooke 13:53
And that was in Uvalde, Texas, where they have two separate police systems. There is a police system just for the schools there in addition to the town's police.

Margaret 14:07
There was that, uh, there was that lawsuit 10,15,20 years ago, something, where a man who was like, I think it was someone who's like stabbing people on the train, you know, just like, just just doing that thing. And, and a man stopped him, stopped the stabby guy while the cops cowered in behind, like they went into, like the driver's compartment of the train, and they just hid from the stabby guy. And the the guy stopped the stabby guy sued...I might have the details of this wrong. Sued and was like, the police have a duty to protect people. And it came back, the judge is like, "Actually they don't, it is literally not the jobs. The police's job is not to protect you. That is not their job." And, the sooner we all realize that the safer we'll be, because the more people will realize that safety is something that we're going to have to build without the infrastructure that pretends to offer a safety, but absolutely does not. And legally is not required to.

Brooke 14:21
Yeah, I didn't know all the backstory of that. But, I know that that one went to the Supreme Court. And that became, you know, the national standard, because I remember reading about that part of it that, yeah, they don't, they don't have they don't have a duty to protect.

Margaret 15:27
I think it was the stabby guy on the train. But I, you know, I'm not like a classic thing rememberer, it's not like my skill set. I didn't put my points in character creation in memory.

Brooke 15:41
Well important thing there is was the the outcome of that. The other big bad shooting I remember making the news pretty loudly this year was also the Highland Park Parade shooting that actually happened in July. So that was a couple of months later. But yeah, good times. Guns.

Margaret 15:58
Hurray. [sadly]

Brooke 15:59
All right. So, we moved into June. And a couple of things are going on, on the global stage. Flooding began in Pakistan. And that flooding continued for a couple of months. We talked about this on one of our This Month, episodes, and even to right now, there is still flooding. And that flooding that did occur, you know, has displaced 1000s, if not millions of people. And it's really, really fucked things up and continues to fuck things up in Pakistan.

Margaret 16:25
And I would say that flooding in general, is one of the things that we're seeing more and more of all over the world. And it's one of the things that like...I think a lot of people and maybe I'm just projecting, but you know, I grew up thinking of floods as sort of a distant thing. And then actually where I lived, most recently, we all had to leave because of constant flooding as climate changed. And I think that floods need to be something....It's the opposite of quicksand. When you're a kid you think about quicksand is like this thing to like, worry about, and then you grow up and realize that like quicksand is like not...don't worry about quicksand. That's not part of your threat modeling. And, so I think that flooding is something that whether or not it was on something that you were really worried about, wherever you live, it is something that you should pay attention to. It's not like, a run out and worry, right. But, it's a thing to be like more aware of, you know, there was recent...New Years in San Francisco and Oakland, there was really bad flooding. And then again, a couple of days later, might still be going on by the time people listen to this, but I'm not actually sure. And you know, there's the footage of people running out with like boogie boards or surfboards or whatever into the streets and, and playing in the flood. And, I'm not actually going to sit here on my high horse and tell people to never go into floodwater, you shouldn't, it is not a thing you should do, but it is a thing that people do. But I think people don't recognize fast moving currents, how dangerous they are, just how dangerous floods are, no matter how they look. And, if there's more than a foot of water, don't drive through it.

Brooke 17:58
Yeah, if you're not experienced with floods, those are things you wouldn't know. So I have, you know, you said, that wasn't a big thing in your childhood, but because of where I live, it you know, I don't know if this is true of all the Pacific Northwest, but certainly, in my town, flooding is a big concern, we''re right on a river, and when there was bad rainstorms back in 96', like most of downtown got flooded. I mean, I was I was a kid then. I was I was a youth. And that experience, you know, kind of informed some of my youth, you know, we had a lot of lessons learned about how to manage flooding, what you do and don't do inflooding. So that's something that's been in the forefront of my mind. And yeah, as I see other people dealing with flooding for the first time in the news, it's like, oh, no, no, you don't. No. That's bad. Don't do that. Don't go in those waters. But it's their first time. They wouldn't know.

Margaret 18:53
Yeah. Unless you were like, directly saving something or someone, especially someone, and then even then you have to know what you're doing. You know, they're a bigger deal, even smaller ones are a bigger deal than you realize, I guess is the thing to say about floods. Anyway, so Okay, so where are we at?

Brooke 19:10
We're still in June, because there was, you know, in addition to the inflation, and the flooding, and the heat waves, and the war going on, and people dying of a pandemic, this little thing happened in the US where the Supreme Court's overturned a little a little old law called Roe v. Wade.

Margaret 19:29
That was about two different ways of interacting with water? [joking]

Brooke 19:33
Yes, exactly. Ties, ties, right and flooding there. Yeah. It was just a minor...

Margaret 19:39
Yeah, that's my joke about people losing their capacity to control their own bodies. Just a little light hearted joke. Very appropriate.

Brooke 19:48
As a person with a uterus, I genuinely can't...i can't joke about that one. Like, it's just too close to home.

Margaret 19:54
Yeah, fair enough. I'm sorry.

Brooke 19:57
No, it's I'm glad that you are, because it is good to laugh about these things that are actually very upsetting. It's how, it's part of our, you know, grieving process, how we deal with it as being able to laugh a little bit.

Margaret 20:08
Yeah. Yeah, although and then, you know, okay, so we've had this like, fight, you know, America's polarizing really hard about a lot of very specific issues: people's ability to control the reproductive systems being a very major, one people's ability to control their hormonal systems and the way they present being another one, I'm sure I'll talk about that more. And, you know, the, the weirdly positive thing that happened this week that I started writing notes about, but didn't finish, is about how there's now...they're changing the laws about how the accessibility of abortion pills and so that they're going to be available in more types of stores for more people in the near future. This will not affect people who are in abortion ban states. So it's this polarization, it's becoming easier to access reproductive health and control in some states, and it's becoming harder and illegal to access it in other states. My other like, positive...It's not even a positive spin. It's the glint of light in the darkness is that abortion was illegal for a very long time in the United States, and people did it, and had access to it and not as well, and it is better when it is legal. Absolutely. But underground clinics existed. And people did a lot of work to maintain reproductive health. And now we have access to such better and safer tools for reproductive health, whether you know, it's access to abortion pills, or just everything about reproductive health has...we know a lot more about it as a society than at least medical and Western, you know, methods of abortion. We know a lot more about than we did a couple decades ago. And then, the other big thing that I keep thinking there was the Jane Collective, right, in the US is I'm just like moving into history mode. Is that annoying?

Brooke 22:06
Go for it.

Margaret 22:07
Teah. It's my other fucking podcast, all history and so like there's the Jane Collective in the US. And they were really fucking cool. And they provided all these abortions to people in Chicago, and they actually pioneered a lot of methods of abortion and pushed forward a lot of important shit, right? In the 1920s, in Germany, anarchists ran more than 200 abortion clinics. Basically, if you wanted an abortion in 1920s, Germany, you went to the syndicalists, you went to the anarcho syndicalists. And because they sat there, and they were like, "Oh, a large amount of crime needs to be done on an organized fashion. And what is anarcho syndicalism? But a way to organize crime?" In this case, usually it's like class war against bosses and illegal strikes and stuff. But, "How do we organize that on a large scale?" And the anarchists were the ones who had the answer answers to, 'How do you organize crime on a large scale,' and I want to know more about that information. I haven't found that much about it in English yet. But, that kind of thing gives me hope. It gives me hope that we can, it's better when it is legal, I'm not being like, this is great, you know, it's fucked up, but we can do this. And, you know, on this very podcast, if you listen to one of the Three Thieves, Four Thieves? Some Number of Thieves Vinegar Collective, Margaret, famous remember of details, they they talk about their work, developing reverse engineering or making accessible, different abortion drugs and how to basically like, create them, and get them to where they need to be, regardless of the legality of those things. But, you might have more to say about this, too. I just wanted to go into history mode.

Brooke 23:50
No, I I liked that. And yeah, you did those episodes in a few different ways about it that are super important. I mean, I don't think I need to rehash why Roe is so important. We we know that, you know, and it's not just about reproductive rights for people with uteruses, either. It's about the trends towards you know, bodily autonomy and regulation of bodies. And you know, what that signals as well, it's an issue for everybody.

Margaret 24:17
Yeah. And remember, like at the very beginning, some people were like, they might be coming for birth control next, and everyone's like, Nah, they're not coming for birth control. And now you can see the same, the same right wing people who are like, "We should probably just kill the gay people." They like say it and city council meetings. They're also being like, "And birth control on my right, like, fuck that thing?"

Brooke 24:36
Yeah. Frustrating.

Margaret 24:39
Yeah. Get it out of someone's cold dead hands.

Brooke 24:45
Yeah, this is one of those things where the months don't necessarily compare. Yeah.

Margaret 24:49
There's that meme....Go ahead. I'm sorry. No, go.

Brooke 24:52 know there were historic heat waves going on. Continued flooding and droughts. And all kinds of climate nastiness. And then in, in Tariff Island, we saw a whole bunch of British officials resign, and then Boris Johnson resigning, which, you know, fuck the government and all of those kinds of things, and fuck that guy. But, it did also lead into this, what has been kind of a lot of turmoil in the UK as they've gone through now a couple of different prime ministers and just like, you know, just the the, the sign of the crumbles of how just overwhelmingly corrupt political leaders are, you know, at this point in so called, you know, democratic and stable democracies, that, you know, they're falling apart too.

Margaret 25:39
Now, that's a good point. Um, what year did that lady I didn't like die? What day? What month? Queen?

Brooke 25:48
I didn't put down the month because that's a happy thing that happened, not a shitty thing.

Margaret 25:51
I know. Remember positive things about 2022. And like, stadiums full of like, Irish folks being like, "Lizzie's in a box. Lizzie's in a box." There's like some positive things.

Brooke 26:08
I might rewatch some of those after this, just for a little pick me up.

Margaret 26:11
Yeah. The people dancing in front of the palace, anyway. Yeah. I don't like colonialism or monarchy. I don't know if anyone knew this about me.

Brooke 26:20
Yeah. No, same. I've been trying to explain to my kid about why Queen Elizabeth was bad. And she's having a hard time. Because, you know, children and fantasies and stories and kings and queens, and blah, blah, blah.

Margaret 26:32
Yeah. Which is the fucking problem.

Brooke 26:34
Yeah, a similar kind of thing happened in August in terms of like, you know, unstable, so supposedly stable governments, in that the the FBI had to raid Mar-a-Lago and Trump which, again, fuck Trump and the FBI and the federal government and all of that, but as a sign of, you know, our democracies actually not being very sound, and how just grossly corrupt politicians are and stuff, the only way they could get back a bunch of confidential documents and like, nuclear related stuff was to fucking invade a former president. Yeah. Also in August Yeah. monkeypox started hitting the news, which of course, speaking of culture was, right, that led into a whole bunch of stuff about, you know, a bunch of anti-gay stuff and reminders of what the AIDS epidemic was like, and just a whole bunch of fucking nonsense up in the news because of that.

Margaret 27:32
God, I barely remember that.

Brooke 27:34
Right, I think we did it on an episode, a This Month episode.

Margaret 27:38
I mean, I remember it now. It's just there's so much. There's so much. Yeah. Yeah.

Brooke 27:44
So September brought us protests starting to erupt in Iran. Finally. There was a woman, Masha Amini, who was arrested, you know, they had been doing caravans, were doing these crackdowns and the morality police and stuff. And so that was the start of a bunch of turmoil there that went on for at least three months. It's finally settled down some last month. But that was going on, and then also towards the end of the month hurricane Ian hit in Florida. So, not to make it all about the climate. But again, historic hurricanes and flooding and stuff.

Margaret 28:19
Yeah. And these things are related to each other. I mean, like, as you have global insecurity caused by climate, it's going to show all of the cracks in the systems and like, it's hard, because it's like, overall, you know, I see the the attempted revolution, the uprising in Iran is an incredibly positive thing and like reminder of the beauty of the human spirit. And also, like, what happened, the end result of that, that, I don't even want to say, 'end result,' though, right? Because like, every social struggle is going to ebb and flow. And, our action is going to cause reaction. And you know, and whenever people have uprisings, they remember power. They also remember fear, right? And the system is hoping that people remember fear. And the people are hoping that they remember power, you know, and, and it seems impossible to predict which uprisings will lead to fear and which ones will lead to power in terms of even when they're crushed, right? Whether that is the fertile soil for the next rising or whether it you know, has salted the earth to try and keep my metaphor consistent.

Brooke 29:43
Nah, mixed metaphors the best. Okay, yeah, it's not a bad thing that people were protesting against what was going on there. It's it's awful that they had to get to that point that the morality police were so bad that they had to start protesting and ongoing conflict and unrest in the Middle East, never ending.

Margaret 30:06
And I want to know more. I haven't done enough research on this yet, but another like hopeful thing about, you know, sort of global feminist, radical politics, there's been a recent movement of men in Afghanistan, who are walking out of exams and walking out of different positions that only men are allowed to hold, you know, in schools and things like that, in protest of the fact that of women's disinclusion.

Brooke 30:33
Okay, I hadn't heard anything about that. So that's, yeah, We'll have to add that to a This Month, because I want to know more about that too. That sounds really positive.

Margaret 30:40
Yeah. Yeah. And I don't know whether it's, you know, happened three times, and it's caught headlines each time or I don't know enough about it to talk about it as a movement. But it matters. That kind of stuff matters. And yeah, it's hopeful.

Brooke 30:57
Well, we moved into October and the fall season, and y'all might remember this little one, some South African asshole named Elon Musk, Mosh, Mosk, whatever that guy's name is,

Margaret 31:10
He's named after the rodent, the muskrat.

Brooke 31:13
Okay, that'll be easy to remember. That guy officially took over at the only social media platform that I don't mostly hate, which is Twitter. A lot of his fucked-up-ness...Nah, he did some of that the first week, that was still in October. And then definitely more came after that. But, he's destroying the microblogging site that we all love so much.

Margaret 31:36
Yeah, I will say, my favorite meme that come out of that was basically like, you know what, I've decided that I am okay with Elon Musk being in charge of the exodus of all the rich people to Mars. [Laughs]

Brooke 31:50
Yes, winning. Do that quickly.

Margaret 31:53
Yeah. He'll fuck it up. Like he fucks everything up. You've seen Glass Onion?

Brooke 31:58
Yes, I did.

Margaret 32:00
I don't want to like spoil it for people. But, I'll just say that movie did a really good job of pointing out that Elon Musk is just a not an intelligent person, is not doing genius things. And it was pointed out really well.

Brooke 32:15
Can I point out something embarrassing?

Margaret 32:17
Absolutely, it's just you and I here.

Brooke 32:21
No one will ever know. I didn't realize when I watched it that that guy was supposed to be a parody of like Elon Musk specifically. I thought it was just like generic, you know, rich people are terrible. And then it wasn't till like after I watched it, and everyone else started watching it and commenting that it was Musk and I was like, "Oh, damn, obviously it is."

Margaret 32:42
Yeah, it's the like, the car thing and the space thing are the main nods. I mean, it's at the same time. It could be Bezos it could be any fucking, like tech billionaire asshole. But I think it was, I think it was intentionally Musk.

Brooke 32:56
Yeah, I've got to rewatch it with that in mind. I was too busy going, "Oh, it's that guy. It's that actor or actress. Someone I know that person. Enjoy the characters. Yeah. That was a thing that happened in December, but we haven't done November, so November, Powerball made some poor asshole into a billionaire. So I feel bad for that guy. Yeah. So the Powerball, nobody had won it for like three months, and the pot got up to like $2 billion. And a single a single person had the winning ticket when it was finally pulled. Which, if they take the cash payout, which I think most people do, it's actually only $1 billion. And then, probably the government takes that. So you're only half a billionaire, probably by the time all is said and done. But still, that's, you know, what a way to fuck up the rest of your existence by suddenly having that much money.

Margaret 33:51
I'm like, I'd take a shot.

Brooke 33:56
I like to think, you know, I have this list of all these nice things that I would do and people I would support and love, but the evidence bears out that anyone who's ever won something like that doesn't make all the great choices.

Margaret 34:09
No, no. Okay. Yeah, I think you need to have a council of people who direct...I think that any anarchist who's like, possibly going to end up rich, like, whether through inheritance or becoming the next Stephen King or whatever needs to, like, seriously consider how the dealing with that money should be a collective effort and not an individual effort. Anyway.

Brooke 34:35
I agree. Yeah.

Margaret 34:36
I went through this when, at one point, I did not get...I did not become a millionaire. But, at one point, Hollywood was interested in one of my my books, and we had long conversations about it. I had conversations with the Hollywood director around it, about whether or not they would adapt a certain book of mine into a TV show. And it didn't work out in the end. But, I like sat there and mathed it out and was like, oh, if they make it TV show out of my book, I will become a millionaire. And like, what would that mean? And, and so that's when I started having these, like, which just totally the same as winning the Powerball and having a billion dollars, and also not just not my weird...I don't know, whatever. Now everyone knows this.

Brooke 35:16
I don't think that's a unique thing. Yeah, so that happened in November. And that sucks. And it didn't make the news the way it should have. So I just wanted to highlight that horribleness. And then, also that orange clown douchebag potato that lives in Florida, said that he's going to run for president again. So, we have that to look forward to. But, then the third thing that happened, which isn't just isolated to November, but the World Cup started, and I have nothing against football, love football, the World Cup as a concept. Fine, but there are so many problems, much like the Olympics, with the way they do it. And what happens around all that.

Margaret 36:00
Yeah, yeah, I love...I love that I should be able to like a lot of things. And then the way that they're done by our society precludes me from really deeply enjoying them.

Brooke 36:10
Why do you have to take such a nice thing and ruing it.

Margaret 36:13
All things. All things. You could name anything, and we could talk about how capitalism and fucking imperialism ruined it.

Brooke 36:20
Yeah, pretty much. Down with those systems. Alright, so now we're finally getting into the end. You'll remember this one, because it was only like a month ago that there were some targeted attacks in North Carolina on power stations. 40,000 people without power for several days, in fact, it wasn't like a quick fix thing. They really fucked some shit up there. One that I didn't hear about, but that has some pretty big implications is that the country of Indonesia banned sex outside of marriage, even for foreigners living in their country, and stuff.

Brooke 36:54
Yeah. So, I don't know if the ramifications for that are. I didn't dig deeper into like, what is the consequence of you doing that. But you know, Indonesia's massive. I mean, that populations huge.

Margaret 36:54
I had no idea.

Margaret 37:05
Yeah, Lousiana just banned, as of I think January 1, you're not allowed to access porn on the internet from Louisiana without showing a government ID to the website. Which, means that now everyone, basically they passed a law saying you have to install a VPN in order to access porn in Louisiana.

Brooke 37:27
That's madness.

Margaret 37:29
Yeah, and it fucks up sex workers, right? Like any of this stuff, any of this bullshit, it always just fucks sex workers.

Brooke 37:39
Yeah, they become the victims of the law, even though they're not, they're not the bad guys here. And in porn, they're never the bad guys, Pro sex workers. My last horrible thing that happened in December was that China decided to just completely give up on all of its COVID protocols that it spent the whole year continuing to be super restrictive, and have lock downs and all of that. And then all of a sudden, it's just like, "No, we're not gonna do any of that anymore." Oh, just a great way to change policy is just to stop completely all of a sudden. Yeah.

Margaret 38:15
I just think it's really funny, because it's like, what? Sometimes people like really talk about how they want like a multipolar world where there's like, it's like what people use to defend the USSR, right, is that they're like, well, at least, there was someone competing with the US or whatever. But, when I think about COVID response, there was always like the US response, which was absolute dogshit. And then there was the Chinese response, which was like, too authoritarian and caused a lot of suffering and all of these things, but, was not a non response. And now, that one has fallen as well. And there's just like, I mean, there's more countries than the US and China. I'm reasonably sure. I couldn't promise. So, hurray, we're in it. We're just in it. That's...this is just COVID world now. It's COVID's world. We just live in it.

Brooke 39:13
Yeah, exactly. So I think you had some, like bigger overarching trends of things that happened in 2022.

Margaret 39:21
A lot of the stuff I have is a little bit like what we have to look forward to.

Brooke 39:26
Oh, nice.

Margaret 39:27
Just some like nice, light stuff. The National Farmers Union in the UK says that the UK is on the verge of a food crisis.

Brooke 39:35

Margaret 39:36
Yields of tomatoes and other crops, especially energy intensive ones like cucumbers and pears are at record lows. And there's already an egg shortage in the UK, and a lot of places where there were stores are rationing sales of eggs, you can only buy so many eggs at any given time. And, it's not because there's no chickens. It's that rising costs of production have convinced more and more's a capitalism thing in this like really brutal way. It's the markets logic, right? If it costs too much to produce a thing, don't produce it. But, when the thing you do is produce food, there's some problems here.

Brooke 40:13
Are there?

Margaret 40:14
And I mean, I'm a vegan. And I got to admit, when I hear things like, they're cutting back beef production, because it costs too much. I'm like, that's good. That is good for animals. And that is good for the climate. However, that's not being replaced with more of other types of foods. So it's not necessarily good.

Brooke 40:33
And if Casandra were here, and she has very restrictive things on what she can eat, because of her health, she would be jumping in to say, "But protein!" because she needs to be able to have access to that.

Margaret 40:45
No, totally. And I'm not trying to, I'm not like specifically pushing for a vegan world. And I recognize that everyone's bodies are different, and have different needs around a lot of things. But, I do think that data shows fairly clearly that the level of animal agriculture that we do, especially in centralized ways, across the world is a major driver of climate change. And, it is a major driving of a lot of really bad stuff. It's just a very inefficient way to produce food for a large number of people. This is different at different scales. And I am not, I'm not specifically trying to advocate for...Yeah, I don't think a vegan world is a good or just idea. I think it is perfectly natural for people to eat animals. However, I think that there's both needless suffering that can be cut back and as well as like, just specifically from a climate change point of view. So...

Brooke 41:39
I hear you.

Margaret 41:39
That said, UK, dealing with egg shortage. Basically, farmers might stop selling milk because of production...that it cost so much to produce the milk. Not like, I'm sure there's still farmers who are going to produce milk. But, more and more farmers are stopping. Beet farmers are considering the same. There's also just literally about 7000 fewer registered food production companies in the UK than three years ago.

Brooke 42:04

Margaret 42:05
Because at least in the UK, fertilizer costs have tripled since 2019. And diesel costs are up at about...both feed and diesel costs are up about 75% from what they were before. Shortages. The infant formula shortage might last until Spring according to one major formula producer. We very narrowly avoided a major disruption as a result of a diesel shortage in the United States recently. Basically, they like brought more diesel plants...I don't know the word here, refineries? Refineries, like online kind of at the last minute, like because there was going to be like really major disruptions in the way that we move food and other things around the United States because of diesel shortages. Let's see what else...

Brooke 43:00
Have...I'm super curious here, have food shortages in the UK ever caused problems of any kind? It seems like that's not a big deal. Like they're...they can deal with that. Right? That hasn't killed anyone, right?

Margaret 43:10
Ireland's not part of the United Kingdom. [laughs] Yeah, yeah. No, it's okay. I mean, it's interesting, because like, modern farming has really changed the face of famine. Famine used to be a very common part of...I can actually only speak to this in a very limited context, it's like something that came up in my history research, like Napoleon, the middle one, or whatever. I can't remember. Probably the second, maybe the third I'm not sure. The Napoleon who like took over and like 1840...8? Someone is mad at me right now. In France, who modernized Paris and made it like, impossible to build barricades and shit.

Brooke 43:52
We can FaceTime, Robert, real quick and find out.

Margaret 43:55
Yeah, yeah, totally. And, but one of the things that he did, or rather, that happened under his reign as a part of 19th century development, is that famine had been a very major common regular part of French life. And it ceased to be, and famine is something that the modern world, developed parts of the modern world, have been better at minimizing as compared to like, some historical stuff. Obviously, a lot of this just gets pushed out into the developing world. And you know, famine is a very major part of a great number of other countries' existence. But, I think that people get really used to the idea that famine doesn't really happen. And it does, and it can again, and it's similar what you're talking about, like we have this like, kind of unshakable faith in our democracies. But, they are shakable they, they they shake.

Brooke 43:56
They've been shooked.

Margaret 44:48
Yeah, they're They are not stirred. They're shaken. Okay. Okay, so other stuff: Pfizer's currently working on an RSV vaccine. I consider that positive news. My news here is about a month old. It's been given the like, go ahead for further studies and shit and, and that's very promising because we're in the middle of a triple-demic or whatever. But there's actually been as a weird positive thing. I mean, obviously, we've learned that society does not know how to cope with pandemics. But, one thing is we have learned a lot more about a lot of health stuff as a result of this, you know, and the types of new vaccines that people are able to come up with now are very, they're very promising. And a fun news, as relates to the climate change thing that's happening, more and more Americans are moving to climate at risk areas. Specifically, people are leaving the Midwest. And they're moving to the Pacific Northwest and Florida. And these are two of the least climatically stable from a disaster point of view areas in the United States.

Brooke 46:04

Margaret 46:05
Specifically, specifically because of wildfire in the Pacific Northwest, and hurricanes in Florida. Also earthquakes on the West Coast and things like that, but specifically wildfire. And also within those areas, a thing that causes...humans have been encroaching into less developed areas at a greater rate. And this is part of what causes, obviously the fires are getting worse out west as a result of climate change, but it's also the way in which new communities are developed out west that is causing some of the worst damages from fires. So yeah, everyone's moving to those places. That's not a good idea in mass. I'm not telling individuals who live in those places to leave. And there's actually, you know, the Pacific Northwest has some like stuff going on about fairly stable temperature wise, and for most climate models, but this is part of why disasters are impacting more and more Americans as people are leaving the places to move to places where it's greater risk. Yeah, there's this map, just showing where people are leaving and where people are going to. And it's actually, there are other places that people are going to that would have surprised me like, Georgia, North Carolina, parts of Tennessee, like kind of like Southern Appalachian kind of areas, like more and more people are moving towards, and more and more people are leaving upstate New York, which really surprised me. But, and more people are leaving North Texas and moving to Southeast Texas, or like the general eastern part of Texas is growing very rapidly. Okay, what else have I got? Taiwan has set up a set group called the Doomsday Preppers Association, which is just sick, because it's called the Doomsday Preppers Association. And it's like, not a wing nut thing. And they have a wing nut name which rules, I'm all for it. There's about 10,000 people or so who are organizing together to prepare for natural disasters, and also to prepare for the potential invasion from China. Which, China's back to threatening to, to do that. And it's but, it's like people just like getting together to like, build networks, learn radios, and just like, be preppers, but in a, like, normalized way, and it's fucking cool. And, I'd love to see it here. Okay. What else? I don't have too many notes left. Florida, is expected to have major wildfires starting in 2023 according to the National Interagency Fire Center report, as well as Georgia, New Mexico and Texas. I'm willing to bet that New Mexico and Texas in particular, and probably Georgia, that's probably...those are very big states with very different bio regions within them. And, so I couldn't point you, if you live in one of those places, you might want to look for the National Interagency Fire Center Report, and read more about it.

Brooke 48:56
Speaking of moving, it's a great time to get the fuck out of Florida. With like, I could have done almost every month something just atrocious happened in Florida.

Margaret 49:06
Yeah. And one of the things that, you know, we talked a little bit about the culture war stuff. One of the things that's happened in 2023, overall, is that we've started to see more political refugees from within the United States to the United States. We have seen a lot of trans families, or families of trans children, have had to leave states where their providing medical care for their children has become criminal. Obviously also with the end of Roe v. Wade, a lot of people have had to change which state they live in. Although, I don't like doing this like comparison thing, because it's just fucked for everyone, but you can you can vacation your way out of pregnancy. You know?

Brooke 49:50
I don't know that I've heard it described that way, but...

Margaret 49:54
But if you want to be a 13 year old on hormone blockers, or whatever that you need in order to stay safe, a lot of people are moving, and a lot of people can't move. And there's really complicated questions that we all have to ask ourselves right now about like, stay and go. And like, like stay and fight, versus get the fuck out. And everyone's gonna have to make those questions differently. Okay, another positive thing a weird, like positive tech thing...

Brooke 50:20
Yay positive.

Margaret 50:22
So like I own, and I recommend it to people who spend a lot of time off grid or out outside the range of cell service. I own like a Garmin satellite communicator, it's a little tiny device, it looks like a tiny walkie talkie. And it can talk to satellites. And I can like text from anywhere in the world, I can see the sky, whether or not I have cell service. And more importantly than that, I can send an SOS. And these are fairly expensive things, they cost a couple hundred dollars. And then you have to sign up for service. And they make sense for people who are like backpacking a lot or driving in areas where there's no, you know, service or whatever, right? New new phones, specifically the iPhone 14, I hate to be like, I'm not telling everyone to run out get new phone, but as a trend is very positive, that some new phones have this already built in. So you won't need to have a separate device. And I think that is a very positive thing from a prepper point of view, to have access to a way to communicate when cell service is not there. Yeah, that is really important. And I have one final thing and it's very positive.

Brooke 51:29
Okay, I'm ready.

Margaret 51:30
It's actually a double edged sword. On January 5, I'm cheating. This was in 2023. On January 5, 2023, this current year, like last week, yesterday, as we record this, two assholes in Bakersfield, California tried to set an Immigration Services Center on fire, like it was a center that like, um, I mean, ironically, it helped undocumented folks or like immigrant folks pay income taxes, and like helped people navigate the paperwork of being immigrants, you know, because there's actually something that people don't know, all these like, right wing pieces of shit, is that like, undocumented people, like, many of them pay taxes. I don't know. Whereas a lot of the people who like to talk all kinds of shit about undocumented people, don't pay taxes. Anyway, whatever. What were you gonna say? Sorry.

Brooke 52:16
Oh, just this, that as an economist, as a group, undocumented people pay more into the system than they as a group take out of the system.

Margaret 52:25
That makes a lot of sense. So, there's an Immigration Services Center. Two assholes, tried to set it on fire. They set themselves on fire, fled the scene on fire and left their cell phone at the scene. The reason it's double edged is, because one it sucks that people attack this and they actually did do damage to the center as well, mostly to some equipment used by someone who ran I believe a carwash out of that shared some space or whatever. But yeah, they like poured accelerant everywhere. And then a guy just like, knelt down over the pool of accelerant and like, lit it. And then just like, his, like, his leg was on fire. So, his friend ran over to help and like got caught on fire too. And then, they just both like, ran out of range of, because it's all caught on camera, you know? And fuck them. And I hope that their fucking wounds are horrible. And by the time you listen to this, they were probably caught because they left their fucking phone there. And fuck them. That's my light news.

Brooke 53:36
I'll take it.

Margaret 53:37
Okay, what are you excited for, looking forward? Go ahead. Sorry.

Brooke 53:40
Well, hopefully more fascists are gonna light themselves on fire and other types of right wing assholes. I mean, I would be very happy about that happening in 2023

Margaret 53:48
Yeah. May this be the year of Nazis on fire.

Brooke 53:54
Yes. Agreed. That would be lovely. I don't know about...I don't know if I have a lot of global stuff that I thought about being positive. I have. I have like personal stuff, like I am going to be more these podcast episodes. I've got one coming up. Maybe this month, we're releasing it? But I did it all by myself. Yeah, more lined up to come out in the next couple of months and some really cool topics and people that I get to chat with. So I'm stoked about that.

Margaret 54:21
That is also something I'm excited about for 2023 is that this podcast is increasingly regular and it is because of the hard work of me...No, everyone else. Is the hard work of everyone else who works on this show are like really kind of taking the reins more and more and it is no longer, it's no longer the Margaret Killjoy Show and I'm very grateful and I believe you all will too. And if you're not grateful yet, you will be, because there'll be actual other voices, like ways of looking at things and and more of it because, you know, one person can only do so much. So I'm really grateful for that.

Brooke 55:03
I'm excited about this book that's coming out next month, that...

Margaret 55:06
Oh, yeah?

Brooke 55:07
Some lady I know, wrote it. And, and I got to do some editing work on it. And, it's hilarious and the cover is gorgeous.

Margaret 55:17
Is it called "Escape from Incel Island"?

Brooke 55:19
Yeah, that one.

Margaret 55:22
Is this my plugs moment?

Brooke 55:24
Did you know If you preorder it right now, you can get a poster of that gorgeous cover that comes comes with the preordered one?

Margaret 55:31
And, did you know that if you preorder it, I get a cut of the royalties when the book is released for all the preorders, which means that I can eat food.

Brooke 55:43
Oh, we like it when you get food.

Margaret 55:44
And I like having food. Yeah. So, if you go to, you can preorder "Escape from Incel Island" and get a poster. And it's a fun adventure book. You can literally read it in a couple hours. It's very short. It's a novella. It's, to be frank, it's at the short end of novella. But that makes it good for short attention spans like mine.

Brooke 56:08
Yeah, that's dope. I'm looking forward to that. And there'll be some other books coming out from that Strangers Collective one, one that I just started editing, that I don't know how much we're talking about it yet or not.

Margaret 56:20
It's really cool.

Brooke 56:20
So, I won't give too much away here, but just sucked me right in as I was editing, and it's cool. I'm so excited to read the rest of it. And then for us to release it.

Margaret 56:29
Yeah. All right. Well, that's our Year in the Apocalypse, 2022 edition. And I know...wait, you're doing the closing part.

Brooke 56:40
Yeah, sure.

Margaret 56:41
I'm just the guest.

Brooke 56:43
No, you're my co host.

Margaret 56:45
Oh, I'm just the co host. Okay.

Brooke 56:47
Yeah. Yeah. So I'm curious what other people think the worst things are that happened in 2022, if it's something that was on one of our lists, or something else that you know of, and reach out to us like on Twitter at tangledwild or Instagram, or you can reach out to me personally on Mastodon @ogemakwebrooke, if you can find me there. And the Collectiva Social, I think is my whatever, I don't remember how it works. But I'm yeah, I'm curious what other people would have to say is the worst which thing they want to vote for, if they have their own. So hit us up? Let us know.

Margaret 57:22
Yeah, do it.

Brooke 57:29
So, our listeners, we thank, we appreciate you listening. And if you enjoy this podcast, we would love it if you could give it a like or drop a comment or review or subscribe to us if you haven't already, because these things make the algorithms that rule our world offer our show to more people. The podcast is produced by the anarchist publishing collective Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness. Like I said, you can connect with us on Twitter, Instagram, or me personally on Mastodon, or through our website The work of Strangers is made possible by our Patreon supporters. Honestly, we couldn't do any of it without your help. If you want to become a supporter, check us out There are cool benefits for different support tiers. For instance, if you support the collective at $10 a month, one of your benefits is a 40% off coupon for everything we sell on our website, which includes the preorders for Margaret's new book, we'd like to give a specific shout out to some of our most supportive patreon supporters including Hoss dog, Miciaah, Chris, Sam, Kirk, Eleanor, Jenipher, Staro, Cat J., Chelsea, Dana, David, Nicole, Mikki, Paige, SJ, Shawn, Hunter, Theo, Boise Mutual Aid, Milica, paparouna, and Aly. Thanks so much.

Find out more at

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Opponents of Cop City Project in Atlanta Call for ‘Weekend of Solidarity’

It's Goin Down - Fri, 01/13/2023 - 11:41

Opponents of the “Cop City” project in so-called Atlanta, Georgia – a massive corporate backed counter-insurgency police training facility that threatens to destroy the Weelaunee Forest – are calling for a “weekend of solidarity with the Atlanta forest” this coming weekend, from January 13th – 16th.

We received this call for a weekend of solidarity with the Atlanta Forest to #StopCopCity.

6 people are charged with domestic terrorism for tree-sitting, as police kill more people in 2022 than any year before, & the climate crisis rages.

We can all take action for our future.

— Defend the Atlanta Forest (@defendATLforest) January 5, 2023

Last month, six people were swept up in violent raids of tree-sits that were set up in the Weelaunee forest to resist the construction of the facility and charged with “domestic terrorism.” Though originally denied bail, this decision was later reversed as public opinion quickly swung against the State’s heavy handed response.

As Kamau Franklin of Community Movement Builders stated in a recent interview on Democracy Now!:

Remember, Georgia is the place where John Lewis and “good trouble” is supposed to be accepted. But civil disobedience in the forest is something that is not accepted when the police want to build a highly militarized training ground.

And so, while these folks were just in part of their encampment, they were raided by the police, again, by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Folks were sitting, literally sitting in tree huts, where they were — all of their camp equipment was destroyed. Rubber bullets were used. Guns were pointing at their head. They were involved at that particular time in no activity whatsoever, except for the act of being in the forest. And they all were taken in and then charged in this sort of RICO or conspiracy idea that the act of protest, the act of civil disobedience, direct action, is something that’s now being criminalized, in a statute that really doesn’t get used in Georgia, but it’s been on the books for a number of years. And so, these folks were doing absolutely nothing but being in the forest as Forest Defenders at the time of their arrest.

One of those charged with domestic terrorism was arrested simply for filming law enforcement while in their car, an arrest civil rights attorneys are calling “unconstitutional.” This is not the first time that Atlanta police have attempted to suppress media from covering the protests against Cop City.

Estimated total number of killings by police nationwide from 1980-2019, based on available data.

— Samuel Sinyangwe (@samswey) January 13, 2023

According to the Saporta Report“One journalist arrested while covering training center protesters told SaportaReport that APD seized and “disappeared” his notebook,” and in June of 2022:

[A] filmmaker…working on a film focused on tree-sitting protesters…was stopped by APD officers, including a major identified by the filmmaker and an embroidered shirt as Jeff Cantin, and another officer, identified only as “Mike,” who the filmmaker believes was with the GBI.

Mike and the APD major then pressured the filmmaker at length to delete his footage in exchange for going free instead of being arrested on an accusation of trespass. Meanwhile, the filmmaker continued filming the entire encounter. He provided SaportaReport with an edited and captioned excerpt of the incident.

A lawsuit is currently pending surrounding the trumped up arrests of demonstrators and attempts by police to silence journalists.

On December 17th, hundreds of people gathered in Atlanta and took to the streets to denounce the project and the draconian charges, while across the US, banners were dropped and graffiti slogans written in solidarity. Websites like Scenes from the Atlanta Forest have also documented an ongoing string of solidarity actions, including a recent act of sabotage against a construction site in Florida belonging to Brasfield & Gorrie, which is involved in the Cop City project. Graffiti slogans and banners were left behind in solidarity reading, “Stop Cop City!”

Source: Scenes from the Atlanta Forest

According to recent studies. American law enforcement “killed at least 1,176 people in 2022, making it the deadliest year on record for police violence since experts first started tracking the killings.”

Roundup of Solidarity Events

January 14th, Brooklyn, NYC

In response to the call for a weekend of solidarity with the movement to stop cop city we will be hosting this info session and documentary screening.

— MACC NYC (@macc_nyc) January 11, 2023

January 15th, New Haven, CT

The battle for Atlanta’s forest is about all of us. Further militarization and destruction of nature; placing value on the destructive colonial violence that is policing anywhere. We can’t do much from here, but solidarity knows know bounds. We’ll be there to show it.

— CT John Brown Gun Club (@ctjbgc) January 12, 2023

January 16th, Decatur, GA

This MLK day, join in the struggle against Cop City and demand all charges against forest defenders be dropped. #StopCopCity

— Insert Creative Name (@falcon_0_4) January 11, 2023

January 28th, NYC

NYC! fundraiser screening of "Too Early Too Late" & panel discussion with Suneil Sazgiri at @mayslescinema

🌳 Saturday, January 28th
🎟️ Tickets at

— Defend the Atlanta Forest (@defendATLforest) January 12, 2023

Categories: News

Operations 'Resuming Gradually' After All Flights Grounded Across US - Federal Agency

Citizens for Legitimate Government - Fri, 01/13/2023 - 05:18

Operations 'Resuming Gradually' After All Flights Grounded Across US - Federal Agency | 12 Jan 2023 | Operations in the United States are starting to resume after all flights across the country were grounded, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on Jan. 11. "Normal air traffic operations are resuming gradually across the U.S. following an overnight outage to the Notice to Air Missions system that provides safety info to flight crews," the FAA said in a statement at 8:50 a.m. ET. The failure of a key pilot notification system operated by the agency late Tuesday prompted the agency to order all airlines to ground planes in the United States. The agency's Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) system, which is critical for relaying essential information to flights, failed for the first time in history. FAA officials said early Wednesday they were making progress in restoring the system.

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DeSantis Moves to Lower Prescription Drug Prices, Regulate 'Middlemen'

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DeSantis Moves to Lower Prescription Drug Prices, Regulate 'Middlemen' | 12 Jan 2023 | In a bid to bring down prescription drug prices in Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis, on Jan. 12, announced initiatives aimed at drug manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), the companies that act as middlemen in the process. The measures, which he'll work with the legislature to carry out, "will protect consumers and increase accountability," the governor said at The Villages, a large retirement community in Central Florida Inflation has hit prescription drugs hard, DeSantis said. Their costs went up more than 31 percent from July 2021 to July 2022, "over and above even the general inflation rate." The initiatives will aim at middlemen most consumers don't know about--pharmacy benefit managers who act as go-betweens for manufacturers, insurers, and retailers--he said, adding that three big companies control 80 percent of the market.

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