May 2007

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Marijuana & Cancer

Medical marijuana does a lot more than just enable people to eat when they don't want to. Research now shows that marijuana's active ingredient, THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, blocks a known cancer-related protein that's already the target of drugs such as ImClone System Inc.'s Erbitux and Amgen Inc.'s Vectibix.


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Million Marijuana March NYC 2007 Ibogaine and the Drug War

This is a video from New York City May 5th 2007.  The Global Marijauna March to legalize drugs and focus on treatment instead of prison for addicts.  Also of great concern is to get the fascist pigs to stop locking up harmless, peaceful, hard working members of our society for choosing marijuana over alcohol and prescription drugs.  Our tax money is far better spent on fighting actual crime even though that will make a "detective"s job a lot harder.  Witholding Marijuana from those who would benifit medically from using it is cruel an unusual punishment; witholding recre

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