June 2004

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Tools for a Movement of Leaders: How to Negotiate with the Police

This video from the 2004 G8 Summit in Brunswick Georgia is an excellent case study of successful negotiation with the police.  A small Black Bloc marches off on a breakaway march to an intersection that would block the only way on to Sea Island, where the Summit was being held.  Watch Lisa Fithian and a group of rambunctious, ballsy youth navigate this potentially disastrous maneuver.  

... Why did the Anarchist cross the road?  .... Cause the Pigs were blocking it.

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G8 Summit March to Sea Island 2004

A brutal 100 degree heat a small pack of protesters insist on marching down the CLOSED 8 mile stretch of road to the Sea Island Georgia G8 Summit in 2004. They were flanked the entire way by National Guard and robo cops attempting to intimidate them into turning around. Eventually some were arrested at the entrance to the "secure zone" for breaching a police line while seated in the street.

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