April 2012

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Winston Lindsley: Unbelievable, Russian Economics 10 yr Anniversary

A direct descendant of Mayflower colonist John Alden
Great grandmother was first cousin to the mother of Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
 Homeless at age 15
Quit high school during the 10th grade and enrolled in night school to study auto mechanics
1969 Drove his GTO to Woodstock at age 18
1978 Parlayed automotive training as a Journeyman Master Technician into a successful global automotive business International Technological Information Consultants (ITIC),

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Syrian Women & Children

Live Stream of this event will be here http://mobilebroadcastnews.com/NewsRoom/FluxRostrum/Fluxview-USA-LIVE
Nagia is a Syrian American who has been working w/ the Syrian American community to organize the Syrian Women and Children Rally across from the Saudi Arabia Embassy (at the Watergate Hotel) on April 13th at 11am as a thank you to the Saudi government for supporting the Syrian resistance against the brutal dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad

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Free Syrian Americans Support the Syrian People

A rally of mostly women and children in Washington DC to seek more support for the Free Syrian Army, defectors from the Dictators army who defend their countrymen from their government.  Bashar al-Assad is accused of using rape and torture as weapons against his people especially women and children.

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