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Disaster Relief

Common Ground Collective: Solidarity Not Charity

21 minutes but worth it.   During the week of Thanksgiving hundreds of people from all walks of life came to New Orleans and volunteered with the Common Ground Collective to help those in need in what ever way they could. I worked on this video overview of the work of the Common Ground Collective along with several other volunteers. WHO IS COMMON GROUND: Common Ground Collective is a local, community-run organization offering assistance, mutual aid and support to New Orleans communities that have been historically neglected and underserved.

Best Thanksgiving Ever

This was how I spent Thanksgiving 2005.  It was truely an awesome experience.

The Rainbow Emergency Management Assembly gathered in Waveland Missahippie within days of the hurricane disaster, to feed people. They have receieved nothing but love and support from FEMA, Red Cross, numerous Church groups and Hancock County. It is said that before Katrina hippies would refer to Mississippi as MissAHippie because a hippie could easily go "missing" in Mississippi. Now Missahippie has a whole new meaning. The story of Waveland is that of people putting aside petty differences to do what's right and needed by our community of man.

This feabile attempt to tell an amazing tale of cross cultural volunteerism features: Vermin Supreme, Dirty Momma, Heather Bee, Pete Jones, Ben Cauldwell, Doc Stone, Organic Valley, the residents of Waveland Mississippi ... and Flower

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Keith McHenry on Feeding People in Disaster Situations

Keith McHenry on Feeding People in Disaster SituationsPanel Presentation from the
North American Anarchist Studies Network Conference

In 1980, Keith and seven friends started the first Food Not Bombs chapter in Cambridge, Massachusets. At first more of a street performance than a protest, the group provided entertainment and vegetarian meals in Harvard Square and the Boston Commons after making deliveries of uncooked food to most of the housing projects and shelters in the area. After eight years of serving free food in New England, Keith moved to San Francisco where he started a second Food Not Bombs group. He was one of nine volunteers arrested for sharing food and literature at Golden Gate Park on August 15, 1988. In the following years, Keith was arrested over 100 times for serving free food in city parks and spent over 500 nights in jail. He faced 25 years to life in prison under the California Three Strikes Law but in 1995, Amnesty International and the United Nations Human Rights Commission brought about his release.

  • McHenry, Keith. “The Anarchist Response to Sandy, Katrina, and the Global Economic Crisis”
  • Moderator: Sean Walsh

Kindra's Window ~ full movie

This film follows the lives of Kindra Arnesen and family from Hurricane Katrina through the BP Oil Disaster from their perspective in Venice Louisianan; first land fall of Katrina and closest populated land mass to the Deep Water Horizon site.  

Gulf Coast Disasters, long removed from the news cycle, are eating away at the livelihoods and patriotism of those left behind to deal with the front lines of the environmental and economic terrorism that is the legacy of our government. 

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Kindra's Window part 1 ~ Hurricane Katrina Does Venice ~ rough

Hurricane Katrina hits Venice, LA; commonly referred to as...  the boot, the end of the road or the marsh that slowed the hurricane down for New Orleans.   5 1/2 years later only 1/4 of the residents have returned.

A rough cut of part 1 of

Kindra's Window
perspective on gulf coast disasters

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Dr. Wilma Subra: Results of Independent Blood Testing of Gulf Coast Residents Shows Signs of Corexit

Feb 5th Truth Out For the Gulf Forum in New Orleans.  Dr. Wilma Subra presents the results of independent blood testing of Gulf residents for sign of oil/dispersant related toxins.  Her findings, as well as other independent tests, do not concur with the FDA & EPA findings.

this is a segment of Dr. Wilma full Presentation on the health of the gulf ecosystem, including the people.  You'll find the full presentation here.

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Malik Rahim Reflects on Katrina, Common Ground & Brandon Darby

Looking back at 5 years of Hurricane Katrina Relief, Malik Rahim, co-founder of Common Ground Collective, looks at the positive and negative causes and effects.  Including his opinion about Brandon Darby, a co-founder who turned out to be an FBI informant.

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Everybody's Kitchen in the Bayou

Everybody's Kitchen, a group of volunteer chefs who retrofitted an old school bus into a self-sustained, solar-powered kitchen that they use to travel the country feeding the homeless and providing disaster-relief meals.

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Hurricane Ike: The Other Galveston

As residents in the wealthy, transient, neighborhoods of Galveston bitch & moan about being devastated while going out and immediately reBuying their lives with their money & insurance proceeds the Other Galveston stands strong, supporting each other in their attempt to get back to their poverty level lives.

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