MBN Independent Media Saboteur

It was NOT actually Bug Spray.   A counter protester tries to sabotage the generator being used by independent media at the first campsite of the march.  Several independent reports from those on the scene said it smelled like Starter Fluid.   Irregardless, the best thing that could have happened if I had allowed this man to continue would have been the destruction of the generator.  The worst thing that could have happened is that he blew up himself, the generator, gas can, and potentially the Media Bus full of people and equipment.


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Filtering Waste Veggie Oil in NOLA

Time lapse photos of 2 afternoons worth of heating, filtering and pumping about a 100 gallons of waste veggie oil.   I'm fueling up to head into the Alabama Tornado Zone in a couple days and then on to the March on Blair Mountain.


Thanks to the Frenchmen St Deli & Mardi Gras Zone for their lovely fuel.

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Evil is Real: Rights are No Consideration

The saga of the NOmadjik Media Bus at the Republican National Convention played out among context that will sadden anyone who believes in freedom and democracy.  The RNC in St. Paul was an exercise in intimidation, harassment and preemptive arrest of JOURNALISTS.

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