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Violent Right Wing Fascists Out of New York!

Thu, 10/18/2018 - 23:31

The post Violent Right Wing Fascists Out of New York! appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following photos were anonymously submitted to It’s Going Down.

Days after the Proud Boys, having just attended a Republican event in Manhattan, savagely beat several individuals on the street while police stood by and then later arrested antifascists, posters and stickers against the Proud Boys began to appear.

The posters, addressed to the wider public, talked about the recent attack, and detailed the Proud Boys links to the neo-Nazi Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville and Alt-Right and white nationalist groups.

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Northern Minnesota: More Prayer Lodges Erected in the Path of Line 3 Pipeline

Thu, 10/18/2018 - 22:24

The post Northern Minnesota: More Prayer Lodges Erected in the Path of Line 3 Pipeline appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following press release was sent to It’s Going Down, which we report here.

Early October 19th, a crew of indigenous and non-indigenous comrades under the direction of Ojibwe elders built more waganogans on the Line 3 pipeline route, somewhere in northern Minnesota.

These are always intended as positive places to gather in prayer, feast and wage positive resistance against racist resource extraction, while simultaneously practicing ancient cultural traditions, that existed both BEFORE and after treaties were signed, but are also now supposed to be legally protected by treaties for indigenous peoples of those treaty territories.

While racist resource extraction continues, continue to expect our resistance day and night.

Please help our resistance by solidarity actions wherever you are!

We aren’t just fighting a black snake we are fighting cultural genocide!

We aren’t just fighting for one piece of land, we are fighting for the reclamation of all indigenous peoples lands and the future of mother earth!


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“The Past of Trumpism is the Past of America”: With Tom Nomad

Thu, 10/18/2018 - 11:08

The post “The Past of Trumpism is the Past of America”: With Tom Nomad appeared first on It's Going Down.

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we talked with long time anarchis writter and strategist Tom Nomad, who is the author of The Master’s Tool and Towards and Army of Ghosts. For almost a decade, Tom has written about insurgency, the police, and anarchist strategy, and in this episode we touch on those subjects as well as discuss how they have changed in the Trump area, and what new challenges autonomous and anarchist movements face.

Starting off, Tom argues that one of the successes of Bannon and Trump, is that they have locked many on the Left into a constant cycle of shock and awe, often that keeps us in a constant social media feed back loop, at times venturing out to march in circles or take photos of our witty sign, but never developing a strategy, and often burning out very quickly. We then spend some time talking about what it would mean to develop a non-activist approach to confronting the major tensions we find today, and building a material force.

Another key theme we discuss is over coming the generational divide between the newly radicalized post-Trump, and those that came, sometimes, long before him. Tom discusses the baggage brought by both generations, and discusses possibly solutions in both regards.

We end by looking at the approaching political terrain, both in terms of the midterms, but also the future of Trumpism and the coming onslaught of global warming. Far from a fluke, Nomad argues that Trumpism in many ways is America, and to confront Trumpism we’re going to have to confront a past based on genocide and slavery in order to move behind it.

More Info: Tom Nomad’s books, on The Final Straw, and an interview on It’s Going Down.

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Good Night White Pride: Outing Neo-Nazis in Hamilton

Thu, 10/18/2018 - 10:11

The post Good Night White Pride: Outing Neo-Nazis in Hamilton appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following communique from so-called Hamilton was sent to It’s Going Down by person(s) unknown.

Communique reads:

Here in Hamilton, anti-fascists have been debating the merit of going after Paul Fromm – a well-known white supremacist with ties to the KKK and Stormfront – as a mayoral candidate.

On one hand, you have a proudly racist shithead running for mayor.

On the other hand, Fromm has been invisible as a candidate thus far. Attacking him directly would give him a media platform to spew his vile minimally-covert racist bullshit, potentially win over more ignorant supporters, and continue flagging other neo-Nazis of his presence. It’s also pretty hard to call out an obvious racist without insinuating that white supremacy doesn’t exist within the other mayoral and ward candidates: we didn’t want our disavowal of Fromm to look like throwing support behind – or belief in – any other candidate, the election, or even Canadian democracy at large.

So we did the next best thing; we went after those just as ignorant and racist as Fromm himself – those who nominated him.


Elections documents are quasi transparent and public. You can view (free) and obtain copies (not free) of them at your local city hall. As it turns out, one of the documents made available is the original nomination form for mayor – the ones where each person running needs to get 25 people’s personal information and signature to run for mayor.


Bigots can be a little like cockroaches; they multiply in the dark. So we chose to shine a little light on them.

Overnight on October 15th, 2018, hundreds of posters went up across Hamilton.


The posters targeted every single person who nominated Paul Fromm as mayor, publicly outing them by name in their own neighbourhoods as a racist and Nazi sympathizer with their addresses, and in some cases phone numbers.


If white supremacists are going to organize here we’re going to defend our communities – and sometimes the best defense is a good offense; a sampling of what could be.


Good night, white pride.

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Rose City Antifa Statement Against the Proposed City Ordinance

Thu, 10/18/2018 - 01:59

The post Rose City Antifa Statement Against the Proposed City Ordinance appeared first on It's Going Down.

A statement from Rose City Antifa rejecting the recent proposal by the city government to force protesters into “free speech zones” controlled by the State.

Ted Wheeler’s proposed city ordinance comes after more than a year of far-right street violence enabled and enacted by Patriot Prayer; it has little to do with keeping our community safe, and much more to do with cracking down on community defense against dangerous far-right groups. The idea of “free speech zones,” segregating protesters according to the whims of politically compromised police leadership, has been tried on multiple occasions, and with clearly disturbing results. This city must not, and our community will not, be duped by false “neutrality.”

On June 4, 2017, the Portland Police Bureau confined anti-fascist activists to Chapman Square under threat of arrest. After corralling them, the police attacked these demonstrators using chemical weapons and explosives, driving them into the streets of downtown Portland. The police then formed a kettle around the remaining anti-fascists and numerous members of the media who had also fled, illegally detaining and subsequently searching hundreds of people, photographing their IDs before allowing them to leave. In the year following this clear violation of protesters’ rights, a class action suit was filed against the Portland Police, and yet they still have not publicly established that they have properly disposed of the photos they took of protesters’ identification.

“The powers that be in this city may wish to rule over a community living in fear of attack by racist gangs, but our community will never allow that sort of political terror to reign, whether it is at the hands of cops or nationalist militias.”

On August 4, 2018, the Portland Police Bureau again trapped anti-fascist community defense groups on numerous downtown streets and sidewalks, under threat of arrest, while giving white nationalist demonstrators free reign on the waterfront and in the streets. Then, after confining the anti-fascist counter-protest on SW Columbia, the police attacked the crowd of over one thousand people with explosives, seriously injuring several. Universally, the media recorded that the police lied about the pretext for their attack. The police then allowed the white nationalists to advance through the streets of downtown and pick off remaining anti-fascists. In one instance, a group of around twenty white nationalists rode around the area on a school bus, jumping out to chase down anyone wearing black.

The Mayor’s proposed “free speech zones” policy should be debunked for what it is: a plan designed to trap anti-fascists so that they can be more easily attacked, maimed, kidnapped, searched, surveilled, arrested, and otherwise deprived of their liberty and health. With this proposed ordinance, the Portland Police Bureau will no doubt again attempt to trap protesting community members, and open fire upon us, as they have repeatedly done in the past. Or perhaps, they will now simply allow white nationalists to open fire on us from above with assault rifles. As was recently revealed, on August 4, Portland Police allowed white nationalists to possess sniper rifles and maintain sniper positions over the anti-fascists cornered below by police. This police-designed setup for a massacre is a ghastly vision of Wheeler’s notion of “free speech.”

This ordinance would serve to even further institutionalize political violence in Portland. Not just the violence of the police upon the people, but the political violence with which white nationalists and fascists seek to transform the status quo. With their actions, the Portland Police Bureau and the mayor have made clear that they consider nationalist and fascist mobs like Patriot Prayer, the Proud Boys, the Hiwaymen, Identity Europa, and the Daily Stormers gathering in public to be a privileged form of political expression. Chief Outlaw’s own statements and actions in guiding the police show that she considers the community – who wants this violent carnival out of our city – to be the problem, while these far-right outsiders are her most valued customers.

Mayor Wheeler, Outlaw’s boss, uses a purported neutrality to condone this service to white nationalists. His proposal ignorantly treats community defense as equal to the attacks of white nationalists. America is currently in the midst of a battle over values. A violent minority wishes to subjugate and threaten the very existence of the majority of people, with the support of the government. Children are being placed in concentration camps, and fascist gangs roam our streets beating and murdering innocent people. There can be no compromise or neutral position against such an ethically bankrupt set of values. By impairing the community’s organizing efforts against such a movement and hiding behind Trump’s “both sides” narrative, the government of Portland continues to clearly choose a side. Rose City Antifa asserts our right to freedom of assembly and speech, as well as our community’s right to defend itself against these mortal threats.

Numerous examples from history, across many time periods and in many places, shows us what happens when violent nationalist gangs operate on the streets with the consent of the government. This is the stated goal of Gibson and the groups which follow him. They openly call for armed civil war, for “cleansing” the streets, and defend the 2017 MAX train murders, and the murder and assault by car committed last year in Charlottesville, as justified “self-defense.” These gangs will hold power over the streets, and decide who can walk freely, and who will be beaten or murdered. And let it be clear: this can only happen with the consent of the political organization in power, when the community is no longer allowed to defend itself.

Anti-fascists in Portland remember the murders of May 2017, committed by a follower of Joey Gibson. We remember the people assaulted by his enforcers on the streets of Vancouver and Portland over the past year and a half. We remember the community members who stood up against these white nationalist gangs to defend the rights and humanity of themselves and their marginalized neighbors, who were given burns, lacerations, and skull fractures by the police in return. We will, regardless of the adoption of this ordinance, continue to defend our community from Patriot Prayer and their Proud Boy accomplices. We will never relent in fighting for a community free of racism, bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, and fascism. The powers that be in this city may wish to rule over a community living in fear of attack by racist gangs, but our community will never allow that sort of political terror to reign, whether it is at the hands of cops or nationalist militias.


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In Memory of Our Comrade, Florent Sadiku

Wed, 10/17/2018 - 23:10

The post In Memory of Our Comrade, Florent Sadiku appeared first on It's Going Down.

The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) remembers the life of revolutionary Florent Sadiku.

We want to memorialize a great comrade in the struggle and a great friend to us all: Florent Sadiku.

Everyone who had the pleasure of knowing Flo will attest to his kindness and bravery, but his passion and the size of his heart is what stood out more than anything. His actions were driven by a genuine respect for those around him and a desire to see everyone treated well. He would drop everything to help a friend or comrade. At the same time, he had the sharpest wit in NY: he could hold a room in the palm of his hand with his humor, and his composure and seriousness left a deep, and meaningful impression on those who met him.

We crossed paths doing Rojava solidarity work and he quickly became one of our closest, dearest comrades. As a co-founder of the North American Kurdish Alliance (NAKA), he worked hard to ensure an alliance developed. He sincerely believed in building bridges between the Kurdish Freedom Movement and revolutionaries in the US. In addition to his years of experience with the Kurdish revolutionary movement he embraced the RAM project with open arms, helped our group grow, and respected our anarchist politics, believing that we are all together in this quest for human dignity.

As a testament to his character, he took great care in commemorating fallen martyrs. The energy he put into organizing the beautiful memorial service for New York City anarchist Shehid Robert Grodt, is just one of many examples.

It is impossible to separate his life and the way he treated people from his politics. He couldn’t help but approach people with kindness and solidarity with those who deeply need it. This meant that no matter where he was in the world, he participated in liberatory struggle. While we salute the revolutionary in him, and mourn the loss of our comrade, we will always remember him for his humor, wittiness, heartfelt emotions, sincerity, firm principles yet understanding towards individuals, and powerful commitment to friendship.

From now on we will walk with Florent forever in our hearts. Though the world lost an irreplaceable person, we will carry the wonderful qualities he embodied into the struggle so that the example he was for us will help make the world he wanted to see a reality.


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Autonomous Antifascism, State Repression & Arrests

Wed, 10/17/2018 - 21:48

The post Autonomous Antifascism, State Repression & Arrests appeared first on It's Going Down.

Northern California Anti-Racist Action brings us the following analysis and critique on the recent arrests of neo-Nazis from the group, the Rise Above Movement (RAM).

On October 2nd, as has been widely reported in the media, four members of the violent neo-Nazi gang known as Rise Above Movement (earlier known as DIY Division) were arrested and are now facing federal rioting charges that could land them behind bars for years if convicted. The criminal complaint brought against members of RAM by the FBI references and quotes the work of Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA) on RAM which was published in July 2017. In light of this development, we believe it’s important to examine and clarify a number of important points relating to RAM, the FBI, state repression, and anti-fascist research and organizing.

RAM, until now, had enjoyed an uninterrupted trail of violence across the country. This culminating in their attacks on anti-fascist protesters in the bloody battles that played out in the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th, 2017 which resulted in the injury of dozens and the murder of Heather Heyer by a fellow Unite the Right marcher of RAM, James Alex Fields Jr.

Cole White in Berkeley

Perhaps nothing captures the spirit of RAM’s participation in the violence of Charlottesville more clearly than two widely circulated images of Benjamin Daley. In the first, he is making the throat slashing gesture commonly known to signify a death threat to a crowd of anti-fascist protesters, and in the other, he is viciously strangulating a non-combative woman significantly smaller than him while she is surrounded and being attacked by other members of RAM.

Benjamin Daley in Charlottsville

For over a year after that day, members of RAM have gone on to boast and celebrate their own violent attacks and use them for recruitment and selling neo-Nazi themed apparel through their Right Brand Clothing brand. This has even included Robert Rundo, the leader of the group and legal owner of Right Brand Clothing LLC uploading a video in late August bragging about beating anti-fascists in various cities, and claiming that their actions were legal because they ‘hadn’t been arrested.’ This confidence was misplaced as less than two months later, a fact that perhaps wasn’t lost on Rundo as the video was removed soon after the upload, RAM members were swept up by the FBI and held without bail and currently are facing two felony charges each.

While the arrest and criminal prosecution of these individuals is a significant moment in terms of the state’s stance and action on neo-Nazi violence during the Trump presidency with all the racists that it has emboldened and mobilized, it should not by any means be considered a victory for the anti-fascist movement, nor should it remotely be confused for the state making a sincere attempt to, in any real way, address white supremacy or even neo-Nazi violence in the US. While the recent wave of street-based and grassroots white supremacist and neo-Nazi movements have intensified and become more visible, they compose a relatively minuscule segment of a greater social system of white supremacy existing in the US that functions in concert with capitalism, patriarchy, and State as a part of a violently maintained social hierarchy that controls our lives.

Aftermath of Ben Daley’s attack

We reject the notion that the state can ever address this fundamental social issue because it itself is a critical component of upholding the racial caste system in the US that relegates millions of human beings to being murdered by the police, locked up in prisons, struggle against the weight of structural poverty, homelessness, and displacement just to survive, and daily are subjected to violence and humiliation. As the history of repression by the state has shown us time and time again with programs such as COINTELPRO, whatever repression it is willing to level against the most overt, violent, and indiscreet neo-Nazis and racists, it has no qualms about unleashing its much greater and more heavy-handed authority against those struggling to overcome oppression, domination, and exploitation and put into practice collective ways of life based on solidarity, equality, and autonomy.

RAM and Selective Prosecution of Neo-Nazis

One of the most consistently performed feats of mental gymnastic by neo-Nazis and others in the far-right is framing their aggression and violence as self-defense and legally justified. This notion has been further strengthened by a general lack of consequences they’ve experienced for their actions from the State. This attitude has been clearly visible in the conduct and online postings of RAM which proudly showed images and video of members engaging in violence, even when it was initiated by them, without any concern for facing any charges from the State.

RAM propaganda shared through their social media accounts showing Robert Boman and Spencer Currie attacking an anti-fascist

For instance, Robert Rundo was arrested and initially charged with assaulting a police officer in the process of getting arrested for attacking anti-fascists in Berkeley on April 15th, 2017. While the State has had no problem pursuing charges of assaulting officers against people for things like involuntary reflexes to extreme physical pain when being restrained, Rundo’s charges were not pursued. This happened while an anti-fascist named Eric Clanton faced serious charges purely on the basis of manipulated images from 4chan for the same Berkeley rally.

Left: Image of Robert Rundo assaulting an anti-fascist
Right: The same attack used in a graphic to promote the group on social media

The State has even gone so far as to repeat completely baseless claims made by the far-right and repeated in the Daily Cal about NoCARA carrying out “cyber attacks against members of Berkeley College Republicans when all the information in our research was obtained through open social media profiles and public records, and no evidence of any hacking has ever been produced by anyone making these claims. The fascists crying about our work being cited in the criminal complaint against RAM conveniently forget these and other ample examples of the police accepting fascist propaganda and misinformation as legitimate intelligence on anti-fascists and acting on it.

The State is also constantly refusing to investigate and act on the clear threat of right-wing and white supremacist perpetrated violence and terror. No matter how hard they downplay this reality, far-right and neo-Nazi violence is currently claiming far more victims in the US than any other form of political violence. One only needs to look so far as the comments on RAM’s posts in support of their arrested members to witness the leisure at which violence and even threats against the police are discussed and promoted in their movement.

A comment made by a supporter of RAM on their Gab page RAM Gab account responds to comment by implying that those arrested carried out violence

It’s clear that the prosecution of these individuals is not based on the threat they pose or proportional to the harm they’ve inflicted, but rather what is politically expedient for the State as it works to maintain the fiction of the rule of law and its image as the neutral mediator of society’s functioning.

Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman on RAM

Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman, a fascist known for committing violence at rallies in Berkeley and his support of RAM, is a clear example of this selective prosecution. Despite being arrested three times for his involvement in violence, including participating with RAM members in the brutal gang beating of anti-fascists cornered in Berkeley that was cited in the criminal complaint against RAM, Chapman is only facing charges for possessing the stick he used to attack people on March 4th, 2017. This only happened after his group the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights participated in the violence of Charlottesville, and increasing public outrage began building around the inaction of the State on such a brazenly violent fascist. Chapman is not facing charges for any of the other amply documented violence he carried out at political rallies.

Kyle Chapman and RAM members beating and stomping anti-fascists in Berkley

As RAM members are arrested and extradited to Virginia to face their charges, another trial in California is set begin for William Scott Planer, a neo-Nazi member of the Golden State Skinheads and the now defunct Traditionalist Worker Party. The bloody rally at the State Capital in Sacramento on June 26th, 2016 in violent clashes at the rally resulted in 6 anti-fascists being stabbed by the neo-Nazis with ample video and photo evidence documenting the individuals responsible.

Planer is the only member of GSS facing charges for his role in the violence. Planer was recorded holding a knife and violently attacking anti-fascists including smashing a large wooden stick on the head of a downed anti-fascist.

William Scott Planer attacking a downed anti-fascist with a stick William Planer and his partner Justina Thatcher celebrate his violence with a graphic that was later made into a patch that GSS members wore on their jackets

As our previous work on RAM has shown, members of RAM are connected with members of GSS. RAM members Skyler Segeberg and Matthew Branstetter have been photographed with GSS members Jason Wayne Judd and Joseph Ryan Simmons who were both present and engaged in documented violence at the June 26th rally. Similar to RAM, GSS enjoys not just selective prosecution of only the most brazen and indefensible of their crimes, but the police also granted them an assumed victimhood and help in protecting their identities from the public. Just as Rundo and Boman avoid any consequences for their amply documented violence so do Judd, Simmons, and other GSS members enjoy impunity.

Golden State Skinheads on June 16th, 2016
Jason Wayne Judd is the man with the border patrol cap and holding the shield that says California in the center
Joseph Simmons is on the far right with camo shorts GSS + RAM
left to right: Simmons, Judd, Branstetter, Segeberg

RAM also shares close ties with Identity Evropa and its founder Nathan Damigo. RAM not only fought alongside Damigo in Berkeley and in Charlottesville, members such as the individual that goes by “Robert Smithson” on social media are also members of IE based on their own social media postings. Smithson was in Charlottesville and fought along with the other 4 RAM members that were arrested by the FBI. Again, like other RAM members, Damigo enjoys impunity for his widely seen attack on a woman anti-fascist perhaps in part due to his familial connections to law enforcement.

Robert Smithson (right) wearing RAM’s Right Brand t-shirt hiking with other Identity Evropa Members Robert Smithson (top left) in New York with Identity Evropa Robert Smithson with Robert Rundo on his left and Ben Daley on his right The Sound of One Fed Clapping

“The only fucking way this country’s ever going to get turned around is it will be a bloodbath and it will be a nasty, messy motherfucker. Unless a lot more people in this country wake up and smell the fucking coffee and decide they want this country back … we might be too late, if they do wake up … I think we can get it done. But it ain’t going to be nothing nice about it.”

– Patrick Stein, The Crusaders

It is important to point out how much a show the FBI is putting on by arresting members of RAM. We believe the FBI was pushed to do so largely because of the recent video documentary from ProPublica, which makes the argument, along with the help of an ex-member of the FBI, that the intelligence community is not doing enough to go after violent Alt-Right and white nationalist groups. It seems in many ways, the FBI took this to heart.

The problem however, is that when looking at the broader picture, there are plenty of other white nationalist, militia, and far-Right groups that have committed acts of violence and terror, yet still have failed to trigger a clamp down against an entire group.

For instance, in October 2016, three members of ‘The Crusaders’ were arrested in Kansas, after the FBI was tipped off by one of their associates, before they could carry through on their plans to bomb both a mosque and an apartment complex filled with Somali immigrants. The Crusaders were part of the 3%er militia.

Then, less than a year later and only a few days before Unite the Right, FBI informants arrested a man in his early 20’s that was also part of the 3%er militia, after he attempted to detonate a bomb in front of a bank in Oklahoma City, in order to kick off, “the next revolution.” A few days later, members of the 3%ers were carrying high power weapons in Charlottesville.

Likewise, members of the Atomwaffen Division, (which today still organizes on the social media networking site Gab, and currently has been promoting an alliance with ISIS), were found in the summer of 2017, (after one member killed two others), with ingredients to make a “dirty bomb” and plans to possibly blow up a nuclear power plant. The group would go on to kill three other people.

Meanwhile in the Pacific Northwest, while they haven’t resorted to bombs and grisly murders, the Proud Boys have still been linked to a variety savage attacks on the public. In 2018, members of the Proud Boys attacked an African-American youth in Vancouver, Washington at a mall, a random man on the street in Portland, Oregon, and young boys at an open air festival in Austin, Texas wearing Obama hats. This is to say nothing of the numerous times the group has been involved in violence at political rallies and demonstrations, including the most recent attacks in New York and Portland.

The point in bringing all of this up, is that the State is much less concerned about “keeping the public safe” from the threat of far-Right violence, than it is about keeping down the success of grassroots radical change. This is evidenced by the fact that when far-Right violence does happen, it is always presented as a fluke, or the work of just a few people. This is very unlike how the State responds to popular social movements as well as poor communities of color.

For instance, when 3%ers repeatedly attempt to murder people by blowing them up in racist bomb plots, one might think the State would label them gang members or terrorists and then have cause to pull over every chud with a Punisher sticker on the back of their truck. But of course, this doesn’t happen, however the State deems it as a necessary precaution for even a music subculture like Juggalos.

Everywhere across the social terrain we see this reality expand: as the label of either gang member or terrorist; an open invitation for the State to engage in the suspension of an individuals’ rights, movement, and freedoms, is slowly applied to both poor communities, especially those of color, and broad autonomous social movements. Thus, the Black Lives Matter tactic of blocking freeways becomes even more criminalized, as does the wearing of a mask by antifascists, or even simply stepping onto the private property of an oil pipeline, while the rhetoric of “terrorism” amps up and the ruling party presents itself as the chief victim within society.

Everywhere we see this reality permeating except against groups and movements on the far-Right. This is why an occasional ‘pound of flesh’ must be offered up to the public to show that the government is still paying attention, or to show the far-Right, in the case of someone like Timothy McVeigh, that the State will allow attacks on those below on the social hierarchy, but never above against the State’s own infrastructure.

A Question of Legitimacy

In the era of the Trump presidency with the wave of neo-Nazi and white supremacist activity and violence that has closely followed it, one of the central sources of arguments and contentions playing out across the political spectrum from the far-right to liberal centrists has been the question of who has the legitimacy and moral authority to name someone as a neo-Nazi or racist. Both the right and centrists are united in wanting to impose strict institutional controls and professionalized gatekeeping on the subject as both in practice are bitterly opposed to the idea of an anti-fascist movement that is autonomous from the State and other social institutions operating within it’s sanctioned and respectable confines.

NoCARA and other anti-fascists collectives committed to researching and exposing neo-Nazis have established credibility through the factuality of the research we’ve produced, and have done so from a position of being anti-State and promoting a broad range of direct action for dealing with the fascist threat. For everyday people, the media, and even State institutions to accept the conclusions drawn by anti-fascist sources such as NoCARA is a challenge for the State or certain authoritative institutions’ ability to be the arbiter of who is a racist and a nazi and what the consequences for that may entail. An autonomous anti-fascist movement that identifies and acts against white supremacists by relying on its own analysis and dynamic understanding of the social circumstances we live under is a threat to a system that depends on immobilizing and pacifying people against taking direct action to improve their lives and communities through the slight of hand of elections, political representation, petitions for change on power, and authoritative professionalization.

Mainstream media sources, until more recently, have been far more comfortable with publishing content and linking to far-right and neo-Nazi websites over the work of anti-fascists exposing these individuals. In other words, mainstream media, especially liberal-centrist leaning publications and pundits prefer giving a platform to those advocating for carrying out the ethnic cleansing of the US through violent and state-based means, over factual information compiled by anti-fascists which advocate for the defense of communities facing these threats through autonomous and decentralized struggles against white supremacy.

SPLC: Strictly Plagiarism Loving Centrists

The dynamic discussed earlier is clearly apparent in the Southern Poverty Law Center, a private organization that researches and publishes information on what it deems “extremism,” and draws equivalences between neo-Nazis and autonomous anti-fascists, anarchists, Black radicals, and others deemed “far-left.” The SPLC enjoys close ties with law enforcement agencies which act at times as sources for their research, and are the participants in the training programs it conducts. The SPLC makes it clear that it does not condone any form of anti-fascism that doesn’t adhere to their strict liberal-centrist framework which generally entails sitting on one’s hands and waiting for the State and law enforcement to deal with neo-Nazi violence. This is an absurd delusion to promote in a country founded on genocide and slavery, where police annually murder thousands of black, brown, indigenous, and poor people with impunity, and has the highest rate of incarceration in the history of humanity. The SPLC’s associations and political line betray the true depths of their complicity with the regime of white supremacy in the US as the police are objectively a far more violent and powerful arm of upholding this system than this recent wave of neo-Nazi street politics.

Representatives from the SPLC have even gone so far as to host an event at UC Berkeley, one of the primary targets of fascist activity in the past couple of years, which advocated against non-liberal forms of anti-fascism, and regurgitated the same tired and asinine arguments about violence that one can also commonly hear from fascists. Embarrassingly, while the SPLC had ordered pizza for their anticipated audience of 200 people, only a small handful of individuals attended, leading to the event being changed to a group discussion instead of a talk.

The SPLC at Berkeley

In light of all this, it’s even more embarrassing that the SPLC has plagiarized the work of NoCARA. In a recent article announcing the arrest of the four RAM members, the SPLC directly copied an entire paragraph from our earlier article on RAM without attribution. Comparing the original NoCARA text and that published by the SPLC using text analysis software reveals that minor edits were made to the text but the overwhelming bulk of the text remains the same. This strikes us as extremely lazy on the part of an organization that enjoys over three hundred million dollars in endowments ($300,000,000) and a full-time paid staff, while our collective has a free blog service (shout out to and funds our research work out of our own pockets.

The text on the left is the original by NoCARA and the text on the right was included in the SPLC article without attribution (archived page)

We can only speculate about how and why the FBI came to cite our work in their criminal complaint, but it appears that copy/pasting of information from a source like SPLC had something to do with it. We also don’t know how closely the FBI looked into our anti-State politics before making the decision to cite us. We harbor no delusions about the role of the FBI as an institution that was founded and has devoted most of its efforts to repressing leftist and liberatory movements.


A similar dynamic also exists with Propublica which published their widely shared and celebrated research on RAM based on an earlier article published by the East Bay Express several months after we published our original research. These works largely cover the same ground from our research. At the time of their publication, comrades at It’s Going Down ( and Berkeley Antifa tweeted Ali Winston, one of the authors of the EBX article, asking why they failed to acknowledge that NoCARA’s research influenced their work. Winston’s response was to dismiss the work as inconsequential and inaccurate. This was while their work failed to identify individuals such as Skyler Segeberg and Spencer Currie by their real names whereas our work had identified their real names months earlier. Winston would go on to at least partially acknowledge the information released by NoCARA served as a basis for part of his writing on RAM.

While one of the co-authors of the EBX piece, Darwin Bond-Graham has recently acknowledged NoCARA’s contributions, A.C. Thompson has so far refused to acknowledge any influence from NoCARA. It appears that at least part of this comes from a desire not to be associated with anti-fascists like NoCARA in order to maintain respectability and career prospects within the mainstream.

To Propublica’s credit, we do admire the work they’ve done in exposing the violent neo-Nazi organization Atomwaffen Division and the killings carried out by its members. Despite this, we find their work’s emphasis on legitimizing and rehabilitating law enforcement to be counter-productive and part of creating a false narrative that the State actually acts to put a stop to violent neo-Nazis when in reality prosecutions like that of RAM are a rare occurrence. Propublica has also refused to release the names and chat logs of neo-Nazis in Atomwaffen Division in order to milk them for additional stories and content rather than allowing anti-fascists and others to access the logs to identify and potentially protect their communities from these individuals.

Ali Winston on the release of Atomwaffen chat logs

These issues aren’t brought up in an attempt to demand recognition or credit for our work, but to highlight the fact that these organizations while making use of and at times plagiarizing our research also actively work to undermine, demonize, and criminalize autonomous anti-fascism. Our work has shown that a collective of ambitious and determined individuals lacking any funding or institutional support can come together to produce work that rivals and even eclipses that of organizations with millions of dollars of funding and law enforcement connections and sources.

Stripe and GoDaddy Love Nazis

Like any business operating today, RAM’s Right Brand Clothing depends on a number of corporate services and products to maintain a presence online, sell merchandise, and collect payments. Recent experiences have shown us that tech companies and other corporations generally have no qualms about offering services to and collecting money from neo-Nazis so long as there isn’t much negative attention brought to their brands. This trend continues with Rise Above Movement.

Registration information for Right Brand Clothing LLC owned by Robert Rundo

Right Brand Clothing is currently hosted by GoDaddy, a large hosting and domain registration service. GoDaddy is notable for being the domain registrar for The Daily Stormer for a number of years until the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville when the company finally decided to drop the site. Here, again, the company continues to host the e-commerce site for neo-Nazis.

Stripe and GoDaddy allowing RAM to collect thousands of dollars using their platforms.

Stripe also acts as the payment processing system for the site, allowing RAM to collect credit card payments. Stripe is currently playing a critical role in fundraising for members of RAM, and has allowed RAM to collect thousands of dollars by selling $10 stickers for the legal expenses of those arrested.

Right Brand Clothing website whois information

RAM directly uses their reputation and image as neo-Nazis ready and able to fight and engage in violence as a part of promoting and profiting from the goods sold on their website. The violence that the group has carried out has been instrumental in launching and promoting this clothing brand, and this includes them building the credibility with European neo-Nazis that allowed them to travel across Europe in order to better organize and develope their business connections.

Robert Rundo competing in the Reconquista Club

Very recently, they traveled to Ostritz, Germany, where a fascist MMA tournament named Battle of Nibelung was taking place. This tournament was sponsored in part by White Rex, a neo-Nazi clothing brand, and this trip allowed them to sell White Rex merchandise along side other neo-Nazi brands such as Svastone from Ukraine. The group would also travel to Kiev, Ukraine which appears to be the country for origin for Robert Smithson, and meet up and workout with local neo-Nazis. Rundo participated in the neo-Nazi tournament Reconquista Club in April.

Considering the actions and history of RAM, it’s clear what the group is referencing when their about page features an image of members in Berkeley, one of their most violent engagements to date, along with text celebrating their “boldness” in “standing against waves of the left.” Rundo has been gambling on translating the image of RAM created through violence into dollars and movement building. One thing is clear, regardless of their ‘optics,’ RAM would not be able to operate at the level it has been without counting on the help of these corporations.

About page on Right Brand Clothing

GoDaddy customer service: (480) 505-8877

Stripe customer service:

Beyond Stopping Nazis

As discussed in this writing, any form of anti-fascism that attempts to address the growing fascist threat by adhering to the sanctioned framework for political action enforced by the existing power structures and through the institutions of the State and capitalist media is ultimately doomed to bolstering the very same white supremacist social order from which neo-Nazis like RAM emerge. Effective anti-racist and anti-fascist movements must invariably contend with the social hierarchies produced and protected by the State, capitalism, patriarchy, and other social relations of domination and exploitation existing in our societies.

The prevailing power structures and those who serve them desperately want to maintain their grip on who exactly and how people are allowed to understand and act on the social problems in their communities. They insist that we permanently wait on the State, police, and businesses to fix problems that they helped to create in the first place and violently prevent anyone else from solving. They want us to consume the narratives and analysis fed to us by those who profit from maintaining this oppressive status quo, and discredit anyone who refuses to parrot their line.

Anti-fascists have shown that it’s possible to refuse the surrender our collective power and to create a multitude of ways to act directly on the problems we face. The State, liberals, far-right, and fascists are unified in their disdain and fear of this approach to politics, and make every effort in their propaganda to speak against it. Let their bitter protestations be the orchestral score to which we drop the closing curtains on their world. We seek to build a form of life based on the vibrance and joy of caring and fighting for each other as equals and will settle for nothing less.

If you have information about Rise Above Movement and their associates that you’d like to share with us, please contact: diy.division [at] protonmail [dot] com

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Hotwire #41: Proud Boy Assaults, Hurricane Michael, Squats and Rent Strikes

Wed, 10/17/2018 - 21:03

The post Hotwire #41: Proud Boy Assaults, Hurricane Michael, Squats and Rent Strikes appeared first on It's Going Down.

CrimethInc. presents its weekly news program, covering both national and international resistance and repression news.
Our features for this Hotwire are interviews about the Proud Boys attacks in New York City and Portland, Oregon, and we have an interview about autonomous relief after Hurricane Michael, which is also seeing organizing from neo-confederate fascists. We have a whirlwind of headlines from around the world, with breast-baring feminists burning barricades in Argentina, squatters from Ireland to Germany, and indigenous resistance in Canada. Connor Stevens of the Cleveland 4 is getting out soon, Jalil Muntaqim could use letters of support for his parole hearing, and we have calls to action from the L’eau Est La Vie anti-pipeline camp, plus much more! Send us news, events, or ideas on how our show can better serve anarchist activity in your town by emailing us at

Notes and Links
  • Table of Contents:
    • Introduction {0:00}
    • Headlines {0:38}
    • Hurricane Michael autonomous relief {6:10}
    • Proud Boys attacks in New York City and Portland, Oregon {16:50}
    • Repression Roundup {33:40}
    • Next Week’s News {39:00}
  • Download 29:30 minutes long version.
  • Upcoming events/demos/etc:
    • October 19: Benefit punk show for recently released political prisoners in Brooklyn, New York at 8:30 pm in Pine Box Rock Shop
    • October 20–21: The [Knoxville Abortion Doula Collective](( is offering a workshop on Autonomous Pelvic Care in Roanoke, VA
    • October 21: An anti-prison rally at 3 pm, outside the ICPA Conference at the Montréal Marriott Chateau Champlain, near metro Bonaventure
    • October 27: A pro-choice counter demo and march in Munich, Germany. Meet at 1pm at Max-Joseph-Platz in Munich.
    • November 6: an anti-ICE march in Portland, Oregon at 6pm. Meet at City Hall and check out @OccupyICEPDX on twitter for more information.
  • Upcoming anarchist book fairs and gatherings:
  • Autonomous Mutual Aid in the wake of Hurricanes Florence and Michael:
  • You can support the East Hamilton rent strike by calling the building’s administrative office at 289–426–3001 and telling them to stop repressing tenant organizing. Alternatively, consider contributing to their GoFundMe to help pay for the filing fees ($190 per tenant) required in Ontario of the strikers when they are issued eviction notices, a common retaliation to rent strikes.If you prefer to donate by cheque, please send it to the following address:
    The Hamilton Tenants Solidarity Network
    c/o Hamilton Community Legal Clinic
    Suite #203, 100 Main St. E, Hamilton, Ontario
    L8N 3W4
  • You can support the Seattle GDC’s campaign to get Proud Boy Nicholas Boling fired by calling Boeing’s commercial airplanes division at 206–655–1131 or the plant in Auburn where he works as a fabricator at (253) 931–2121.Sample script: “I am calling about Boeing employing Nick Boling, who is a member of the violent hate group the Proud Boys, and has misrepresented himself as being a Boeing test pilot when he assaulted a bartender in Bellingham Washington. Boeing should do the right thing and hold him accountable for his reprehensible behavior.”
  • Abraham Hernandez, a Black Mesa supporter, was arrested in Utah and is currently being held captive at an immigration detention center. Here’s a link to a fundraiser to guarantee Abraham’s safety and intentional protection, to contribute to and/or share!
  • Visit for ways to support the eight antifascists currently being held captive and tortured by the Russian state. Ways to support them include: sharing on social media, online and physical letter writing, and monetary donations (including several cryptocurrencies).
  • Connor Stevens, one of the Cleveland 4, is being released as soon as November, and there’s a fundraiser to help get him basic necessities when he is released! Here’s also a Paypal to support the rest of the Cleveland 4.
  • Atlanta Antifascists have announced a new campaign against local white nationalist organizer Casey Jordan Cooper. Casey is attending John Marshall Law School and they’re asking people to call the law school at (678) 916–2600 and express your concern about the white power leader attending their school. Here is a sample script provided in an earlier call to action:SHORT SCRIPT: “Why aren’t you doing anything about Casey Cooper’s white supremacist organizing at your school?”

    LONGER SCRIPT: “Hello, I am contacting you about second-year student Casey Jordan Cooper. AJMLS has known for almost a year that Cooper is responsible for making racist death threats. All the evidence is at You are also aware that Cooper coordinated white power propaganda campaigns on Metro Atlanta campuses. I am deeply concerned by your school’s inaction. Why does AJMLS still view Cooper as fit to study and practice law?

    “I am reminding you that the issue is not just Cooper’s bigoted speech, but Cooper clearly threatening to lynch somebody. Doesn’t helping Cooper on his way to a become a lawyer — where he will have greatly increased power over people’s lives — make further harm likely? How is AJMLS working to repair the damage it has already done, to the broader community and to its own student body? The time has come for AJMLS to do better. Thanks for listening today.”


    We also invite you to contact the Office of Bar Admissions for Georgia, supplying them with information on Casey Jordan Cooper’s conduct. Explain that Cooper is currently in law school but that his white power harassment and death threats reveal that he cannot be trustworthy and reliable as lawyer in the future. This information should be kept on file and Cooper should be denied admission to the bar.

    Office of Bar Admissions
    244 Washington Street, SW
    Suite 440
    Atlanta, GA 30334

  • Anarchist prisoner Eric King, who is in lock-up at Leavenworth Federal Prison, was recently thrown into the SHU. It is unclear how long he will be there and could really use some extra support! He has new mail restrictions-all paper has to plain white or lined notebook paper, envelopes have to be straight white or manila, and he is unable to receive cards. To find out more visit
  • Jalil Muntaquim needs letters of support to get home on parole. Address letters to:Senior Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator
    Sullivan Correctional Facility
    325 Riverside Drive
    Fallsburg, New York 12733

    Nora Carroll
    The Parole Preparation Project
    168 Canal Street, 6th Floor
    New York, NY 10013
    The subject line should be “Anthony Bottom 77-A–4283”

    For more instructions, go here.

  •, one of our favorite online sources for anarchist and resistance news, is launching a fundraising campaign to ensure they can keep funding all their bad ass (and important!) revolutionary projects, visit to donate or find out other ways you can support their very important work.
  • Court support will be needed in the coming months for the Vaughn 17. Two of the rebels are defending themselves pro se and they could use all the support they can get! Email to plug in.
  • There is a call out from L’eau Est La Vie camp to protest banks who are invested in the Bayou Bridge pipeline. The project is funded by a whole slew of banks that are holding employment recruitment events at colleges across the country this fall. L’eau Est La Vie is calling for people to gather their affinity groups and disrupt these recruitment events! Visit or read the full call on
  • Sales are now OPEN for the 2019 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners calendar! The theme of next year’s calendar is Health/Care, and it features art and writing from current and former political prisoners like David Gilbert, Mike and Chuck Africa, and Laura Whitehorn. If you buy 10 or more, be sure to use the discount code “BULK” to get 10 or more calendars for $10 each—you can then sell the calendars to fundraise for your own organizing. Orders start shipping September 10!
  • Use this straightforward guide to writing prisoners from New York City Anarchist Black Cross to write birthday greetings to Jalil Muntaqim:Jalil Muntaqim (Anthony Jalil Bottom)
    Sullivan Correctional Facility
    Post Office Box 116
    Fallsburg, New York 12733–0116
    Address envelope to Anthony Bottom, address card to Jalil
    {Birthday: October 18}
  • We have a Twitter! Follow @HotwireWeekly and send us news that we should include in the show.
    • In Hotwire #40 Riot Dogg said that Laquan was murdered in 2015. He was shot on October 20, 2014. Also, a second degree murder charge in Illinois carries 4 to 20 years, with no mandatory time served. Each account of aggravated assault with a firearm carries a minimum of 6 years, with a max of 30. 85% of time must be served in the state of Illinois. That means if Officer Van Dyke gets the minimum 6 years for all 16 counts it’s a total of 96 years. 85 percent of that is 81.6 so that should be the minimum.

Rebel Girl: October 17, 2018: Proud Boys gang up on anti-fascists in New York and Portland, breast-baring feminists burn barricades in Argentina, squatting in Ireland and Germany and a six-month long rent strike in Hamilton, Ontario, and anarchist visions of autonomous disaster relief square off against fascist ones after Hurricane Michael in Florida on this episode of…

Clara: The Hotwire, a weekly anarchist news show brought to you by The Ex-Worker.

Rebel Girl: With me, the Rebel Girl.

Clara: And with me, Clara.

Rebel Girl: Oh, hey Clara! Your buddy Alanis was on the show a couple episodes back. I take it you’re filling in this episode?

Clara: That’s right!

Rebel Girl: Sheesh, how many podcast hosts can we have in one season?

Clara: No gods, no masters, no reliable podcast hosts!

Rebel Girl: Hey! Except for me!!! A full transcript of this episode with shownotes and useful links can be found at our website,, where you can also find a radio-ready twenty-nine-and-a-half minute version of this episode for standard radio broadcasts, and no cussing!

Clara: And now, the news…


Clara: As the 33rd National Women’s Gathering in Argentina came to a close, participants—some masked up and some baring their breasts—marched through the southern city of Trelew, burning barricades, attacking the town hall with molotovs and stones, and chanting against patriarchy, against the criminalization of abortion, and in memory of disappeared anarchist Santiago Maldonado.

Rebel Girl: An insurgent housing rights movement has been growing in Dublin, Ireland. Twice in August, activists occupied empty buildings to call attention to how capitalism leaves the poor on the street while leaving safe housing locked away.

On Saturday, the group Take Back the City hit back against the housing crisis in Dublin not by occupying an empty building, but by occupying the offices of a company driving housing prices out of affordable grasp, with around 40 activists crashing an open house at Airbnb and refusing to leave.

Clara: Just outside Germany’s Hambach Forest, in the town of Manheim, anti-extraction activists squatted homes to call attention to not only the destruction of the forest by the coal company RWE, but also to how their mining has forced local residents to leave.

Rebel Girl: As a rent strike at Stoney Creek Towers in Hamilton, Ontario enters its sixth month, the corporation that owns the building has issued mass eviction notices against tenants who have remained active and organized against the building’s new surveillance cameras, private security, and restrictions over access to the lobby. You can support the rent strike by calling the building’s administrative office at 289–426–3001 and telling them to stop repressing tenant organizing.

Clara: Elsewhere in Ontario, the Grassy Narrow First Nation declared its territory to be an Indigenous Sovereignty and Protected Area. The Earth First! Newswire reports that, “The Declaration comes as the new Ontario government… has promised to open up the North to industry, and… next year begin writing a plan for another decade of industrial logging in the community’s forest.” Since 2002, The Grassy Narrows blockade has been defending the land against the clear-cutting of its forests by the world’s largest manufacturer of newsprint, Abitibi Consolidated, and it’s currently the longest standing blockade in Canadian history.

Rebel Girl: In Treviso, Italy, the Haris Hatzimihelakis—and our apologies if we did not pronounce that correctly—cell of insurrectionary anarchists attacked the premises of the fascist Northern League party with an incendiary device. The attack was claimed in solidarity with anarchist political prisoners in Chile, the USA, Greece, and elsewhere.

Clara: Wow, the communiqué for this action is also incendiary! Listen to this:

“The State and capital use all forms of technology and violence to divert attention from the real problems of the exploited, the main one being the hatred between the most vulnerable and dispossessed, between borders, genders, skin colors. Needless to say, no authoritarian insignificant politicians’ faction would ever be able to fulfill our desires. You’re talking about ‘green-yellow’ government, leftist and right wing—we [just] want the state to be destroyed. You’re promising wage increases, reduced taxes, jobs—[while] we want the elimination of money, goods and work. You’re fighting for better government conditions but we only want to have fun over the ruins of your cities in flames. You do politics, we do social war.”

Rebel Girl: In the UK, Uber drivers occupied the company’s headquarters in London last Tuesday as hundreds of drivers switched off their apps in cities across the country. With the occupation of Airbnb in Dublin, this Uber strike, and the recent UberEats strike, it seems like rebels in the UK and Ireland are on the cutting edge of beating back the gig economy. If anyone over there wants to do an interview, please get in touch!

Clara: Meanwhile, in Lancashire, the first active fracking in England in seven years began on Monday after a failed last-minute legal bid. The Guardian reported that, “Activists from the campaign group Reclaim the Power used a van [and two people locked down to scaffolding] to block the entrance to [the] site… for 12 hours [starting at] 4:30am… but the shale gas company Cuadrilla said all the equipment it needed to frack was already there and it had started the process by 1pm.” One of the lockdown activists was quoted saying, “They’re not interested in what local communities have to say. After all democratic avenues have been exhausted over a seven-year campaign, there is a place for direct action to stop this industry.”

Rebel Girl: With irreversible climate catastrophe just 12 years away… I’m not sure we can spare another 7 years. We need direct action now.

Clara: Hear hear. Especially because Hurricane Michael landed last Wednesday, flooding neighborhoods and destroying homes first in Florida, and then continuing up through the recently hurricane-hit areas of the eastern Carolinas. It was the strongest hurricane on record to ever hit Florida’s pandhandle.

Rebel Girl: In a little over a year of this show, this is what, the fifth hurricane we’ve covered? And that’s just in the territory dominated by the United States. Sometimes it feels like it’s hard to find anything new to say—the pursuit of profit at the cost of our land and water and air is propelling us, with ever-increasing frequency, into disaster after disaster.

Clara: I hear what you’re saying—the destruction left after Michael resulted in everything we’ve come to expect by now—exposure of the precarity that people already live with under capitalism, reactionary anti-looting signs on businesses, and anti-looting stories in the news. Literally, white people taking groceries from blown out stores were described in the news as “salvaging” goods while black people doing the same damn thing have been painted as “looters.”

There is one new aspect of this storm’s aftermath, however. The neo-confederate and white nationalist League of the South, who were on the streets during Unite the Right in Charlottesville, has also been mobilizing grassroots recovery efforts, but along racist lines. The League has been discussing focusing on a predominantly white small town for recovery efforts, to wear their “regulation street uniforms,” and to use their recovery efforts to fundraise.

Rebel Girl: I can’t say I’m that surprised. This was just a matter of time. That we can’t rely on the government to save us, or even adequately address our most basic needs after hurricanes is such a cliché at this point. Hell, that’s how we’ve ended up with anarchists involved in large scale relief logistics like Operation Air Drop. Groups who want a revolutionary transformation—whether it be authoritarian or anti-authoritarian, are going to be putting forward competing visions of how to re-organize society after disasters like this, while the government leaves the rest of us to fend for ourselves, and that’s why it’s so important that anarchists like Mutual Aid Disaster Relief have been on the ground.

Clara: Yeah, Mutual Aid Disaster Relief actually addressed this recently in their piece “Dual-Power in a Three-Way Fight: Critical Reflections on Hurricane Michael.” Here’s what they have to say:

“The American Empire is in fierce decline. The global economic system is on the brink of full-scale collapse. We have yet to recover from the 2008 recession and experts predict the next economic crisis is just around the corner. Anthropogenic climate change is currently overturning the apparatuses of neoliberalism, fomenting the rise of full-scale fascism. As capitalist countries and corporations continue to exploit the global south for its resources, arable land shrinks and regions of the planet become inhospitable to human life. The far-right has their response ready: blame the immigrants and refugees, scapegoat people of color, and build an ethnostate devoted to patriarchy and white supremacy. What will our answer be? The state is not coming to save you. Capitalists aren’t going to rescue you. We are going to have to help each other. Mutual aid is a factor of evolution. Solidarity, not charity, is our refuge in times such as these.

“As the state cedes zones and territory to collapse—as it has in Flint, Michigan and in Puerto Rico—we find opportunities to build new forms of community and fellowship in the ashes.”

Rebel Girl: There’s some other stuff in that piece that I don’t totally agree with, like it says we need to, QUOTE “shed our ideological purity in efforts to meet the material needs of human beings. We need to… [center] those impacted by ecological crisis while simultaneously responding in an egalitarian manner than prizes consensus and snuffs out hierarchy and bureaucracy.” But like… authoritarian socialists, for example, would say anarchists like us need to shed our ideological purity and accept working in hierarchical structures and centralize decision making—our politics don’t just exist in a vacuum, they interact with how we believe we can organize best. But that’s just a small critique. Overall, what I really like about these strategic reflections from Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is how they directly grow out of their on-the-ground experience. They’ve been there after Irma, Maria, and Florence. Now, in Tallahassee after Michael, they’ve been involved in debris-clearing and a trans-inclusive relief center that welcomes undocumented folks.

Clara: They’ve also been in Panama City, one of the hardest hit spots in Florida’s panhandle, and we were able to interview a participant in autonomous relief there:

Who are we speaking with and what have you seen in Panama City?

Dezeray: I’m Dezeray, from Mutual Aid Disaster Relief. We came out autonomously but are connected to some anarchists who are on the ground doing some relief and response and some assessment on the ground in Panama City. We have three medics and tools and boxtrucks with supplies that we’ve been giving out to the housing projects and kind of monitoring and alerting through occupy’s networks where the border patrol are.

Uh, it’s a mess. Like, there’s really nothing that’s not totally destroyed. Stores are totally falling apart and you can see the shelves with items just open. Everything’s just totally fucked and there’s border patrol agents and the police are distributing very small amounts of food and water to people but only if they give them their ID first. It seems like it’s all one big dragnet for people.

So in Bay County there was folks that were arrested for looting, we can’t get information on them and we haven’t been able to get in touch with anybody there. We’re guessing that’s why such a heavy emphasis has been put on policing rather than response. There’s also been articles out in the mainstream media about how residents are really, really frustrated because there’s been no FEMA presence and no real relief presence other than autonomous and small business owners folks coming out and having free food shares in the streets.

The police, no matter where they are or where they’re going they have their lights on everywhere. There’s stores where their shelves are laid bare, there’s products you could see store after store after store that are just completely destroyed and all the products from inside or whatever are out in the open so I think there’s police crawling around everywhere just trying to create an atmosphere where you could be busted at anytime for any reason.

There’s word that people are being arrested for curfew,and then at the same time the housing projects that were already kind of dilapidated are completely destroyed and the landlords are telling people ”you need to leave now,” or “you need to leave within three days and we’re destroying the whole complex,” so people are out in the parking lots trying to figure out where to go and what to do while trying to deal with the fact that there’s a curfew and dealing with the fact that they can’t get fuel and their access to food and things like that is completely impaired because there’s no large scale food distribution, just autonomous crews flowing around and…yeah. Really stressful and difficult to maneuver.

Clara: Since we spoke with you last year, we’ve seen groups from Mutual Aid Disaster Relief to Anarchist Black Cross chapters to ad-hoc affinity groups of anarchists engaging in disaster relief work. It seems like disaster relief is becoming a hallmark of anarchism in action, perhaps like Food Not Bombs once was in the past. Do you have any lessons for anarchists who, in the future, may find themselves organizing autonomous disaster relief?

Dezeray: One thing I think is, along with affinity groups that are super common to decentralized models of disaster response like medical, supplies and distribution, and debris cleanups, things like cop watches and ICE watch and border patrol watch and things like that, and also jail solidarity. Also paying attention to where climate justice and disaster response meet up, because we’re seeing storms intensifying right now and becoming more frequent and so, how all of this intersects and how it affects people that are still in prison and that are in coastal and poor communities and marginalized communities that are already dealing with a day-to-day struggle and having to deal with being suddenly displaced and uprooted because of a storm. So anyways, we need to add affinity groups that are really, really working to try to get there, make assessments, but with a stronger emphasis on things like incarcerated folks and paying attention to what cops are doing and alerting people through our networks when we see cops staging and border patrol staging would be really helpful.

Clara: Thank you so much. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Dezeray: There’s gonna be a Mutual Aid Disaster Relief staging place at the UU Church in Panama City, 1410 Airport Road. You could contact through our website or through our facebook page, you can get connected with folks on the ground that are connected with other anarchist folk that are doing disaster relief here and get plugged in, you can get supplies here or get crews here and start doing the work alongside everybody that’s been here since before and during and after the storm came.

Rebel Girl: Over the weekend, the fascist Proud Boys assaulted counterdemonstrators in both New York City and Portland, Oregon.

Clara: In New York, the millionaire founder of the Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes, was scheduled to give a performance on Friday at the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan. The performance was a re-enactment of the assassination of a Japanese socialist in 1960. And just to be clear, the venue was not some crypto-fascist group using the word “Republican” to lend legitimacy to their vague name—this is the seat of the GOP in New York City… hosting someone who has argued that blacks are incompatible with whites, who is the leader of a hate group that celebrates fascist leaders like Augusto Pinochet. This relationship between the political establishment and street level fascist groups is accelerating.

Rebel Girl: Which may be what motivated the vandals who, early Friday morning, glued the locks to the Metropolitan Republican Club’s building, broke its windows, and left two large anarchist circle-A’s spraypainted on the doors. They also left behind a communiqué, part of which reads,

“Tonight, we put the Republican Party on notice, in defiance to the policy of mass misery they have championed. The US government has established concentration camps around the country for Latino people, shamelessly murders black people, and continues its war machine that has slaughtered Muslim people with impunity for decades. The so-called “Land of the Free” leads the world in incarceration rates per capita, all the while profiteering in the new plantation within the prison walls. While these atrocities persist unabated, the Metropolitan Republican Club chose to invite a hipster-fascist clown to dance for them, content to revel in their treachery against humanity. The Republican Party, joined by their spineless partners-in-crime, The Democrats, institute a policy of domestic and foreign terror felt the world over.”

Clara: And boy were they right about how spineless the Democrats are. The Republican Club called on the Democrats to denounce the QUOTE “political violence” of the broken windows and graffitied doors, and the democrats followed suit… issuing an official statement that says, “New York Democrats have zero tolerance for violence in our political system and condemn this latest act of vandalism.”

Rebel Girl: Wait, this is absurd… the Republicans invited the leader of a group that brags about beating up leftists to re-enact a POLITICAL ASSASSINATION, and the Democrats are denouncing some spraypaint and broken windows as violence?

Clara: Are you surprised?

Rebel Girl: No, I’m pissed off. Especially because predictably, as about 30 or so Proud Boys left the event inside the GOP Club, they ganged up on three anti-fascist counterdemonstrators, shouted “faggot” and “kill him” at them, and beat them even as they were on the ground. The only people arrested—

Clara: Wait, let me guess, the cops didn’t arrest any Proud Boys, but they did arrest the three people who got beat up?

Rebel Girl: Bingo. The three were initially charged with FELONIES for allegedly trying to knock a MAGA hat off somebody, but thankfully since then the charges have been reduced to misdemeanors and they’ve been released from jail on their own recognizance.

In the following couple of days, the governor and mayor called for arrests of those on the Proud Boys’ side, and a handful have been arrested, but during the violence the police just stood by. Fox News even showed footage of Proud Boy violence while implying that the acts were being perpetrated by Antifa. As It’s Going Down reports, “Fox News… reported the incident in its reverse, implying sword-wielding antifa laid siege to the venue. Even with all the power of the State and fascist meathead gangs, the Right is still terrified of us.”

Clara: I don’t know if the right is truly “terrified” of us. I think that kind of reporting from Fox is purposefully disingenuous. It works for them either way—either Fox-watching police are fooled into believing anti-fascists are always the aggressors, or, a worse and much more likely scenario is that police who ideologically support groups like the Proud Boys can use that kind of disingenuous but widespread reporting as an excuse for standing by while Proud Boys carry on with their assaults. Right wing media, the police, and street level fascists all depend on and benefit each other in this strategy.

As a statement from the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council in New York states, “we must rebuff liberal and centrist calls for FBI and NYPD investigations or prosecutions. No arm of the state will serve meaningful justice in this situation, especially when the whole damn system is rotten to its core. Anti-fascist doxxing campaigns fulfill the very role that the NYPD is being called upon to perform. We don’t need to rely on cops to intervene, we can—and will—do it ourselves. We keep us safe. While we would find a prosecution comically entertaining, we request that the governor and any other momentary sympathizers furnish us with the conditions to actually fight fascism: abolish the police, and let us get to work.”

Photos and video of the assault on Friday have been circulated widely on social media, which has aided anti-fascists in doxxing the Proud Boys involved. There’s a good chance our listeners have seen it already, but we caught up with an anti-fascist who was there to hear more about what happened off-camera and what lessons can be taken from Friday night.

Hey. What happened at the demonstration against Gavin McInnes Friday night?

Anonymous Antifascist: So, Gavin McInnes was doing his usual nonsense and afterwards his Proud Boys were heard, when they were exiting the Metropolitan Republican Club, that they were ready to swing, you know, the usual violent garbage we can expect from them. The police initially sort of forced them off the blocks where the club was, and pretty much did an escort for them as they were sort of parading around a couple blocks further down. Which is not what they usually do to leftists protesters, as an aside. Then they encountered some comrades who got a little separate from the group because it was a little confusing what was happening at the time and then an altercation happened.

I don’t want to comment too much about it because there’s an ongoing investigation. A lot of people have probably already seen videos so, what sort of ended up happening is that these comrades were basically gang-beaten, 30 on 3, by these Proud Boys. There were actually a few NYPD cops who were there but they sort of just stood by and watched all this happened, and then later this guy, this doofus Proud Boy, started crying about how he was mugged and has his ID stolen and all this other junk, and so of course the NYPD immediately arrested the three people he pointed out as to have been alleged to have done this. But there’s actually a video going around on social media with him bragging about how cool it was to punch people and do all sorts of violent things.

Doofus Proud Boy: I did smash some dude out there. Giggle. It was absolutely insane, it was a good time.

Anonymous Antifascist: So it’s a little unclear how much of a victim he is exactly.

Clara: Fascists like to think in terms of victory and defeat, and they use videos like the one of the group beating on Friday as recruitment tools. In what ways can anti-fascists can also organize around high profile fascist violence like this?

Anonymous Antifascist: Honestly, I don’t think that countering their narrative is going to work. They’re not going to look at any video we put out and go, “Oh okay, that’s what really happened.” The only way to really engage with this is to prevent their videos from going out in the first place, or just not givin them the content—just starve them of the content they’re looking for.

Clara: Are there any tactical lessons that can be taken away from Friday night?

Anonymous Antifascist: Again, the most important thing is that more people need to show up. One of the things is that we were roughly even numbered with the Proud Boys, to the people who showed up to the Metropolitan Republican Club, and that was a problem. More people need to come out if you don’t want to see this kind of violence. Having people in the streets is so important. Of course, not everybody could come out. People have illnesses, or they’re caretakers, but if you have the time it would have been more important to be there than anywhere else.

The other thing is just that we do need to talk about how we’re acting on the streets. There are different things that you could do, for example, like just thinking about Friday, this demonstration was called for by a Workers World Party front group. So, there was a very ragtag mix of people, and some people with more or less understanding of tactics and how the NYPD acts, and how they’re willing to engage with police or with people on the street.

It was very confusing, for example, when the police moved the Proud Boys out of the club and some people who were a little further down the block didn’t know where they went, or what was even really going on. So when the altercations were happening, most of the crowd was nowhere nearby, which is one of the reasons why a 30 on 3 situation could happen, because there wasn’t anyone else who could run up to try to help out.

So, probably making sure that there’s always scouts, or people around who are feeding information to the larger group would be very important. And definitely separating out of the group is always a somewhat bad idea because they will engage on 30 on 3 beatdowns. Those are the kind of people they are.

Clara: Thank you so much for speaking with us.

Rebel Girl: Proud Boys also assaulted anti-fascists in Portland, Oregon this weekend, and we caught up with a comrade there to hear what happened.

What happened Saturday?

Portland Antifascist: So what happened was there was a vigil for Patrick Kimmons, who was shot by the Portland Police a couple weeks ago, and Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys decided to have what they were calling a “flash march” to that vigil. It was an obvious provocation. They met downtown, with about a hundred people, and they went to the vigil and there were antifascists there protesting them. the police pushed them back and then they kinda just stood across the street and there was some taunting going back and forth for a while. At some point somebody burned a flag and a Patriot Prayer guy ran in and snatched the flag and then there was some fighting that happened there. Then they left and they started marching north and they got to a bar called Kelly’s Olympian, which is where a group of antiracist skinheads had been kinda hanging out and they saw the antiracist skinheads and turned off course and went to them. Prior to that there was a lot more antiracist skinheads there, but Gibson and Patriot Prayer had made a threat to go to a known bar in town that supports antifascist concerts and events so a lot of the skinheads left and went to go defend that bar and there was like maybe five left. The Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer confronted those skinheads and basically just ran in and started hitting ‘em and it turned into a good fight and some more reinforcements came running in and then it went around the corner. I think there’s a video going around that people seen around a construction area where they’re stomping somebody in the head, like twenty of ‘em, it was – it was pretty crazy. Um, and then it kind of dispersed from there.

Rebel Girl: Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer and other fash seem to like to use these kinds of videos to recruit with. Do you have an opinion on how to responsibly engage these kinds of videos on social media?

Portland Antifascist: June 30th in Portland was also very indicative to that same behavior to the Proud Boys. Patriot Prayer, ya know, they did a lot of violence there too. They came in, the police stood back. Um, ya know, we don’t wanna forget that this isn’t just something new that happened this weekend, like they’ve been doing this for a while. Whenever they can, they’re coming in hard like that. When it comes down to sharing, what the Proud Boys do is they only share the clips of them getting that punch or they’ll manipulate those videos to make it look like “oh, we’re-” ya know, to play the victim like “we’re the good guys and they came after us,” but what they’re not showing is the beginning of everything. That’s the kind of stuff we need to show, like it was very clear when they came up to Kelly’s Olympian there was a guy standing there and he had his hands in his pocket and they punched him, then the fighting happened. Those are the videos that we would show that kind of expose the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer for what they are. They’re out looking for a fight and that’s why they come, it’s the sole purpose of why they’re out in the streets, is to fight leftists. I don’t like showing the fight, that one clip over and over again where twenty of their guys are on one of our guys that they’re using for recruitment. It’s already going around, we don’t really need to push that stuff, but showing the lead up to it? Kind of takes that narrative away.

Rebel Girl: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Portland Antifascist: think that one thing to add, here’s something that came up yesterday, going back to the last real big Patriot Prayer rally where they said they’re bringing guns and Alex Jones got on his show and said antifascists are bringing guns. Well, just yesterday it came out that the police found Patriot Prayer/Proud Boy associated snipers on the roof that day and never told the mayor or the public. This just came out yesterday, and they were up on rooftops with long rifles and weapon caches during the August 4th rally where the police turned on not just antifascists but a very broad community of a thousand people that showed up to protest them and started indiscriminately firing flashbangs at peoples’ heads, but they knew that Patriot Prayer had snipers on roofs with caches of weapons and never said anything. Those are things that people need to realize, that the state is in collusion with this, that they’re both fighting for the same kind of system. That was something that was kind of shocking.

Clara: And to wrap up our news about antifascist action against the Proud Boys, on October 6 wobblies with the Seattle General Defense Committee debuted their campaign targeting a local Proud Boy who works at Boeing. With a big banner that read, “A violent misogynist works at Boeing, Nicholas Boling,” around 40 antifascists in a variety of Halloween costumes rallied outside the company, while 15 or so Proud Boys rallied across the street, waiting for a fight, but leaving after 40 minutes when the far-left riot they conjured up never materialized.

You can support the Seattle GDC’s campaign to get Nicholas Boling fired by calling Boeing’s commercial airplanes division at 206–655–1131, we have a sample script on our website.


Clara: In this week’s repression roundup…

On Sunday, October 7th, Abraham Hernandez was on his way to offer solidarity and support to the Black Mesa campaign when he was arrested in Millard County, Utah and kept on an immigration hold. He has since transferred to a detention center in Logan, Utah and is waiting to see if a judge will grant his release. Abraham is in need of all sorts of support! Donate at

Rebel Girl: Anarchist prisoner Eric King, who is in lock-up at Leavenworth Federal Prison, was recently thrown into the SHU. It is unclear how long he will be there and could really use some extra support! He has new mail restrictions-all paper has to plain white or lined notebook paper, envelopes have to be straight white or manila, and he is unable to receive cards. To find out more visit

Clara: This past Monday in Minnesota, the trial began for three valve turners who organized a multi-state action that temporarily disabled tar sands pipelines across the U.S.-Canada border in 2016. At the very last minute, the court is barring experts from testifying that civil disobedience was necessary because fossil fuels are driving a global climate crisis. This comes after the Minnesota Supreme Court upheld the decision that would allow the activists to present a ‘necessity appeal’- where they can essentially argue that climate catastrophe is imminent and direct action is necessary to stop it. This case is more important than it seems at first glance-because the activists have been granted the right to argue that they may have committed a crime but did so for the greater good. We’ll have updates on the outcome of the trial in the future.

Rebel Girl: Atlanta Antifascists have announced a new campaign against local white nationalist organizer Casey Jordan Cooper. Casey is attending John Marshall Law School and they’re asking people to the law school at (678) 916–2600 and express your concern about the white power leader attending their school.

Clara: On Monday, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Maya Little faced trial for putting red paint and her own blood on Silent Sam, the Confederate monument on the campus of the University of North Carolina that has since been torn down by anarchists and other anti-racist rebels. After a trial involving testimony from both the mayor and the police chief of Chapel Hill, the judge found Maya guilty, but did not impose any penalty. This victory bodes well for the two dozen people still facing charges in the movement against the statue. Afterwards, Maya joined organizers from the Charlotte Uprising in an unpermitted public gathering at the site of Occupy Chapel Hill, where she repeated her uncompromising court statement to the crowd.

MAYA LITTLE: Confronting this history, I ask, what faith can I have that Orange County and these courts would serve me, or serve us? Justice may not be found in the courthouse, but it can be found in the community we have built when the police, university, and laws failed us. There is justice in the banners we have hung, in the salves applied to students choking on pepper spray, in the hands we grab onto as police pull us away. I hold myself accountable to my community and to the struggle for our lives. Alongside of them, i demand dignity, I demand life no matter the legality.

Rebel Girl: In February of 2018, Russian anarchists were arrested and accused by the Russian government of participating in a mythical terrorist organization called the Network and are subsequently now facing trial. Many of these defendants were tortured into signing admissions of guilt. has issued a statement about the Network case, denouncing the cooperation of two defendants with the Russian government and advocating for collective defense. You can find out more about the cases and read the full statement at

Clara: Jalil Muntaqim is the last of the New York 3 still in prison and is up for parole in November of this year. The New York 3 are Black Liberation Army rebels convicted for the murder of the two New York City cops in 1971. Jalil Muntaqim needs letters of support and we have an address for the parole board in our shownotes.

Rebel Girl: Connor Stevens, one of the Cleveland 4, is being released as soon as November, and there’s a fundraiser to help get him basic necessities when he is released! The Cleveland 4 were four Occupy Cleveland activists who were were arrested on the eve of May Day, 2012 for allegedly plotting to blow up a bridge. But it was the FBI, working with an informant, that crafted the plot, produced the “explosives,” and coerced these four into participating. Connor took non-cooperating plea deals, has served just over 8 years, and will be on lifetime supervised release, so find his fundraiser on our website and show him some love for doing his time honorably.


Rebel Girl: And now for political prisoner birthdays and next week’s news.

On October 18th is Jalil Muntaqim’s birthday. We mentioned Jalil’s situation in the Repression Roundup-for his birthday why don’t you write him a sweet card AND a letter to the parole board? We have an address for writing to Jalil in our shownotes, where you can also find a useful guide for writing prisoners from New York City Anarchist Black Cross.

Clara: To close out this Hotwire, here’s next week’s news, our list of events that you can plug into in real life.

Rebel Girl: In Brooklyn, New York on October 19 there’s a benefit punk show to raise some funds for recently released long-term political prisoners. It’s at 8:30 PM at Pine Box Rock Shop and no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Clara: Montreal Contre les Prisons is calling for mobilization against the International Corrections and Prisons Association conference from October 21–26. Specifically, on Sunday October 21st at 3pm—the two-month anniversary of the 2018 Prison Strike—there will be a rally against all prisons, outside the ICPA Conference at the Montréal Marriott Chateau Champlain, near metro Bonaventure.

Rebel Girl: Gearing up to resist any possible rollbacks to Roe vs Wade, the Knoxville Abortion Doula Collective is offering a workshop on Autonomous Pelvic Care in Roanoke, VA on October 20 and 21st. Visit the Knoxville Abortion Doula Collective on facebook to find out more info.

Clara: On October 20 and 21 in London, England, instead of an anarchist bookfair comrades there are organizing a decentralized anarchist festival! If you want to be part of it e-mail anarchistfestival(at)

From October 26–28, there’s also an anarchist bookfair in Lisbon, Portugal.

And the weekend of November 17 and 18 has anarchist book fairs in both Seattle, Washington and Boston, Massachusetts. More at and

Rebel Girl: Radical feminists in Munich, Germany are holding a pro-choice counter demo and march on October 27 to counter the 1000 crosses for life“ pro-life march through the city. Meet at 1pm at Max-Joseph-Platz in Munich.

Clara: There’s an anti-ICE march in Portland, Oregon on November 6th at 6pm. Meet at City Hall and check out @OccupyICEPDX on twitter for more information. Rebel Girl: There is a call out from L’eau Est La Vie camp to protest banks who are invested in the Bayou Bridge pipeline. The pipeline is helmed by Energy Transfer Partners, whose goons recently sunk two boats near pipeline construction that were carrying 15 water protectors, media and legal observers. The project is funded by a whole slew of banks that are holding employment recruitment events at colleges across the country this fall. L’eau Est La Vie is calling for people to gather their affinity groups and disrupt these recruitment events! Visit or read the full call on

Clara: of our favorite online sources for anarchist and resistance news, is launching a fundraising campaign to ensure they can keep funding all their bad ass (and important!) revolutionary projects, visit to donate or find out other ways you can support their very important work.

Rebel Girl: And lastly, the 2019 Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners calendar is now out. The calendar is themed around is Health/Care, and it features art and writing from current and former political prisoners like David Gilbert, Laura Whitehorn, and Mike Africa. Find out more at


Clara: And that’s it for this Hotwire. As always thanks to Underground Reverie for the music, and thanks to Mutual Aid Disaster Relief and our comrades out in New York and Portland for the interviews. You can contact us at podcast[AT]CrimethInc[DOT]com or @HotwireWeekly on twitter. Don’t forget to check out all the links, mailing addresses, and useful notes we customized for this episode at

Rebel Girl: You can subscribe to The Hotwire on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts, just search for The Ex-Worker. You can listen to us through the anarchist podcast network Channel Zero, and believe it or not, every Hotwire is radio-ready, with a twenty-nine and a half minute version found in each episode’s shownotes, so feel free to put The Hotwire on your local airwaves. If you do, let us know so we can plug your station.

Clara: Stay informed. Stay rebel. Plug into the Hotwire.

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#PrisonStrike: Extent of Repression and Next Steps

Wed, 10/17/2018 - 18:33

The post #PrisonStrike: Extent of Repression and Next Steps appeared first on It's Going Down.

The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee offers up a roundup and analysis of repression following the National Prison Strike and announces some next steps going forward.

The extent of repression and retaliation by prison authorities against suspected participants in this year’s nationwide prison strike continues to emerge slowly. The National Lawyers Guild  Prisoners’ Legal Advocacy Network (NLG-PLAN) has received additional details from 12 states, including:

  • widespread “staff-perpetrated physical abuse, destruction of prisoners’ personal property, theft/destruction of prisoners’ legal property, and obstruction of prisoners’ access .. e.g. .. to process grievance forms”
  • scatter-shot retaliation against jailhouse lawyers, including “prevent[ing] them from jailhouse lawyering by placing them into solitary confinement under false pretenses”
  • preemptive lock-down and segregation of thousands of prisoners, “in the absence in many cases of any apparent indication that the prisoners were involved in [the nationwide strike]”
  • “remarkable nationwide consistency in .. correctional systems’ talking points as cited in the media” — prison officials in areas where intense repression was reported  “have staunchly refused to acknowledge prison strike activities in their facilities”, following a plan distributed by the American Correctional Association after the 2016 strike.

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, testimony in a habeas corpus application has confirmed that 40 people held in a “close supervision unit” have been confined to their cells 23 hours a day, on one occasion for a continuous 36-hour period, for several weeks. This action comes after 10 members of prison staff refused to work in the unit, and commenced during the non-violent strike previously reported.

The Times-Union in Jacksonville, Florida reported that two letters from its journalists asking about the strike were rejected by officers at Okeechobee Correctional Institution on the grounds that they were a “threat to the security, order, or rehabilitative objectives of the correctional system, or the safety of any person”.

Meanwhile, severe restrictions have been imposed on correspondence and reading materials in Pennsylvania and Ohio following claims that contact with synthetic cannabinoids left dozens of prison staff sick. This theory has been broadly rejected by medical professionals; a past president of the American College of Medical Toxicology said “In a word, it’s implausible.. One thing we know about [synthetic cannabinoids] is that they don’t cause the effects these folks are having, and certainly not by the route that they’re being exposed … The symptoms are much more consistent with anxiety.” People in prison, their families and supporters fear that the changes, costing tens of millions of dollars, will effectively shut down groups like Books Through Bars in those states, as well as expose client-attorney communications to surveillance.

At Indiana State Prison, whistleblower Aaron McDonald is now under a one year non-contact visitation status in retaliation for exposing the inhumane conditions and rampant abuse going on inside. His mother, Leslie Hernandez is facing bogus charges for her outside organizing and support for her son. IDOC Watch is monitoring the situation and preparing the next move to defend them both.

The crackdown against incarcerated activists in Youngstown, Ohio has intensified. Imam Siddique Hasan, a prisoner leader on death row following the 1993 uprising in Lucasville Ohio received a one year phone restriction and security level hike, while multiple supporters were permanently banned from visiting any Ohio prisons. Officials at the supermax where Hasan is held have also engaged in collective punishment by increasing visitation restrictions, especially targeting organizer Greg Curry. Prosecutor Mark Peipmeier also filed motion to set an execution date for Hasan’s friend, Keith LaMar, who was also falsely convicted following the uprising. This motion came shortly after the strike, but LaMar was not involved in strike organizing.

In nearby Toledo, Ohio David Easley, James Ward, and Matt Hinkston engaged in another hunger strike September 14th to raise up the ten prison strike demands, in protest to their own isolation after the August 21st strike and to fight for proper mental health treatment for their fellow incarcerated comrades.

In order to most effectively capture the energy that has been generated during the National Prison Strike, Jailhouse Lawyers Speaks has established the Millions for Prisoners’ Human Rights Coalition. The coalition aims to include 400+ groups and organizations that endorsed the National Prison Strike as well as individuals who’ve signed on in solidarity with prisoners. The coalition is committed to the achievement of all of prisoners demands beyond the strike dates.

The Coalition will be led by incarcerated organizers who relay updates to coalition members on at least a bi-weekly basis. The strategy moving forward will include outside members supporting different forms of prisoner led resistance. At this time JLS is focused on informing policymakers about the National Prison Strike and has requested that the coalition collect signatures and send letters to members of Congress on the state and federal levels. To date the online petition has collected well over 30,000 signatures and has sent thousands of letters demanding that prisoners’ human rights be met. Coalition Sign up link:

While reporters and supporters are eager to know, no plans have been solidified and no dates have been released for a National Prison Strike next year. In the coming months JLS will be leading resistance by relaying actions through the Millions for Prisoners’ Human Rights Coalition. Supporters as well as reporters are encouraged to join the coalition in order to stay informed about JLS’s next steps.

We look forward to seeing the outcomes of JLS strategy leading collective action from the inside in pursuit of each of the demands. As the months continue, actions progress and results materialize, JLS will be able to give more informed details about future events that best respond to the nation’s desperately volatile criminal justice climate.

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Update On Anarchist Prisoner Eric King In the SHU

Wed, 10/17/2018 - 00:41

The post Update On Anarchist Prisoner Eric King In the SHU appeared first on It's Going Down.

Update on anarchist prisoner Eric King, recently moved to the SHU.

A quick update since Eric is still in the Specialized Housing Unit (SHU, segregation) and it is unknown how long he will be there. He still hasn’t received a write-up nor has he been brought up on charges, but is facing a precarious situation. Eric also has some new rules regarding mail.  All paper has to be plain white or regular lined notebook paper. Envelopes have to be straight white or manila if sending something larger. Eric is also unable to receive cards.

As folx know Eric has been through a lot of trauma recently and really could use support through mail and always always books. He was pretty badly hurt, he misses his family and really needs the community right now. Eric is so grateful for all the support, letters, and books he has received so far. We in the support crew are so appreciative of people showing our friend the love!

Please keep Eric in your mind and heart, these are hard times and our friend will need a ton of solidarity and help in the coming months.

You can find his Amazon wish-list here:

Eric King # 27090045
P.O. BOX 1000

As always, until all are free –

EK Support Crew

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Organizing Tech: Insights into the Tech World’s Sudden Rebellion

Tue, 10/16/2018 - 23:58

The post Organizing Tech: Insights into the Tech World’s Sudden Rebellion appeared first on It's Going Down.

A look into the emergence of labor struggles coming from within the tech sector.

by X389552

In early April of this year, Google workers went public with a petition against an artificial intelligence project they’d learned was slated to be used in military drones. Over 4,000 workers had already signed onto the letter that begins, “We believe that Google should not be in the business of war,” and ends with the demand that the company cancel the contract with the Pentagon.

Worker organizers reported to the media that at least 13 of their fellow employees had quit their jobs in protest. Google placated, justified, minimized — and eventually gave in, announcing two months later that they wouldn’t renew the contract.

Soon after, as ICE’s policy of family separations became big news, workers at Microsoft published their own letter demanding that the company cancel its $19 million contract with the agency:

“As the people who build the technologies that Microsoft profits from, we refuse to be complicit. We are part of a growing movement, comprised of many across the industry who recognize the grave responsibility that those creating powerful technology have to ensure what they build is used for good, and not for harm.”

Just days later, Amazon workers followed suit with their own petition against Palantir, a surveillance contractor that hosts ICE’s database of immigrants on Amazon’s servers, and Amazon’s recently exposed practice of marketing and selling their facial recognition tool to police departments:

“Technology like ours is playing an increasingly critical role across many sectors of society. What is clear to us is that our development and sales practices have yet to acknowledge the obligation that comes with this. Focusing solely on shareholder value is a race to the bottom, and one that we will not participate in.

“We refuse to build the platform that powers ICE, and we refuse to contribute to tools that violate human rights.”

This movement has been reported by the mainstream media and tech press as worker “dissent,” “activism,” and “an uprising.” It can and should also be understood as the the next wave of worker organizing in an industry where business unions have long failed to gain traction.

Tech workers have tried to join bureaucratic unions several times before. A minority branch of Communications Workers of America (CWA) at IBM at one time had 400 dues paying members in the US but shut down in 2016 after almost two decades. WashTech, which formed in 1998 to organize Microsoft contractors with CWA, never reached a critical mass and is now primarily a protectionist advocacy organization that fights offshoring of tech work. Most recently, when software workers at startup Lanetix won a nearly unanimous card check to join CWA in January, the company suddenly “laid off” their entire 14-person department. The workers’ NLRB complaint is still ongoing.

Software engineers who make six figures straight out of an undergraduate degree might seem too content to organize. But concerns about punishingly long work hours, the two-tiered system of salaried employees and contractors, surveillance and lack of autonomy in the workplace, identity-based harassment and discrimination, and capricious discipline are rampant. Many other tech workers I talk to want to work somewhere that prioritizes people over profits, where they can work for the social good rather than the bottom line. These new campaigns are the first stirrings of their realization that finding a “better” job at a “better” company can’t bring them that. Only organizing with their coworkers can.

A persistent problem in organizing tech workplaces is the muddying of the line between the working class and the employing class. Line managers typically have authority over only 5 to 10 workers and most spend time as rank-and-file workers before graduating to management. The class background shared by CEOs and their workers makes it easier for workers to see themselves not as an oppressed proletariat but temporarily embarrassed founders (apologies to Steinbeck).

So why have police and military contracting agitated workers when so many other concerns have not? It is because those issues finally make clear the gulf between what corporations say and what they do, and seeing that gulf sets workers on the path to understanding that appealing to their management’s personal ethics doesn’t get results. Neither do external advocacy campaigns like the ACLU’s petition against Amazon’s facial recognition. Workers have power at the point of production, and some small groups of tech workers have extraordinary structural power in their workplaces. All we need is organization and the will to take militant action.

It’s too early to know what the future holds for worker organizing in the tech industry. But workers fighting together to get a demand met is a potentially transformative experience for the workers involved. Technology doesn’t spring like Athena fully formed from the head of capital into the workplaces where it surveils, intensifies, and automates work. It’s built by people who are workers themselves. What could we win if Uber programmers stand with drivers, if Amazon programmers stand with warehouse workers?

Originally published in issue 3 of the Seattle Worker.

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London, ON: Antifascist Mobilization Opposes Pegida, Soldiers of Odin, and Wolves of Odin

Tue, 10/16/2018 - 23:44

The post London, ON: Antifascist Mobilization Opposes Pegida, Soldiers of Odin, and Wolves of Odin appeared first on It's Going Down.

Jeff Shantz from Anti-Fascist News reports on a recent mobilization in London, Ontario against a collection of far-Right and Islamophobic groups.

Pegida, an anti-Islam group active in Canada and with connections to white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Europe (particularly Germany), has been holding regular rallies in London, Ontario. While Pegida have made few inroad on their own in London, they have made growing links with neo-fascist groups like Soldiers of Odin (SOO) and Proud Boys.

On Saturday, October 13, 2018, a rally of several Pegida members along with a dozen or so SOO and a few Wolves of Odin and other neo-fascist supporters was confronted by a much larger counter-mobilization of antifascists. With cops present the fascists held their ground outside the City Hall building.

London is the sort of city one might expect fascists to receive some reception in. It is a mid-size city in Canada known to be generally politically conservative with a sizeable white collar professional workforce with many company headquarters located there. It could well be a foundation for fascism as a conservative white collar middle strata feels squeezed by economic pressures from above (capital, ownership) and social demands from below. And clearly Pegida and SOO and others see it that way given their persistence in holding events there. On multiple occasions they have held events outside City Hall.

Of note, a SOO member gave a positive shout out to local city councillor Phil Squire. That the mainstream politicians are open in working with fascists is something that bears attention and response in Canada as elsewhere. It appears to be a more common phenomena in Canada as witness in Edmonton where three United Conservative Party candidates openly partied with SOO, including taking photos with them at a campaign event. Perhaps more infamously, Rob Ford, Premier of the country’s largest province Ontario has taken photos with fascist Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy and her entourage. When called out, Ford, unsurprisingly given his own politics, refused to apologize.

On October 13th, the antifascists gave Pegida a reason not to come back. And showed that as their numbers remain small the opposition seems to be growing in size and confidence.

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Energy Transfer Partners Security Sinks Two Boats Full of Water Protectors, Threatening Lives

Tue, 10/16/2018 - 23:26

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Water protectors with L’eau Est La Vie Camp fighting the Bayou Bridge pipeline report on yet another attack by Energy Transfer Partners.

St. Martin Parish, LA – Early [Monday, October 15th] morning, two boats carrying approximately 15 water protectors and media officials were legally observing a Bayou Bridge pipeline construction site, when an Energy Transfer Partners security boat passed by at an aggressive speed, intentionally causing a large wake that swamped and eventually sunk the boats.

All passengers, including a documentary film crew, narrowly made it to shore before the boats completely sunk.

All passengers are accounted for and safe thanks to the help of a local Cajun fisherman who provided support when he found the stranded L’eau Est La Vie crew.

The water protectors and attending media were there to legally observe an illegal Bayou Bridge Pipeline construction site preparing to conduct horizontal drilling beneath a waterway for project installation.

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ALERT! (10/15):Early this morning, while two boats carrying water protectors and media were legally observing a bayou bridge pipeline construction site, an Energy Transfer Partners security boat rapidly passing by intentionally caused a large wake that swamped and eventually sunk our boats! All passengers, including a documentary film crew, narrowly made it to shore before the boats completely sunk. All are safe, but some are stranded in the swamp. A local Cajun fisherman has offered to help and is preparing to take one of our boat pilots out to do a rescue extraction.There is an urgent need to repair or replace our boats! Please share and support our fight…donate if you can! #StopETP #noBBP Donate here:

Posted by L'eau Est La Vie Camp – No Bayou Bridge on Monday, October 15, 2018

The water protectors continue to cite lack of action by Louisiana state officials to address illegal operation and construction by Energy Transfer Partners in the Atchafalaya river basin. Today is just another example of the illegal and cruel tactics ETP continues to use to intimidate water protectors who were acting within their legal right.

L’eau Est La Vie Camp is a hub for pipeline resistance and peaceful opposition to the Bayou Bridge pipeline.

If you would like more information about local, regional, national and international Bayou Bridge pipeline resistance efforts please visit or contact us at

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Kingston: The Really Really Free Market as an Intervention Against Gentrification

Tue, 10/16/2018 - 23:07

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Report from anarchists in so-called Kingston, Ontario, who analyze an attempt to use the Really Really Free Market model as an intervention against gentrification.

On September 30th, 2018, members of AKA Autonomous Social Centre in Kingston hosted another Really, Really Free Market (RRFM) in our neighbourhood. Over the course of 3 hours, approximately 150 to 200 folks came by to share and take free things! For those who are not aware of RRFMs, they are events where folks give and take things with no money exchanged. They emerged as public events in direct opposition to so-called free trade negotiations. (check out more details on Wikipedia or here).

At AKA, we have been hosting these ‘markets’ with the intention of offering an accessible introduction to anarchist approaches to community, with mixed success. We have hosted RRFMs in different locations in our neighbourhood for several years. Over the past while, we have given some thought into how we can get more political traction out of these events. For this one, we decided to intervene in the conversations around gentrification happening in our already-very-gentrified neighbourhood. We have frequently hosted the RRFMs in a park that has been long-slated for a new road, which has been significantly opposed by many local groups, including us. This time, we hosted it in Skeleton Park, which is formally called McBurney Park, a downtown park with amazing big trees. McBurney Park is also the namesake of the neighbourhood’s facebook forum that had hosted some classist posts and comments.

The Skeleton Park neighbourhood is historically working-class and over the past 20 years there has seen a significant influx of middle-class folks and soaring rental rates and house prices. The dominant tension in the neighbourhood is generated by primarily liberal middle-class folks who are trying to remake the neighbourhood in their own image. This includes: policing the neighbourhood and posting images of “suspicious” people, putting up surveillance cameras, generally lacking empathy for people who have different lived experiences than them, wanting public spaces to change towards their preferences (security, lighting, cleanliness), ignoring the ways that they are already used as valuable meeting spaces for all kinds of people. This park is a central meeting place and therefore was ideal for an intervention.

Some people who came out to the event follow AKA events, others found it in the ‘garage sale’ section of kijiji, while others happened upon us accidentally. At this event, we had an active tabling presence where we shared anarchist literature as well as some flyers that talked about middle class privilege and how not to be a middle-class jerk in a working-class neighbourhood. In the past we have made speeches about why we were hosting a RRFM, however, found it to be an awkward forum for a public speech. We decided that one on one conversations would be a better way of engaging people and explaining the anti-capitalist and mutual aid values that motivate us. We had some productive conversations, shared literature with many and overhead others connecting with each other in a way that hints at a community where solidarity, mutual aid and direct action are valued and practiced.

Introducing and supporting others in implementing accessible anarchist practices is an important way of getting people connected to anarchism. We know that folks need many entry-points into radical politics. Some get radicalized through militant protests and others through actions like food not bombs, overdose prevention sites, and RRFMs that open a fleeting glimpse of something external to the logic of capitalism. It hints at possibilities outside of the overbearing structures that we live in allowing people to imagine how they can find that feeling again. While through their very form and nature RRFMs are anti-capitalist, opposed to charitable models (though they can be co-opted by charitable do-gooders), and simple approaches to reclaiming ‘public’ space, they are also easy to understand and implement.

Another strategy we are trying to implement is the dissemination of anarchist practices. At the RRFM we had conversations with at least two people who were very keen to organize a RRFM in other parts of the city where they live. While we are excited about working with others to host RRFMs to create and activate more lateral communal relationships to address material needs, we are also aware of some challenges that we will encounter. When you want to do work in neighbourhoods that are not your own, who you decide to work with and where can have an impact on who you reach and who feels welcome.

We also seek to co-develop these future events so that we can make sure anarchism doesn’t get left out of the equation. Too often events like this can be co-opted by charities and non-profits that seek to “help” people without any analysis of power or without any desire to change the conditions under which we all live.

Moving forward, some of the questions we are asking ourselves are:

  • How do you seed other anarchist collectives or groups?

  • What are effective ways of sharing anarchist practices in various contexts to reach beyond the usual suspects?

  • What are other interventions to disrupt every day domination to solicit within others the feeling of and desire for Another World?

AKA Autonomous Social Centre
germinations (at) riseup (dot) net

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Help Needed for Arrested Black Mesa Supporter

Tue, 10/16/2018 - 21:03

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On Sunday, October 7th, a supporter heading back to Black Mesa was arrested in Utah and is being held at an immigration detention center in Logan, Utah pending a hearing from a judge to grant his release. Abraham is in need of support in many forms, including money and solidarity. Please, take a look at the fundraiser page for a deeper understanding of the situation. See the fundraiser here:

On Sunday the 7th of October our brother Abraham Hernandez was detained and arrested in Millard County, Utah where he was kept on an Immigration hold. From there he was transferred to a detention center in Logan, Utah where he waits to see a judge that may grant him release.

From the fundraiser:

“Abraham is not only our loving brother but also a compassionate, valued and vital part of our community. As a water protector and land defender, he is constantly looking for ways to lend his many skills to the local community to help build the autonomous world we all want to see. His dedication to environmental justice and indigenous sovereignty has also made him a crucial asset to the support and resistance in the Black Mesa/Big Mountain community. From sheep herding, hauling water/wood, to fire keeping and fixing hogans, Abraham is known by fellow organizers to always be there and always be ready to support.

“Abraham was arrested while on his way back to camp where he frequently spends months at time dedicated to land defense and to the protection of sacred water and indigenous ways of life. We ask that you may support our community effort to gather resources to guarantee the safety and intentional protection of Abraham.  Please donate to this fundraiser and share with your networks so that our family may continue to navigate this violent immigration system and Abraham may be able to return to the people that love him and need him.”

We, as a community that spans beyond the people we are near, have the chance to support Abraham who has been caught in this disgusting intersection of racism, colonization and immigration enforcement. Please, go to the fundraiser and pitch if you can. If you can’t contribute money, that’s ok, and maybe you can share the link with others who may be able to.


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Final Straw: Mutual Aid In Wake of Hurricane Michael

Tue, 10/16/2018 - 03:59

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Long running anarchist radio show and podcast The Final Straw talks with Pearson from Coffee Not Comrades about disaster relief in Tallahassee, Florida in the wake of Hurricane Michael.

This week on The Final Straw Radio, we feature a conversation with Pearson, an anarchist resident of Tallahassee, Florida, and is involved in storm relief mutual aid work in the wake of Hurricane Michael. Pearson is also the co-host of the leftist podcast “Coffee With Comrades.”

For the hour we talk about Hurricane Michael, which just passed through the Florida Panhandle and up through the Carolinas, affecting Georgia and Alabama as well. Within a 36 hour period, the hurricane ramped up from a Tropical Storm to a category 4 or 5 hurricane (depending on who you talk to). Michael was the strongest hurricane to hit that part of Florida ever on record, making landfall on Wednesday, October 10th in the morning and may be the third largest to hit the U.S. mainland with winds surges of up to 175 miles per hour and sustaining at 150. Because of the quick increase, localities in the storms path found themselves under prepared for such a devastating catastrophe. The state of Florida Department of Corrections refused to evacuate about 12 prisons that were in the Mandatory Evacuation areas in the path of Hurricane Michael despite a call-in campaign by Fight Toxic Prisons.

For the hour, we talk about the immediate response efforts in Tallahassee, Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, anthropogenic or human-caused Climate Change and it’s various impacts on the residents and environs of Florida, and a bunch of other related topics. Later, Pearson shares about his podcast, “Coffee with Comrades”, available at

Here are a few links for info if you’re in Florida as well as ways to donate from a distance:

Florida People’s Advocacy Center in Tally is a safe space for people to come for disaster relief (trans inclusive and very supportive of undocumented individuals)

Tallahassee DSA Fund:

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief:

Amazon Wishlist for the Panhandle:

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John Marshall Law School: Time to Stand Against Lynching Threats and White Power Organizing

Tue, 10/16/2018 - 02:57

The post John Marshall Law School: Time to Stand Against Lynching Threats and White Power Organizing appeared first on It's Going Down.

Atlanta Antifascists announces a new campaign against local white nationalist organizer Casey Jordan Cooper who is attending John Marshall Law School.

We have produced a new video about Casey Jordan Cooper, a white power leader who is studying to become a lawyer at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School (AJMLS). Cooper made explicit lynching threats against a Black activist in Atlanta and is active in the Identity Evropa racist organization. AJMLS has known about this situation for over a year and a half. Despite outcry and extensive documentation, the school refuses to take the matter seriously.

In March 2017, we published an article first bringing Cooper’s racist agitation and lynching threats to the attention of AJMLS. In August of that year, we published a 500+ page dossier on Cooper’s white power efforts. We continued documenting Casey Cooper’s central involvement in the metro Atlanta white nationalist scene into 2018 and will continue for as long as he remains active. Our latest article reveals that Cooper led the “ATL-Right” umbrella grouping for white nationalists in our area and discusses the support which Cooper has received from Sam Dickson, a notorious white nationalist leader in Atlanta.

We also revealed that Cooper praised violence at the “Unite the Right” racist torchlit march in August 2017, claiming that the attacks on students, anti-racists and community members “struck fear into the hearts of our opposition”.

Here is an earlier call to action around Cooper and AJMLS, including a sample script for phone calls.

Please contact Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School today to express your concern.

AJMLS main number: (678) 916-2600

Dean Malcolm L. Morris: (678) 916-2603,

Finally, click here for an email sent by Dean Malcolm Morris to AJMLS students, staff, faculty, and alumni in 2017, sent shortly after the bloody “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA. Morris reminds AJMLS students that they have taken an oath “to serve without prejudice.” He also states that “Speech and actions that harass or threaten the well-being of others will not be countenanced” and promises that any allegation of “a violation of these policies will be investigated thoroughly, and if proven true, appropriate action will be taken.”

Examine our articles and the documentation supplied above. Ask yourself whether Dean Morris’ words are consistent with a year and a half of inaction, brushing off community concerns about white power organizing and explicit death threats, even as AJMLS markets itself as welcoming ethnic diversity. The time for AJMLS to act is overdue.

Share the video on social media and within your organization. If you have more information about Casey Cooper’s white power organizing or the attitude of his for-profit law school, please get in touch.

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#OccupyICEPDX Phase 3: Call to Action

Mon, 10/15/2018 - 23:11

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Call from #OccupyICEPDX for a mobilization and march against ICE on November 6th.

After an anti-ICE rally on June 17th, steadfast protesters were talking in the driveway of Portland’s Immigration Customs Enforcement facility. An activist shared the idea of holding a vigil posted outside. That idea grew beautifully into OccupyICEPDX, which inspired occupation movements against ICE across the country.

Remember to vote, and to prepare for when that doesn’t work. #MarchAgainstICEPDX #DefendPDX #AbolishICE #ICEOutOfPDX

— Abolish I.C.E PDX (@OccupyICEPDX) October 15, 2018

We have vowed to keep fighting until all asylum seekers are free and this American gestapo is abolished. When our temporary autonomous zone at Macadam was swept, we moved to Phase 2, holding space outside City Hall with a vigil, demanding our city kick the monstrosity of ICE out. Since June, we have seen our City Council show their true colors, failing to take any action against ICE, and using all excuses so they can continue to profit from these terrorist operations.

Save the date, mark your calendar.#AbolishICE

— Abolish I.C.E PDX (@OccupyICEPDX) October 11, 2018

With Election day approaching fast, and the scare of Measure 105 (repeal of Sanctuary City status) deeply threatens the people of Oregon. We are calling for Phase 3, many mobile vigils will be installed all around the City, for the families separated by ICE. This plan has been in progress since the day after City Hall was vacated, with a few altars completed already. Many more will be made, to be placed in visible locations; each vigil kept maintained by dedicated volunteers. Comrades willing to accept responsibility for an altar and vigil space are needed. Any help is greatly appreciated. These spaces dedicated to the families harmed by ICE will be in every direction, vigilant and lit with the fires that will melt ICE.

Kick ICE out of Portland! The fight isn’t over until the families are reunited and the fascists are held accountable. #AbolishICE

— Abolish I.C.E PDX (@OccupyICEPDX) October 9, 2018

Your participation is vital, be in touch with one another, don’t hesitate to reach out, as there are mass direct actions, marches and noise demonstrations on the calendar. The Portland City government has had more than enough time to hear our demands and take action against ICE, sadly that hasn’t happened yet, Ted Wheeler will be held to his word and families affected by ICE will have justice!

Currently 3 organizations have signed onto the Anti-ICE coalition (Not including #OccupyICEPDX)@DirectActionPDX@PNWYLF @queerliberfront.
Get your organization on the list, contact us!

— Abolish I.C.E PDX (@OccupyICEPDX) October 9, 2018

We will continue to pressure our government to abolish ICE using a diversity of tactics and any means necessary, because what immigrant families are experiencing today, closely resembles life in Nazi Germany. This has gone on too long and we must stop it before it’s too late!

Join us for our first phase 3 action and march against ICE on November 6th. We are calling on every day Portlanders to stand up and fight against this terrorist agency. We will gather at city hall at 6pm, listen to our speakers, march through the streets, touring everyday buildings and corporations that do daily work with ICE, and demanding justice for Portland’s immigrant community. Although we wish to see Measure 105 defeated, we must organize ourselves to prepare for the worst.

Our demands will be released closer to November.


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Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council Statement on Proud Boy Attack

Mon, 10/15/2018 - 22:09

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A statement from the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC) on the recent outburst of Proud Boys violence, posturing by politicians, and actions of the police.

This past Friday, a group of 30 Proud Boys—members of a violent,  self-proclaimed “Western chauvinist” fascist organization led by Gavin McInnes—surrounded and violently attacked several of our comrades while they lay on the sidewalk on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. During this attack, more than one Proud Boy shouted the homophobic slur “faggot” at the people they repeatedly stomped on and punched. In response to this textbook example of assault as a hate crime, the dozens of cops present proceeded to pat the Proud Boys on the shoulders to let them know that the cameras had had their fill. By the end of the night, no Proud Boys were arrested, and several anti-fascist protesters were hauled away in handcuffs. Infuriating? Yes. Surprising? No.

Due to some windows getting smashed and some circle ‘A’s being spray-painted on the Metropolitan Republican Club’s doors, the police were on high alert for any anti-fascist or anti-authoritarian activity on the night of the assault. Effectively, if a person was there to protest the Republican Club’s sponsored reenactment of an ultra-nationalist disemboweling a socialist, they were automatically on NYPD’s radar as a suspect of the previous night’s property damage. So, when a mob of attendees of the Republican Club’s event began stomping on anti-fascist protesters and screaming homophobic slurs after exiting the assassination celebration, the cops did what they were told: keep an eye on the people in all black, and make sure the people leaving the Republican Club get out safely.

How come no one is talking about how the dox of the Proud Boys who attacked protesters at the Metropolitan Republican Club was bylined "Gritty" and the bio just said "it gritty"?

— AntiFash Gordon (@AntiFashGordon) October 15, 2018

Ultimately, the Metropolitan Republican Club, the NYPD, and the Proud Boys all have the same objective: maintain the status quo, whether it be with racialized economic policies or plastic samurai swords. The Proud Boys are just acting out a cop’s lunch break fantasies, or a Trump supporter’s wish to Make America Great Again by clearing the streets of opposition. But this political amalgamation has already faced and lost the streets to anti-fascists, in Charlottesville, D.C., and across the country.

Don't worry @KaiRoberts8 (Kai Roberts), we missed you in the first round but we got you in the second! You can join all of your Proud Boy friends as we #DoxxAllYourBoys. No need to feel left out of the fun!

— New York City Antifa (@NYCAntifa) October 15, 2018

It is because of these successes that we must rebuff liberal and centrist calls for FBI and NYPD investigations or prosecutions. No arm of the state will serve meaningful justice in this situation, especially when the whole damn system is rotten to its core. Anti-fascist doxxing campaigns fulfill the very role that the NYPD is being called upon to perform. We don’t need to rely on cops to intervene, we can—and will—do it ourselves. We keep us safe.

While we would find a prosecution comically entertaining, we request that the governor and any other momentary sympathizers furnish us with the conditions to actually fight fascism: abolish the police, and let us get to work.

– MACC (Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council)
New York City / October 15, 2018

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Dual-Power in a Three-Way Fight: Critical Reflections on Hurricane Michael

Mon, 10/15/2018 - 14:21

The post Dual-Power in a Three-Way Fight: Critical Reflections on Hurricane Michael appeared first on It's Going Down.

Members of Mutual Aid Disaster Relief report from the ground in Florida in the wake of Hurricane Michael.

On October 10, 2018, Hurricane Michael swept into the Florida panhandle with a ferocity unlike anything seen in the region’s recorded history. The intensity of the devastation is difficult to overstate, if not impossible. We caught a glimpse of the future this week in the Florida panhandle. And the future is bleak.

Over and over, we found ourselves saying, “We’ve never seen anything like this.” We watched U.S. Customs and Border Patrol hoard food and water in an Altha, FL warehouse swarming with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents lying in wait to kidnap and deport undocumented migrants who were desperate enough to seek supplies. We fought through roadways burdened with debris to access rural communities where folks are literally trapped inside their homes without food or water while the Florida police stand around arbitrarily blocking traffic with squad cars, pussyfooting around with their hands in their pockets.


People in Lynn Haven, FL were told they had three days to clear their belongings out of their eviscerated homes in Pinnacle Apartment complex or their remaining belongings would be tossed in the trash. The tenants’ October rent was not returned as they were kicked to the curb. We saw a middle school in Bountstown, FL that had its roof ripped off, strewing yellow, water-logged insulation all across the parking lot. The entry hall to the school had the words “In god we trust” written along its frame, looking over a ransacked foyer of shattered glass, overturned furniture, and broken computers tossed end-over-end by hurricane-force winds. We harbor doubts that the school will ever be rebuilt.

Trees were bent like toothpicks, entire forests reaching to the horizon leveled by tornadoes, snapped cleanly in half in stunning uniformity as if the hand of god had reached down from the heavens to topple them. We looked into the tired eyes set in starving, sun-burnt, haggard faces of people looking for just a single water bottle to quench their thirst.

Homes flattened. Community centers ripped asunder by tornadoes. And all the while not a single FEMA vehicle or distribution center in-sight.

The folks directly impacted by these disasters are often marginalized communities of color and ecological collapse breeds environmental racism. Disaster capitalists take advantage of these communities—as they did in New Orleans and Puerto Rico—turning these traumas into profits. Predators lurk in every corner, seeking ways to benefit from the disaster relief efforts of grassroots organizers. Politicians eager to pose for photo-ops with chainsaws or pizza dinners sit comfortably in homes powered by gas generators while many languish in the heat of the Sunshine State without energy to power their A/C or charge their electronics.


The American Empire is in fierce decline. The global economic system is on the brink of full-scale collapse. We have yet to recover from the ’08 recession and experts predict the next economic crisis is just around the corner. Anthropogenic climate change is currently overturning the apparatuses of neoliberalism, fomenting the rise of full-scale fascism. As capitalist countries and corporations continue to exploit the global south for its resources, arable land shrinks and regions of the planet become inhospitable to human life. The far-right has their response ready: blame the immigrants and refugees, scapegoat people of color, and build an ethnostate devoted to patriarchy and white supremacy.

What will our answer be?

The state is not coming to save you. Capitalists aren’t going to rescue you. We are going to have to help each other. Mutual aid is a factor of evolution. Solidarity, not charity, is our refuge in times such as these.


Hurricane Michael is not a warning, it is a promise. This Category 4 storm reveals the limits of neoliberalism and the perils of our contemporary moment. We sit on a precipice, teetering on the very brink. As anthropogenic climate change accelerates the collapse of state infrastructure, working class and marginalized people are stranded in the mires of dehydration, starvation, addiction, and homelessness.

If we truly believe in the project of creating a better world, then we must possess the humility to shed our ideological purity in efforts to meet the material needs of human beings. We need to get offline and be organizing in the streets, practicing communication that centers those impacted by ecological crisis while simultaneously responding in an egalitarian manner than prizes consensus and snuffs out hierarchy and bureaucracy. Urgency is just as essential as strategy in the midst of these crises. These are just a handful of the lessons we’ve learned mobilizing for disaster relief here on the ground.


I struggle at times to see hope in the future. Often, I think that if we’re being forthright, there’s little to inspire optimism. Anthropogenic climate change is horrifying to behold. We are in the opening moments of a global shift, an epoch maligned by industrial waste and late-stage capitalist excess. Climate change isn’t something that will happen; it is something happening right now. If we are to confront these systems rationally, we must immediately cease speaking of global warming as if it is some event in the future. Rather, it is something we find ourselves at the center of at this very moment.

As the state cedes zones and territory to collapse—as it has in Flint Michigan and in Puerto Rico—we find opportunities to build new forms of community and fellowship in the ashes. We can flee, retreat, abdicate our responsibility to ourselves and to one another. Or we can recognize that it is the obligation of those who have everything to help those who have nothing. The maxim “From each according to their ability; to each according to their need” is not a trite axiom. We must develop robust ways to protect and defend one another if we are to survive.


To that end, consider this an invitation. Get organized. One of the predominant sentiments that community-organizers have returned to time and again in recent days is, “I wish we were more prepared.” Preparation is vital if we are to develop the resiliency to defend our communities from social and ecological crises. Building food kitchens, community-centers, and intersectional organizations is not extraordinarily sexy work—it doesn’t get lots of retweets or shares on the internet. But it will make a difference between whether or not people go hungry.

I do not know if we will win. Some days, if I’m being perfectly honest, I don’t think we will. But we do not fight fascists because we will win. We fight fascists because they are fascist. Our Sisyphian hopes and all our struggles may, in the end, prove futile. But we will love and we will rage. We will create and we will destroy. We will build dual-power in this three-way-fight. And we will do all in our collective power to build a better world in the shell of the old.

Community-organizers on the ground will continue to need your support in the days, weeks, and months ahead. If you cannot come to the Florida panhandle to participate in the ongoing relief efforts, please consider supporting the organizations doing this vital work on the ground.

Tallahassee DSA Fund

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

Amazon Wishlist

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