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I'm the New Shadow FCC Chairman

As Chairman of the FCC, I will revoke the corporate charter of any corporation that is involved in both selling internet/cable services and the infrastructure of providing those services. I will insist that state governments take over providing the infrastructure and they will be required to use open-source forward- and backward-compatible technology. By taking the profit incentive out of communications infrastructure, we will expand coverage to serve everyone, keep local funds in the community and lock out any company that violates censorship or racketeering regulations. We will create jobs building this expanded infrastructure, while receiving revenue from renting it to cable and internet providers. Everyone involved with policing the airwaves for sex and language violations will be transitioned into enforcing truth-in-advertising regulations, on the grounds that free speech is not the right to intentionally lie to the public. Political campaign or policy lobby ads will no longer be allowed under any circumstances.

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