November 2010

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BP Oil Disaster ~ Hell No It's Not Over!

Gulf Coast residents gathered in Grand Isle LA on Nov. 20th to expose the lies of BP and tell their stories of Sickness, share what they've seen and been through AND TO WARN THE WORLD NOT TO EAT THE GULF SEAFOOD.

The commercial fishermen are fishing and sending the food to market because the government & FDA says it's safe.  But they won't feed it to their own families.

1 corporate (local) news crew covered this event.  ONE.

I live streamed the entire event and it is archived here

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Stephen Baldwin @ Grand Isle Rally for the Truth

Stephen Baldwin, Dean Blanchard and Karen Mayer Hopkins speak of the corruption and neglect of BP and the Obama Administration in regards to the fisher people of the Gulf of Mexico and what they're willing to do to protect themselves and way of life.

More videos from the Rally @

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