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BioTech 2005 ~ Farmers Speak Out and the Really Free Market

This was filmed at the Really Really Free Market... it's really free because people really give stuff away. Food Not Bombs, fed people, but that's nothing new for them... it's what they do.. feed hungry people for free off the waste of corporate glutiny. I gave out about 20 Fluxview News DVDs.Through out the day Farmers took the mic to explain why Genetically Modified Food is bad for us and all living things.

GMO Monsanto vs Percy Schmeiser

Percy Schmeiser has been growing canola for 40 years. He's been experimenting, developing his own varieties, using his own seed. Then Monsanto, the giant multinational agro-chemical company that is at the forefront of developing genetically modified foods, accused him of patent infringement and demanded restitution for its seeds. They stole his plants, seeds & research because of cross pollenation with GMO plants that other people had planted within pollenaton range. If GMO's touch your crops... Monsanto owns your crop and will sue you. Pollenation is not containable.

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Vote Fraud For Democracy

In 2001 Congress was 1 vote short of debating the validity of the Presidential Election Results. How many of you know that in 2005 they had enough votes and actually had a "so called" debate?

You didn't miss anything because nothing was done in the face of rampant evidence of fraud in the election.

This video is what was going on outside Congress's doors at the time.  It was a day of hope... and we were delusional.

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The School of the America's 2004

The SOA ia an annual protest each Nov. and has caused the School of America's to be recently renamed the Western Hemisphere Institiute for Security Cooperation ... or WHINSEC; but since "Close Down the Western Hemisphere Institiute for Security Cooperation" isn't very catchy, protestors simply refer to the S.O.A. as the School of Assasins.

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G8 Summit March to Sea Island 2004

A brutal 100 degree heat a small pack of protesters insist on marching down the CLOSED 8 mile stretch of road to the Sea Island Georgia G8 Summit in 2004. They were flanked the entire way by National Guard and robo cops attempting to intimidate them into turning around. Eventually some were arrested at the entrance to the "secure zone" for breaching a police line while seated in the street.

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Tools for a Movement of Leaders: How to Negotiate with the Police

This video from the 2004 G8 Summit in Brunswick Georgia is an excellent case study of successful negotiation with the police.  A small Black Bloc marches off on a breakaway march to an intersection that would block the only way on to Sea Island, where the Summit was being held.  Watch Lisa Fithian and a group of rambunctious, ballsy youth navigate this potentially disastrous maneuver.  

... Why did the Anarchist cross the road?  .... Cause the Pigs were blocking it.

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The Walk for Democracy part 2

Jeanette Wallis became an activist during the WTO Ministerial Protest in Seattle, WA on December 1, 1999, when she was tear-gassed and chased by riot police in her Capitol Hill neighborhood while walking home from the store.  She began organizing because she believed in the right of the people to express their opinions about decisions that affect their lives - and has consequently been tear-gassed, beaten, pepper-sprayed, shot at with rubber bullets, and arrested while defending this right.

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