December 2012

This site has been shutdown and rebuilt a few times over the years. Many of the earliest posts have yet to be retrieved and republished. If you are trying to navigate the early years in the archives be sure to click the "tags" on posts to deliver all the materials that were published on the topic because some of them may have been reAdded to the site years later.

Sorry for the mess. Our lives are under construction, the best we can expect is a few Detour Signs along the way. ;~)

Welcome 2 The New Fluxview, USⒶ

A little while back this site 's databse became currupt, so I ended it's rule over my internet presence.  This is the new incarnation.  So, if you are subscribed to my rss feed prepare to go on an 12 year journey recapping every video I've created as I repopulate this site with my content.  Unfortunatly, some material and all the reposts on the site are not going to make the leap.