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Common Ground Collective: Solidarity Not Charity

21 minutes but worth it.   During the week of Thanksgiving hundreds of people from all walks of life came to New Orleans and volunteered with the Common Ground Collective to help those in need in what ever way they could. I worked on this video overview of the work of the Common Ground Collective along with several other volunteers. WHO IS COMMON GROUND: Common Ground Collective is a local, community-run organization offering assistance, mutual aid and support to New Orleans communities that have been historically neglected and underserved.

Shake the Devil Off - Documentary

Activists, some say Anarchists, occupied this church when the parishioners were locked out by the church and held the space long enough to draw major media attention to the situation.  The church reamains opperational.   I'm very proud to have played my part in this drama.

There is another film currently being produced about this "occupation"
but Shake the Devil Off seems to have done a really good job of putting all into historical context.

History of St. Augustine Church

St. Augustine Church, built by free black people with slave labour in 1841, was the first place of worship where slaves, free people of color and whites sat side by side in prayer. It is a highly significant symbol for the African-American community in America.

Saint Augustine 1870

Saint Augustine church - New Orleans, Louisiana, 1870

Fight The Man with yer Check Books

Today I recieved 2 pleas for funds.  1 for a urban farming project that I've had a small hand in for several years and 1 for some anarchists busted in Mexico for alledgedly molotoving some shit.

Fix shit or fuck shit that is the question... on some levels it's obvious we need to both of these things, but fucking shit up is so "glamerous" that those actions usually steal all the thunder and resources from those doing the unglamerous work of building capitalist replacement infrastructure.   So if you've got 2 duccats to rub together you might want to assess the fix shit/fuck shit ratio in your life and throw your privilege at one of these needs that has arisen in our community. 

Mardi Gras LIVE for Saturday & Sunday

Live Coverage of Mardi Gras parades BYOB


Pontchartrain 1:00 p.m.
Choctaw 2:00 p.m.
'tit Rǝx 5:00 p.m.
Sparta 6:00 p.m.
Pygmalion 6:45 p.m.
Chewbacchus 8:00 p.m.
Carrollton Noon
King Arthur 1:15 p.m.
Barkus 2:00 p.m.

Watch it LIVE on MBN, Fluxview, USA & The Media Circus Flux in Mardi Grasland

Filtering Waste Veggie Oil in NOLA

Time lapse photos of 2 afternoons worth of heating, filtering and pumping about a 100 gallons of waste veggie oil.   I'm fueling up to head into the Alabama Tornado Zone in a couple days and then on to the March on Blair Mountain.

Thanks to the Frenchmen St Deli & Mardi Gras Zone for their lovely fuel.

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Gulf Coast Restoration Task Force Concentrate - NOLA

On February 28th the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force held public meeting for about 12 hours.  The initial hours were all about government presentations about various aspects of the ecosystem and constant reminders that this process was and will be a bottom up process with the people who are affected and the people who are doing the work steering the cart of recovery.

Most of the people speaking here are representing one of the multitude of non profit organizations that are and have been working on gulf coast restoration for years.

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Gulf Coast Ecosystem Task Farce: Opening Presentations 2 of 2

part 2 includes the fda / epa stance on the the safety of eating gulf seafood.

Official Proceeding of the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force.

This is from the 2nd meeting of the Presidential executive order created Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force.  This will be distributed very raw CSpan style.  After Mardi Gras I'll have time to put it in context with a short wrap up video.

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Truth Out for the Gulf Forum ~ Q & A

Question & Answer Sessions with Dr. Wilma Subra
& Forum participants
Cherri Foytlin - Co-founder, Gulf Change, based in Grand Isle, Louisiana
Dennis Rednour - Resident, Longbeach, Mississippi
C.J. Troxler - Unemployed Shrimper, Lousiana Shrimpers' Association
Robin Young - Guardians of the Gulf, Orange Beach, Alabama

References to "you saw it here", "that young man" etc are referencing Paul Doom's on camera seiezure during the event

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Bike For The Gulf with Malik Rahim

The ride has been postponed indefinitely.  For more info check the website.

Former Black Panther and co-founder of Common Ground Collective in post Katrina New Orleans Malik Rahim announces his campaign to ride a bike from Houma LA to Washington DC in support of complete environmental justice for our nations wetlands.

The wetlands protect our shores from hurricanes and filter the waters of both the Gulf of Mexico and that of the Mississippi River.

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