September 2009

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MTR Arrest Report Back  Massey Morgan Rd Julian, WV 6AM ish 9-9-09
I was filming a Chain & Tube Lock Down Blockade of the road which leads to Massey Energy Regional Headquarters as the first workers of the day arrived. I was wearing my Press Pass prominently around my neck. The road was an intersection off of a 4 lane road with a 65 mph speed limit and the blockade was about 40-50 yards from the intersection. The road appeared to continue for approximately 1/4 mile. There is nothing at this intersection that marks it any differently than any other road intersecting this 4 lane roadway. This part of West Virginia often has severe fog problems, but not this morning. I interviewed the participants and waited for the cops to show up. The cops arrived quickly. I positioned myself about 30-40 feet from the lock-down and waited for the police interaction with the protesters. Deputy Eric Eversole appeared to be first on the scene. He briefly surveyed the situation at the lock-down and then abruptly turned walking quickly toward me and said:

"Turn your camera off. You're under arrest for trespassing."

Friends of America Rally - Hank Williams Jr.

Touted as the largest Labor Day Rally in the history of the United States, the Friends of America pro pollution anti ingenuity music/corporate propaganda fest took place in Holden, WV.  They claim there are 100,000 people in attendance. but I've seen protests this size and the cops claimed 10,000.  There will be another video, or 2 from this event.  This one is just for fun.  w/ Family Tradition

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G20 Summit Preemptive Harassment Part1

The Seeds of Peace Bus & Everybody's Kitchen have been tirelessly trying to feed the people coming to Pittsburgh to express their 1st amendment rights during the G20 Summit  despite a nearly constant police presence and unwarranted harassment.  Even while dealing with a constant threat of drummed up arrests and confiscated buses they were still able to feed 200 people today.  So There.

I just heard that they were once again being surrounded by the Cops.. 3am 
The busses have now been forced to move again.  The 4th location for them at this G20.

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G20 Summit Preemptive Harassment Part2

The Seeds of Peace & Everybody's Kitchen buses were, for the 3rd time forcibly relocated.  After Monday nights parking citation for parking on the sidewalk, hours of inspecting the safety inspections The mobile free kitchens got a late night wake up call when told that they had to leave by NOON Tuesday.  Here's that story.


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Pittsburgh Supports G20 Protestors: The Peoples Uprising

During my afternoon of running from ear drum piercing sonic weapons and tear gas canisters while being chased in circles by dog and baton wielding cops in working class neighborhoods miles from the convention center I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of locals.  Here's what they said ... with a small dose of riot porn on the side.

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