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Top 10 Reasons to go to Ferguson to Riot

The video below is from a 40k strong protest against some NYC cops who unloaded 50 bullets into a guy during his bachlor party.  At the end of the peaceful "Shopping For Justice" March lead by Al Sharpton a group of New Black Panthers raised their Fists in front of Macy's and burned a flag for justice.
It changed nothing, didn't it. 

Mike Brown and Vonderritt Myers are just more in a long string of mostly black folks and other pigmented individuals that have been murdered by cops in the United States under very suspicious circumstances.  More in a long string of cops who get the benefit of the doubt from a system that judges everyone else on a "if you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to worry about" mentality.  The system requires that you trust it or they will insinuate you must be a criminal.  The system takes for itself the right to be innocent until proven guilty In A Court Of Law; while it doles out judgement at the end of the barrel of a gun by using "officer discretion".  Take a look at the number of cops killed in the line of duty compared to the number of unarmed people they've kiled and tell me how "fearful" for their lives the cops have a right to be.  Since the Cops, the FBI and every co-opting lefty org in the country are .99" target="_blank" title=""you will see carnage" if the do not indict Darren Wilson">gearing up for riots in Ferguson when they eventually let Darren Wilson return from his "get away with murder" paid vacation... there's a few things I think you should remember.

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Direct Action Shuts Down First US Tar Sands Mine in Utah

The fate of tar sands development could shift to a potentially precedent-setting legal battle in Utah.

A coalition of conservation groups, including the Center for Biological Diversity, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and others, have filed a 253-page “request for agency action” urging the Utah Department of Air Quality to revoke its June 21 approval of a new oil refinery in Green River, Utah. The refinery is planned by the Calgary-based U.S. Tar Sands.

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#S17 #OWS Birthday Party

One year ago a small group of predominantly Anarchists sparked a horizontally organized movement to level the playing field in the game of Corporations -vs- The People of the United States.  Today we celebrated our success and contemplated our future.  We licked old wounds and created new ones.  We turned a critical eye to the process that has guided us and acknowledged it's short comings so that our second year of existence will be one of effectiveness even if it means dropping the verb.  To Occupy.

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RAMPS: Mountain Mobilization Action & Rally

RAMPS pulled off the largest MTR direct action to date against the largest mountain top removal site in WV on Saturday.  The Hobet Surface Mine was shut down for about 3 hours through a series of coordinated diversions, lock downs, tree-sits and banner drops.   It has bee reported that this was the only mine in WV without beefed up security in anticipation of the publicly announced action.  It seems that they felt too big & scary to imagine that Tree Huggers would have the balls to walk onto their site.  The Police arrested about 25 people including atleast 3 cr

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Iraq War Protest 7 Year Anniversary Washington DC

This is the Iraq War Peace Please Protest in Washington, DC March 20th 2010.
people were arrested at the impromptu die in at the White House at the end of the march... including Cindy Sheehan.

There is an incident in this video that clearly demonstrates why this type of "resistance" will never accomplish anything.  See if you can find it.

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New Orleans Returns to Eviction as Usual

Eviction is the word of the day in New Orleans. Many landlords have taken to throwing tenants personal belonings on the sidewalk after an eviction notice has been tacked on their door for 5 days. Under normal conditions 5 days seems a little harsh if there is a lease involved; but in post Katrina New Orleans 5 days don't mean shit.

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G8 Summit March to Sea Island 2004

A brutal 100 degree heat a small pack of protesters insist on marching down the CLOSED 8 mile stretch of road to the Sea Island Georgia G8 Summit in 2004. They were flanked the entire way by National Guard and robo cops attempting to intimidate them into turning around. Eventually some were arrested at the entrance to the "secure zone" for breaching a police line while seated in the street.

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Tools for a Movement of Leaders: How to Negotiate with the Police

This video from the 2004 G8 Summit in Brunswick Georgia is an excellent case study of successful negotiation with the police.  A small Black Bloc marches off on a breakaway march to an intersection that would block the only way on to Sea Island, where the Summit was being held.  Watch Lisa Fithian and a group of rambunctious, ballsy youth navigate this potentially disastrous maneuver.

... Why did the Anarchist cross the road?  .... Cause the Pigs were blocking it.

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